10 Exceptional Vegetable Choppers – Your Complete Guide in 2017

Who needs a vegetable chopper? Lots of people!Black & Decker EHC650

Whether you are a busy working mom with little time for weeknight food prep or a professional caterer performing in-home culinary masterpieces, it is important to be able to chop your vegetables quickly, easily, and consistently. The more food you must make at a sitting, the more you need a time-saving tool over simple knife skills.

Here are ten of the best vegetable chopper options that you will find anywhere. We have reviewed a number of pieces from every price range and level of need in order to help you find a great tool– and reclaim a lot of prep time as your own.

Anything to know about choosing the right chopper for me?

It is important to note that you need to know what kind of chopping you want to do before you make your decision. Some of these items make excellent hash browns, french fries, and/or waffle fries. Others work more like a blender to puree and mince exclusively. Some people like to have lots of tools to do one job exceptionally well. If this is you, focus ahead on the mincer and blender combos as they do a single task.

If you like to have a single item to do as much as possible, we have a number of choices, both manual and electric, to consider adding to your kitchen. We have a few items that would be right at home in a professional chef’s home kitchen, while other items are all about simplicity, compact size, and ease of use. No matter your needs, we have cast a wide net to bring you a buffet of ways to chop your foods.

Read on to find the best of the best!

KitchenAid KFC3511 3-5 Cup Food Chopper

KitchenAid KFC3511WH 3.5-Cup Food Chopper Question: What comes in sixteen different colors and can be operated with one finger? This chopper right here.

This KitchenAid KFC3511 3-5 cup beauty performs similarly to a blender with two different settings, chop, and puree. If your main needs are smoothies and finely minced items, then this is a great choice. As a bonus, it’s pretty enough to leave on the counter as a stylish accessory.

If you love to have your appliances match the aesthetic of your kitchen and you spend hours of time trying to find the perfect shade for every item, this is by far the most colorful of all of the food processor choices we have for you today.

A rainbow of colors! Wow!

  • Product

KitchenAid KFC3511WH 3.5-Cup Food Chopper - White

The KitchenAid 3.5-Cup Food Chopper is compact and convenient for everyday use in the kitchen. The 2-Speed, one-touch operation (CHOP/PUREE) precisely chops or purees and is ideal for creating a ...

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The machine works great, however I'm very unhappy that you can't pull the plastic lid pieces apart to wash. Food particles get stuck inside the plastic lid and there is no way to wash this away. I only had this for a couple of months and the food that was stuck inside is now getting all moldy. Kitchen Aid designers please resolve this issue!!!!
May 22, 2016
I've gone through so many of the smaller food choppers, not really wanting to spend money on something I should just be able to do for free with knives I already own. BUT, I finally laid out a little more, not much, for this KitchenAid chopper and am really happy with it! The first thing I did was toss an onion in, to dice it for some sauce I was making. I worried the onion might become too liquid or the pieces too small, but in fact it was perfectly diced for my needs (see photo). I've also put this to use making salsa and it does a great job with that, perfectly chopping the onion, tomato, cilantro, garlic, and jalapeno, retaining the chunkiness while still blending the flavors. I like the size of the bowl, too - just big enough to toss in a can or two of tomatoes to make salsa!It does take a little getting used to, not having a handle to hold onto when tightening down or taking off the bowl. I think it's actually a benefit to not have the handle, though- makes storage of the processor much easier as it is more streamlined.
August 20, 2016
I am so disappointed in this machine, which broke while chopping cheese, a mere 8 months after I purchased it. I probably used the machine less than 15 times in total.Pros: it is small and powerful, and before it broke, I loved this aspect of itCons: it broke while performing a typical task it only has one blade and two modes: puree and chop
December 6, 2015

  • Choose from white, cocoa silver, contour silver, cranberry, boysenberry, crystal blue, empire red, flamingo, green apple, ice, liquid graphite, majestic yellow, onyx black, tangerine, twilight blue, and watermelon.
  • Two chop/blend speeds
  • One-touch functionality
  • Skid-free rubber feet
  • 3-5 cup BPA-free bowl
  •  Dimensions: 7 x 9.5 x 5 inches


Basic and pretty are two good words to describe KitchenAid KFC3511. It’s not fancy, but it’s functional and inexpensive. If you are an occasional cook, this is a smart option to try. It can help you to enhance your cooking skills without breaking the bank.

If you are all about matching appliance color to a room or creating a kitchen item with a pop of accent color, then this food processor offers, by far, the most options of any tool we reviewed.

Nothing wrong with that!

What are the good and the bad points?

  • Bowl and lid are BPA-free.
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Section to add liquids while blending
  • Bowl can be removed and used as a mixing bowl
  • 1-year warranty
  • 16 different color choices to match any decor
  • Powerful, one-touch functionality
  • Relatively inexpensive for a motorized chopper
  • Trusted appliance brand

  • There is only a pulse setting, you can’t leave it on.
  • The lid does not fully disassemble for cleaning purposes.
  • No handle to grab the bowl

KitchenAid KFC3511 3-5 Cup Food Chopper

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Braun MQ77 Multiquick Blender in Black

Braun MQ777 Multiquick 7 Hand BlenderWhat happens when the ease of a portable immersion blender meets the functionality of a food processor? Check this out to see!

If you are looking for the convenience of a hand blender with the functionality of a bladed food processor, this may be just the hybrid tool you are looking for. Braun MQ777 Multiquick can whisk, blend, beat, mash, julienne, shred, slice, and make fries. It also comes with a beaker and 6-Cup Food Processor.

It is a corded tool, so it is not free to blend smoothies on a beach, but it’s a very nifty and versatile chopper with a 400-watt powerhouse motor.

  • Product

Braun MQ777 Multiquick 7 Hand Blender, Black

Experience true control and power with just a squeeze of your hand. The first hand blender with Smart Speed technology, Braun's MultiQuick 7, model MQ725, helps you prep meals easier than ever. The ...

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This product is a wonderful concept, but it is hampered by design flaws and cheap materials.I unwrapped and washed mine this afternoon, read the tiny manual and used the immersion blender to make soup, then assembled the food processor attachment for a salad.The immersion blender works perfectly, and the variable-rate speed controller is convenient, easy and satisfying. The redesigned PowerBell (no silicone seals, better drainage at the top) is an improvement, too.The MQ 70 food processor attachment is large enough for many meal tasks, but cutting blades are not easy to insert into the blade-holder, and one carefully installed came dislodged almost immediately while it was slicing small carrots for a salad. The dislodged blade then shattered part of the MQ 70's top, putting plastic bits into the bowl and rendering this $70 component unusable.Interestingly, when I contacted Braun through their website to let them know about the problem I got a bounceback message asking me to try contacting them through other websites instead - amateur hour in their customer relations.I'll buy another MQ 70 to use with softer foodstuffs, and like the main part of this product, but you should know when you purchase it that it isn't nearly as solid as a standard food processor.
December 26, 2016
Dear Braun -I have used your product for several meal preps. I was quite pleased with how it preformed. BUT there is a design flaw. A very small white plastic part fits onto the insert holder after the blades are snapped into place. This part is an inch or so long. It is easily dropped down the drain or into the trash during clean up. My small white plastic part has disappeared. It is not labeled in the instruction manual. When I looked for a replacement part, your customer service department was NOT helpful. You sent me to a web site which had NO multi quick parts. How can I find the piece that I need? What is it called? Without that part the food processor is useless.To anyone who buys this machine, be very careful with the small parts!
January 26, 2017
The food processor and immersion blender are really good but the quality is not what I expected after reading the reviews. One feature that I find annoying is the automatic lock that engages less than two seconds after you stop pressing the power button. When you are using either the immersion blender or the food processor and you let go of the button for a second, you have to hit the unlock button again before hitting the power button. The placement of both buttons is awkward and can be annoying for that reason. The immersion blender does not work as well as my old one (cannot remember who made that one) and we used that one all the time to make homemade mayo-- our mayo comes out less smooth and thick with this one. I gave it four stars because the various blades for the food processor are great and clean up is really easy.
September 23, 2016

All this in one? Wow!


  • 400-watt motor
  • Comes with immersion tool, two bowl sizes, three cutting blades, whisk, dough paddle and more
  • All non-motorized components are dishwasher safe
  • 2.2 x 2.2 x 15.6 inches in dimension for the main blender component
  • Splash-proof bell design


Regarding versatility, price, the reputation of the manufacturer, and power of the motor, this is one of the best choices on the market. It costs about three times the price of the less expensive models, but Braun MQ777 Multiquick offers much, much more.

When it comes to versatility, you can’t beat (or whip or whisk) a hand immersion blender. Combined with a food processor, it’s almost unstoppable.

  • Immersion-style blender means that you can blend items in cooking pots and mixing bowls
  • It offers 11 attachments for wide functionality
  • The speed of the tool is determined by how hard you grip, making it intuitive to use
  • 400-watt engine is one of the most powerful of its class
  • Easy-to-clean components
  • Highly-respected manufacturer of kitchen tools and other appliances
  • Attractive, brushed stainless design
  • Bell-shaped, anti-splash blending shaft
  • Accessories can be purchased separately to expand capabilities

  • Chopping disks are difficult for some to use
  • Some difficulty contacting customer service in one case
  • A lot of pieces to keep track of

Braun MQ77 Multiquick Blender in Black

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Pampered Chef Cutting Edge Chopper

The Pampered Chef Cutting EdgeThis home business franchise built its reputation on this tool!

The Pampered Chef Chopper has long been known for bringing innovative culinary ideas to homes throughout the country. This food chopper is one of their signature patented items, and it is one of the world’s bestselling manual home food choppers. The device is simple; it looks a lot like a spring-loaded plunger.

The zigzag-shaped blade is deployed when you press down on the handle. When it lifts, the blade rotates slightly so that it cuts in a different location the next time you push it down. These tools are simple, long-lasting, cleverly designed, and easy to clean. While their price goes into the range of some low-end motorized choppers, devotees claim that this is well worth it.

  • Product

The Pampered Chef Cutting Edge Food Chopper

The Pampered Chef Cutting Edge Food Chopper. Details 9¼" height, 3¼" diameter. Plunger has soft top to make chopping comfortable. Flexible cap doubles as storage cover and chopping surface for ...

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We had one of these for over 11 years until the clear plastic part cracked. I bought a kitchenaid version and it was like chopping food with a penny. I was so frustrated I went online and bought this. This replacement is a genuine Pampered chef. The blades are sharp and I actually over chopped the first couple of times using it because it's so efficient. If you are looking to replace your old one or have never used one of these and don't have a food processor I highly recommend it. Cleans easy
January 29, 2017
If you want something finely chopped or coarsely chopped or anything in between, this will do it. Sharp blades do the work. Comes apart for easy cleaning. Nice alternative to knife cutting.
March 14, 2017
Pampered Chef does it again. We bought this chopper to replace our other brand (cheap) chopper that we had to buy because our first Pampered Chef chopper broke a few years back. Our first one was I believe the original Chopper they made and it was very good, but this one has many improvements over the first one. Nothing else out there compares to this hand chopper. It cost a few bucks more, but it is worth every penny.
April 18, 2015

Work with a licensed distributor and try before you buy!


  • Stainless steel blade
  • Top shelf dishwasher safe
  • 3.8 x 3.8 x 9.5 inches


Pampered Chef Chopper is the item that made the Pampered Chef famous. It continues to be one of their best-selling products for good reason. However, there are a large number of customers who reviewed and reminded people that they will only get the warranty if they buy through a person that is a Pampered Chef representative.

Millions of households love it, you will too!

  • Stainless Steel Blade
  • Can be washed on the top rack of any dishwasher
  • Flexible cap can also be used as a storage cover
  • Blade rotates with each chop for fast, fine cutting
  • Reputable brand that is a household favorite

  • You must buy from a Pampered Chef consultant to get a warranty
  • Does not chop ice


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Cuisinart CH4 Collection Chopper Grinder

Cuisinart CH-4 Elite Collection 4-Cup Chopper/Grinder, WhiteA trusted name meets compact functionality! What could be better?

This Cuisinart CH-4 4-cup chopper/grinder is simple to use and great for a kitchen of any size. It works similar to a food processor but offers a smaller, more portable option that is perfect for limited storage and tiny kitchens. Its durable 4-cup work bowl offers plenty of room to make sauces, baby foods, pizza toppings, and more.

The unit has a very cool auto-reversing SmartPower blade, a patented design that offers a sharp edge designed for chopping and pureeing softer food items and a blunt, more durable edge that is designed for grinding up hard things like nuts and spices.

Its BladeLock system is a great safety feature for kids. It keeps the blade securely in place during both use and pouring. A touchpad control panel lets you choose between “chop” and “grind” options. The cup can be attached and removed by way of an easy-grip handle, and all of the parts are dishwasher-safe to simplify cleanup. The chopper comes with a spatula and recipe book. There is a limited 18-month warranty on this chopper.

  • Product

Cuisinart CH-4 Elite Collection 4-Cup Chopper/Grinder, White

A welcome addition to any busy kitchen, this easy-to-use 4-cup chopper/grinder works a lot like a regular food processor, but without having to lug out the full-size machine. Its durable 4-cup work ...

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This lil 4-cup food processor has been a workhorse over the past 4 years!When I first purchased this, 4 years ago, it was the only food processor I had. So it got a lot of use. My absolute favorite thing to make is Chocolate Covered Katie's Cookie Dough Dip, which if you are familiar with CCK, her recipes require a food processor! That was my primary reason for buying this!The recipe has chickpeas and it is 100% necessary to use a food processor to ensure that the chickpeas are completely pureed and blended. It would ruin the beauty of the recipe if you had chunks of chickpeas in your pseudo cookie dough! Katie herself uses a Cuisinart food processor so when I went to research for myself I started with Cuisinart. I was living on my own in a small apartment- so that and budget at the time is why I chose the smaller, 4-cup food processor.A couple of years ago, I was gifted a Cuisinart 7 cup food processor which I use for bigger meals and recipes. But when it comes time to make cookie dough, I pull out my lil 4-cup one!I have noticed that the engine seems to tire more easily, especially if there is not enough liquid in the recipe, and it has to work harder to chop the ingredients. The 7-cup version is much more powerful but this one still does the job!I really like that the blade clicks in place so that if I am pouring something out, the blade does not plop into the bowl.I will be using this until the day that it dies, and then I will buy another one to replace it! Love Cuisinart products!If you found my review helpful, let me know! Thanks 🙂
August 26, 2016
I had an immersion blender with chopper accessory, but the chopper broke to bits. I used that accessory often, but they can't be replaced for the model(s) of immersion blenders I own, so I decided to just get small with the food processor.Cuisinart. Good name, good reviews, reasonable price. Let's go.It can't grind Parmesan cheese. I cut the cheese into small pieces, put the pieces into the bowl and pressed "grind". It sort of chopped, but minutes of whirring (stop, check, whir again, stop, check, whir again...) produced some fine cheese and lots of big chunks. It seemed like the blade was bending during the effort. It's just cheese for crying out loud, not the hard Parmesan rind and definitely not a brick.The Elite is a very lightweight, cheap, plastic appliance -- much like the cheap chopping accessories that come as enticing afterthoughts with immersion blenders. On a bright note, it was properly designed so the bowl and lid don't "catch" water during the dish washing cycle, as many food processor parts do. So one star for that.Sending it back. (There's a small bowl and blade somewhere in the cabinet for the full size food processor, right? That'll just have to do, and now that I think of it, will probably do it best.)
September 17, 2012
Before buying this product I looked at the reviews and figured that the bad reviews were anomalies. Most products seem to have a few lemons. However, after having this product for two months it stopped working. The blade would spin without anything in it, but the moment anything was added it would stop. I called Cuisinart's customer service and found out that having a warranty means that you'll have to pay 10 dollars and return shipping in order to get a replacement. Therefore you'll end up paying 1/3 of the cost of the product even if it breaks after a short period of time. Their policies really hurt the consumer and don't inspire confidence in their products. Personally, I wouldn't risk paying that money in case I'll only receive another bad quality product. I don't think I'll be buying from Cuisinart every again. Only buy this product if you're willing to take the risk that it'll break quickly and are okay with spending even more money to replace it.
August 16, 2015

The two-way blade is one of the smartest features of any product!


  • 9.4 x 5.5 x 7.9 inches in dimension
  • Two-speed touchpad design
  • Two-way stainless blade
  • Four color options: white, silver, black, red


A great choice for a simple, functional, small food processor. Bonus points for the double-sided blade. Overall, Cuisinart CH-4 4-cup chopper/grinder is an innovative option from a well-known and respected appliance company that is worth a try for anyone who has occasional blending needs and a small kitchen.

Does that sound like you? See for yourself!

  • All pieces dishwasher safe
  • Reversible blade to keep the sharp side of the blade sharp while offering a dull side for hard items
  • Four colors to choose from
  • Small size is perfect for small dishes, storage spaces, and kitchens
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • One-touch functionality
  • Handle to easily attach and detach bowl
  • 18-month limited warranty

  • Plastic will melt if left near a stove
  • Does not work well with parmesan cheese blocks and similarly textured items

Cuisinart CH4 Collection Chopper Grinder

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Maxam KTVC7 Vegetable Chopper

Maxam Vegetable ChopperWhat’s professional, versatile, easy to clean and use? Read on to find out!

If you like the work of a grater but the ease of a manual food processor, this Maxam vegetable chopper may be the perfect compromise. The piece suctions to a table where you choose one of five cones to place into the machine. Each cone has a surface that is similar to one of the tools found on a four-sided grater.

The blades include a Shredder, Stringer, French Fry Cutter, Sliver, and Waffler. The genius comes with the fact that items get placed into a push-down container and you grate by turning the crank. This means faster grating and no more bloody knuckles!

  • Product

Maxam Vegetable Chopper

A healthy eating lifestyle means cooking and eating at home, preparing good meals with food that is good for you. A delicious meal doesn’t have to take hours to prepare, and the Maxam Vegetable ...

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I. LOVE. THIS. MACHINE! The only reason I gave it four stars and not five is because it doesn't chop my romaine lettuce lol. I'm sure it works very well for iceberg lettuce. The blades are very sharp so I would advise to be careful. I've seen someone say that the finger guard doesn't work well but that is not true. This machine was designed very well and I highly recommend it.
January 20, 2015
the stainless steel cutting cups are thinner than I expected. I have a Salad Master that I purchased over 50 years ago and the cutting cups are sturdy compared to these ones. I purchased the Maxam because the suction cups on my Salad Master could not be replaced to fit and the food opening is a bit small. However the suction cups on the Maxam do not adhere to my counter surface, my table surface or my cutting board. I have to hold the entire chopper in place by carefully turning the handle and pressing down while I crank. I find it hard to believe someone would pay much more than $60-$70 for this. I'll keep it because it does the job, but I would not recommend it at any more than $70.
February 28, 2015
It just arrived yesterday and already we can't get enough. We've been searching frantically through the fridge for things to chop and string and grate. It is fairly simple to use and it feels extraordinarily sturdy - However there are a few (minor) drawbacks. As much as we truly enjoy the unit the downsides are...1. The blades on the slicing cones (i.e. waffle and slicing cone) are not spaced far apart enough to get full slices of apples and potatoes. The slices look great and are excellent thickness but they come to an end before you reach the other side of the fruit (as the next blades has already begun slicing into the fruit before the first blade could fully penetrate through).2. There is not any safe/easy/effective way to keep food near the blade when the food size has decreased (example: the apple has been sliced with the waffle cutter until there is only 1/4 left but you want to get the entire apple sliced). The unit comes with a dark gray plastic food guard attached to the hopper for this purpose but we have found it to be largely ineffective without also using a thumb or some other finger to keep the food firmly pressed against the hopper and blade.3. There are not illustrated examples of proper food placement /holding techniques in the instruction manual. While they do offer a few written suggestions on how to grate, string, peel, etc. we found these somewhat confusing and difficult to enact without accompanying illustrations.Overall this was a very delightful and enjoyable addition to our kitchen and we would recommend this item.
September 19, 2015

Professional and injury proof? Isn’t that what you need?


  • Five interchangeable stainless disks to shred, julienne, waffle, french fry, and slice
  • Easy-use hand-crank design
  • Fully dishwasher safe
  • 10.5 x 13.8 x 10.8 inches in dimension


At about double the previous items, this is a more expensive item. However, Maxam vegetable chopper is much more like something that a professional kitchen would use. It also offers thin slices, waffle fries, and french fries, in addition to grated items. In fact, if you love waffle fries, this is probably the best choice for you.

5 cuts for the price of 2? What a deal!

  • All-Stainless and easy to clean
  • Versatile with 5 chopping blade choices: Shredder, Stringer, French Fry Cutter, Sliver, and Waffler
  • Removeable finger guard for safety
  • Chrome finish is easy to clean and attractive
  • Dishwasher-safe cones
  • Tripod base with suction cups for stability
  • Easy for those with reduced arm strength to use

  • Requires some time to assemble
  • Cuts are mushy if blades are not sharpened

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Black and Decker EHC650 2-Speed Chopper

Black & Decker EHC650

If you like big, easy grips, this is a great choice in food processors. Black & Decker EHC650 is a 3-cup capacity model that does quick mincing or liquefying. It can mince onions or blend tomato soup. The two speeds can be chosen via two large buttons at the top of the lid that also functions as the handle. It is designed to be a one-handed tool for multitasking cooks.

  • Product

Black & Decker EHC650 2-Speed Food Chopper with 3-Cup Bowl, White

This powerful unit gives you 2 speeds to chop or mince onions in seconds. Ergonomically designed, it's comfortable and easy to blast through everyday chopping tasks. Perfect when you only need a ...

Available: In stock
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September 11, 2016 update: Just noticed in passing that the price on this item has soared to $84 plus. Really? This has to be a mistake. I paid about $10 for it about 2 years ago [see my notes below], and in any case, it simply is not worth this amount. If you are going to spend $84, you need to be looking for a food processor or else, get another chopper and spend considerably less.June 25, 2014 update: I am happy to say that my replacement chopper is unchanged from the one that I bought nine years ago. It comes with a two-year limited warranty that covers any defect in material or workmanship, not to exceed the purchase price of the product, so save your receipt.June 11, 2014 update: If you were ever going to get one of these, today is the day. Amazon has them priced at $10.33, a price I have not seen for literally several years. It is worth it just to get the plastic bowl, which is no longer available as a replacement part. This is also a perfect gift for that graduate starting on his/her own or anyone else establishing a new household.February 13, 2014 update: In response to a question posted today about getting a replacement bowl, I learned the following information. After checking their parts listing online, I called Black & Decker directly, 800-738-0245, and spoke to a representative. As of right now, they will sell replacement parts for the base lid and the blade assembly for this model chopper, but they no longer offer the bowl separately as a replacement part. The representative added that no other bowl in their line will fit this model. That means that if the bowl cracks, you now have to buy a completely new chopper. The replacement bowl that B&D gave me has lasted about 8 years even though it started to split in 2012 (but as of now it still does not leak); I suspect that if I had not cleaned it for many of those years in the dishwasher, it would have lasted longer. Following is are my review and updates from 2005 forward.As a chopper to use on a daily basis, this is unbeatable. The blades are much more substantial than on other products of this size. However, you have to be very careful with the plastic bowl. The center section that holds the blade has begun to break. Currently half of the circular holder (in the middle) is gone. Although it will still hold the blade, if it breaks any more, it probably won't. I'm going to have to find a replacement for the plastic bowl. October 18, 2005 update: Guess what? I contacted Black & Decker online, and they have a company that they refer you to that handles their replacement parts. In this case they are sending me a complimentary new 3 cup plastic bowl. I wish I could change my rating upward; this is real customer service. July 5, 2007 update: Since I received the replacement bowl, I have used this appliance constantly, that is, three to five times a week. I have had no problems with the center section of the replacement bowl. February 8, 2008 update: Note that when Amazon runs this item for $12.99, it is really a screaming deal.August 16, 2011 update: You know what? This thing is still going strong. I have had no trouble whatsoever with the replacement bowl. Just don't stress this chopper out with something like chestnuts; those simply need to be cut up by hand.December 22, 2012 update: The replacement bowl has developed a crack in the bottom, after seven years of constant use, but as long as it does not leak, I will not replace it. However, I note that as of this date, the current price is $17.12 with super saver shipping, the lowest price that I have seen this item for months.
October 14, 2005
I'd give this baby 6 stars if I could. After chopping onions and garlic by hand and also with a manual chopper for ages, this food chopper is a breath of fresh air! I bought this about a month ago, and it makes chopping onions and garlic a breeze! (I don't chop much else that needs a fine chop.) Garlic press? Forget it. Chopping onions by hand? Don't cry over it. Seriously, just chop the onion in half, half again, (and once more if it's big) and throw it in, put the lid on, and in the words of Emeril... "BAM!" The longer you hold the button, the more finely chopped the food gets.Pros: Everything! Except...Cons: Cleaning the top is a bit weird, but what I do is after I'm done chopping, I wipe the topper down with a soapy dish cloth and let air dry on the side of the sink.BUT, that little bit of weirdness is better than hand chopping it, either with a knife, or one of those whack-a-mole style hand choppers. Paying the extra few bucks for this has made my life so much easier! I'd recommend this to anyone with small-portion chopping needs.
January 3, 2014
Love it, bought one for me and one for my parents. I first purchased a hand food chopper thinking that an electric one would be annoying because I don't have conveniently placed electrical outlets in my old weirdly designed kitchen, and I was worried it would be difficult to clean.Cleaning - incredibly easy! The bottom parts are dishwasher safe. The top part you can take a paper towel with some soap or a sponge to and clean it very easily and I am one of those people often lovingly referred to as a "germaphobe".The outlet thing - I actually fill it up and stand near an outlet next to my fridge because it is so much more convenient. I find myself cooking more because I bought it! I dropped it last time I used it so next paycheck I will be buying another one!! It's plastic so don't drop it. I cracked the plastic bottom when I dropped it. I am still giving it 5 stars because I'm an idiot and it doesn't deserve to drop a star for stupidity on the user end. 🙂
August 30, 2014

A powerful tool from a famous producer of power tools!


  • Top blade and grip for easy use
  • 3-cup capacity bowl with storage lid that doubles as skid-free surface
  • Two speeds for mincing or blending
  • 5.5 x 5.5 x 9.1 inches in dimension


Black & Decker EHC650 is more like a stick blender in a bowl than a number of the other processors with base motors. This means a better storage bowl and a smaller overall piece. The price is higher, but so is the wattage on the motor. A good product overall from this famed designer of power tools.

If you need something light and easy to store that is comfortable for arthritic or otherwise weakened hands, this is a simple and powerful tool to choose.

If you always wanted power tools in your kitchen, here’s your chance!

  • Chops or blends quickly and easily
  • Big grip designed for one-handed use
  • Stainless-steel blade and parts that are dishwasher safe
  • Rubber base can be a storage lid for the bowl
  • 150-watt motor

  • There is a small pin, which is easily lost and can make the item unusable
  • Plastic components warp in the lower part of the dishwasher


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 TigerChef Commercial French Fry Cutter

TigerChef commercial french fry cutterWant a chance to slice like the pros? Check this out?

Similar to the Maxam, this is a commercial-style TigerChef kitchen tool that is designed to chop food quickly with little fanfare. It offers stainless pieces and a heavy-duty lever designed to do all the work to push food through the cutting blocks. This is the only piece that offers add-on components, and you can choose your size of cut. Choose from square fries at diameters of one-half inch, one-quarter inch, or three-eighths of an inch.

You can also cut items into four even wedges. For ease of cleaning, you can buy cleaning tools that pop all food back out of the blades and serve as blade storage guards.

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TigerChef commercial french fry cutter Heavy Duty Grade French Fry Cutter with...

Tiger Chef’s Commercial French Fry Cutter helps you create the best tasting French fries or sweet potato fries! This reliable, heavy duty, all metal cutter turns out uniform fries, zucchini sticks ...

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The Frame around the blade is made of Aluminium and it oxidizes upon washing.This is a dangerous product and should not be purchased.See photo comparing before and after wash blades.Also see photo showing how the oxide subs off on your hand even if you touch it lightly.
June 11, 2015
The plates turn black, and the oxidized metal gets in the food the metal that houses the blades as well as the the prongs that push the food through the blades are made out of a very cheap metal which oxidizes and has direct contact with food and you can actually taste the metal in your food which is probably not safe and if if water oxidizes it that means you were not supposed to wash it I don't understand how this product is food grade. And the residue is very difficult to remove from hands even with soap can you imagine how difficult it is to remove from the food. If you look through the pictures you can see what I am talking about
June 14, 2016
We were looking for something that can cut sweet potatoes. My hubby saw this and decided to get it. Here is a quick review.Delivery & Package:- On time but was surprised by the packaging. The device looked brand new but NOT on it's original box. (Not a big deal to me)- The cleaning brush was deformed because it was smashed under the cutter. (First impression was not at 4 stars)Set up:- The cutter is very heavy duty. Definitely commercial grade. The suction cups are super strong. My hubby assemble the device within 5-10 mins.Functionality:LIKES: It does a great job. We tested it with squash, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, onions, cabbages. The cutting is fine. 🙂 If you follow the instructions, it DOES cut sweet potatoes. (Quartered the yam first before running it thru the cutter. We tried it with the skin on.)NOTES - not dislike... just notes :)1) I am fairly petite (5') and find it a little difficult to push the yam thru the cutter. However, my husband uses it with a ease. It definitely need some muscle for the 'hard' vegetables.2) Some reviewers commented on difficult to clean. I didn't think it was that bad. If you use this device to cut bulk or pre cut all the veggies for the week, it is just one time cleaning. 🙂
June 22, 2015

  • Three french fry sizes and a four-wedge design
  • Aluminum cutting blades
  • Cast-iron frame with stainless pushing rod.
  • 12 pounds in weight
  • Dimensions: 10.5 x 22 x 9.8 inches


If you want a sturdy, professional tool and you’re willing to oil the blades, you can’t do much better than this. This and the Maxam come closest to having a professional tool in your home kitchen.

Create your own home diner with pro tools like this!

  • Powerful lever to push food through professional-grade blades
  • Skid-free suction cup feet
  • Choose from four different blade styles. Purchase just one or buy all.
  • Heavy-duty cast iron body with a stainless rod for pushing food.

  • Must be oiled regularly or the aluminum cutting blades will oxidize with black powder

TigerChef Commercial French Fry Cutter

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KitchenAid KFP1133OB 11-cup Processor System

KitchenAid KFP1133OBBut what if I need to make something big?

KitchenAid KFP1133OB is a larger food processor that allows for a wide variety of functions. It chops and blends like a blender or base-bladed food processor. It also allows you to push food into the processor through a spinning blade on the top. The blade can be adjusted to perform three different chop functions.

Three sizes of chute allow you to choose the size that works best for the food you’re processing. A dough paddle rounds out the functionality of this nifty kitchen tool to make it an excellent baking assistant. The processor comes in four choices of colors; red, black, white, and silver and are designed to go with almost any kitchen decor.

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KitchenAid KFP1133OB 11-Cup Food Processor with Exact Slice System - Onyx Black

The KitchenAid 11-Cup Food Processor with the exclusive ExactSlice system, slices from thick to thin with one slide of the lever. The multiple optimized speeds and distinctly designed stainless steel ...

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I bought this to replace my old cuisinant food processor that the bowl cracked on. Motor still ran great but I couldn't find a replacement bowl to continue using it. I was so excited to get this because you can change the thickness on the slicing blade. While I absolutely love that feature there were others I was very disappointed in.#1 The motor is relatively weak. Sometimes it seems like it has to work far harder than it should to shred some cheese.#2 The buttons are a bit difficult to push. It honestly hurts my fingers sometimes.#3 While a small amount of food will inevitably become too thin for the machine to shred or slice anymore it is much worse with this kitchenaid than my cuisinant.#4 There is a HUGE flaw in the design of the plunger. It actually has some large slots for food to slid out rather than to continue being pushed into the blade. I have pictures attatched that I hope you can tell what I'm talking about.
December 4, 2016
I purchased this against my better judgement. The work bowl handle of my beloved KitchenAid KFP670 Professional Food Processor, Onyx Black disintegrated due to my refusal to hand wash it. I had to have a food processor and Kitchen Aid is what I do, so the decision should have been easy. My first clue was that America's Test Kitchen wasn't using KA food processors any longer. The second clue was that when I saw the larger models in stores, I could almost lift the base with one hand. What happened to all the metal? Lastly, the reviews weren't stellar. However, this would sit next to my black KA stand mixer and blender, so I needed the KA look. Besides, I could trust KA to continue to deliver quality, right?I have never been so disappointed in a brand I consider a friend. This is over-engineered and lacks KA's legendary quality. I purchased this at the end of October, but I let it sit in the box as I tried to continue to use my old food processor. When the handle broke off in my hand and I couldn't find a replacement work bowl online, I realized I had to use the new one. It was now December and time to get into holiday baking.I took immediate issue with how the controls are designed. I don't think I have weak fingers, but it takes both hands to operate this. It doesn't look like it, but it's really hard to push those buttons! I see why Cuisinart kept the lever design in its classic models. I forgot to mention that the cord on this model is shorter than the cord on my older model. I can't use the same outlet without an extension cord.After the first use, I found horizontal grooves in the work bowl where the blade had been scraping it. Kitchenaid replaced it with no issue. I've been using the replacement for scone dough and it has worked fine. Last week, I was attempting to make salad dressing in the mini bowl. I think this was my second time using the mini bowl. I was able to pulse the ingredients a few times before it stopped working. I thought that perhaps the blade had become disengaged. I decided to dump everything into a bowl and finish incorporating things by hand.Last night, I was making the salad dressing again using the mini bowl. I got in a few pulses and it stopped working again. This time, the ingredients were half chopped, so I switched to the work bowl. I thought maybe the issue was that the mini bowl was too full, although it didn't appear to be. I started to pulse the mixture again, but it sounded like the food processor was struggling. That shouldn't be the case with garlic, capers, mayo, oil and lemon juice. I tried to pulse again and I smelled something burning. I unplugged it and dumped everything into a bowl.This morning, the motor was dead. I'm calling now for my second replacement. I love reviewing kitchen appliances and gadgets. I decided in December that I wouldn't review this product because it was such an out of character experience for KitchenAid and me. After the need for a second replacement, I felt I had no choice. This disappointment hurts.
May 24, 2016
Out of the box, smooth and sleek with no holes in the base to worry about cleaning. Pieces seem sturdy and well constructed. Very quiet motor, especially for the size. We'll have to see on the longevity of the motor, if something happens to it I will definitely update this review.Ran it through some slicing, dicing and pureeing, seems pretty effective.The ability to adjust the slicer is pretty interesting; I've never thought about that feature but now its pretty cool to have it. There are 5 settings, I would equate these to what you'd ask for in a deli when ordering cold cuts or cheese. However, this in no way would replace a commercial meat slicer; I can't imagine shoving a ham down the feed tube.One note on a safety feature: the main feed tube has a metal rod that must be inserted into the lid for the processor to operate. When attempting to slice an onion, I didn't realize this and thought it had stopped working. I ended up lifting the mid-size feed tube (there are 3 nested, for real) out of the main tube so the metal rod went in, but the onion still fit. Then it sliced just fine. A little more complicated than I'm used to, but I guess it probably could take your finger off so I guess the extra protection is warranted in this day and age. I guess if you're looking to slice off body parts, go get a $30 version....or the aforementioned meat slicer.Another note - KitchenAid appears to be owned by Whirlpool, which I was not aware of or even thought to look up. This has been true since 1986. I haven't experienced anything negative from either of those companies, but it might be good to know in case you have.
October 26, 2016

The classic food processor that became a kitchen staple for a reason! Who doesn’t like that?


  • Four colors to choose from
  • Stainless blade
  • Washable bowl
  • Five different slicing/chopping/blending features
  • Three sizes of food chute for efficient processing
  • Dimensions: 10.6 x 10.2 x 16 inches


If you need one tool to do it all, KitchenAid KFP1133OB is one of the best choices on the list. If you need to make food regularly for large groups of people, this offers almost four times the capacity of some of the other choppers on the list.

Want to do it all? Look no further. Want to know more? Check this out!

  • Great for large amounts of food with 11-cup capabilities
  • Four colors to work with all kitchen decors
  • Blends, chops, kneads dough, and shreds to three different sizes
  • Parts are top-shelf dishwasher safe
  • Three sizes of food chute for efficient chopping
  • Leak-resistant ring
  • Thickness lever allows you to adjust chop width as well as size

  • Some have complained that the motor isn’t powerful enough
  • Some claim the rubber seal can leak when washed in the lower part of the dishwasher
  • The ends of food can fit between cracks when shredding, leaving larger chunks
  • Larger and therefore requires more storage space
  • The buttons are very hard to push; some reported needing two hands worth of pressure to operate them.

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Cuisinart CSB-77 Blender-Chopper with Attachments

Cuisinart CSB-77 Smart StickOne of the least fun parts of cooking with a food processor is moving your items from one container to the next. Thus the beauty of the immersion blender. Cuisinart CSB-77 includes all the best. Essentially a stick with a blade, this allows you to do the same chopping and blending as a blender or base-bladed food processor without pouring it from its intended container. Blend a simmering soup without pouring a large, hot pot. Whip cream in its final serving bowl.

There are endless possibilities for this battery-powered beaut. At 200 watts, this baby is a workhorse, too. If you like the mixing container, don’t worry. It comes with its own 2-cup version that is perfectly designed for storage as well.

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Cuisinart CSB-77 Smart Stick Hand Blender with Whisk and Chopper Attachments

Enter your model number to make sure this fits.; 200-watt immersion hand blender housed in brushed stainless steel; Powerful chopper and whisk attachments provide added versatility; Lightweight ...

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Very disappointed! I loved this appliance, but the stick quit working a little less than 3 years & I probably haven't used it but 15 - 20 times, so all the wonderful attachments that come with the stick are useless. You would think a Cuisinart product would last longer. While the appliance looks great and sturdy and does a good job, the problem is it the cheaply made insides break. The gear which runs the entire system - it is made of PLASTIC! How much would it cost to just put a metal gear in instead of plastic? I am looking online now for the "motor body" replacement part. Cuisinart has it for $33 plus shipping. Needless to say I will keep looking and try not to buy directly from the manufacturer because usually any part can be found on another site for less money. I do still like this appliance but I'm very disappointed that the motor body will obviously have to be replaced on a regular basis if you use it at all. :- (
October 12, 2015
This product has helped me puree all the following in one afternoon:24 lbs of apricots, pitted and halved, used the chopper4 lbs strawberries, de-stemmed, used the choppera few pounds of other various fruit including pears and plumschopped walnuts, used the chopperand used the puree hand blender for pureeing up pineapple.It kept consistent power and operated smoothly. It's not too loud either; has a medium whirrrrr sound. This cool kitchen tool greatly sped up my canning process, where I can at least 8 dozen jars of jams, preserves, etc. I'm excited to try make milkshakes using the hand blender. From the feel of it, a milkshake would probably takes 20 seconds to blend up; it's a sturdy tool. I would suggest this product to anyone who likes cooking and is interested in one of the hand blender/hand puree tools on the market.
August 18, 2014
If you don't use it often or for anything demanding, the wand blender part of this set is okay. It's flimsy and ineffective on anything but the lightest duty though.Worse, the whisk function didn't last even one use. Something in the plastic piece that connects the whisk to the blender unit must have stripped out because the whisk won't stay inserted in it anymore. I was only using it to whip cream so I can't imagine what caused the damage other than poor or defective quality in the first place.This is the second Cuisinart model I've tried in a hand blender. The other was just as bad as this. I'm giving up on Cuisinart for this tool. Just received a Bamix in the mail today. Hopefully spending the extra $$$ for that brand will yield a better tool.
May 10, 2014

  • 200-watt motor
  • Dishwasher safe bowl.
  • Stainless blade can be washed by blending in soapy water
  • Brushed stainless design
  • Whisk attachment
  • 16-ounce measuring cup included
  • 5.4 x 5.4 x 3.9 inches in dimension


Cuisinart CSB-77 is by far the most portable of the electric choices. Immersion blenders are also a very popular tool used by gourmet chefs. While this is a pro-quality idea, it does not appear to be a pro-quality tool. It is, however, a convenient and useful home tool.

Want to blend on the go? This is for you. Read on to learn more!

  • 200-watt powerful motor can blend large loads with ease
  • Includes 16 oz. measuring mixer and 2-cup mixing container
  • Includes chopper, blender, and whisk attachments
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • One-touch on-off button
  • Soft silicone handle designed for comfort
  • Blade is stainless and dishwasher safe
  • Light and portable

  • Quality appears hit and miss- 20 percent of over 800 reviews were negative.
  • Whisk function appears to be difficult to use
  • Some have had problem with plastic components breaking easily
  • Some have complained about a burned-out motor (but an excellent warranty when this happened).

Cuisinart CSB-77 Blender-Chopper with Attachments

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Black and Decker EHC750BD 3-Cup Chopper

Black & Decker EHC750BD


Another from this power tool giant, this Black and Decker 3-cup chopper has the same chop and store capabilities with a blade and motor that are removed from the top. Two easy-push buttons allow you to choose from high and low speed with a single hand. The lid is tapered to be easy to hold and turn with one hand.

The bowl is top-shelf dishwasher safe, and the stainless blade is also safe for the dishwasher. The two-tier blade lets you choose between chopping and mixing.

  • Product

Black & Decker EHC750BD 3-Cup Ergo Chopper, Black

Chop and mince easily using multiple features on this 3 Cup Ergo Chopper from Black and Decker (model EHC750BD). Perfect for fruits, veggies, salsas and more, this chopper features high and low pulse ...

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Already had one of these and absolutely love it. I bought one for my son so he would have one when I visit him. I used 2-day shipping through Amazon Prime and ordered it to arrive the day after I got there. Perfect timing. He loves making pico de gallo and this will come in handy. I used it to make ice cream for my granddaughter (like making a smoothie, but less liquids). Use about 1/2 cup of frozen sliced fruit, 1/8 cup of of milk (or substitute...I like almond milk) and a few drops of vanilla...comes out perfect).I use mine to make home-made bread crumbs, salsa, guacamole, and chop items for recipes, just to name a few uses. Worth every penny. Just make sure you don't overfill it - the line for liquids is your guide not just for how much liquid you have, but for ALL ingredients when you've added liquids.This is powerful and the blades are very sharp, so keep that in mind as well. The lid does not lock down. Your hand pressure holds it in place as you press one of two pulse buttons, You can hold the button down for continuous blending/mixing/chopping.
May 13, 2015
UPDATE: Tried to return the item several weeks ago and forgot about it. Never heard from Amazon or the "Spectrum Brands". Went back to check on it today and it was past the date of return. So, beware if you buy this one! It appears the company is not amenable to facilitating returns. FIRST POSTING: The motor is strong. Offset placement of two cutters enhances grinding. 3 cup capacity is ideal. Bowl and cutters are dishwasher-safe. Base is removable to act as storage lid for ground contents. However, BIG however: while grinding, the grinder's lid is the housing of the motor and electrical cord and cannot be washed under water, creating a major design flaw. I have been spraying window cleaner on a paper towel to clean the lid after grinding. I can't believe designers would miss this critical need - to be able to thoroughly wash the lid in soap and water. There is no way to insert a barrier to act as a lid while grinding - such as a piece of waxed paper with a hole cut for the connector pieces - without risking the paper be drawn down into the cutting milieu and still needing to clean the intended lid. Black & Decker, perhaps, did not mean for this to be a kitchen appliance? Don't know, but it is not reasonably food prep cleanable!
September 5, 2016
I had the 650 model ( previous iteration) for years, and it was the most used item in my literally of huge kitchen gadget collection. I finally melted a fuse trying to make hummus in it. That was pretty stupid of me, in retrospect. Next, time I will take out the heavy cuisinart I will have until I'm 100 years old or so. I mostly use this to chop garlic, onions, chilis, and spices. It works extremely well for small batches of salsas and such. The blades are sharp, and it has decent power. It is true that you can't pack it to the brim and run it on the full speed without having softer cuts on the bottom and untouched ones on the top, but such will be the case with any chopper of this size. Don't fill it more than halfway, and use the pulse mode. I used my old one constantly, and this seems nearly identical in terms of the motor, cup, and blade. I am going to keep my old blade and cup as a backup. The top looks slightly different, and the cup now has a protector on it, which I think is a nice addition if you have finicky countertops. I look forward to getting a lot of use of out this chopper. It's one of the least expensive kitchen tools I have, about the price of a so so can opener, but it gets more use than all of my other gadgets combined. When it arrived, my hubby said "Maybe we should buy another one as a backup." Really, though, if I don't try and pulse a full cop of cement through it again, it should last a really long time. This would make a really good gift, for someone who wants to save chopping time but not invest the space in something huge or who generally cooks in small batches.
August 2, 2016

  • 5.5 x 5.5 x 9.1 inches
  • Two-speed, one-touch, two-button design
  • Motorized lid with ergonomic grip
  • Rubber base doubles as a storage lid for the 3-cup bowl
  • Bowl and blade are dishwasher safe


A bad batch of blenders gave Black and Decker 3-cup chopper a lower reputation than it necessarily deserves. Those who got the good batch rave about the power, ease, ergonomic design, and secure storage. For a small blender, puree-style chopper, this is one of the best.

Easy to use and powerful? Where do I sign up?

  • Ergonomic design with big, easy buttons
  • Easy setup that takes seconds
  • Bowl is designed for storage with a non-slip base that doubles as a fitted lid
  • Washable items
  • Top-down blade is a particularly safe design
  • Two-tier blade to customize chop setting
  • Motor is from a reputable builder of power tools

  • Some hit-and-miss quality problems with new motors not functioning. The warranty program can easily replace the defective item with no hassle.

How We Tested

All information is based on hundreds to thousands of online internet reviews. We looked at the most common accolades and complaints and used them to present a composite view of the product. While one tested sample can share some information, it cannot tell you what may happen in a “bad batch” or how often that occurs.

This is why we prefer to look at overall satisfaction and common complaints. This also gives us an idea of how well the tool will perform over a series of different kinds of tasks.

But what if it doesn’t last?

How To Choose

Choosing the right food chopper is a matter of your needs, your budget, and your preferences. Consider the kind of food you will need to prep. Think big when you do this– if you have all of your friends and family out every thanksgiving and you need to prep dinner for 30, use this as your standard. Other needs to consider include whether you have a tiny kitchen and no room for a big appliance.

The budget should be looked at in two ways. First, can you afford it? Second, can you afford to buy it twice? While you may not need the gourmet professional version, if you skimp completely on quality, you may end up paying twice as much to replace the first version that you buy.

Product Name Bowl Capacity Overall Rating Details
KitchenAid KFC3511 3-5 Cup Food Chopper 3.5 cups 9.5 Check price
Braun MQ77 Multiquick Blender in Black 6 cups 10 Check price
Pampered Chef Cutting Edge Chopper 4 cups 9 Check price
Cuisinart CH4 Collection Chopper Grinder 4 cups 8 Check price
Maxam KTVC7 Vegetable Chopper - 8.5 Check price
Black and Decker EHC650 2-Speed Chopper 3 cups 9 Check price
TigerChef Commercial French Fry Cutter - 7 Check price
KitchenAid KFP1133OB Processor System 11 cups 8 Check price
Cuisinart CSB-77 Blender-Chopper with Attachments 2 cups 8.5 Check price
Black and Decker EHC750BD Chopper 3 cups 7.5 Check price

The first two categories will help you narrow the field. When you get to the range of final options, consider which one will bring you the most pleasure to use. It may be easier on your arthritic hands or safe enough to have your children learn to use it. Once you find the one that fits these preferences, the choice becomes simple.

How easy is that?


With such a variety of food choppers, the way in which you clean them will vary a lot, too. Many of the choppers can be cleaned in the dishwasher or will have pieces that can be cleaned in the dishwasher, but not all. Those with plastic parts that are dishwasher-safe may not be rated for the bottom part of a dishwasher, as that area gets hotter and can warp the plastic.

Dishwashers alone are not always great at getting garlic or cheese out of tiny grater holes (though if the pieces are made from stainless steel, it’s perfectly safe to try). Be careful of anything that can be plugged in- though it can take some water on the outside, submerging it will likely kill it and void your warranty. When disassembling a chopper for cleaning, be sure to read the instructions, as there may be pieces that come apart in a specific way and can help you to prevent a buildup of trapped food particles.

I’m sure you can agree, this is an important piece for any busy cook!

Electric Chopper for Vegetables

Electric vegetable choppers tend to come in two basic styles: those that are similar to a blender or a food processor and those that offer a chopping blade on a submersible stick. Both have their purpose; food processors are better for items that can be easily transferred from one place to another and larger dishes.

Stick blenders are better to do a smoothie in a cup or to add a little softness to a stovetop stew (though be sure to check the temperature rating on it before putting it into something too hot). Both pieces tend to offer a corded model, but only the stick blender will offer a battery-powered version, making it a good choice to use on camping trips or to bring to a picnic.

Want ease? Go electric!

Chopper Slicer

Chopper slicers are a favorite choice of professional chefs as they offer uniform cutting and a simple, sharp device. They can work like a french fry cutter where you push the food directly down over a shaped hole or like a mandoline that carries your food up and down over extremely sharp blades.

Chopper slicers are graded by their materials (professional pieces tend to be all metal for durability, strength, and ease of cleaning while home versions may have some plastic for lightness and aesthetics). Some will have interchangeable blades to allow you to choose from a number of different shapes and vegetables, while others, like a french fry press, will do one thing quickly and efficiently.

The professional versions tend to be bigger and sharper and will require more maintenance to keep the blade sharp. But if you cook a lot and treat it well, it will reward you with a very long lifespan.

As versatile as a knife and twice as quick!

Manual Chopper

Manual choppers work similarly to food processors but they don’t require electricity to function. They may be powered by a geared motor that works by turning a crank, by a pull-string, or by a spring-loaded mechanism. All of these styles offer some mechanical advantage compared to a knife. This can make it easier to chop dense vegetables like ginger or squash or to grind items like cheese quickly and easily.

Manual choppers are often fully dishwasher-safe, due to the fact that there are no electrical components that would be at risk from the water. It is best to get them in stainless steel, as they are less likely to rust from regular use.

Get all the power of electric with the pull of a string or the turn of a crank with these powerhouses!

Vintage Chopper

Question: How old do you think an item must be to be vintage?

The term “vintage” can mean a number of different eras. While you can find the prototypes to many different kinds of vegetable choppers dating back one or more generations, it is a very different thing to grab a food processor from the 1980s compared to a hand-crank version from the 1930’s, compared to a french rocking herb chopper from the 17th century. Here is a quick look at some of the basic technology that was used for chopping:

  • The rocking knife: This item has a curved blade and may have one or two handles. It often had a decorative heart or another cutout.

  • Graters: These were often rough pieces of metal that were punctured (at first) by hand.

  • Hand-crank graters: The hand-crank meat grinder was invented in the 18th century in Germany. It was quickly adapted for vegetables as well.

  • Electric food processors: This was invented right around WWII.

Keep in mind that older choppers are not made of stainless steel and they will require regular sharpening and oiling to keep them sharp and rust-free. If you’re not sure how to do this, visit a local kitchen store and they can coach you on how to properly care for this and any other knives that you might have.

Cooking like the pioneers? Amazing!

OXO Vegetable Chopper

OXO brand items are best-known for having oversized, fleshy silicone handles. They were invented by a man who wanted to provide kitchen tools that were easier for his wife, who suffered from rheumatoid arthritis, to grasp. The idea caught on and was marketed first to older customers.

However, they also promote a reduction in hand fatigue and come in bold, modern designs. This has turned OXO into one of the world’s favorite newcomers to the kitchen tool industry.

Maxam Vegetable Chopper

Maxam vegetable choppers have a unique design that allows you to grate items with a round grating surface that turns via a hand crank while you press down on the compartment where the food is stored. This is much safer than grating by hand because you are at no risk to get your skin caught in the grater. The five blade choices that come with most models include the Shredder, Stringer, French Fry Cutter, Sliver, and Waffler. It works well with most vegetables, cheeses, and even nuts.

Who doesn’t like that?

 Commercial Vegetable Chopper

Commercial vegetable choppers must be able to be used every day for many hours and to process a high volume of food. This means that they have a number of qualities that set them apart from home vegetable choppers:

Does a commercial chopper sound like you?

  • They are large: Many of these choppers are big. This makes them more durable, easy to find, and capable of working with large pieces of food quickly.
  • They are durable: This is an item that will get 6-18 hours of use for 6-7 days per week. Most restaurants can’t afford to replace these items more than once every 5 years or so. They must be built to work hard and last long. Some of these items will have a cast iron frame to make them heavy and easy to manhandle. Blades may be the only replaceable part on them, while the rest of the frame can last for generations.
  • They are easy to clean: Health inspectors require that these items be completely free of anything that can taint food. This means that they will be simply designed to be able to break down and be fully, quickly cleaned. Plastics are harder to keep clean, as a general rule, than metals, which is why you see little to no plastic in a commercial kitchen. Instead, they are likely to be all metal, most likely stainless, and not have any paint or enamel that could risk being chipped and put into food. If your goal is to have a beautiful, stylized kitchen, you may find that the professional-grade items are a little too utilitarian for your tastes.
  • They will be simple: Home cooks often have appliances that will help them make fancy cuts in the kitchen. This is typically easier for chefs to do with a knife. Their choppers tend to do one or a small number of basic things and that is all.
  • They tend to be expensive: Commercial items cost more because they are expected to perform at a different level. While you can purchase one for your home, it won’t be a bargain.


If something goes wrong with your food chopper, it is important to understand how your warranty works in order to be able to get replacement parts, refunds, or any assistance. Every company may have a different policy on the parts that it covers and under what circumstances.

Here are some important questions to ask about the warranty before you buy:

  • What parts of the food chopper are covered? Is it just the blade, for example, or are the plastic pieces covered as well?
  • Under what conditions is the piece warrantied? This can range from a warranty for defective parts only or a no-questions-asked return policy.
  • How long is the warranty?
  • What kind of return or replacement policy is there? Do you get your money back or a replacement item? Or do you get a replacement part that you must install?
  • Do you need to register your item and proof of purchase to be eligible? Many people forget to do this. When they need to return an item, their receipt may be long gone as a result.

Some credit card companies will also offer some protection on items that you purchase with their card.

You’ve gotta love that!


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While there can only be one winner of the competition, these items vary so much that you must remember that it may or may not be the best item for you. We compared all ten of the best food chopper options based on a number of factors.

This includes:

  • Power of motor
  • Types of chop available
  • Size and portability
  • Reputation of manufacturer
  • Satisfaction of customers
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Cost of item
  • Likelihood to be used in both commercial and home kitchens
  • Ease of setup, takedown, and one-touch use
  • Ability to find this useful at a number of different cooking skill levels

When all of these factors were considered together, there was one food chopper that kept coming back to the top of the list. The Braun MQ777 Multiquick 7 Hand Blender was portable, small, easy to store, easy to clean, versatile in the number of chop types available, high customer satisfaction percentage, and more. While the cost was more than many other choices, the quality of the manufacturer, power of the motor, and the number of included accessories (a whopping 11 with six completely different chopping and mixing functions!) all justify the price.

Braun is a company that is known to last a generation, and many of the reviewers were replacing an item that had served them for decades. Quality, ease of use, and the number of features made this clearly the best of the best.


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