10 Luxurious Pool Cleaners – Make The Right Choice

Looking for a cleaner? Check out our top ten favorite pool cleaners and a review of each one.Dolphin 99996323 Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner with Swivel Cable

Ah, the joys of summer. Lounging by the pool and enjoying the feel of cool, aquamarine water as you jump in and swim. But unless you have an adequate method to keep those waters clean, crystal clear becomes a pool of murk if you’re not careful. You can hire a service to keep the pool clean, and it’s a great way to do it. If you prefer to clean your pool yourself, however, then you want to keep a few things in mind.

How big is your pool? How much time do you have to clean it? How much do you want to spend up front on pool cleaning equipment? Considering these three factors will give you a pretty good idea of the best pool cleaner for you. Read on to discover our ten favorite choices and discover a little bit about each one.

Spend some time with our guide to discover why endlessly clear, blue water is in your future!

 BARACUDA G3 Advanced Suction Side Automatic Pool Cleaner 

BARACUDA G3 W03000 Advanced Suction Side Automatic Pool CleanerThe BARRACUDA G3 W0300 is a side-suction model of cleaner that works with many different sizes of a pump and does an excellent job of cleaning, even with a small pump. It comes with a wide variety of hose and attachment choices to allow you to cover walls, floors, and stairs with ease.

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BARACUDA G3 W03000 Advanced Suction Side Automatic Pool Cleaner

The Baracuda G3 will thoroughly clean your inground pool floor and walls to automatically remove dirt, debris, bugs, twigs, leaves, sand and even pebbles. The G3 has only one operational moving ...

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Solid. Great Construction. Simple. Here is the VERY IMPORTANT trick I have learned about it cleaning the WHOLE pool though.KEEP YOUR HOSES STRAIGHT WHILE IN STORAGE!!As soon as you get those things bent all bets are off.Bent hoses cause it to loop on itself and only clean a small portion, usually just the deep end.However, if you buy a hose hanger, like HoseHanger Pro it will straighten back out, or just lay them flat out in the sun.Even bent hose can be made straight again and when they are the system cleans the deep and the shallow ends and works great!
January 9, 2017
I have an outdoor pool that gets oak tree leave, pine needles, and other assorted debris.I also take care of my mothers pool which has has the same. Cleaning using the old fashioned pole with a vacuum like head is such a pain in the butt. These automatic pool cleaners are such time savers. However, they are not all built equal. I’ve tried several models including a knock off that resembled the Barracuda and another that used small wheel to move around the pool floor. None of them compare to the Barracuda G3. In my experience is it hands down the best. I have one in both mine and my mother's pool.Pros vs Cons.Pros – It works very well. The quality is also great. It is also entirely user serviceable. You can replace the parts – no pool store or service guy required.Cons – From what I gather, some of the other cleaners have less “wear items” so theoretically less part replacement should be required over the lifetime of the cleaner. The Barracuda does have some parts that wear out with time and use. These include the bladder which inevitably gets a tear, the foot which eventually wears down, and the skirt which in time can also wear down. None of these parts are difficult to replace. They take probably 10 to 15 minutes at most for someone with a basic ability to “figure things out”. Also a word of advice, buy your replacement parts on Amazon and not the local pool store. They are much less expensive. True they are not OEM Barracuda brand, but the variety of knock off parts I’ve bought have worked 100%. All I can say is, this thing works better than the others I’ve tried and I don’t mind having a few replacement parts on hand.In summary, this thing is a good buy. It’s also sold for much more money in most of the pool stores. Can’t beat it!
July 29, 2016
I purchased the Baracuda G3 to replace my Hayward Navigator which I managed to keep alive for 17 years. The Navigator needed new parts almost yearly and I finally got tired of shelling 100 to 200 dollars per year to keep it going.I noticed several reviews of the Baracuda that stated it would run for a while and then stop. I think I've found a solution for this problem....This was the first cleaning of the year with this cleaner. As expected, evil things lurked below the murky waters this spring. The Baracuda sucked up a piece of roofing shingle which had fallen into the pool during some remodeling this winter. The debris managed to wedge itself in the Baracuda's diaphragm. So, it was already time to tear down the cleaner and discover how this thing worked.After removing the debris, I put everything back together and hooked it back up. It ran ok for a while then stopped. I did the usual checking of hoses, suction, weight adjustment and looking for other issues. After a while, I started thinking about how this cleaner propels itself. It seemed that if I loosened the inner sleeve which holds the diaphragm, it would allow the cleaner to wobble and propel itself around the pool again.Well, that did the trick..... Upon re-assembling the Baracuda, don't tighten down the inner sleeve, which holds the diaphragm, too tight. I found that the best method is to turn it until it stops, then back off about a quarter of a turn. This allows the diaphragm to wobble and move the cleaner. The outer-most sleeve should be tightened down enough for the rubber gasket to make a seal.I'm not sure if the instructions mention this....... I never read them...... 🙂
May 7, 2017

Good, clean fun!


  •  The BARRACUDA can manage small to medium debris sizes. It will clean the walls, floor, and steps of your pool.
  • This is a quiet, powerful suction cleaner. It works with pumps that have a lower speed for maximum cleaning efficiency.
  •  The patented FlowKeeper Valve will automatically regulate the flow of water to keep optimal cleaning performance, regardless of the power of the pool’s pump.
  •  The cleaner offers a durable, long-life Diaphragm made from reliable technology and the ease of a single moving part.
  • The cleaner comes with a series of scuff-resistant hoses. These have a long life and are designed to keep from leaving marks on pool surfaces.
  • The wheel deflector allows for sharp turns.
  •  The 36-Fin cleaning disc significantly increases the adhesion to the pool’s surface. The design allows the tool to avoid getting hung-up on pool features like drain covers, lights, and fittings.
  • The G3 suction cleaner is designed to work in all in-ground pools. It can be installed in two simple steps: 1. Attach the disc, the wheel deflector and the hose 2. Connect the tool to the skimmer or the dedicated suction line. As a bonus, no tools or special plumbing is required for hookup and startup.
  •  41.5 x 8 x 18 inches
  •  19 pounds
  • Comes with 10-12 hoses included


A versatile choice for small and medium pools with small and medium debris.

If you don’t have large leaves or seed pods, this will keep every surface of your pool looking great and feeling good. Cleaning is easy and the attachments are simple to assemble, disassemble, and troubleshoot.

Gotta love it!

  • Works well
  • High quality
  • Easy to assemble, troubleshoot, and repair on your own
  • 36-blade cleaner is effective on almost any surface

  • Does have some parts that will wear out and need periodic replacement
  • Will not handle large debris
  • Some trouble with curved stairs

BARACUDA G3 Advanced Suction Side Automatic Pool Cleaner

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Polaris F9550 Sport Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner

Polaris F9550 Sport Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner

This is the model that people buy when they’re unhappy with their current automatic pool cleaning robot. There are few recommendations that are stronger than this.

If you’re tired of your current pool robot because it just doesn’t do what you want, this is the model to buy. People purchase the Polaris F9550 sport because of many things. First, it is almost all plastic, which is a must for saltwater pools which will corrode with a steel unit. The light weight of the robot also works great if you are small or you cannot handle heavy units without risk of injury.

The remote controlled unit can help you to get the tough spots that the programmed patterns missed or to drive your unit to the edge most convenient for you to pull it out. The filter requires a simple hose down to remove debris and have it ready for action the next time you need to use it. The vortex suction is powerful enough to remove heavy materials like sand.

Polaris offers everything you would want in a powerful robot, and it is the machine that people gravitate toward when they are unhappy with other models. A strong and powerful endorsement that may have you wanting to save time and buy the one that will work for you right away.

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Polaris F9550 Sport Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner

Polaris 9550 is a progressive, inspirational 4-wheel drive robotic cleaner. Its aquadynamic design combines commanding styling, inventive engineering, and intelligence for a truly impressive cleaner. ...

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OK, here is the deal. I have had this thing for over 3 months and it still hasn't completely cleaned my pool! It has the water output on the rear of the unit so as it moves around the pool it blows the fine particles of dirt all over. This is especially irritating when it tries to clime the sides of the pool. It needs the thrust to get up the sides so ends up going slowly up the wall disturbing the dirt as it goes. At the end of the cleaning what ends up happening is after the "cleaning" is completed the displaced dirt resettles on the bottom the pool making it need to be cleaned again!!!!!! The remote seemed cool at first but it switches off after an extremely short duration even if you are actively moving the remote. The chord is also a pain as it gets tangled EVERYTIME you use it so the 7-day program feature is pretty much useless. I bought the finer filter in the hopes that it would help with the finer particles but not much you can do when it just blows the dirt off the bottom as it moves!!!!!**UPDATE** Zodiac Contacted me shortly after my review and offered to replace the cleaner with another Model similar to the one I had prior to buying this one. I received the replacement which was a Polaris P825. The person I spoke to was courteous and I could tell that he wished to make me happy. He provided me with a FEDEX return mailing label and all I had to do is box the old one up and drop it off. I received the new cleaner today (just a few days after speaking to them) and it appears to be a much better cleaner. It has the water exhaust on the top of the unit so it doesn't just blow the dirt everywhere. I have only run it once but it seems to clean very well and I will update if there are any issues other than the chord twisting with this one as well. Well done Zodiac you are a stand up company and I will remember this!!After a week the Polaris P825 cleans my pool very well. I know this review was for the other machine but wanted to follow up and express my satisfaction with this one as opposed to the other.
August 19, 2016
We live in Northern Texas, and have a 20x50 cement pool. Last year was our first living here, and keeping the pool vacuumed with the filter vac had to be done at least 3x a week to keep up with the dust/pollen/leaves. A friend loaned us her Polaris a few weeks ago to help us with the mountain of leaves in our deep end. We were so impressed by the performance that we ordered one. It is truly amazing. I run it a few times a week, I am shocked at how much sand it pulls out!! Its super quiet, is no effort at all to put in, take out, or clean the filter. Its expensive, but if you maintain your own pool I think its a must-have. Our pool has never been cleaner.
April 6, 2017
We ordered the Polaris 9550 pool cleaner after having an Aquabot T2 (which is also a good piece of equipment). We went with this model because of the remote control and good reviews from another web site. So far I really like this machine. Yes, it is largely plastic, but with a salt water pool, that's what I need. This is the easiest pool robot we have used in the 11 years of having a large, inground, fiber glass pool. Our pool is 40x16x8, and the Polaris cleans the entire pool in about 1.5 hours. Our pool has some rounded bump out areas that are hard for any robot to get to, but the 9550 does pretty good. It cleans the tiles up to the water line, does the stairs, and the seats in the corners. Occasionally, I use the remote to get missed spots. These pool cleaners are never going to be 100% perfect, so don't expect the robot to do the job you would if you hand vacuumed. However, the Polaris 9550 does an excellent job. Here are some tips:1. Take care of the cord. If it tangles, unwind it every time. Even the Aquabot cord would occasionally get twisted. It's not a big deal. Just stay on top of it. Wrap it appropriately and put it on the cart after using.2. The cart is lightweight and plastic. Treat it like a piece of your favorite china. Store it out of the elements and keep it clean. I really like the ease of use with the cart. And it's included in the price.3. I ordered the sand and silt filter, but the filter that comes with the robot does a really good job.4. Be patient with the remote. It takes a bit to get used to.5. The power lift system is a great feature. When you are done cleaning the pool, you push a button and the Polaris 9550 rises to the surface. Let the water drain into your pool before pulling the cleaner out of the water. Makes it less heavy.6. When I put the cleaner into the water, I remove excess air by turning the device upside down for a few seconds until the air bubbles completely escape. This ensures the robot sinks to the bottom of the pool.7. Always clean your filter after every use. Simply hose them down to remove debris,Overall, I would buy this again. Super easy to use, a lot of good features, and does a good job.
June 6, 2014

  • The Aqua-Trax tires on this robotic pool cleaner offer 4WD versatility that works on any kind of pool surface.
  • Navigation is accomplished through ActivMotion Sensor Technology.
  • Similar to vacuum companies like Dyson, the vacuum uses vortex power to achieve optimal suction. This allows it to get both large, heavy objects in addition to fine particulates in the water column.
  • Corners and stairs are no match for this machine, thanks to the fact that it is propelled by rear water jets
  • Plan your weekly cleaning schedule with a timer that is programmable by the day of the week. Operate it manually with the included remote control that is motion-sensing.
  • The cleaner comes with a caddy that is heavy gauge and powder coated for resistance to corrosion even in wet outdoor conditions
  • It also includes a cord that reaches to 60 feet and a transformer for 110V.
  • Extra filter canister included.
  • Remote controlled power lift system floats the machine to the surface of the pool for easy access without strain or pulling on cables
  • 22 x 22 x 22 inches
  • 43.6 pounds


A safe bet for anyone looking for a powerful vacuum with a ton of cool features.

The Polaris does a great job with both fine particles and large pieces. Its 60-foot cord allows you to clean even big pools (so long as you don’t use an extension cord).

It offers a light body that is corrosion-resistant, even in saltwater. It will drive to the edge nearest you via remote control and then rise to the surface to make it as easy as possible to remove it. It comes with a cool, corrosion-resistant caddy for easy and stylish storage.

  • Heavy sand or fine pollen, this guy filters like nobody’s business
  • SO. MANY. COOL. FEATURES. Caddy, remote control, power lift…
  • Light and easy to use
  • Works great in saltwater pools with no risk of corrosion
  • Can work on any kind of pool material
  • Can climb sides and stairs

  • Extension cords void the warranty. Read the fine print.
  • Using the wrong filter type does not provide the results you may want.

Polaris F9550 Sport Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner

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Dolphin 99996323 Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner with Swivel Cable

Dolphin 99996323 Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner with Swivel CableMeet a pool cleaner that is as easy to love as the marine mammal!

If you have an in-ground residential pool that measures up to 50 feet long, try the Dolphin Nautilus. This easy-to-use robotic pool cleaner provides an effortless, sparkling clean in three hours or less. Simply turn it on and stick it in the pool. The three-hour timer and power supply will ensure that it has completed its job by then. Underwater obstacles are no problem, as it has a swivel cable to turn without tangling.

The built-in program estimates the pool’s shape and size to create a pattern. This ensures that the whole pool gets clean every time, without worrying about missing a spot. It may not be as cute and lovable as a real live dolphin, but it’s just as smart.

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Dolphin 99996323 Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner with Swivel Cable, 60-Feet

Dolphin Features: Scrubs, vacuums and filters all pool surfaces in just 3 hours. Easy-to-clean cartridge filter with spring clean up filter included. Patented swivel cable helps prevent tangling ...

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AVOID! AVOID! AVOID! I don't understand how this unit or this company got the positive reviews that it did. In under two weeks use, the treads on the unit started to break (see attached images). I contacted Maytronics customer service twice through the form on their website and received no responses. (In fact, at the end of all of this, their customer service manager said I was using the wrong contact method and I showed her that I did exactly what she suggested after the fact.) Having not heard back from them, I called 1-888-DOLPHIN and reached a customer support representative who gave me an e-mail address to send the attached pictures and explain the damage. I received no response for a week. Finally, I called support again to get help with this. After a long and difficult conversation with several of their representatives, their manager said "I have received a response from the Repair Center manager, he reviewed the pictures you submitted and confirmed that this would not be considered a manufacturing defect. Please note the brushes are considered a wearable item and are not replaceable according to the warranty, We are unable to offer replacement assistance." The pool maintenance people that I used gave me a cleaner the year before and I used it in exactly the same way without any damage. This company won't even honor their own warranty.
July 13, 2016
Well let me first be honest and say that my pool was FILTHY when I opened it this season. We had a new Loop-Loc cover installed on our L-shape in-ground pool during the fall and it let every bit of dust and dirt under the edges and into the pool. It was a big big mess. However I was not going to clean the whole pool with my rechargeable pool vacuum that I used last year because it took forever. So I decided for sure that I wanted a robot to help with the maintenance and did a ton of research. This one IMO was the best available according to price and reviews. It seems that all of the robots had issues with one thing or another.Its nice to be able to just plug this thing in, drop it in, turn it on, and walk away. It really was that simple out of the box. It came with a set of filters already installed as well as an extra set for the smaller particles. There werent very many directions in the box as I was looking to read them first instead of just doing what I usually do and play with the new item and potentially break it. But it was easy enough to figure out.So you turn it on when its in the pool. The fan at the top starts to blow out water and the bot takes off. (pretty fast robot) It then goes about 3ft and stops. At this point I am thinking, damn I broke another new thing. No, its just the robot "thinking"? Really not sure why it does the pause stop and go thing, but it does every time it goes in a new direction. Anyways it bounces all around the pool, sometimes up the wall, and picks up most of what it runs over through two rectangular holes on the bottom that feed into the filter areas. Now again my pool was filthy so I am not surprised that it didnt leave a sparkly pool floor behind it, but there were a few things it missed. However when I took the bot out after about an hour (because I was worried the filter was too full and would strain the motor) the filters were jammed packed with stuff.Getting the robot out of the pool really isnt a hassle as many make it seem to be in reviews. You can pull the robot up from the bottom of the pool (gently) with the cord. Once it is close enough to the edge reach in and FLIP IT OVER, this way the dirt wont come out when you pull it out. Some people complained about dirt coming out as they removed it from the water, flipping it over is a simple fix. Once you do that you just grab it by the side handles and lift it out. Put it on the edge of the patio and let it drain out of water. (not much) Would a top handle be nice, sure, but that wouldnt eliminate the dirt coming out of the bot when removing it. By the way it does this because the filter area is full and the trap doors are slightly open still. If they were closed, it wouldnt leak dirt.So now to the filters. Which by the way are the single most best thing about this robot. It has 4 rectangular grid filters, each about 9in x 5in. Two of them together make one filter collection area above one of the two holes in the bottom of the robot that I mentioned before. This thing had everything in it. Sticks, leaves, worms, dirt. You name it, it was in there. The filter area pops out of the bottom of the robot really easy with just two levers holding it in. The grids themselves pop off the whole assembly for a nice easy clean up with the hose. Spray the hose over both sides of the grids and wa-la, clean and ready to go again. I read a lot of reviews on other cleaners and the "bag collector" as opposed to the grids. Most people were not happy with that specific, so another reason I chose this one.Some random things I like about it. The swivel cord is great and doesnt tangle. The robot is strong enough to get over the main drain. It holds a lot of crap in the filters. Its very fast. Filters are super easy to clean, change, or check.Some random things I dont like about it. It doesnt seem to "learn" the pool. It just bounces around down there until you take it out. It doesnt really scrub the pool. Its just a vacuum running over garbage. So it could use a dedicated brush feature of some sort. The ability to climb walls is cool, but not effective, getting back to the scrub lacking ability.I havent let it run a full cycle yet which i think is three hours. However it does a pretty good job in an hour or so. I will update this review at the end of the season.Other than that, I recommend this to fellow pool owners.UPDATE: July 5th 2014, So halfway through the season and its still working just fine. Picks up a ton of stuff I dont even see from the pool side. Had an algae problem for a little while and this thing helped suck up all the nasty green stuff. I am more convinced that this doesnt learn the pool dimensions. Instead it just bounces around for 3 hours. I let it run the full cycle now. Because of the randomness from the route it sometimes doesnt hit every spot on the pool floor. Not a big deal if the pool is mostly clean. After the cycle is done, for some reason it wont let you push off and on real quick to let it go another round. It just stays shut down. It seems you have to pull it out and clean it to reset it or just unplug the power cord. Grid system is still a great feature. Other than that I am happy with the purchase.
May 28, 2014
I love this pool vacuum. We have a large pool - 20' x 40' and 10' deep in the deep end. We also live in a wooded area surrounded by oak trees. It used to take us 2 hours to vacuum the pool, backwash the pump, etc. Since we got the Dolphin, it's a 5-minute set up and a 5- to 7-minute clean up. The Dolphin runs for approximately 2 hours, and picks up lots of bugs, leaves and dirt. Starting it is easy - plug the power box into an outlet, plug the Dolphin into the power box, place the Dolphin in the water, swaying it back and forth to release air bubbles, feed cord into the pool, and turn on the power. Dolphin moves in a random pattern all over the pool, much like a Roomba on a carpet. Fine filters trap dirt and bugs in the Dolphin. I am always surprised at how much dirt it captures. When the Dolphin is done, remove it from the water (I like to do this as close to the skimmer as possible due to some particles coming out as the Dolphin is lifted from the water), wash off the filters, and you're done. We have a small metal cart (the ones that old ladies use for groceries), and it works great to haul all the cord, power box, and vacuum back to the garage. Here are the pros and cons:PROS: - I don't have to stand there vacuuming the pool - saves me 2-3 hours a week. - Dolphin does not hook up to my pool pump and filter - it is self-contained - so no clogging my filter and backwashing. - The filters are easy to remove and clean. - It's cheaper than other brands of robotic pool vacuums. - It's silent. - It actually climbs up the walls and comes part way out of the pool while cleaning to get the edges. - Doesn't suck up the kids' diving sticks.CONS: - Cannot clean steps. - Sometimes misses a spot. - Has trouble with cleaning the angles - the 135 degree angles where the pool slope meets the rising wall of the pool are hard to get at. I usually brush these just prior to starting the vacuum. - Large leaves tend to get stuck in the intake slots on the bottom of the unit - cannot handle our large oak leaves. - Is heavy to lift out of the pool - around 17 lbs.Overall, a great purchase. No regrets.
August 8, 2013

A great choice if you want an easy and reliable clean.


  •  Cleaner is designed to scrub, vacuum and filter all of the surfaces in your pool in 3 hours or less
  • The filter consists of an easy-to-clean cartridge. There is a heavier duty spring clean up filter included as well
  • An included, patented swivel cable allows the cleaner to travel all over the pool bottom without kinking the cord. It also helps to prevent tangling
  • The machine is incredibly efficient. Estimates based on the life of the cleaner and a regular cleaning schedule suggest that this machine costs less than 15 cents per use to clean the pool
  • Plug-n-play operation with no pre-installation needed. There is no requirement for a connection to an in-pool pump system
  • Self-programmed cleaner helps to avoid missed spots. This is great for optimal pool scanning and scubbing.
  • 12-month warranty that includes both spare parts and labor
  • 20 x 24 x 20 inches
  • 34.5 pounds


Bottom line, robots are awesome, and this is an awesome robot.

When it comes to robots, there are a few important things to consider. How does it decide where to clean (random pattern versus programming based on detection of area), how long does it clean (this is typically based on the length of the power supply and what it does when filters get full) and how well does it clean? On all three fronts, the dolphin comes in strong.

Warranty is only 90 days and limited at that, but the wide array of positive reviews suggest that this shouldn’t be a major concern. The dolphin seems to keep the pool effortlessly clean for the bulk of users for about ten years.

Welcome to the aquarobot age! This is a great introduction that will have you smiling every time you dive into your clean water.

  • As easy to use as putting it in the pool and turning it on.
  • Multiple filter choices for light or heavy (spring) cleans
  • Easy-reach filter for cleanout
  • Three-hour clean with programmable pattern to assure everything gets cleaned out
  • Swivel cord to keep from tangling or twisting
  • Long life so the up-front cost ends up being quite efficient

  • More expensive than non-robotic cleaners
  • Dirty pools require multiple filter cleans during use
  • It can be tricky for some to safely get the robot when it is done cleaning as it does not return to a “home” position

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Hayward Poolvergnuegen 896584000-518 The Pool Cleaner 

Hayward Poolvergnuegen 896584000-518 The PoolCleaner A good manual vacuum that works well for irregular concrete pool bottoms.

The Poolvergnuegen is a great choice for pools that are irregularly shaped on the bottom and have features that can break the suction. It features skirts that can adjust in size to keep the vacuum seal while navigating rough terrain. It is designed especially for concrete.

It can be adapted for fiberglass pools if you purchase different wheels that won’t scratch the surface. The biggest draw for many about this particular model is that it is designed especially for low-capacity pool pumps. There are not a lot of great models on the market that service this type of pool, and this is a true winner.

  • Product

Hayward Poolvergnuegen 896584000-518 The PoolCleaner Automatic 2-Wheel Suction Cleaner for Concrete Pools

A limited edition 2 wheel suction automatic pool cleaner. This cleaner features self adjusting turbine vanes which helps to maximizes the power from the water flow. This turbine is similar to a ...

Available: In stock
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I researched for the perfect pool vacuum for months and finally decided on this one. It works great. It says different wheels are needed for fiberglass pools, but mine is fiberglass and it works fine. The more I have let it run and the cleaner it gets, it has actually started to climb the walls a bit. I leave it in my 14x35ft freeform fiberglass pool for several hours and it is spotless. My body has been thanking me every day for less manual cleaning of the pool.
September 21, 2016
This pool cleaner is absolutely amazing!I have owned a couple of different styles in the past including the barracuda but this cleaner OUTPERFORMS ALL!I especially love that is still works in low RPM mode for variable speed pumps, it's pretty amazing and the quality of the surface when its cleaned is equally impressive.
May 24, 2016
Worked straight from the box to the pool without any difficulty. Easy to set up and get running. I saw an immediate improvement in my pool's appearance. The only reason I don't give it 5 stars is that there are still large areas that the sweeper misses, which it will eventually get to if left running long enough. But in the effort to maintain fiscal responsibility, I am not going to run my pool sweep for 6 hours a day. So, 4 stars it is.
March 2, 2015

Think you have a pool that’s hard to clean? Think again.


  •  This limited edition suction cleaner boasts a 2-wheel drive motor that is capable of cleaning small to medium pools up to approximately 500 square feet.
  • The patented turbine has self-adjusting vanes that provide maximum power at any flow and allow passage of large debris
  •  Pool cleaner has patented tire treads that allow for enhanced climbing ability and obstacle management skills
  • The roller skirt is both patented and adjustable. It touches the surface from a variety of heights in order to optimize suction on surfaces that are uneven
  •  The device offers a number of steering sequences that are pre-programmed into the unit. This process ensures full pool coverage
  • Available in a dark gray color.


Get your cleaning groovin’ with the Poolvergnuegen.

This is an excellent overall cleaner if you want a manual pool vacuum that will work on small, concrete pools. It is especially nice considering there aren’t a lot of great options in the low-flow pump category. If this is your situation, then you’re getting a quality instrument at a reasonable price. You can’t do much better.

A steal for the right pool types.

  • Works with pumps that are low-flow, a rare and valuable asset.
  • Excellent manual cleaning capacity
  • Wheels are specially designed for concrete pool bottoms and sides
  • A favorite of many pool cleaning professionals

  • Some find it tricky to climb pool walls- it may take some instruction
  • Similar issues with tight corners

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Pentair Kreepy Krauly Great White Inground Pool Cleaner 

Pentair GW9500 Kreepy Krauly Great White Inground Pool Cleaner

A straightforward manual vac with a lot of great reviews.

The Kreepy Krauly Great White is a standard vac with a rubber skirt at the bottom to make sure it is sucking from the wall or ground and not the water around it. It is a very simple design, but this is the genius of it. This makes it easy to assemble, use, and troubleshoot. The rubber skirt is longer than needed to allow you to keep suction while changing from the floor to the wall or navigating over lights and other uneven surfaces.

  • Product

Pentair GW9500 Kreepy Krauly Great White Inground Pool Cleaner

Dirt can't hide from this hungry guy The unique bristle drive and oscillating vortex design effectively scrubs and vacuums away large and small debris. Well suited for flat, dish-incline and ...

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I purchased my first pool cleaner (Great White) in 2001. Had a great two years. And then at two years and two months I noticed cracks at the bottom of the handle where it attaches to the top of the unit - it had become brittle and cracked. Out of warranty I was not happy - had expected a longer life span.After that, I went through two Hayward Navigators and just got tired of all the constant parts replacement - good units but consistent wearing down of parts.Fast forward to 2012. Wanted to try something new so I purchased a Kreepy Krauly. Hardly any moving parts made sense to me. Never got used to the patting motion & the fact that some days it just did not feel like doing the deep end.Now it's July 2014 and I decide to go back to my roots, forget the grudge and purchase another Great White - which I dearly love. Besides, I thought, it's been 14 years and I am sure the product must have improved - eventhough it looks identical. It's January 2015 and I see a white piece of plastic at the bottom of the pool. For half hour I try to figure out what it could be. I finally take the cleaner out of the pool and realize that the wall on the bottom of the unit had cracked and the unit was not operating. Brittle strikes again! This time it broke during the warranty period. But this speaks volumes on the integrity of the product. A real shame. Not sure what I will do after this since I love this cleaner. Pentair, get to work & fix this product! Who's manufacturing this plastic??Update February 2016Upon inspecting the cleaner in January, I noticed that the skirt (looks like a giant rubberband) was worn out & needed replacement. Ordered it at Amazon for $18. To install it properly you need to disassemble the unit. To my surprise, a part called the Oscilator Chamber Cap had a hairline crack - something I would had not noticed had I not dissasemble the unit. Warranty covered it since it runs out this July. That's 2 cracks in less than 2 years. This brittle issue has not been addressed since my first purchase in 2001! Have spoken to them and it just seems that they do not care. Real shame since it's a good product manufactured with inferior plastic. TO ALL Great White owners: dissasemble your unit every 3 months and inspect it carefully for cracks. You may have a developing issue and not know it! Two years of warranty goes by quick.
January 31, 2015
This thing is a total POS. I have had 3 pools and 3 old style blue Kreepy Krauly cleaners that I loved. No moving parts...just a rubber flapper and occasionally replace the rubber ring. Never touch it, etc. etc. All my other pools were 16x32 or 18x36. Now have a 20x40 and the standard bla bla on the normal KK specs says a 20 x 40 pool is too large....and I should buy the GW9500. Oh how I wish I could get my money back. This thing will get stuck on the side of the pool at a transition from angle to flat. Seriously. And everywhere else. I've made the upside down weighted drain guards using skimmer baskets, I've bought the little clip that clips on your drains....etc. etc. I've tried every skimmer, skimmer setting, hose length, suction setting, used different eyeball deflectors, cleaned it, etc....and you have to continuously watch the pool to "unstick" this thing. You might as well vacuum it yourself. I've called Pentair troubleshooting, several times, and they are not helpful. So...after a year of trying...this year when I opened the pool, there was pollen, etc. on the bottom. Put this thing in and let it go for 4 days.....backwashing twice a day....still crap on the bottom....even where you see a swipe.......So, I decide to purchase an old style KK. With our other pools, we would open it...throw the original KK in....and in about 2 days....perfectly clean bottom and clear water....So....I buy a knock-off (XtremepowerUS Automatic Vacuum-generic Kreepy Krauly Climb Wall Pool Cleaner) on Amazon for 80 bucks. I don't even change the hose.....I added some hose lengths to the GW9500 hose....didn't even add weights to the hose....threw it in the pool and off it went. Pool almost totally clean in 1 day....1 day people. If you buy this thing after reading my review....lord help you. I'm not some idiot who doesn't know what they are doing....I have several engineering degrees and I can fix anything....except this POS lol.
May 15, 2017


  • In-ground, automatic pool cleaner
  • Cleaner has a fitting for the vacuum port door with a cover that is spring-loaded for safety when opening and closing
  • Cleans a variety of pool materials, including gunite, vinyl, and fiberglass. Cleaner scrubs one 15-inch sweep at a time
  • Turning mechanism offers unique engineering and it offers a large range of direction. This can help it to escape from a number of difficult areas
  • The Great White cleaner is well-suited for several shapes of swimming pool bottom. This includes but isn’t limited to dish-, incline-, and hopper-bottom pools
  • Bristle brush and bristle drive design loosens tough, ground-in dirt from pool bottoms and sides
  • Programmed steering can easily navigate around both large and small pool obstacles for uninterrupted cleaning
  • 41.5 x 19 x 7 inches
  • 18.8 pounds


A strong, all-purpose contender.
If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you want a light cleaner that’s not complicated to use yourself, and you don’t have a huge pool, this is a great choice. It’s simplicity is a win, because there are few major parts to repair or replace (the skirt being the main one) and there are many, many, many satisfied customers.

Nothing wrong with that.

  • Simple, straightforward, easy to troubleshoot
  • Cleans most kinds of pool surfaces easily and without hassle
  • Light and easy to manually use
  • Rubber skirt enhances cleaning efficiency

  • Rubber skirt needs occasional replacement
  • cable length limits your pool to 16 X 32. This is not long enough to use on a 20 X 40 pool.

Pentair Kreepy Krauly Great White Inground Pool Cleaner

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Aquabot Pool Rover Junior Robotic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner

Aquabot APRVJR Pool Rover Junior Robotic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner,Another strong contender in the pool robot category. Read on to see what sets this particular model apart from the crowd!

This little blue pool Aquabot looks a lot like the robots that landed on Mars, and are just as useful. It can manage the surface of any pool with its four-wheeled design, regardless of shape and material. Filters are simple to change out with a bottom access filtration system. (A common user error is to open this underwater or when it is not upside down, which drops the dirt out. It is a less messy endeavor to clean when you avoid this.)

It can suck up to 70 gallons per minute and works for a predetermined time based on the power source, which can be bought in a 2-hour or 3-hour version. The cable stretches to 40 feet, which means that you can clean a pool up to 40 by 40 feet in dimension. One pool user suggests cutting a pool noodle into sections and putting them around the pool cleaner. This helps to keep the cable from tangling and allow it to float.

  • Product

Aquabot APRVJR Pool Rover Junior Robotic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner,Color May Vary

The Aquabot Pool Rover Junior is specifically designed for anyone with a flat-bottom above-ground pool. Designed to be simple to use and service, the Pool Rover Junior is built with a powerful pump ...

Available: In stock
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Okay, I waited until the end of the pool season here in the Northeast. This product flat out stinks. I owned the previous model for about 7 years before one of the fins on the propeller mysteriously broke. I figured I got my use out of it so I had no hesitations about ordering a replacement.The previous model cleaned my 24 ft diameter pool in about 2 hours. And I mean CLEAN!!. I did not have to do anything else to the pool.This model is horrible. It does not traverse the entire pool. It goes for about 3 feet and then reverses movement. The old model had an adjustable timer. This one has some sort of pre-programmed timer that does not seem to work properly. I leave this thing in the pool for over 4 hours and I still have to use my old vacuum to clean up what this thing does not pick up. The cord wraps itself up in a matter of about an hour to the point where it stops the cleaner from moving. You then have to unplug and untangle the cord. It is an extremely stiff cord. The old one had a flexible cord that would eventually tangle up, but not until the cleaner was just about finished. I am very disappointed in this model of cleaner. They had a great product with the old model and completely messed it up with this one. I just don't get it. Why change a good thing.
September 25, 2015
PROS: 1) It picks up all kinds of dirt very well; 2) Easy to clean.CONS: 1) It worked without issues only for ONE SEASON; 2) During the 2nd season I had to replace the factory piston with my own screw to hold the wheel in place; 3) I had to repair the electric cable due to an internal corrosion problem; 4) Corrosion started to work it's way to the motor casing leaving brown residue on the filter bag; 5) Directional Valve Flap started to get stuck in one position, so the rover would move only in one direction; 6) This year (3rd season) it stopped working, because the motor casing corroded away.BOTTOM LINE: For what I payed ($287), I only had one season of decent functioning. VERY DISAPPOINTED. I DO NOT RECOMMEND.
June 29, 2015
Very disappointed in this model. I had a pool rover jr for years and when the motor gave out I quickly bought a new one. This one in no way compares to the model from 6 years ago. It is extremely slow, suction is poor and without the adjustable timer I would not recommend this model. Before anyone suggests that I check the trouble shooting area.I have done that. It is just a poor design. I should have gone with my first instincts and replaced the motor myself but the cost of a replacement was almost the cost of a new unit.
July 15, 2016

All that plus the fact that it’s a nifty little robot? Wow!


  •  The Pool Rover Jr. comes with several accessories. This includes floating cable that can stretch to 40 feet, a power supply transformer, and a built-in filter bag that is reusable and sifts to 2 microns. The power supply has a pair of options which come in 2-hour or 3-hour option varieties
  • This robotic cleaner is fully automatic. It vacuums any shape of the flat-bottomed pool. This includes oval, rectangular, irregular, and round. It requires no hoses and can clean an above-ground pool in under an hour
  • Powered by a pump motor that provides a combination of 24 volts of vacuum power. This offers excellent suction and powerful propulsion through its jet drive. The cleaner starts and runs independently. One-button activation is all you need
  •  Cleaner comes with an automatic shut-off timer that lasts 2 hours. This feature reduces extraneous water usage, chemical additives, and the cost of electricity. The motor offers a limited warranty for one year
  • Please refer to the provided or online user manual. This provides instructions regarding troubleshooting, typical use, and care
  •  Built-in pump offers a powerful suction rate of more than 70 Gallons per minute
  • Cleaner works best with flat bottom above-ground pools
  • Filtration system has an access panel located on the bottom
  • Safe cleaning for all surface materials, including vinyl liner pools
  • Plug and Play Operation
  • Filters particles down to 2 microns
  • Removes sand, silt, bacteria, and algae


This pool robot is designed to make your life easier and it lives up to the hype.

Pools of any shape and surface type are no match for this wily robot, which works with the push of a button. It is cute, blue, and ready to go. It is easy to fix when the occasional part needs service, and the customer service department is very helpful and responsive regarding troubleshooting your robot.

It collects a large number of items (even small toys, which can be collected through the filter bag at the end and rinsed off) and is a great addition to any home that fulfills the promise of no-worry, low-effort pool cleaning.

A robot who can truly make your life easier. Excellent.

  • Gives a good clean at the push of a button
  • Snap-out filter bags make it easy to clean the filter system without backflushing
  • Works great on all sizes and weights of debris
  • Vacuum bag holds even the tiniest particles and keeps the water sparkling clean

  • Some users will run it for more than a 2 to 3-hour cycle to get a better clean
  • Parts will need occasional replacement (but there is a great customer service program who can help you to troubleshoot and obtain the replacement parts you need).

Aquabot Pool Rover Junior Robotic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner


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Smartpool SmartKleen-Robotic Pool Cleaner 

Smartpool NC22 SmartKleen-Robotic Pool CleanerIf you don’t believe that a pool cleaner can be powerful enough to make your dirty pool sparkling, think again!

This little guy is a workhorse. The number one surprise for users of the Smartpool Smartkleen Robotic Pool Cleaner is how well it cleans super dirty pools. If you’ve built up a good coating of slime over the off season, worry not. This will quickly take care of your small or your medium pool, regardless of the material it’s made from. It’s a huge time saver and can work on your pool bottom while you use an automatic or manual skimmer on the top.

The cable needs to be placed in an area where it doesn’t get tangled around deck chairs or other items, but with some clever preplanning, this baby is ready to go and simple to clean when you’re done. A two-year limited warranty keeps you protected, which is an additional layer of peace of mind. All in all, it’s a truly handy little gadget that is light enough that self-proclaimed little old ladies heft it in and out of swimming pools with ease.

  • Product

Smartpool NC22 SmartKleen-Robotic Pool Cleaner

Smartpool SmartKleen Robotic Floor and Cove Pool Cleaner for above ground and smaller in ground pools, Caddy sold separately (NC22).

Available: In stock
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My Husband was sure this was just a gadget ... He changed his mind 1 minute after we put It in the Pool .... We have an above ground pool that goes from 4 ft. To 5 ft. Deep ..... We were afraid it would get stuck at the deep end ....NOT ...... It just climbed out of the deep end to the shallow end ... It even climbed a little up the wall .... We had so much Algie from last year; that our blue pool liner was grey .... We have a 12/24 pool.... The first run. You could see blue again!!!!! I saw other reviews... & almost everyone complained about the cord getting knotted up ....we have a deck... All we did was to keep the extra length of the cord up on our deck & just put the cord in as long as the pool.... No tangling at all..... As a matter of fact ....if anything the cord actually is straighter now then when it 1st. Came out of The Box..... As far as being heavy.... I can lift it out & clean it with no problem ( another reason my husband didn't want to purchase this ) & I am a 60 Yr. old Grandmother !!!! I gave this product 5 stars .... The only bad thing that I can say is why didn't we buy this year's ago !!!! ( could it be my Husband ) who by the way told me that he was glad he finally talked ME into it .... Again we never thought it could climb out of the deep end which many do not ... We where also worried about it tearing our liner ...... No problem .... The price was just right ... This is how much we had to pay for someone to open the pool; vaccum the pool & close the pool at end of season ... Him vaccuming the pool once for that kind of $$$ .... Now us vaccuming it every day with no effort cheaper ... & by the way ... Your pool filter will last longer .....it doesn't have to do the work anymore .....I hope this helps the wives that have Husbands like mine ... & for those Husbands ........ My Husband bought this for my Birthday!!! Can you imagine a Wife being Happy to get a vaccum for Her Birthday !!!!! Yep... Best gift EVER !!!!!!
June 23, 2016
Previous robot cleaner was a Dolphin product. Cost = $1200. This cleaned at about an 80% rate. Never really cleaned the entire pool bottom. So, I was hoping but not expecting the same results. I could not have been more wrong. I dropped the little guy in the pool and went inside. After an hour and a half went back outside and the pool bottom was 100% clean, and it was filthy to start. Absolutely the BEST purchase ever.
May 8, 2017
I just started using the Smartpool NC22 cleaner and so far, I am impressed. I get a lot of leaves and pine needles in the pool and it was always a chore to get them cleaned out. Now, I just plug in the Smartpool robot and let it swim for about 1 to 2 hours. The bottom of the pool is perfectly clean.I can't think of anything negative to say yet, but I only used it a couple of times so far. The unit is easy to clean by removing the filter bag, dumping out the leaves and using a hose to do a final clean. Put the filter bag back in and your ready for the next clean up.Good design and I am a happy customer so far.Product update 9/26/13:After using this pool cleaner unit for a full season, the only complaint would be that the cord tangles and I have to spend a fair amount of time untangling it before I put it away. Otherwise, it cleans well.I wish the company would come out with a fix, possible a rotating connection on the cable to allow it to untangle itself as it swims back and forth in the pool.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------After using the Smartpool NC22 for quite sometime now, I realize the the electric cord is NOT tangle free. Each time you use the unit, you must spend several minutes untangling the cord. It's quite a pain and I wish there was a swivel on the end of the cord to prevent it from getting tangles. Otherwise, unit works quite well.
April 17, 2013

Smart, cute, and practical. Everything you could possibly want in a date… or a pool robot.


  • This robotic pool cleaner offers cleaning designed specifically for the floor material. It offers a lightweight design that is revolutionary and easy on the back. It is designed especially for inground pools on the smaller side and above-ground units. It can handle pools up to 400 square feet and 6 feet deep
  •  The robotic cleaner has intelligent navigation including a direction drive motor for greater versatility. It does not require walls to change direction
  • All-surface cleaning is possible with this cleaner. It works well for vinyl liners, fiberglass walls, and concrete pools. The cleaner has a system that allows for quick draining and removal from the pool without heavy straining
  • Accessories include a 40-foot power cord, and an extra large filter bag capacity
  • 2-hour system with an automatic shut off; limited warranty for two years; CE, CSA, and ETL approved
  • 13.25 x 15 x 17.5 inches
  • 18.35 pounds


In this case, the fact that it really sucks is the highest compliment!

The consistent comment about this cleaning robot, in addition to how easy it is to use, is how well it cleans. Many other robots clean at about 80%, and this is good enough to run all day and to save lots of work with a bit of compromise. But this simply offers a higher level of clean with the same amount of ease.

There is some maintenance required after a couple years, but if you keep it well-tuned and you examine parts for replacement a few times per year, you can stay on top of it the same way you would a car or a lawn mower. All in all, a great model that is light enough for anyone to use.

One of the strongest contenders in the group. An excellent cleaner for a lower price than many other robots.

  • Cleans really, really well. Even on super dirty, neglected pool surfaces
  • Collects all sizes of debris
  • Can work on a pool up to medium size
  • Easy to lift, carry, and clean the filter

  • It does need regular replacement parts after a few years, which can be obtained through a helpful customer service
  • If your pool deck has a lot of tangling obstacles like chairs, you need to clear them to prevent cord tangling before deployment

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Hayward RC9990GR TigerShark QC Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner with Quick Clean Technology

Hayward RC9990GR TigerShark QC Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

Tiger sharks are amazing predatory creatures. This Tiger Shark pressure cleaner preys on dirt and grime in the same way.

Hayward has found a way to create an incredibly efficient, nearly trouble-free automatic pool cleaning robot. For those who hate replacing parts, tuning up machines, and troubleshooting worn mechanical parts, there is no higher praise.

The one complaint that users of this pool robot seem to have is that it has a filter compartment, not a bag, and it doesn’t have nearly the capacity they would like to have when cleaning pools. But if you’re willing to trade occasional filter cleanouts for never having to get a new part, then this is the cleaner for you.

It runs on a surprisingly low amount of energy and offers a faster clean cycle than many competitors. This means that you can run it twice if you want to be extra clean with a filter purge in between. The solid, well-engineered design and hefty construction mean that there are no flimsy parts to break on you, which can be a huge relief. Best of all, it does a great job cleaning.

  • Product

Hayward RC9990GR TigerShark QC Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner with Quick Clean Technology

Save up to 94-percent on energy costs with TigerShark robotic cleaners. Our energy-efficient tigershark uses less energy vs most pressure cleaners and has been selling worldwide for 40 years. Its ...

Available: In stock
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I purchased this item over two months ago after agonizing for months whether I should spend such an extraordinary sum for a vacuum. I read hundreds of reviews for all sorts of pool vacs.My particulars: I have a modest-sized pool, around 19,000 gallons and all curves. I wanted something that would ingest acorns (they rain down from an oak tree during the fall and early winter). I also wanted a vacuum separate from the pool filtration system (acorns and mini-branches would clog my pool's filtration system), would get fine dirt that tends to settle in the deep end and clean the pool tile that collects tree debris.This vacuum has fulfilled every expectation. It has been worth every dollar and significantly improved the quality of my life from its ease of use and effectiveness. If you can maintain the other aspects of your pool, it will pay for the pool guy in under a year. Go ahead: drop your service and buy this thing.Performance particulars:It cleans 99% of the pool 100% of the time. There is another model (+~$200) that comes with a remote control. As the reviewer said for that item, I have not found a remote control model necessary. (Keep in mind this model is not compatible with a remote control in case you're thinking about buying one later.)I find it mildly amusing that so many people (in their reviews, anyway) are disappointed that robotic vacs won't clean all the steps. This one cleans my bottom step just fine, but to expect more is not reasonable. The thing has to be submerged! How could it possibly clean higher steps?If your filters are not clogged with mud or whatever else (typically the fine debris degrades performance the most), this thing has so much power it will easily latch onto and crawl up every wall in your pool. Occasionally while cleaning tiles it will climb too high but rights itself eventually and continues with no problems.It has never entangled itself in the cord or become incapacitated from impossible positioning.This model has one cycle of four hours. There is no "quick clean" one-hour cycle like some other models.My only real gripe has to do with what sometimes happens while removing it from the pool. The entry port for the debris on the underside has two mini-flap doors which open during vacuuming. The force of suction opens these doors. When the vacuum is turned off, the idea is these flap doors close, thereby trapping the debris inside the debris container. Problem is that small sticks sometimes get stuck in these flap doors such that whilst removing the vacuum from the pool, some debris escapes. Other types of debris do not cause this problem.Cleaning the filters is quite easy. In fact, I've discovered that if I let them dry before cleaning, the debris pops out so easily just by tapping the dried filters with my fingers. So much easier than spraying them clean. 30 seconds, tops.The unit has a one-year warranty.I emailed customer service and they replied within an hour. Astonishing. I did try to call once but was listening to "hold" music for over 10 minutes. Just hung up and emailed. Voila.Perfect? Nearly. And worth every penny.
April 4, 2014
I bought this product almost a year ago after so much frustration with another brand that kept breaking every year. So I've had several years experience with another brand so that I have something to compare the TigerShark with. I'll really try to keep this as brief as possible, though I do want to address a few issues. Rather than break this down into a pro's and con's section, I'll just talk about a few main points.1. Construction/Reliability: This product seems to be quite well engineered and solid. It doesn't have obvious signs of using cheap materials. So that is a very big plus. Even though it's only been one year, I've had no problems with it at all. So reliability top-notch so far. The cord is plenty long and well constructed. One time the cord got caught in the rollers, but it did not damage anything on the cord or cleaner. In fact the cleaner must have sensed it and shut itself off to protect the electronics. Also note that the cord is not on a swivel/pivot (like my old cleaner had). That would be a nice-to-have feature, but honestly it seems to work just as well and the cord is relatively tangle-free anyway.2. Filter: I think I like the filter approach based on this product. My old cleaner used a bag. The filters have held up very well over the past year and show very little wear. I just run them under the water spigot and tap them on the edges to remove debris. Takes a few cycles of rinse/tap, repeat, but they are clean pretty quickly. It's very easy to insert them into the machine and take them out. Another nice feature is that when I lift the cleaner out of the pool, the debris stays in the cleaner instead of dumping back into the pool when it is full (like my old cleaner always did).3. Capacity: This is a sore point for me. Perhaps I'm spoiled because my old pool cleaners (Blue Diamond, and a Polaris) used a filter bag and had a rather large capacity overall. So it was very easy to use for large storm clean-ups. However, the compartment in the TS just isn't that big. It's certainly big enough for day to day, week to week cleanup, but it doesn't do well for storm or spring cleanup. You'd just have to run it way too many times for a few minutes each because it would fill up quickly. Also, the slots that vacuum the debris are a little on the small side. I found that taking the "guards" off them helped a bit in picking up slightly more debris, yet didn't seem to affect the performance otherwise. So if you're OK cleaning major messes in your pool via an alternate method (manually or with some other cheap vacuum) this won't bother you at all.4. Cleaning: Yes, it cleans just fine. I have no complaints. It doesn't get stuck on anything. My old Polaris got stuck all the time and my old BD often got stuck. Yet, I don't think this one has ever gotten stuck on the stairs or ladder. It's filtration is pretty much on par with the Blue Diamond and far superior to the old Polaris.5. Controls: The box with the internals seems well made and water proof. It has a quick clean and a regular cycle. I normally use the regular cycle though. I think it may hit the walls more often, which is important to me with the plaster finish I have. Now there is one nit-pick item I do not like though and it really is quite minor and should not affect your decision, but it still irritates me. There is a waterproof rubber-like covering over the power switch to keep it dry. That's good. However, I notice as the temperature goes down that thing can be down right impossible to press because the rubber/plastic gets so stiff and barely moves. I feel like I've nearly sprang my thumb trying to power it on/off at those colder times, so I finally learned to keep a small screwdriver near by and I use the rounded butt of the screwdriver to press on the power switch and can usually get it work using that method. Again, when the weather is warm, maybe over 65-70 degrees or so it's not a big deal, but I keep my pool open for an extended season and often run it late at night or early morning when the temps can fall below that. I can't believe I've deovoted so many words of my review to this one tiny feature. But don't let my ranting over this influence your decision too much.6. Rollers: They seem to work OK. My old Blue Diamond had a really cool material on the rollers that I feel really scrubbed well. The TS is more like plastic/rubber fins so it still does fine, but probably not quite as good as the BD did. I hope they last. They don't show any signs of wear after one year, but it will require more time to tell.I would recommend not leaving the TS in the water all the time. I don't think that's good for these cleaners in general (applies to any cleaner). I usually take mine out right after the cleaning cycle. I never put it into the pool when it's being shocked either. So treat it right. But overall I give my blessing to this pool cleaner and I rate it better than the other two brands I've used over the past 12 years. At this time I feel it will give me years of trouble-free service (that was actually my most important buying criteria for an automatic pool cleaner after having one that broke down all the time and left me with a nearly unusable pool for sometimes months at a time while I shipped it to the only authorized service center available). This cleaner does a very good job of overall cleaning, including easily climbing the walls too. It's only faults are really quite minor in the scheme of things and it would have gotten 5 stars instead of 4 if it had a slightly larger capacity and vacuum slots and a more easily operable power switch. I highly recommend this cleaner.
March 19, 2015


  • Perfect for residential pools up to 800 square feet in size
  • Rapid cleaning technology is patented and it provides a detailed clean with a 1.5-hour cycle that is fast and efficient.
  • Built with a motor that has 24 volts of efficient power. This cleaner is designed to utilize less energy at a lower cost
  • On-board pump for intense vacuum power to suck up dirt and debris
  • Cleanup is easy with the patented filter cartridge system – just remove and rinse with a garden hose
  • 19.75 x 19.75 x 21.5 inches
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • 41.5 pounds
  • 24 DC volt, energy efficient motor
  • Utilizing its on-board smart computer, this cleaner can calculate the size of your pool. It then programs an energy efficient cleaning pattern that provides a spotlessly clean pool every time.
  • Brushes, scrubs, and vacuums


There are not many cases where you can truly buy peace of mind. This, however, is one of them.

If you want to spend your time cleaning but not maintaining, the Tiger Shark is definitely the product you want to buy. As an automatic robot it already saves you time by doing the cleaning for you.

However, you save additional time in the fact that you rarely if ever need to worry about a broken part or an unresponsive customer service department. With all of this time, you can take up a new hobby. Or you can just sit back, sip your mojito, and watch your Tiger Shark do all of the cleaning for you.

A great automatic cleaner that is miles ahead when it comes to customer satisfaction. Gotta love it.

  • One of the most trouble-free cleaners on the market when it comes to parts not breaking or needing replacement
  • Good level of clean
  • Easy to operate, clean, and maintain

  • Filter capacity not as much as a bag filter
  • On/off mechanism tricky for some users

Hayward RC9990GR TigerShark QC Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

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 Maytronics Dolphin Triton PLUS Robotic Pool Cleaner

Maytronics Dolphin Triton Plus Robotic Pool CleanerControl meets automation with this remote-controlled pool cleaning robot.

If you like the idea of a pool cleaning robot but you just can’t bring yourself to buy one because you’re sure you do a better job manually, this might be a great solution for you. The Dolphin Triton PLUS offers the same robotic clean that is a time and effort-saver, but it also comes with a remote control. This will allow you to sit with a remote and plan the most efficient route to optimize pool cleaning, or to follow up after it does its automated thing to get that one place the sensors never seem to show it how to reach. Control it a little, control it a lot.

You’re the boss. This makes it a great gift for the pool-owning control freak in your life (even if it’s you) and saves on therapy bills as you don’t need to spend the life of the entire cycle wondering if it will remember THIS TIME to get the area between the stairs and the wall THAT IT KEEPS FORGETTING TO CLEAN.

Spend your time at the pool swimming in sparkling clean water and touching down on immaculate surfaces rather than searching for the spots that the automated robot missed. Your family will find it much more relaxing, and so will you.

  • Product

Maytronics Dolphin Triton Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner

If you’re in the market for a high value robotic pool cleaner that does it all without breaking the bank, look no further than the redesigned Triton PS Plus. The new PowerStream Technology ensures ...

Available: In stock
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I looked at a large number of reviews for both robotic and non-robotic pool cleaners before buying this model. My old Pentair Legend (pressure side) was not performing effectively and needed a complete rehaul. Rather than repairing it I opted to take a step up and buy a robotic cleaner and I am glad I did. The Triton Plus is much more effective at cleaning my 24k gal pool than the Legend was. It comes with 2 sets of filters, one for larger debris and the second for fine stuff. My pool was pretty dirty so I used the one for larger debris and it did a wonderful job, but there was still a lot of fine debris suspended in the water. I then used the fine filter and the pool is now sparkling. I typically leave the course filter on now since it has stronger suction for whatever collects in the pool from live oaks we have on out property. I think the fine filter only needs to be used when there is a lot of fine debris. The Triton Plus is also great at climbing walls; it can climb walls and stairs that my pressure side cleaner couldn't reach. I think they engineered the water flow in the Triton Plus very well to keep it stuck against the wall as it climbs. I can program it to go off every day by itself as well. There is no need to remove it after each use unless you want to. (It will not start if the filter gets too full.) An indicator light with blink when it's full as well. The filters (2 sets) are easily removed from the top of this machine and cleaned. An added bonus of this machine, aside from its effectiveness, is that it comes with a caddy and both types of filter sets. It also comes with a basic remote control but I haven't found much need to use it. Maytronics sells other robotic cleaners that are more expensive but come with less and I doubt if they are any easier to use or any more effective. This Triton Plus model highly recommended if you're in the market for a robotic pool cleaner.
May 20, 2016
The Dolphin Triton Plus is the Holy Grail of robotic pool cleaners. I've owned a Dolphin Intelligent robotic pool cleaner for 9 years until the motor failed. I was quite happy with it, so I had a dilemma deciding between spending half the cost of a new one repairing it, or biting the bullet and purchasing a replacement. My research led me to the Dolphin Quantum. I purchased one and tried it for about a week and it failed to meet my every expectation. For starters, the matrix showing its capabilities was misleading. The Triton Plus, climbs steps, its cord does not get tangled. It picks up real well, as it has dual intakes versus the Quantum that has only one. While the Triton Plus has 2 baskets and it's a bit more laborious to clean them, than the single, larger capacity, one of the Quantum. The fact that the Triton Plus came with a cart and a remote control, was a big plus. I have to admit that the remote allows me make the Triton Plus walk itself off the pool, and that means no more fishing, or hooking the handle with the long brush, nor pulling the unit by the cord in order to remove it!Yes, it is heavier, but it does such a fantastic job of leaving my pool spotless, that I have no problem overlooking its extra weight!It has a powerful pump that not only helps propel it, but it also circulates the water more forcefully towards the skimmer, while filtering at the same time and never disturbing whatever sediment is settled on its path. Its traction system is split, meaning that the front and rear rollers operate as four separate gear driven brushes and that makes the unit more maneuverable than the prior one I had and of the Quantum that I returned.I mentioned that the cord does not tangle itself, that is because it has a pivoting attachment that allows the cord to rotate without getting ensnared in itself, thus not restricting its reach, as the Quantum's cord kept doing. And last but not least its climbing ability is extraordinary, as is it's suction/traction. The Quantum kept finding itself on its back, as in upside down, like a helpless turtle.I love my Triton Plus, I've had it for 2 weeks and I recommend it!
March 28, 2017
This by far is the best investment I've ever made.I spent many hours researching robotic pool cleaners before I chose this one to purchase. For once, I finally got it right!I still am in disbelief ever time I watch the Triton Plus do its thing. It actually does climb up to the tile and while it's there, it does a fantastic scrubbing about 2 1/2feet every trip up the wall. (if you have it set right. Have the handle float position set to all the way forward on one side, and all the way back on the other. if you have the float handle set straight it will still reach the tile, but it will stay in one spot.)I should also say it doesn't reach the tile every pass. About every 3rd or 4th pass it will climb to the top. In the 3 hours its running, it gets pretty much all the tile. My pool is a 15 x 30 kidney shape with an attached 700 gallon spa. It not only fantastic cleaning the surface but also filtering my water. The pump is very strong and with my regular pumps filtering, my pool always sparkles. I run it 3 days a week now in the summer, but will probably cut back to once a week when we get our 50 degree California winter.The filters are a breeze to clean! Some of the reviews I've read say the filters are difficult to clean. That's garbage. You lift the unit out of the water quickly, in 1 pull,(yes, you'll waste some water. If you pull it out slow, some of the dirt will go back in to the pool) open the covers and remove the 2 filter units, twist the 2 release clasps and hose the filters clean. Takes less than 10 minutes.The caddy makes storing and transporting the unit a snap. It keeps everything organized and ready to go.It's expensive yes. But it really is worth every dime I spent, because #1, it works, very well & #2, it saves me many hours a week in maintenance.I do have once small complaint, but it has nothing to do with The Triton Plus. Maytronics really does need to include better and more detailed instructions on how to use the unit. The instructions are poor.
August 15, 2016


  • Cleans, filters, vacuums, and scrubs pool surfaces made from any material. Jobs are completed in less than 2.5 hours
  • Top-load filter cartridge is a convenient system that is a snap to clean. For tough jobs, it also comes with a spring clean-up option
  • Optional filter bag conversion kit accessory is available
  • Includes a caddy that allows for portability and storage
  • Includes basic remote for guided steering and cycle selection
  • 2-year warranty
  • The Triton Plus comes equipped with IntelliScan Technology. This is a technology that is exclusive to Dolphin cleaners. It is designed to ensure that your entire pool, including the floor and the walls up to the waterline, are clean.
  • The Triton PLUS builds on the powerful Triton in the fact that it has a dual drive motor and split brushes.
  • Completely independent of your pool’s pump and filter


A great little workhorse that has a lot of versatility.

There is everything to like about the Dolphin PLUS. If it’s the little things that do it for you, buy it because it comes with a caddy. Or buy it because it comes with a remote control. Or buy it because you can be filtering cloudy water or vacuuming large leaves and seeds, depending on which filter you put in.

 Whether your reason is well-researched or whimsical, you can feel safe in the fact that this is a well-loved, reliable machine that comes with the kinds of options that satisfy just about anyone.

Less time worrying and more time lounging by or swimming in your spotless pool. Nothing wrong with that.

  • Lets you run an automated cycle or run it via remote control
  • Comes with two sets of filters, depending on whether you are cleaning large or fine items
  • Comes with its own storage caddy
  • Great at climbing walls and stairs

  • May get stuck on underwater obstacles like lights and drains
  • Using the wrong filter will not give you the level of clean you want

Maytronics Dolphin Triton PLUS Robotic Pool Cleaner

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PoolSkim Pool Skimmer and Pool Cleaner

PoolSkim Pool Skimmer and Pool Cleaner

You’ve made the rest of your pool sparkling. What about the floaties on the surface?

PoolSkim Pool Skimmer should not be used so much in place of the other pool cleaners on the list but in conjunction. It is an automatic skimmer, so it sits at the water level and creates a big whirlpool. This sucks everything on the surface of the water toward the whirlpool and pulls the floaty debris out of the water. This can include bugs, leaves, grass, and seed pods.

If your pool’s built-in filter is a booger to clean, this not only saves you that tedious chore but it also offers an easy-clean alternative in the form of the nylon mesh bag that collects all of your pool’s new found treasure.

Run it all the time, it can be connected right to your pool’s regular system and takes little energy to run. This can save you peace of mind and prevent your kids from pulling out the telescoping manual skimmer only to engage in a dangerous poolside light saber battle as a result.

  • Product

PoolSkim Pool Skimmer and Pool Cleaner

The award-winning PoolSkim uses the power of the water returning to the pool to create a venturi suction that draws all floating debris from the entire area of your pool -- even where debris collects ...

Available: In stock
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This is your answer. I have tried to figure out how to deal with overwhelming numbers of bugs that drop into my South Florida pool every time it rains or even when it's very windy. Add to that a new golden lab puppy who sheds, and skimming for 30-60 minutes every time we want to swim is just impractical. The first solution I tried was the Skimmer Motion with an adapter to plug directly into the suction line. Skimmer Motion required lots of babying, and even with that it didn't work well. It required attention several times a day because it sucks air toward the pump (no matter how little you open the valve), which flows back through the Skimmer Motion when the pump turns off, causing the thing to flop over and dump its leaf catcher insert, requiring a trip to the bottom of the pool to retrieve it. Sometimes the air made it all the way to the pump, causing it to shut off and purge several times a day. Not good.Then I tried the PoolSkim. This is the solution!No worries about damaging the pump because it uses a return (NOT SUCTION) where the water flows back into your pool. It's genius -- the strong flow essentially creates a vacuum in the PoolSkim, sucking in everything that floats by, pushing it down and through the PoolSkim's filter media (see the video). It will actually take a load off your pump and filter by redirecting most detritus to the PoolSkim filter, which is easily cleaned with a spray from your hose.Now, anytime our pool is covered with bugs after a downpour, this thing clears it out within a couple hours, where the SkimmerMotion took days and still required some manual skimming. It's fun to watch it work.Before buying it I scoured the PoolSkim reviews and learned that knee-high pantyhose help filter out the tiniest bugs, dog hair, whatever. Works flawlessly! Kind of gross when you eventually toss it out, but man, what a huge difference. Also makes cleanup of the filter bag much easier. One caveat -- It's not the prettiest thing.The filter media does need a couple rocks to help keep it underwater, esp. if you use the knee-highs. Little air bubbles collect on the filter bag material, and with the knee-highs a bubble forms inside it, causing it to want to float. Just weight it down a bit.Can't recommend this highly enough! If you're debating this or the SkimmerMotion, no contest. Buy this!
August 7, 2016
First, I should say, I am one of the top ten the laziest men on the planet. Anything that can be done automatically instead of manually, I'm there! When my wife and I bought a house with an in ground pool, my first thought was "this is going to be way too much work to keep clean." Sure enough, we have a nice combination of leaves, bugs, dust, dirt and dog hair constantly floating on the surface of the pool. Using a net by hand was simply never an option for me, so I checked out all the various automatic pool cleaning choices here on Amazon. I went with the PoolSkim Pool Skimmer (great name, btw) due to the really good ratings/reviews and the fact that it works off return, as my skimmers aren't doing the job on their own even with the variable speed pump turned up higher.So I installed the Pool Skim, and after tinkering with the placement (I have four returns, all in the corners), I put the pump into regular filter mode and watched. A small venturi effect started in the skimmer, which created a larger whirlpool effect on the surface, and like bugs to a light, all the junk floating in my pool began marching directly into the skimmer. Simply amazing. If you look in just the right light, you can see the surface whirlpool effect and the dirt/dust/dog hair lining up to make its way to the Pool Skimmer. I cranked up the pump speed to "Clean" mode and the whirlpool effect increased to the point where the dirt was crashing into the Pool Skim like it was going over a waterfall.The product works perfectly as designed with no impact to my circulation. I did put a smaller nozzle on the return at the far corner to help push dirt away from that corner and towards the Pool Skim, although I may just end up getting another Pool Skim for that corner as my L shaped pool does possibly need more coverage. Also, it took some tinkering with the elbows and extension to get the perfect flow without any backwash from the return exit. I now have it placed equidistant from both corner walls about 8 inches from each (see picture), and the whirlpool dirt sucking effect is perfected.If I had any one complaint its that the net is not fine, which lets some of the finer dirt back out the return flow, but that's such a minor issue compared to how well it actually pulls in and traps most everything floating on the surface.Finally, a clean pool with no manual intervention on my part (the Dolphin electric vaccum handles the floor and sides for me already). Now I can spend the summer doing what I want - bragging about how clean my pool is.Well done Pool Skim!
March 27, 2016

Saving time and keeping your kids from poking their eyes out? What a combination!


  • Award-winning design
  • Simple cleaning mechanism covers all of the surface floating items on the pool
  • Self-adjusts to any level of water in the pool
  • Pulls the big things away from the pool’s built-in filter, which reduces the workload and extends the life
  • Connects to an inlet return threading measurement of 1.5 inches
  • Works through venturi suction principles
  • Debris is collected in a mesh bag made from sturdy and water-resistant nylon
  • Patented design makes this a step above many other automatic pool skimmers
  • Made from PVC pipe and polyeurathane
  • 9 x 9 x 9 inches
  • 4 pounds
  • Can be used in conjuntion with other pool cleaners


If you have the right kind of pool with a threaded return to get it to work, it is a time and effort saver.

Bottom line, if it works with your pool style, it works really well. If you don’t have the right style, then don’t buy it. However, if you do, you’ll be happy to have it constantly and quietly humming along, creating circulation on your pool surface and sending all of the little floaties to Davy Jones’ Locker through its built-in whirlpool. Or at least into the handy mesh bag attached to the unit.

A truly great addition to the already fantastic lineup of pool cleaners on this list.

  • Light and easy to use
  • Can be used all the time
  • Bag is way easier to clean than a pool’s built-in filter
  • Adds an extra layer of clean to the robotic or manual pool cleaner of your choice
  • Endorsed by the self-proclaimed “laziest man on the planet” for ease of use

  • Designed for large items, not tiny particulates
  • Only works if you have the correct threading on your pool pump. Otherwise, you must find a connector and install it.

Maytronics Dolphin Triton PLUS Robotic Pool CleanerPOOLSKIM the Automatic Pool Skimmer

How We Tested

So how are these tested and reviewed?

All reviews are based on a culmination of user reviews. We looked through the best and the worst of each tool from actual users to see what makes each of these machines stand out and what they could be doing better. Each of the pool cleaners in the review has hundreds to thousands of reviews to consider, most of which is positive.

We looked for the most common problems, the most common compliments, and the kinds of issues that regularly happened. We used a large number of reviews to try to account for one-off problems and problems caused by user error, which we discounted as these are not problems that you should have to consider.

Hundreds to thousands of actual owners can’t be wrong.

How To Buy Pool Cleaners

What’s the best way to buy a pool cleaner?

Pool cleaners can be bought a number of ways. You can work through a pool supply company, where you may even have the opportunity to demonstrate the equipment. You can lift it to see how heavy it is, how easy it is to repair the filter, and how to start and program the cleaner.

Product Name Weight Pool Size Overall Rating Details
BARACUDA G3 Advanced Suction Side Automatic Pool Cleaner 19 pounds All sizes 9 Check price
Polaris F9550 Sport Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner 43.6 pounds Up to 60 feet long 10 Check price
Dolphin 99996323 Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner 34.5 pounds Up to 50 feet long 8 Check price
Hayward Poolvergnuegen 896584000-518 The PoolCleaner Automatic 2-Wheel Suction Cleaner 16 pounds Up to 16 x 32 feet 8.5 Check price
Pentair Kreepy Krauly Great White Inground Pool Cleaner 18.8 pounds Up to 20 x 40 feet 7.5 Check price
Aquabot Pool Rover Junior Robotic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner 26 pounds Up to 40 feet long 7 Check price
Smartpool SmartKleen-Robotic Pool Cleaner 18 pounds Up to 14' x 28' x 6' deep 8 Check price
Hayward RC9990GR TigerShark QC Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner 40 pounds Up to 20 x 40 feet 9 Check price
Maytronics Dolphin Triton PLUS Robotic Pool Cleaner 24 pounds Up to 50 feet long 8.5 Check price
PoolSkim Pool Skimmer and Pool Cleaner 4 pounds All sizes 9.5 Check price

You can also buy the cleaner online through a number of distributors. This has the advantage of being shipped directly to your home. You can’t try them out before you buy or heft them when you do this, but it allows you to look at many stores at once and compare prices directly.

All Types Of Pool Cleaners

What kind of pool cleaners are there? How are they alike and how are they different?

  • Manual Telescoping Pole

This is the traditional tool used by pool cleaners. It consists of adjustable brushes and skimmers that clean the pool. It is time-consuming and it’s an upper body workout to remember.

However, if you’re looking to get (or stay) in great shape, this is one fantastic way to do it. It is typically used to scrape algae buildup along the sides and on the floor of the pool. The skimmer then shifts the debris out of the pool water.

Pros: Cheap, does a good job

Cons: Takes time and muscle to use

  • Handheld Vacuums

This is another manual tool that is commonly used. Instead of just scrubbing and skimming, you can scrub and immediately vacuum anything you get. Manual vacuums like this are a good choice for tricky pools where you need to do a little bit extra in some areas, as you’re the one fully controlling the vacuum.

These are relatively inexpensive, low-maintenance tools. It takes a long time to vacuum, though and requires at least one filter clean out per job.

Pros: Faster than a brush alone, one of the most inexpensive choices, doesn’t require hookup to a pool pump

Cons: Takes a lot of time to use and some muscle

  • Suction Cleaners

These handy devices use a pool’s own filter system to pull debris out of the water. They function like skimmers, but work by creating a whirlpool on the surface to pull floating items out of your pool.

This is a good addition to pools that have their own built-in filter systems and pumps, provided they are big enough. They are one of the easier systems to use, but they require more electricity to use than other cleaner styles.

Adding a side suction cleaner to your pool will mean you need to clean your pool filter much more often as well. They are good for small to medium pools. People who really love them are typically those who have leaves that regularly fall in the pool, or who live in an area where there are gnats or other bugs that occasionally drop out of the sky.

Pros: Low cost, not a lot of parts, easy maintenance

Cons: More filter pressure, requires pool pump attachment

  • Robotic Pool Cleaners

These handy little vacuums are essentially the rooms of the pool. They are discussed in further depth below.

Pros: Better clean, no pressure on pool pump, energy efficient

Cons: Expensive, requires filter changes

  • Pressure Pool Cleaners

These large pool cleaners attach themselves to the sides and move by means of the jet propulsion of the vacuum pump. They are a good choice for very large and very dirty pools. They are mounted on wheels and easy to move, and come with their own filter bags.

Pros: Easy to use, self-propelled, no pressure on filter for pool

Cons: Requires pool pump, may need additional pump power

  • In-Floor Cleaning Systems

This is a built-in water jet system that comes out of the floor and funnels the dirt out through the filter. It works with a flick of a switch and keeps things effortlessly clean.

They are one of the most expensive choices and retrofit is very difficult (you pretty much need to tear up the bottom of the pool and start over) so they are not for everyone.

Pros: Cleans really well, can be set up for autoclean without spending much time worrying about it.

Cons: Very expensive, can’t be retrofitted

Pool Cleaner Robot

Using the waterline as a guide, pool cleaner robots will scrub and remove debris from walls and sides up to the water lines of most pools. They are ready to go at the flick of a switch and need minimal supervision. They occasionally need a filter clean out, but other than this, they are very hard working and often do a better, more consistent job than manual cleaners.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning your pool and you don’t want to hire a pool cleaning company, this is about as good as it gets. It is more expensive than many other options, but when compared to a monthly fee for a pool cleaning service, it works out to be pretty economical.

Maintenance And Cleaning

How do you take care of a pool cleaner?

The way to maintain a pool cleaner depends on the style of cleaner. There are a few parts that must be cleaned. The most important thing to clean is the filter. This must be cleaned, replaced, or even backflushed to remove larger particles. This needs to happen every time you clean, and if the filter is particularly dirty, you will need to flush the filter multiple times in a single cleaning session.

Be sure to give the cleaner a tune-up at the beginning of each new season. Follow the instruction manual to cover all parts and the motor.

These simple steps will add years to the life of your cleaner.


How do these warranties work?

Warranties are a great way to protect your cleaner against manufacturer defects. Most of the warranties are limited, and if you read the fine print, you will be able to see which parts are specifically covered. Typically this will cover the motor and main components, but it will not pertain to things like normal wear.

In addition to a manufacturer’s warranty, there are a number of different ways to get buyer protection. It can be a part of a store warranty package that you purchase. Some stores, like Costco, offer a generous return/replace policies that go above and beyond the warranty.

A number of credit cards offer generous return policies as well. Using one of these cards to purchase your pool cleaner is a great way to hedge your bets when it comes to having a way to return a pool cleaner if something happens to it.

Hedging your bets is always a good idea.


How do I determine the right pool cleaner type for me?

The right choice for you should be based on a few different things. You need a cleaner that will fit the size of the pool that you have, and that will work in the style (above ground versus in-ground) of the pool. It must also work based on the shape of the pool bottom.

It must work with the facilities that you have, including the built-in jets and filter, if you are choosing a model that must use one. It must fit your ability to use it, including the amount of time and muscle that you have.

What is the most efficient cleaner?

Any of the styles of cleaner can do a good job if you have the time and the know-how, provided that you have chosen the right style of cleaner to work with your pool. That said, the more manual cleaners require more time and personal diligence, where the robot cleaners allow you to push a button and walk away.

Why should I get a pool cleaner instead of hiring a service?

There are two main reasons to do this. To save money and to be able to understand and care for your own pool when you need to.

What are the components of cleaning I need to consider when I get a pool?

There are three basic things that you can do to clean a pool. Chemicals, when adjusted to the right proportions, will keep algal growth from coming into the pool while maintaining a clean, safe environment for you and your family. This must be tested and regularly adjusted, though it is easy to do.

Manual cleaners cover dirt, leaves, and other items that have fallen to the bottom or collected on the sides of the pool. These are under review in this article. Finally, a skimmer will take all the floating items on the pools surface, most commonly leaves and bugs, and allow you to pull them out of the pool for a sparkling surface. And that’s all it takes.

How does a robotic cleaner climb the walls?

The biggest trick to being able to clean to the waterline is the amount of vacuum power that the machine has. This can pull it onto vertical surfaces if it is cleaning with a method that keeps it tight to the ground.

Rubbery wheels will increase stickiness, which also helps to keep it going well (just don’t use black rubber or it will scuff). While there are some robotic cleaners that don’t do so well on fully straight, vertical sides, others manage just fine.

If you have concerns about whether any of the cleaners on this list can manage your style of pool, both regarding shape as well as material, head to YouTube.

You’ll be surprised at how many great video demonstrations you can find, both from the manufacturers as well as online reviewers. This can help to put your mind at ease and also allow you to get the perfect cleaning machine for your individualized pool needs.

What kind of filter should I use and when?

The recommended method for dirty, cloudy pools is to start big and then go small. Start with a large-mesh filter that is designed to pull out large debris like sand, leaves, and seeds. Then move on to a lower-gauge filter that will pull the cloudy water through and pull out suspended algae, pollen, and anything else.

Filters that go down to the micron level will also pull out a lot of bacteria and algae, which gives you a cleaner, more sanitized pool. It’s important to note that these critters typically don’t survive in chlorinated water, but it’s pretty nice to get them out of there regardless.

9.5 Total Score
Our Recommendations

So what's the best pool cleaner?

To be honest, all of these cleaning devices will do a great job for you. You really can't go wrong with any one of them. However, there needs to be a winner.

The Polaris F9550 Sport Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner was our favorite. Every single robotic cleaner did very well in most categories. What put this cleaner over the edge for us was the combination of cool extras like the remote, the power lift, and the caddy. Also, the light weight and plastic design made it more versatile, as it could also be used in saltwater pools-- a huge plus.

A long lifespan was great as well. Finally, what we really found intriguing was that when we read bad reviews about just about any other pool cleaner, we then found a comment about how the user got so frustrated that they went out and bought a Polaris... and they loved it.

This is the kind of bonus review that we rarely find in this gig, and it really says a lot about the machine from people who may not give many positive reviews at all. Of course, at prices ranging from $1100 to $1300, it is a definite investment that is not for everyone. But that's why we try and review a variety of fantastic units and give you as much information on them as we can.

Was the Polaris your favorite too? Do you have experience with these pool cleaners?

Leave us your comments below. We'd love to hear from you!


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