Can You Put Mattress on the Floor? – The Pros & Cons of Doing It (2019)

Do you know that some people never sleep in the traditional bed frame at all? Surprising, isn’t it?

Can You Put Mattress on the Floor? - The Pros & Cons of Doing It (2019)

In fact, most of these people would find it very uncomfortable and unusual to sleep with the mattress on a bed. But, this should not surprise you because human beings have been sleeping on the ground since the ancient times. Well, did you know that sleeping in beds is a very recent thing that has only been around for a few centuries?

Different situations might require you to sleep with your mattress on the ground. When you have some guests for a sleepover, and you do not have enough beds it might be necessary to put a mattress on the floor.

We have all been there, haven’t we? What if you do not have the resources to buy that expensive box spring yet? Or you have just moved into a new house, and you have not assembled your traditional bed.

So can you put a mattress on the floor? Is it okay or bad for you?

In this piece, we answer these burning questions that you might have and explain all you need to know about putting your mattresses on the floor.

So let’s get started.

Types of Floor Mattresses

Can You Put Mattress on the Floor? - The Pros & Cons of Doing It (2019)To start us off it is important to note that there are some specific types of mattresses for sleeping on the floor. Yes, you read that right. Even mattress manufacturers know that many people will prefer not to use the traditional beds.

In fact, many leading mattress manufacturers will only specialize in making these mattress types. And so this should tell you that more and more people nowadays prefer to sleep with their mattress on the floor.

There are different floor mattress types in the market, and each has its unique features. Knowing all of them and their features make it easy to pick the best for you. And of course, also ensures you get some comfortable sleep. So what are the main types of floor mattresses?

  • Rolling Floor Mattress

The rolling mattress goes by other names that include the roll-up mattress, Japanese bed, and the tatami floor mat. They get the name rolling from the fact that you can roll them away for storage. These rolling types are also compatible with futons and folding beds.

They are more like oversized mattress pads meaning that you can use one as a topper if you want. However, unlike the tri-fold ones you cannot use them as a chair bed. These compact and lightweight mattresses are in most cases made of polyester or cotton, but you can also get some with layers of foam to provide extra comfort.

Can You Put Mattress on the Floor? - The Pros & Cons of Doing It (2019)

  • Folding Floor Mattress

Folding mattresses are the most common type for individuals that prefer to sleep on the floor. They are also what many people know as the tri-fold, and they will come in small sizes that start from queen size and below. They do not need any base and will also have a non-slip bottom to ensure that they do not keep sliding on the floor. Some of these mattresses can also act as a chair bed.

These mattresses are also way cheaper than the traditional memory foam or latex ones. You can check out top 10 of the cheap queen mattress set under 200$. And so buying them is a great way to save some cash, isn’t it? And they are also very portable and lightweight which makes them perfect for taking on your outdoor excursions. Although it is possible to get them in different materials, the leading brands will make them with memory foam.Can You Put Mattress on the Floor? - The Pros & Cons of Doing It (2019)

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Why Should You Buy a Floor Mattress?

Do you like sleeping on the floor? If yes, then you can make life more comfortable with a floor mattress because dropping your regular memory foam one on the ground might not offer you the desired comfort.

Still not convinced?

Here are a few other reasons why you need to invest in a folding or rolling floor mattress.

  • First, they are cheap, and you will only spend a fraction of what you would pay to get a regular mattress. But, they will offer almost as much comfort as you would get from your memory foam mattress. Mattress under 300$ is a perfect item buy if you decided to move to the floor.

Can You Put Mattress on the Floor? - The Pros & Cons of Doing It (2019)

  • These mattresses are quite versatile since you can use them for different purposes. For example, you can use the tri-fold types as a floor cushion or a bed chair for your kid’s room.

  • They are a simple way of providing an extra sleeping area in your house without using up a lot of space or having to worry about storage.

  • With these mattresses, sleeping or resting on your camping, picnic or hiking trips will be more comfortable. Since they are lightweight and very portable like mattress toppers for back pain, you can take them with you almost anywhere.

  • Well, there is always that day when you do not feel like sleeping high on your bed. With a floor mattress, you will have an option. Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?

Sleeping on Floor is Better than Mattress

Video about Sleeping on Floor is Better than Mattress

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Can You Put Your Mattress on the Floor

Yes, you can put a mattress on the floor if you find it comfortable to sleep on the ground. But are there any disadvantages of doing this? There are both advantages and disadvantages of using a floor mattress. And so the best thing to do is to understand both, weigh them and decide whether it will be good for you to sleep on the floor.

Here are the pros and cons of putting your mattress on the floor.

The Pros

  • #1 It Can Improve Your Overall Health

Can You Put Mattress on the Floor? - The Pros & Cons of Doing It (2019)

Sleeping on the floor will improve your blood circulation. And this is just amazing as it will have many benefits for your overall health. Having the mattress on the floor will also help to ensure that you have less back and neck pain. These are common problems that many people have to deal with every morning and so if sleeping on the floor can solve them it is worth it.

Also, individuals that sleep on the floor will have a lower risk of developing scoliosis which is a condition that results from the spine taking a curve that is unnatural.

  • #2 Good Access to Cooler Air

Can You Put Mattress on the Floor? - The Pros & Cons of Doing It (2019)

Do you hate sleeping in a hot room?

If you do, then you should try sleeping on the floor as it can make a huge difference. Being low on the ground means that you have good access to cold air and this can do wonders for your sleep. The fresh air not only prevents you from getting hot as you sleep but will also be beneficial for your respiratory system.

  • #3 You can Truly Relax

Can You Put Mattress on the Floor? - The Pros & Cons of Doing It (2019)

Do you fear falling out bed when sleeping? Or you are in process of treating back or urine issues? No one wants to spoil a good full-size mattress.

Or are you always afraid that there are monsters under the bed? Sounds silly, doesn’t it?

However, it is not because there are many adults with these “fears”. But whether you have them or not you will never have anything to worry about when sleeping on the floor.

  • #4 You Can Have Your Bed Anywhere

Can You Put Mattress on the Floor? - The Pros & Cons of Doing It (2019)

With a floor mattress, today you can sleep next to the window and snooze while facing the door the next day.

Do you get it?

What it means is that sleeping on the floor gives you the freedom to snooze anywhere you want and in any angle that you like. And this is quite a significant advantage because you will not always feel like sleeping at the same location every other night.

The Cons

  • #1 Exposure to Dust

Do you hate the smell or even just the sight of dust?Can You Put Mattress on the Floor? - The Pros & Cons of Doing It (2019)

If so, sleeping on the floor might not be your thing. Dust will always accumulate on the ground because you have to open window and doors and people are also walking in and out of the room with some dirt on their feet.

When sleeping on the floor, you will be closer to the dust and hence increase the likelihood of inhaling it. But you can solve this problem by always keeping the bedroom floor clean.

  • #2 Inadequate Ventilation

Can You Put Mattress on the Floor? - The Pros & Cons of Doing It (2019)

Placing the mattress on the floor can mean that there will not be adequate ventilation. And so any excessive sweating can cause the floor mattress to trap a lot of liquid which will, in turn, lead to the formation of mold.

You wouldn’t want this, would you?

Mold and mildew can trigger an allergic reaction, and the mattress will also have a very unpleasant odor. However, you can solve this issue by airing your floor mattress a few times every week.

  • #3 Danger of Insects and Bugs

Can You Put Mattress on the Floor? - The Pros & Cons of Doing It (2019)

There are different insects and bugs present in and around the home. Keeping your mattress on the floor makes it easy for spiders, ants and other insects to climb in.

Sounds terrifying, doesn’t it?

Few things can be as scary as waking up to find a giant spider in your bed. Bed bugs are another gross issue that you might have to deal because they can make your mattress their new home when it is on the floor. Raising the mattress slightly, ensuring that no beddings hang on the sides and keeping the ground clean can help solve this problem.

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Tips for Floor Care

Now that you are thinking of having the mattress on the floor another vital thing that you will need to deal with is floor care. Let’s be honest you do not always clean the bedroom floor, at least not daily. But, if you plan to sleep with your mattress on the ground this needs to change.

Here are some easy to implement tips to help you out.Can You Put Mattress on the Floor? - The Pros & Cons of Doing It (2019)

  • If you have a carpet in the sleeping chamber, it is also essential to clean it thoroughly and ensure that it is dry before placing a mattress on it. Any damp environment can cause the formation of mold.

  • Check for cracks on the floor and repair them the soonest possible because they can form habitat for bugs that might then find a way into your mattress.

  • Air the room regularly as this will help to get rid of smells from both the floor and mattress and also keep is dry.


The choice is yours when it comes to putting the mattress on the floor. It all depends on what you find most comfortable. Although there are both merits and demerits of doing this, you can always make it work for you by keeping the floor clean.

So what do you think about sleeping with your mattress on the floor? Try it for a few nights, and you will probably not want to go back to your traditional bed.

How We Sleep on the Floor

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