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Top 10 Latex Mattresses – Choose the Perfection

Nowadays, most people prefer latex mattresses to their memory foam counterparts since they are more comfortable and long-lasting as well. When shopping for the best latex mattress, it’s recommendable to try different configurations from various brands before settling on any particular product.

Are you feeling spoilt for choice?

Most manufacturers offer trial periods, whereby customers can sample their products for free and then return without any charges incurred on them. Use this opportunity to test different mattresses and decide which one works best for you.

Latex mattresses have a unique temperature regulation system that ensures sleepers stay cool throughout the night, even if they are in a hot and humid environment. This product also comes in varying thickness levels for customers to choose from depending on their sleeping needs, for instance, heavy people may require a thicker mattress than lightly built individuals.

Additionally, there are products that may feature more than one material blended together for extra coziness. For example, a mattress may have a top layer of Soft Talalay Latex and base layer of Medium Dunlop Latex. This combo provides pressure-relieving softness with firm support for the spinal area. It’s comfortable for all body types and also makes a standard choice for guest beds, as well as adaptable configuration for growing kids.

Furthermore, sometimes the layers can be interchanged/reversed for a much firmer feel. Talalay has also been scientifically proven to ease shoulder and hip stiffness, further relieving chronic back pain.

Still unsure?

Worry no more as below is a list of some of the most popular latex mattresses in the market today for your choosing.

Tuft & Needle Mattress

Tuft & Needle Mattress

This is a brand new mattress that was only recently launched in 2014, it’s the brainchild of Daehee Park and JT Marino who are the co-founders. According to them, consumers are often conditioned to think that highly priced products are always better.

But Tuft & Needle Mattress has flipped that narrative by introducing a top-rated mattress at less than a half of what other competitor models are charging.

Want to know what makes it different?

The product was born out of real change, and not pretend innovation. That’s why they charge it affordable so that everyone can have a piece of their own. Though made in the US, Tuff and Needle is only exclusively available online. Once ordered the mattress ships directly to your doorstep.

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Tuft & Needle Mattress, Full

Tuft and Needle is a new mattress company that designs a universally comfortable foam mattress that is No.1 top-rated on Amazon. Exclusively available online and made in the USA, the mattress ships ...

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Item Weight

59.7 pounds

Product Dimensions

54 x 75 x 10 inches


Made in USA

Item model number


tl;dr: Great mattress, after some hurdles that were deftly cleared by stellar customer service. The entire saga, beginning with my original (unfavorable) review is below:It hurts me to write this review for such a beloved product. Literally... I first became aware of this company when a blogger friend of mine wrote a sponsored post. I don't usually pay too much attention to the kind of endorsements you see on sponsored blogs ("they gave this to us for free, naturally we LOVE it"), but I know these people & trust their integrity. So when, several months after the initial post, they wrote a follow up reiterating their praises, I was intrigued. I'd been looking for a new mattress for awhile and this company's origin story was so relatable. I loved their mission, their philosophy, their business model. When I ordered my mattress directly from their site in January, I loved their efficient, friendly, but unobtrusive service. Unfortunately I cannot say the same for the product.I want to be clear that I'm not disputing the raves others have had. My blogger friends are 20-something skinny-hipsters while I'm a more ample Gen-X type. But three months in, it's become impossible to sleep on. The center of the mattress, while no visible indentation is present, has softened so much that it compresses significantly and quickly under my hips as soon as I lie down. By contrast, the pressure on my shoulders is beyond firm - which, as I'm a side sleeper, can be pretty uncomfortable. It's not possible to lie on this mattress for more than 2 minutes and maintain a neutral body posture. It's a pain in the neck. Literally! Again!As I said, the mattress snows no visible indentation, so I don't think my problems fall under warranty or defective product. But I wanted to put this out there & let you know that if you're a chubby side-sleeper, this probably isn't the mattress for you. Pity.Update: Upgrading from two stars to four. You've got to give a company props for working so hard to make their customers happy. I heard from customer service shortly after posting this review and was assured that the uneven firmness I've experienced is "definitely not normal" and offered a replacement at no charge. My new mattress arrives tomorrow and I'm comfortable saying that, even if this doesn't turn out to be the perfect mattress for me, Tuft & Needle as a company gets my recommendation. They're willing to stand behind their product and that's impressive these days.Second Update: Have now been using the replacement mattress for a couple of months and am happy to report that it remains very comfortable. It seemed slightly less dense than the first mattress from the beginning, but has provided a very pleasant balance of soft & supportive. I'm officially a fan and also very grateful to the fine folks at Tuft & Needle for taking the initiative to fix this...they have my utmost respect. It took awhile -- but they've earned all 5 stars.Final Update: Hi people! I didn't realize there had been so much interest in this review - sorry if I left your questions hanging. I've been sleeping on the replacement mattress for over a year now, and am happy to report that it remains one of the most comfortable mattresses I've ever owned. I'm even happier about getting a consistent, comfortable night's sleep. In my opinion T&N service AND product have earned every one of the five stars in this rating.
May 15, 2015
This has been the best mattress I have ever purchased and/or slept on. At the risk of sounding like Goldilocks, it wasn't too hard or too soft. It was just right. When I got out of bed, the impression my body left disappeared. I didn't wake up to an aching body! My husband no longer snores like a bear. The bed is so comfortable that my dog refuses to leave it. When I tell him to get down, he plays dead.
February 22, 2017
My comparison – Quatro Sleep Vs Tuft and NeedleHey guys, thought I’d write an in-depth review on two mattresses that have been floating around a lot online and in marketing. There’s a handful of things I was looking for when buying a bed, and I was fortunate enough to have a roommate who was also looking for a bed at the same time! We both don’t sleep together, but we do share the same apartment and have similar lifestyles, so we were planning on buying the same bed together. We put in at least 3-4 nights of research into the exact options that would fit our desires, and narrowed things down to Casper, Tuft & Needle, Quatro Sleep and Leesa.We pretty much ruled out going with a traditional spring mattress, I’ve grown up with those and it was what I was used to, but there are a myriad of reasons why those kinds of mattresses just straight-suck! The primary reason is simply the uneven surface coils create for your body to sleep on. Imagine sleeping on 1000s of slinkies, lol. I know that’s a horrible analogy and there’s more to it than that, but I’ve never liked the way coils feel. I also decided on the 4 brands I mentioned because the price was right. They’re all about 1-2k less than similar models in-store, which was something I found pretty interesting. T&N’s slogan is “mattress stores are greedy” and it’s true, they really do rip you off!Anyway, my roommate decided (finally) to go with the Quatro Sleep Mattress, and I decided to go with the T&N. It was a little cheaper than the Quatro Sleep bed, it only had two layers of foam vs Quatro Sleep's 3, but they made a convincing argument that 2 layers is all your need. More on that later….So both Lauren (my roommate) and I received our beds the same week. I got mine first and I gotta say it was a pretty cool experience. You open it up and the things literally inflates like a balloon before your eyes. When you first sit on it, you think you’ll love it, but it’s now been 70 days and I’m thinking I might have to make a switch to my roommates bed…. Here’s why.1) The first week I spilled wine all over my brand new mattress. This was a HUGE disappointment to me and true, nobody sees it, its under sheets, but it just made me really upset. If I had bought my roommates Quatro Sleep Mattress, I could have just slipped off the cover and washed that thing. With my T&N, I had to spot clean it…….. midly upsetting, but not really the only reason.2) The general firmness of this bed is actually a little more than I like. I wake up and I can feel that my joints have been under a bit of pressure. Lauren doesn’t have th same issue, and we sleep in the exact same positions, which leads me to believe that her bed is better because it has an extra layer of memory foam on top. I really think that’d help me, which is why I’m considering switching. Maybe if I was a back-sleeper this T&N would be better for me. I dunno….What I really love about T&N is the customer service – they’re pretty chill, pretty open to helping. If you give them a call there’s an actual person on the other side, not just a machine. They said I can try it for 100 days and if I really don’t like it they’ll give me my money back. Quatro Sleep said the same thing, so I guess it’s an industry-wide standard now amongst these similar bed companies.Anyway I hope this review has helped you guys! If you’re like me, there’s too many options out there so I just wanted to give you my story in hopes you can make an informed choice for yourself.
March 5, 2017
  • It’s not too soft neither too hard but just the perfect texture. Tuff and Needle has a universal comfort range that’s been fine-tuned to adequately distribute your body weight.
  • Has pressure relief function that works just as fine as memory foam, but still sleeps cooler than both memory foam and latex.
  • Localized motion to prevent disturbing your spouse when sleeping at night
  • 100 days free-trial offer.


There’s no secret that Tuft & Needle is one of the finest mattresses that can be bought today online, it has all the features of a top-range mattress but at nearly half the cost.

Now picture this!

Unlike other products, it has superior foam that offers enhanced support and allows Tuff and Needle to retain its shape even after extended periods of use.

  • Foam hybrid consisting of cooling gel wrapped in-between the foam layers provides greater quality and comfort.
  • The mattress is easy to unroll and put up. You only need to remove the plastic covering so that it poofs to its full size of 10 inches.
  • There’s no ‘sink feeling’ to the foam as it’s of perfect firmness in relation to its pliability
  • Has no motion transfer. You can sleep with your spouse side to side without noticing them moving or getting in/out of the bed during the night. This makes for a nice comfy sleep if your partner fidgets often while napping, it literally muffles out movements.
  • Made from scratch with help from the world’s leading scientists
  • Has gel and graphite components that promote coolness
  • Evenly disperses pressure throughout the surface to prevent rolling from one side to another to find a comfortable spot. Imagine this! It does not radiate heat during the summer months like other mattresses.
  • Alleviates pressure from the hips so that you can sleep without worrying about muscle aches and spasms in the morning.
  • Comes with an instructions manual. Tuft & Needle is sold in a large box with basic instructions for unwrapping and setting it up. The mattress comes in a compressed box and when unwrapped, it only takes 1hr to expand fully.
  • The product has received more than 6000 reviews on Amazon, with an average score of 4.5 stars.
  • It keeps sleepers well insulated but cool during the night. What’s more! The mattress can also make a great bed for your spare bedroom, it’s soft on top but firm when compressed.

  • The edge seems to be a little bit mushy, making it uncomfortable for those who often sit on the sides after waking up.
  • Similarly, there’s no ridge at the frame of the bed like other conventional beds. This means you may end up having bruises/cuts on the back of your legs since basic protection is lacking.
  • The mattress is short in build and you may need to install a taller bed frame for it to be supported on your bed adequately.
  • It’s not advisable to jump onto the mattress straight like a board, the way you’ll normally do on a spring model, this can cause injury.

Tuft & Needle Mattress

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Dreamfoam Bedding Queen Dreams Latex Mattress


Dreamfoam is a 10-inch luxurious mattress that’s covered with special Bamboo material, it’s produced by Brooklyn Bedding and sold only on Amazon. The mattress has been designed in such a way that it’s easy for users to roll out of in the morning without struggling.

Brooklyn Bedding manufacturers recognize that sleeping is a psychological process as much as it’s physical. Therefore, they have made Dreamfoam to be ergonomically suited for the human body in a way that it reduces strain and backache.

  • Product
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Dreamfoam Bedding Queen Dreams Latex Mattress, Customize, Ask Chuck

The 10" Ultra Plush Latex Mattress with Bamboo Cover. The DreamFoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Latex mattress manufactured by Brooklyn Bedding and sold exclusively on Amazon.com features 3 inches of ...

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Made in USA

Assembled Width

60 inches

Assembled Length

80 inches

Assembled Depth

10 inches

After ordering the mattress, I got an email asking about what firmness level I wanted, and I went with the default level of 6, which was just on the plush side of medium.The box it came in looked kind of narrow to contain a mattress, but if you look at the pictures that I submitted, you will see how it was packaged. I unrolled it and cut the plastic (and my hand in the process), and then you could hear the woosh of the air flowing into the mattress. 30 seconds later, I have a mattress that measures at 10.88 inches thick and it appears to be very comfortable.I will continue this review in a week after sleeping on it.It has now been a week, and I have noticed that my sleep is deeper with this mattress, and it is very conforming to both my, and my wife's body. The slight odor dissipated after 2 days, and we are enjoying this both very much. I usually sleep with a CPAP due to my sleep apnea, but my wife has informed me that even without the CPAP, I am no longer snoring because I am able to sleep continuously on my side all night.I will update this review in a few more weeks, and let you know how the bed is holding up.Before this, we had a Tempurpedic Celebrity bed, but while my wife loved the feel, I found it too squishy for my tastes. This bed makes a great compromise where you still get the support you need without the claustrophobic feeling.It has now been almost 7 months since we got the mattress and it is still holding up great with one small issue. I find that you need to rotate the mattress periodically so that sometimes the foot of the mattress becomes the head. It just keeps the mattress more comfortable if you do it about every other sheet change. But otherwise, I am still very pleased with it.On another note, it works great with an adjustable base platform.
January 23, 2012
Getting in and out of this bed is super easy!I used to have a memory foam mattress, which was very comfortable. However, when it was time to get out of bed in the morning, or even rotate over to my other side, I had to do a fish-out-of water flppidey-flop in order to build up momentum first. With this mattress, I can toss and turn effortlessly, and it is super easy to roll out of bed in the morning. Getting out of bed is psychologically tough enough as it is, it should not have to be physically tough as well.But is it firm?There are a bevy of other mattress users that keep talking about firmness being the gospel of all mattresses. Why not just sleep on a board then, wouldn't that be way cheaper? I weigh over 250, and I find the 6 to be plenty supportive, even though I broke my back going way to fast in little sports car a few years back.Sleeps CoolWhile this is a huge pro to most of the mattress reviewing public, I find it to be a slight con. I miss how the neat little carcinogenic man made molecules used to keep me all nice and toasty on my old memory foam mattress.Looks niceDoes not look like your typical bed in a box.And finally the crappy point that caused me to withdraw a star....Poor StitchingYou can see at first glance, the stitching is sort of wavy gravy, rather than in a straight line. The first mattress I received had a small place where the sewing machine missed the fabric altogether. As you can see in the picture, this area is very small BUT just in case the stitching was weak in other areas, I opted to exchange it. I bought mine from Amazon LLC, and they sent a shipping company to come and remove my mattress, and credited my account the full amount. I then ordered another one, because I really did like the mattress. On the second one the stitching was still a bit wavy gravy, but a little better, and there were no places where they missed the fabric.SummaryI have had this mattress 10 months now, and have no regrets! There is not a divot in the mattress where I usually sleep, no seams have burst, and the boogie man has not taken up residence underneath it.
March 1, 2015
We bought this mattress for our guest room - we are very impressed with it. Like other reviews have said, after you order a person from the company contacts you to help you decide what firmness level you want. Here is the email I received from them:"Thank you for your order. All of our mattresses are made to order and as an added bonus we like to contact our buyers and get an idea of what type of firmness you are looking for? On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being as hard as the floor and 10 being almost like sleeping on a cloud, this mattress comes in at a 6, very good support with just enough of a plush soft top. By changing the firmness in the 3 inches of latex we can dial in your comfort. If you could please in your mind give me an idea of where you would like your firmness level I can build you a mattress that I hope you will be 100% completely satisfied with. We would love to hear from you as soon as possible but if we don't hear from you we will send out our standard mattress. Again please remember this is done at no extra charge."Because we are using the mattress as a combined guest bed / day bed we ended up buying firmness level 4. I think that is perfect for what we are using it for. We are going to buy another mattress (King size) for our own bed because we have liked it so much, but we will go with a hardness of 6 for that - the 4 is just slightly too firm for our tastes (although even so it feels a whole lot nicer to lay on than our old spring mattress we have on our King right now and had we received this firmness for our own bed we would have been very happy).I've posted a few pictures of the mattress. It comes rolled up, and while the company states you get free returns, they stipulate that it has to go back in its original packaging - a pretty good joke because as soon as you rip open the plastic the mattress expands out like an inflati-bed. There is no way on earth you would be able to get it back in it's packaging.While there aren't many reviews posted here, if you check the seller's feedback (not their item feedback) you'll see a whole bunch of reviews on the company. They are legit. The mattress came as ordered, is very high quality, had a very, very mild plastic smell that dissipated after about an hour, and is very comfortable. It is sturdy and doesn't wobble, won't make any bed noise (don't want to hear that from our guest room), and is conducive and comfortable for fooling around on (people never review that part of the mattress for some reason, even though that is almost as important as the comfort level for sleeping). My wife and I give it high marks. Overall, a great mattress. If you are looking for a high quality, very reasonably priced latex mattress you can't go wrong. It seemed weird that they made the fabric out of bamboo, but it is exceedingly soft and comfortable. Almost a shame to put sheets on it.
May 27, 2012

Are you ready to learn more?


  • Has 3-inches of Talalay Latex foam that perfectly changes shape to the user’s body contours for remarkable, musculoskeletal support and pressure release.
  • The top Quilted Bamboo cover is made from 100% biodegradable fiber, with an additional layer of 1.5 inches ultra-soft reflex foam. This material is softer than cotton, though with 4x the moisture absorbency capacity of cotton for a less humid, cooler and more comfortable sleep.
  • It has 5.5 inches of thick convoluted base foam that offers increased flow of air and conformability. The material alleviates pressure from the back and neck regions, hence preventing blockage of capillaries that may otherwise make an individual toss and turn at night. This property also helps transport oxygen and essential nutrients to your muscles, so that you can wake up feeling recharged and invigorated.
  • The Talalay latex material is hypoallergenic and breathable, making it suitable for allergy sufferers.


Dreamfoam Bedding is a must-buy for those who want a luxurious and durable mattress with enhanced features. It has improved breathability, moisture resistant functions and superior pressure relief which helps in distributing oxygen and nutrients throughout the muscles.

The mattress can last for more than 1yr without having any issues of burst seams or other related problems, it’s also very simple to order online.

If this isn’t what you’re looking for, then what else could be better?

  • Firm and comfortable texture. The mattress is solid in built but very comfy to sleep on, even those who weigh as much as 250lbs shall be supported easily.
  • Beautiful look. It doesn’t resemble any other typical bed but has its own unique design.
  • The manufacturers offer 2 options for ordering depending on your comfort level, buyers can also choose a preferred comfort grade from the available list.
  • Great customer support. All Dreamfoam mattresses are custom-made and built to order. Moreover, as an added advantage Brooklyn Bedding often contacts buyers before an order is made, so as to determine what kind of firmness they want.
  • For customers interested in the Ask Chuck comfort grade, Brooklyn Bedding can send you an email message to help determine the most appropriate firmness level. They are also ready to answer any questions you have through email or phone call.
  • The product is well packaged, easy to setup and finely upholstered. The bamboo covering is also a great temperature regulator, it’s neither too hot nor too cold.
  • Very affordable. The price is roughly half that of other ultra-plush comfort level mattresses in the same category. And just imagine shipping is always done to Amazon’s highest possible standards.

  • The mattress may sink on one side after a short period of use. The anomaly is quite noticeable and can only be prevented by moving from one corner of the bed to another, or frequently rotating the mattress as per manufacturer instructions.
  • Poor stitching. At first glance, the stitching looks wavy and incoherent, rather than in a single straight line.
  • Some thickness levels are not comfortable. Basically, there’s a scale of 1-10 where you can choose the rigidity of your mattress. The higher levels can be too solid for comfort, sometimes you can’t even sit on the sides without risking a fall off.

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Eco Terra 11” Luxury Latex Mattress

Eco Terra 11" Luxury Latex Mattress

The Eco Terra 11-inch Dual XL mattress is America’s most affordable Twin XL mattress built from 100% natural latex material. The product is delicately constructed to provide optimal sleeping experience for users, it has the buoyancy and resiliency needed for a good night sleep. Its layer of natural latex offers incredible comfort, by reducing the feeling of resistance around your body’s pressure points.

Now that your attention is grasped!

The single coils found underneath act as a solid network of support, providing necessary lift to keep the spine in ample alignment, without any feeling of excess density often experienced in foam mattresses.

Generally, Eco Terra provides a delightful sleep system that enhances REM rest, thereby making each night a chance to enjoy deep, restorative sleep for a productive day ahead.

  • Product
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Eco Terra 11" Luxury Latex Mattress, Twin X-Large

Eco Terra 11-inch latex Twin XL mattress is America's best-priced Twin XL mattress made with 100% natural latex. Experience the buoyancy and resiliency of latex as you float off to the dreamland ...

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Item Weight

63 pounds

Product Dimensions

80 x 38 x 11 inches



Item model number


I wanted to wait before posting anything about this mattress, which my wife and I purchased in mid December. A mattress is an item I didn't want to own a week and give a 5, so I figured a couple months was fair. The mattress arrived very quickly and in perfect condition, I had purchased a new frame which was already set up and waiting for the mattress. The box is bulky, but way easier to move the mattress in the box than trying to move the mattress by itself. I put the box across the end of the bed, gently cut it open and basically just pulled the mattress straight out on to the bed, very easy. We cut open the bag and pulled it off and that was that. Hardly any smell at all, we slept on it that night and we are so glad we spent the extra money as we love our mattress. We went out of town about a month after we had been sleeping on the new mattress and for the first time in a long time, we could agree we missed sleeping in our own bed and that was totally due to the comfort level of our mattress. I am a big guy, 325 poundsish and I have zero issues, I am also a side sleeper, again no issues. We have both been getting great night sleeps and everything else you may want to do on your bed has been great as well, not too springy and not to squishy/sinky which was my biggest concern with a memory foam type mattresses. This is something you will most likely use 7-10 years, don't go cheap on such an important part of your life.if for any reason my feelings change or if anyone has any questions, I will definitely update this review and i will always try to respond quickly to questions.
February 20, 2017
This mattress is truly comfortable. It's soft enough so that you don't get numb spots and supportive enough so that my husband can sleep on his stomach and I can sleep on my back.
February 2, 2017
So far, I really like it. It claims to be medium, not firm or soft, and I believe it hits the mark.
January 8, 2017


  • Made from 100% Natural Latex Foam

It has scientifically been proven that Latex foam provides the most relaxing sleep in nature. With eco terra mattress, each layer of material has been designed to offer maximum pressure relief. Manufacturers only use the finest and purest form of natural latex with no artificial fillers or blends whatsoever. The Latex Foam is also fully hypoallergenic.

  • The Cover Consists of GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton

The product’s outer cover is made with ultra-soft organic cotton, thereby eliminating the chemicals and harsh dyes that normally cause irritation. This soft and breathable natural cotton makes the perfect cover for a nice restful sleep. It also features a stylish pinstripe design that further adds to its beauty.

  • Has Special Fabric-Encased Coils

The individually wrapped coils provide enhanced support to respond to your body’s contours. Can I be totally frank with you? This unique calibration reduces motion transfer, while also preventing users from rolling around during the night. It’s 26% more long-lasting than foam.


So here’s the deal!

Eco Terra is a high quality, well-constructed and supportive mattress that’s definitely a better alternative to memory foam mattresses. To tell you the truth, apart from being affordable the product is also made from organic materials that don’t cause any pollution to the environment.

Not to mention that it’s very durable and can last for up to 10yrs without losing its form. It can be concluded that this is a comfortable, all-natural and well-balanced mattress that’s ample for a good night sleep.

  • Produces no chemical off-gassing or odors
  • The material is resistant to dust mites and antimicrobial
  • Has no harsh or irritating components
  • The mattress is handcrafted in-house and directly shipped to the buyer, this reduces its overall cost as there are no expensive commissions, overpriced packaging or showroom expenses. Instead, customers get what matters most and that is exceptional comfort and affordability.
  • The Twin XL mattress has a firmness level of Medium which is perfect for most sleepers
  • Fabric-enclosed coils provide minimized motion disturbance, this reduces commotion when a spouse is moving.
  • Shipment is fast and the product arrives in perfect condition. It comes packed tightly and quickly takes shape when removed from the box, the mattress also has no chemical smell whatsoever.
  • It can support big individuals weighing as much as 325lbs, including side sleepers who’ll have no problems at all lying on it.
  • It’s durable and can last for 7-10yrs without losing its comfort. Additionally, the organic latex and spring combo material is not too springy nor too squishy but rather the perfect feel.
  • The mattress is very comfortable and users won’t get any numb spots.

  • Some people say it’s a little bit too solid for side sleepers. After an hour or so pressure may start to build up around the hip region, making one to roll frequently from side to side.
  • The mattress has some aspects of polyurethane, despite being sold as an eco-friendly product. Polyurethane smell can be overpowering to some individuals.

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LUCID 10 Inch Latex Foam Mattress 

LUCID is a 10-inch Latex Foam Mattress with a luxurious medium-plush feel, it’s the perfect choice for those in need of a softer night sleep experience. Unlike its memory foam counterpart, this product allows you to rest on top of the mattress like you’re floating thus bringing sleep much faster.

Eager to learn more? Well, here we go.

It readily supports the body’s pressure points so as to relieve pains and discomfort. Furthermore, Latex has a rapid loft recovery system that allows it not to lose its form easily and will adjust to your movements without leaving any indentations behind.  The latex has properly been aerated to promote air flow, thus helping you to sleep much cooler.

  • Product
  • Specification

LUCID 10 Inch Latex Foam Mattress - Ventilated Latex and CertiPUR-US Certified...

The Feel This latex mattress has a medium-plush feel making it a great choice for those wanting a softer sleeping experience. Benefits of Latex Softer and springier than memory foam, latex allows you ...

Available: In stock
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Item Weight

84 pounds

Product Dimensions

80 x 60 x 10 inches


Imported (China)

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I cannot vouch for the durability of this mattress because we have been sleeping on it for a relatively short time.I can say that it arrived fully in tact and unpacking it was easy. Very simple instruction are included. Be careful not to cut the mattress as you slit open the plastic vacuum packing.We both like our mattress FIRM. And this mattress was firm. It does have that nice layer of latex, so that allows just enough top softness to allow you to settle in nicely as you lay down. You can sleep on your side, yet there is enough firmness there to prevent you from sinking too deeply into the mattress.UPDATE(ALMOST TWO YEARS LATER!) Me and my wife are still in love with this mattress. We also have two vented latex foam pillows we love. I think it has "broken in" meaning the latex foam has settled into a soft yet firm top. Just enough give to contour your body, yet not allow you to sink too deeply into the mattress. The 3 inch layer of latex really does work well together with the very firm foam underlay. Together they provide a very good firm and comfortable bed. In summer I do not feel the mattress retains too much heat and in the winter I definitely do not notice that my bed is cold...we use great blankets. I just got back from a year in South Korea and I missed this mattress(and the lady that shares it with me of course). I don't know if I will remember to come back in ten years and let you know how this works out. But thus far, a good purchase.The "new mattress smell" is definitely there. If you follow the instructions, and let it air out for 48 hours, that should not be an issue.This mattress is nice and plush, just as they say. Full 10 inches. Very good support. We have a wood frame bed with a full set of slats, which is what this mattress really needs.The cover that comes on the mattress is nice and soft and appears well made and durable.For the price, we are pleased with this mattress. If it last even half as long is the warranty, we would be well pleased. Far better than a coil spring mattress in the same price class.There are many foam mattresses on the market. I suggest you research carefully before choosing the type you will buy.We wanted a firm mattress with a cool feel for the warm summers. This one fit our needs exactly.Not all foam mattresses are the same. Memory foam has its disadvantages. So does latex. But they all have advantages. You MUST consider the benefits and pitfalls of each one before you buy.UPDATE: Now after almost 4 years I was writing another review and I thought it would be a good time to update my review here. My wife has started complaining about my BED FRAME. Not the mattress!! She wants me to update the FRAME! The mattress continues to give us great comfort and rest. Now over the years we have had this mattress we have stayed at other people's homes and hotels..even slept for a week on a cruise ship. Every time, when we return home, one of us always comments on how good it is to come back to our bed. This thing is comfortable. NO SPRINGS to poke through and the latex layer with it's firm underlay continues to prove how comfortable and durable it is. At this point I must say...this mattress is an outstanding purchase for a firm mattress want. Now I gotta go take a nap!
February 8, 2014
i love this bed from day one. it is firm, and i have had spine surgery so i needed something that didnt sink in, i needed something very supportive of my spine in order to keep alignment. i wanted to wait quite a while to review this, because i have always had regular beds, and heard about memory foam sinking in, and i heard latex did not, even after a long time.i can vouch for this bed. i weigh 160 pounds, and have slept on this bed exclusively every day for almost a year and a half. there is no indentions, no sinking in marks in the middle. it still supports as well as day one.i see some reports that people had mold on thir bed, that is very unfortunate if it arrived that way. mine did not. i also put a fitted sheet on the underside of my mattress and also one on the top of course, so my bed is completely encased. i do not have mold on my bed.i put my bed on a steel bed frame from wallmart, since this bed is not supposed to sit on a boxspring. the frame for the full size was like $80. amazon also sells it, here is a link of what i bought, but i got mine thru walmart.Sleep Master SmartBase Mattress Foundation/Platform Bed Frame, Fullit is a firm mattress, very supportive, and seems like it is going to last me a long time. this is not some cheap flimsy mattress that is going to sink in and have no support a year later. i did extensive research to find a firm memory foam mattress, because the ones you can get for cheap does not have the density (firmness and what will keep the bed from sinking in after time). on the latex, it supposedly retains its firmness better than the memory foam, and this i know from my own usage of this latex bed.i would buy this bed all over again, and when i was shopping last year, there was no latex beds in this price range, so you might shop around, but latex is better than memory foam as far as lasting longer, so you want to buy a latex bed instead of memory foam, so just shop around for that, and if this is still the cheapest, then buy it. it is a very good bed for a very good price (at least at the time i bought it, it was the cheapest)UPDATE:it is now august 16th, 2015. i still love this bed. still just as it was on day one, no sinking in on the mattress, no mold, or smells, or any other negatives to report. it absolutely looks exactly as it did when i first bought it. it still feels as comfortable as it was when i first bought it.in fact, if i was to buy another bed, i'd buy this one. i check the price now and again because if it ever goes on sale with a really deep discount, i'm going to replace the guest beds too with this bed. it is very very comfortable. another hint, if for any of you the bed is too firm, this is a plus, trust me, if they made the foam less dense, it would start to give way sooner over time. also, the denser the foam, the more money it is supposed to cost, so denser foam is more expensive. if you find it is too dense, you could get a less dense bed possibly for cheaper, but it will start to sink in/give way and offer a lot less support over a shorter period of time. so you want the densest bed you can get,now what you can do if you need to is buy a foam topper to give it some more cushion/give, and that way you still have a very supportive bed, but you have it a little less firm, a little more cushion.UPDATE 1/10/2016 STILL THE BEST BED I HAVE EVER SLEPT ON.
May 1, 2014
I am not new to memory foam mattresses. My first was a Temperpedic, which failed, after 6 years. I then got a Christelli, due to price. I was in search of another foam mattress for my cabin, deciding it was time to get rid of the futon. I really love this mattress. First, mine did not have a odor to it. My only complaint is the box arrived smashed and opened. The manufacture really needs to upgrade its box.My other two memory foams I tell people it is like sleeping in wet sand, you slowly sink in and they are very firm. This is different and I think I actually sleep better in it. I can best describe it as like sleeping on a traditional box spring, it is soft and you sink in. When the dogs jump on the bed, their weight makes the mattress move and I tend to roll into them (something I don't get from the traditional memory foam, when they jump up the bed doesn't move or sink in).I am not saying it is a bad thing. Like I said I tend to sleep better on this, I think because it is softer. But then it is like you hit a layer of harder foam beneath the top soft layer. I am a side sleeper and laying on my side my shoulder and hip does sink further into the mattress, than the memory foam.I don't know how long this will hold up, and I don't sleep on it every night since it is at my get a way cabin. But for the price, it is definitely worth it. I would never pay the extravagant price again for the name brand memory foam. At over $2,000.00 and only lasting 6 years (read the warranty carefully) the traditional memory foam came out to $333.00 per year cost. I suspect the Lucid would last at least a couple of years making its cost per year much more reasonable.Again I sleep very well on this mattress and highly recommend it!
November 28, 2016


  • Ventilated for enhanced breathability. The modern ventilation design helps to boost airflow through the latex foam material, this makes for a more comfy sleeping environment.
  • Has a soft and breathable cover. Contains a Tencel blend fabric cover that improves breathability and moisture retention, something that creates a comfortable air layer on the mattress surface for better sleep.
  • Latex support. The natural latex foam offers a sturdy feel and supportive function. Compared to traditional ‘sink’ style memory foam, latex offers a little bit more ‘pushback.’
  • It’s shipped well-packaged and compressed. All LUCID mattresses are densely compressed, rolled and shipped in easy-to-manage boxes for effortless shipping and setup.
  • Backed by a comprehensive warranty. The product is made from high-quality materials, with great care from the manufacturers. The high-grade construction and performance of this item is what has earned it the complete warranty accompanying it.
  • Since the mattress is shipped directly from the makers without any heavy retail markup or other third-party costs, they offer great quality at a reduced price.
  • Certified by CertiPUR-US for safety. Following independent testing from CertiPUR-US, the foam material in this mattress has been approved for safety, performance, indoor air quality, and eco-friendly stewardship.


What then can we say about LUCID? It’s a compact and ultra-comfy mattress that will make a great addition to your bedroom.

  • The latex is temperature-neutral meaning it won’t trap body heat easily, it’s, therefore, safe for you and the surrounding environment as well. It’s also naturally resistant to dust mites and allergens.
  • Conveniently shipped for easy setup. Manufacturers are dedicated to giving you a great delivery experience, all items are shipped vacuum packed so that your mattress can be easy to transport and put up.
  • The mattress comes with a 25yr cover plan that protects against manufacturer defects and other unforeseen risks.
  • Firm and sturdily built. It has a layer of latex that provides firmness and allows just for enough top level softness, this permits you to settle in comfortably while sleeping. You can also lay down on your side easily since there’s enough firmness to protect you from sinking down too much into the mattress.
  • LUCID is attractive in look and plush, the mattress cover is also soft, well-made and very durable.
  • For the price, it offers great bang for a buck and is far much better than coil spring mattresses in the same category. There are no springs to poke through the latex layer which is amazingly comfortable.
  • The mattress is large and can easily support tall people measuring as much as 6ft.

  • It releases a chemical odor that smells toxic
  • Though sold as a 10-inch latex foam mattress, it’s actually 3” Latex topper and 7’’ Poly-foam.
  • Some people don’t like the shape which they say is not flat and has an uneven surface.
  • Poor customer service. Helpdesk claims that placing your mattress on a wooden frame nullifies their warranty.
  • Some users say it sags and becomes an unsupported foam after a short period of use.

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Brooklyn Bedding Latex Mattress

Brooklyn Bedding Latex Mattress Twin

Brooklyn Bedding is a queen size luxurious mattress made from a combination of Talalay latex and Dunlop latex, this offers a supportive and perfectly contouring surface ideal for sleeping. The 10” mattress consists of 2-inches of Talalay Latex, 2-inches Dunlop Latex and 6-inches of High-Grade Polyurethane foam.

Since latex does not retain heat, this offers greater quality of sleep and a moderate temperature range for comfortable rest.

Here are some more additional facts!

It has passageways that promote better aeration and resilient foam material that contours your body shape for optimal spinal alignment. Furthermore, the product is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.

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Brooklyn Bedding Latex Mattress Twin, Medium

Breathable and luxurious Talalay latex resting on Dunlop latex for a supportive and contouring surface – be prepared to fall in love (or asleep!). 10 inch mattress comprised of 2 inches of Talalay ...

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Item Weight

61 pounds

Product Dimensions

46 x 19 x 19 inches


Made in USA

I purchased the queen "firm" directly from the Brooklyn Bedding website, but I wanted to share my review here on Amazon for others purchasing this mattress.PROS:Customer Service - I wasn't sure if I should purchase the medium or the firm, so I used their chat feature to talk to Mario, who steered me towards the firm. I'm a side sleeper, for which they usually recommend a medium firmness, but I am a heavier person and I hate sleeping hot or sinking into a mattress. Mario thought the firm might be a better fit for me. He was very patient and answered all of my questions, and was not pushy like the salespeople I have been subjected to in the box mattress stores.Delivery and Setup - my mattress arrived very quickly, and I was able to slide the box into my bedroom and tip it over onto my adjustable mattress frame by myself. From there it was easy to remove the plastic packaging and let the bed decompress. Don't worry if yours looks like a twin size when you first take it out of the box - there IS a larger mattress in there! I've attached some photos to show the difference when compressed.Decompression - My mattress decompressed to the full 10" height in just a few hours,and I was able to sleep on it the first night. I did notice that my particular mattress is not the standard 60"x80" queen. Mine is just a fraction over 59" x 79.5". It's not really an issue, but I did notice a slight overhang from my mattress pad, which prompted me to measure the mattress.NO chemical issues - I've had issues with box store mattresses due to the fireproofing chemicals that they use. I'm happy to say I had ZERO issues with chemical out-gassing from the Brooklyn Bed. It's been in my home for almost a month now, and I have not experienced the headaches and flu-like symptoms that I had experienced with my previous mattress purchases.No odor - there was a slight latex smell the morning that I unwrapped the mattress, but 8 hours later it had almost completely disappeared. I only notice faint traces of it when I raise the mattress using my adjustable frame.Well constructed - This seems to be a very solidly built mattress. I had tried out a latex mattress from Denver Mattress company prior to this, and the Brooklynn bed is much better quality in my opinion.Free Trial Period - they give you plenty of time to make sure this mattress suits you, and offer a 100% money back refund if it doesn't. That is something most box stores just don't do. The only one I know of is Denver Mattress, and even then, they charge a shipping fee and exchange/pickup fee.CONS:A Small Amount of Heat Retention - This mattress is not like the "I'm broiling inside my own skin" fire pit that a memory foam mattress is, but it does sleep warmer than a traditional innerspring mattress. If you live in a a cooler climate, I think this mattress would be ideal, but if you live in the hot and humid south like me, you may experience an issue with heat build-up in the summers. I think this may be due to the poly-foam layer that they quilt to the cotton cover. I have slept on a latex mattress topper with an organic cotton cover for many years and never had a heat issue. I think the poly foam layer may block the pin-holes in the latex, making it less breathable. A thick cotton mattress pad helped resolve my issues with this though.Overall, this is a good mattress for the money. However, I have decided to return mine to do the firmness level. If you are a side sleeper like me, I HIGHLY recommend looking at the medium firm mattress instead. The "firm" version of this mattress is very firm indeed, and I have been waking up with hip, rib, and shoulder pain for the last 3 weeks, pain that I didn't have the first week I slept on the mattress.Sleepopolis's YouTube review puts the medium firm mattress at an 8/10 on their firmness scale, but I'd say that this firm mattress is a 9.99/10. It's slightly softer than sleeping on a plush carpeted floor, but not much. My old latex mattress topper was a 28ILD, which is the same firmness as the top layer of the medium firm mattress (versus 34ILD in the top layer of the firm mattress). I should have stuck with the medium. Depending on how my return process goes, I may be reordering this mattress in the medium firmness level.I'll try to remember and update this review after the return process is complete.
August 3, 2015
ALL SIDE SLEEPERS SHOULD READ THIS REVIEW! I sleep on my side 99% of the time. Pain in my hip and leg would cause me to shift to the other side constantly. I realized that I needed a better and softer mattress. I stumbled across the Brooklyn Bedding mattress and was intrigued. I noted the best group of overall reviews of any product I have ever researched. I read every review at Amazon and Brooklyn Bedding. I watched every video review and all of the videos at Brooklyn Bedding. I became very confused as to which firmness to purchase. Many stated the medium was too hard and others stated it was too soft. I did note that the soft mattress was good for side sleepers but was confused by the "soft mattress" video that stated that the soft mattress was for lighter people. I was afraid that the soft mattress would not be supportive for my 260 pounds and that I would sink in or roll off the side of the mattress onto the floor. I chatted with two separate "reps" and they assured me that the soft would be very supportive and no problem.I ordered and received the Queen soft and boy were they right! The very first night I noted less pain in my hip and leg and did not have to rotate nearly as often. The second night (and up till now) there has been no pain and I only rotate because I want to and not because of pain. I mostly sleep on my right side on the very edge of the bed and there is plenty of "support" and not a chance of rolling off the bed. I am also able to sit on any edge of the bed and put on my socks with plenty of support. I write this review to make it very clear to those that are heavy like me and sleep on their side that the soft mattress is great for you and that support is not a problem. If you weigh under 300 pounds and are a side sleeper, do not be fooled into thinking you must get a medium or firm mattress. A side sleeper requires the softest supportive mattress and the Brooklyn Bedding soft is just the ticket! My wife weighs about 135 and she sleeps in all positions and also loves this mattress.
December 10, 2015


  • Available in 3 comfort levels to suit your individual sleeping needs.
  • The mattress is compressed and fitted in a 19” x 19” x 45” for easy shipping directly to your doorstep
  • Originally Made in America


Now here’s what you should know!

Most people agree that this a comfortable mattress that lasts for long without any damages or indentations. It’s also quite easy to unpack from the wrapper and plumps into shape very quickly. Furthermore, the mattress is of perfect height plus its built-in sheet also fits easily around the corners. Brooklyn Bedding will make an ideal mattress for your bedroom.

  • Well-designed with a thick core that promotes resilience and longevity. The high density, poly foam material is strong yet comfortable so that you don’t bottom out when sleeping. Moreover, no matter the weight capacity, this core won’t sag prematurely and will actually last for several years to come.
  • Great customer service. The manufacturers have a chat feature on their website that allows clients to talk directly to them. Similarly, helpdesk staff is very patient with people, they will answer all your questions without sounding too pushy like salespersons in other box mattress stores.
  • Delivery and setup are fast. The mattress arrives very quickly after ordering, plus it’s easy to slide the box into your bedroom and put it on top of the adjustable frame all by yourself. From there it’s even simpler to remove the plastic packaging and allow the bed to compress.
  • Readily decompresses after opening. The mattress expands to its full length of 10” in just a few minutes after setting it up on the bed.
  • Has no chemical components. Due to its chemical out-gassing function, Brooklyn Bed doesn’t have any fireproofing chemicals that may cause irritation to the eyes or nose.
  • Releases no odor. Though a slight latex smell may emerge immediately after unwrapping it, this usually dissipates completely after a few hours.
  • The free trial period from the manufacturers. This one you should read! They give you plenty of time to test and ensure that the mattress suits your needs, there’s also a 100% cashback refund if it doesn’t. Brooklyn Bedding is one of a few handful of manufacturers that offer this service.

  • Has a small amount of heat retention. It retains more heat than a traditional innerspring mattress, which is a bad thing for those who live in hot and humid conditions. They may experience issues with heat buildup during the summers. This insulation property is probably caused by the Polyfoam layer they sew to the cotton cover.
  • The polyfoam also blocks latex pinholes thus making it less breathable.
  • Medium level firmness is too rigid for some people. This solidness may give you slight backaches during the night, while also contributing to lots of tossing and turning.
  • Though there’s a ‘return back’ policy for dissatisfied customers, compressing the mattress back to its original box for delivery to the manufacturers is a challenge. Mainly because Brooklyn Bedding expands in size immediately after it’s taken out of the box.

Brooklyn Bedding Latex Mattress

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GhostBed 11-Inch King Latex & Gel Memory Foam Luxury Mattress

GhostBed 11-Inch King Latex & Gel Memory Foam

GhostBed is an original American handcrafted mattress made from top quality materials, it features the latest upgrades in sleep technology with some users equating their experience lying on it to floating on air. The product offers a perfect balance between supernatural comfort and full-body support.

Moreover, its naturally responsive, comfy latex foam cover provides the ideal amount of surface softness, whereas a layer of proprietary gel memory foam helps in regulating sleep temperature. Additionally, the high-density bottom foam layer provides increased support for a good night sleep.

Now that you are interested, this 11” mattress comes with a detachable plush cover that disperses away humidity and heat, thus keeping you cool all through the night.

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GhostBed 11-Inch King Latex & Gel Memory Foam Luxury Mattress

11 inch profile mattress packed with supernatural comfort, GhostBed matching foundation sold separately; 1.5 inches of premium latex naturally contours to your body providing comfortable surface ...

Available: In stock
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After a year of debating and researching mattresses, along with over two years of sore backs and necks, my husband and I decided to take the plunge and order the Ghost bed. We researched all kinds of mattresses, but since we are on a budget, we were debating between GhostBed and Purple. We went with GhostBed because it was cheaper and the reviews of the mattress seemed to be what we were looking for.The first night sleeping on it, I tossed and turned. My back was so so sore the next day. The next night was close to the same, and same for my husband. But the third night was heaven. Neither of us woke up hardly at all. We love this mattress because the motion doesn't transfer as much, so we do not wake each other up as often when we move in our sleep (we both move a lot in our sleep)! After about a week, we finally fully adjusted to sleeping on a memory foam mattress. I'm even convinced that our Dachshund sleeps better on this mattress. It is also a very cool mattress. Unlike most reviews on Amazon, we received NOTHING for this review, and it is totally unbiased.
July 30, 2016
This bed is great, it did take a little to get used to it but is very comfortable and I couldn't be happier I choose this bed. Note: it does take a few weeks to break in the mattres,but after that be prepared to sleep like a baby.
January 3, 2017
Only in it two weeks, but appears to be a very good purchase. I used to wake up tired and grouchy with our old bed. Now I wake up rested and grouchy.
December 25, 2016


  • Has a posh removable cover to wick away moisture

This mattress has an attractive removable cover made from quality fabrics like viscose and polyester, which add to its plush feel. The ultra-soft washable cover helps to keep you cool and relaxed throughout the night by dissipating away excess heat and moisture produced by the body.

  • The naturally responsive latex foam cover reduces pressure

It has 1.5 inches of responsive, high-grade latex that diminishes pressure on the surface without retaining any body heat. This continuously aerated rubber foam layer offers ideal surface softness for total comfort and relaxing sleep.

  • Super-dense base foam for optimal ergonomic support

GhostBed features an ultra-dense layer that offers increased support and robustness, it’s designed to provide enhanced comfort and support for all types of sleepers. The foam layer provides ample spinal alignment without compromising on comfort. On average, the mattress is about 1” thicker than other typical mattresses in the market. Hence giving users more comfort, enhanced support, greater resiliency, and longevity.

  •  Comes in a vacuum-sealed wrapper for easy shipping

The mattress has a vacuum-sealed packaging that provides optimal hygiene, and so that it can fit in a smaller box for delivery. Let me tell you a secret! Before any use, always allow the product to expand for a few hours or days till it reaches full length, and acclimatizes to your home’s temperature.

  • Gel memory foam controls sleeping temperature

It has scientifically been proven that heat can inhibit you from enjoying a good night’s sleep. To solve this problem, GhostBed has been designed with features that help to keep you cool during sleep. The 2-inch gel memory foam layer has 100% pressure-relieving properties infused with gel beads. This material absorbs heat which helps to keep your sleeping temperatures moderate for a revitalizing sleep.


Here’s the final deal!

GhostBed is a reliable mattress that offers extraordinary comfort and support to the sleeper. It has layers of high-density foam to ensure the material does not sag even after long periods of use, including a latex cover that regulates both moisture and heat levels.

  • 4 lbs. of gel infused memory foam reduces excess pressure while also minimizing nighttime movement.
  •  This mattress is made in the U.S and has a 20yr warranty cover from the manufacturers, its high styled smooth top cover further features a quilted side and zipper that offers easy removal and care. Likewise, the 7.5” of the ultra-dense core provides the ideal balance between comfort, support, and durability.
  • 100 days free trial. Buyers can test this mattress for the first 100 days after purchase, with the option of returning it if their needs are not met. However, this offer only applies to those buying it from Amazon.
  • Has a GhostBed matching foundation that’s sold separately.
  • Premium latex material naturally conforms to your body by providing optimal surface softness.
  •  Reasonably priced compared to other mattresses in the same class.
  • Relieves a backache. Just to spark your attention! Some users claim they had their back ache problems cured after sleeping on this mattress for about a week.

  • It’s very solid during the first few days after purchase. GhostBed takes some time before it becomes soft enough for a comfortable sleep.
  • May initially emit a slight chemical smell, but this usually goes away soon afterward.
  • The delivery box may arrive in poor form.
  • Vacuum sealing trifold done by the manufacturers impedes on the inner foam’s structural integrity, it creates an artificial spine on the bed which prevents the mattress from lying flat.

GhostBed 11-Inch King Latex & Gel Memory Foam Luxury Mattress

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Casper Sleep Mattress

Casper Sleep MattressCasper is an award-winning mattress that’s been designed to conform to your body’s contours, this helps in relieving pressure while also maintaining buoyancy and optimal temperature. Want to know the interesting bit? Its 4-layer foam system consists of a durable supportive foam, responsive memory foam, open-cell latex foam and adaptive transition foam. All these work to keep you cool and well-balanced.

Furthermore, the hybrid layer of soft latex and firm memory foam creates an ample sleeping surface that provides enhanced support, without any reduction in air circulation.

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Casper Sleep Mattress, King

4-layer foam construction for support, breathability, and bounce; Open-cell hypoallergenic latex keeps you cool all night; 100 Night Trial, Free Returns within 100 Days of Receipt of Shipment. Only ...

Available: In stock
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I purchased this bed after I bought a Beautyrest Recharge from Sears. I returned the Beautyrest after 25 days because it was just too hot for me and my wife and caused us to constantly sift our position to find a cooler area of the bed. Loved the bed at first but then it was just too hot to live with...and this was in winter. Sears charges a 15% restocking fee so I decided to go ahead with the Casper since they don't charge anything for returns. In the end, I realized that buying a mattress from a place like Sears is just as big a gamble as buying from an online store like Casper or Amazon. You will never know how your body will react to a mattress unless you sleep on it for several weeks. Not to mention that the demo mattress I tried in store didn't really feel like the mattress i received. So trying a mattress out in a store is very over rated in my opinion and when they charge a restocking fee for returns...its a no brainer.I will update this review after I spend a month or so with it and update my review.Update: I've had my Casper mattress for about a month and am updating this review. Casper has a great online presence. It almost seems like the "Apple" of mattress companies. They use very descriptive words to describe their mattress. The downside of doing this is that you get people's expectations up.I have my California King Casper mattress on a brand new Simple Life Foundation. So far, if I were to rate the mattress I would give it a solid 5 out of 10. Its just good enough. Its not something where I look forward to laying in bed because it doesn't feel all that comfortable, but it doesn't give me any back pains when I sleep on it either. I sleep mostly on my side and the mattress seems to support me sufficiently. The mattress isn't as hot as the Beautyrest and stays cool most of the time.Is it too firm or too soft? That's a very difficult question to answer because the mattress is actually both firm and soft. That may sound perfect but its not. You probably want a bed that feels soft but has firm support. But this bed is the opposite. It has a firm feel but has soft support. That is probably because the top layer is Dunlop latex and its sitting on top of memory foam. This bed will probably not feel like anything you've ever slept on. Nevertheless, it seems to support my body relatively well since I am not waking up with any body aches.But the big negative is that from my perspective the mattress "feels" cheap. It doesn't "feel" like a high quality mattress. It feels very basic like its from IKEA. My expectations were very high given the company's website and people's review but now I realize that it is mostly brilliant marketing.The people who give positive reviews have an incentive to get people to buy because if new purchasers use their discount code, they will also get $50.00 for the referral. After trying the mattress I'm certain that more than half of these positive reviews are tainted. There is no way that nearly 99% of the people who have this mattress are this happy about it, given the actual mattress.But it's a difficult decision on whether to return the mattress or not. The mattress is fine and my body doesn't hurt, but its not a bed that I look forward to laying in either. And if I return this mattress, I will have to shop for another mattress and my wife will probably kill me.I emailed Casper and they are sending me out a latex mattress topper they have recently made (free of charge) that they say will soften up the mattress. I will update this review again when I have used the mattress topper for a while. If the topper doesn't work out, I will be returning the mattress.BTW: Their customer support is exemplary, I just wish I could say the same thing about the mattress.UPDATE #2: I received the mattress topper a few weeks ago and have returned to update my review. (I have changed my review from 2 stars to 4 stars) The tag on the mattress topper says "latex" and it looks like its about 1 inch thick. From my research on blogs, this was made available only in late January of 2015. Prior to this Casper sent people memory foam mattress toppers from Amazon. The issue that I had was obviously pretty widespread for them to manufacture their own mattress topper.The mattress topper has completely changed the mattress from my perspective. From the first day that I used the mattress topper, the bed has been great. I say this because when I first received and slept on the Casper mattress, I had body aches for about a week until my body got used to the mattress. With the latex mattress topper, it is now the best bed that I have ever slept on. Now the mattress feels soft in the right way and has excellent support. I can sleep on my side and back all night long with no complaints.Without the mattress topper, I was experiencing neck pain and thought it was my pillows, but it turned out that it was the original Casper bed. I didn't have any neck pain before the Casper or since I put the latex topper on (too bad I wasted money on buying 3 different pillows in the meantime). Very odd that a bed would strain your neck. But the mattress topper fixed all of that.With the latex topper on the bed, the bed now feels like a bed that could fetch $3,000.00. Its really everything I was hoping for in buying this type of latex bed. It doesn't feel cheap anymore and feels high end. My wife, who had no problems with the original Casper bed without the topper, was also amazed at how much better the bed became with the mattress topper.It may be odd to hear that a 1 inch latex mattress topper could change the mattress so much...but when you consider that the Casper mattress' comfort layers are only 1.5 inches of latex, sitting on top of 1.5 inches of Memory Foam, I guess an additional 1 inch of latex would make a big difference. I wish that Casper had just built in the additional latex topper into the mattress initially but I also know that this was the first version of their mattress. I wouldn't be surprised if future iterations of this mattress included a little more latex on top.The only issue that remains to be seen is durability...but that is something that hopefully takes years to answer.Again, the customer service has been really awesome.In summary,the Casper bed by itself is sort of an odd duck but with the free latex mattress topper it is a very, very nice bed.Go buy this bed and ask for the free mattress topper. If you already have this bed complain about it being too hard and get it for free and you can thank me later...BTW: Check out all the attacks I've received below. Although I'm very happy with this bed now with the mattress topper, its a little odd how people feel the need to defend this bed and attack my initial review. After all it is just one man's opinion. Makes me wonder if its people from Casper...UPDATE #3: Thank you for all the kind comments. I'm sure that the negative comments were from people affiliated with Casper. Who else would take the time to bash a review?Anyway, the bed is really awesome now and we love it, btw my wife is pregnant and getting bigger every day. We've stayed at some luxury hotels since we got the Casper mattress topper and mattress, and its always a relief when we get back to our bed.The only negative aspect of the bed is that it lacks any kind of edge support. That means if you sit on the edge of the bed or lay too close to the edge, the edge will droop down and you will likely find yourself on the floor. But that is a very minor inconvenience and the only negative I can find. I would buy this bed again and again, as it is right now.FINAL UPDATE: Casper has contacted me directly to let me know that they have now incorporated the feel of the mattress topper into the mattress itself. Thus a mattress topper is no longer required or offfered. I just wanted everyone to know that. Casper said that many people were referencing this review to get the mattress topper. So please beware that the mattress has changed for the better according to Casper. Thumbs up to Casper for responding so well to customer feedback and making changes to their product in such a quick manner. Their service is really great and I was surprised to get a personal email from Casper telling me about the new mattress and the changes they've made.I've invested a lot of time on this review and the only reason I did so was because the process of buying a bed was such a headache and all of the professional reviews on the web seemed tainted in some way. I hope this helps people who are considering a Casper. If you would like $50.00 off your Casper just send me a message with your email and I'll email it to you personally. If you do so, Casper says that I will also get $50.00 somehow. When I purchased my Casper I used someone's link as well to save $50.00.
December 16, 2014
We purchased our Casper mattress on 8-22-15 directly through their website. Since then my wife and I have gone from "this is a nice mattress" to "great googlie this is amazing" every night. It's a wonderful bed and I cannot speak more highly of it, but if you are considering one I think there are some things you should consider.Before I list my thoughts I want to offer a little background.1.) I'm 6'8" tall and 240 lbs (+/-). My wife is a skinny 5'3". We are an odd couple that puts an interesting strain on mattresses.2.) we have been married 12 years and have pretty much had the same mattress since we were married.3.) Our previous was a traditional spring mattress without a topper of any sort.4.) considering my height it's not surprising I have chronic lower back pain. I've had it for years.(Casper fixed this one. Read below)Ok, here are some things to consider,and our experiences:1.) This bed isn't what you expect. It's not memory foam, it's not a coil system, it's not latex. It's different. Don't buy a Casper thinking you know what you'll get. The mattress is like nothing I've ever slept on. It's pretty firm initially, but also soft and supporting. You don't really sink in like a memory foam mattress (I hate that sinking in feeling), it's not bouncy like a coil system (I hate the "sleeping on a trampoline" feeling of a coil mattress), and it's not spongy like a latex mattress (or any other type of foam mattress).. It's different... I know that doesn't make sense but sleep on one and you'll know what I mean.2.) There is absolutely an adjustment phase. It took me 4-6 nights of sleeping on our Casper before I could say I got a good night's sleep. I actually thought about sending the mattress back after the first couple nights. The bed is more firm than our worn out coil mattress and I think my body didn't know how to handle such a different surface. Of course, this frustration went away and now I look forward to crawling into bed.3.) I don't care what people say, foam is an insulator. The mattress is warmer than a coil system. Not a lot warmer, but warmer. The first few nights of sleeping on the mattress and I felt uncomfortably warm. Now I don't notice at all. If you buy a Casper, don't be surprised if your body needs some time to adjust... and trust me, it'll be worth it.4.) This thing is ridiculously good at isolating each sleeper. We have 5 young kids - it's pretty much a given, an extra kid will end up in our bed during the night, or we'll get up to feed, or sooth a child. Sleeping through the night is a myth with 5 young children. It used to be sliding out of bed a night created a tidal wave for the other sleeper. With the Casper I could set a glass of water near my wife and jump up and down on mine - the water would barely ripple. Beyond that, considering my size it's no surprise my wife would end up rolling to my side of the bed at night. I used to think it was because she wanted to cuddle. Turns out I was creating a crater she couldn't help but fall into. Now, she stays on my side of the bed, and I stay on mine.. It's kind of lonely but I manage. :)5.) The Casper is dead silent. No squeaks, not creaks, no groans. Because of this be prepared to get frustrated with your foundation/box springs because you'll suddenly notice all the extra noise with it.6.) The biggest, more wonderful affect I've experienced with our mattress? My lower back pain.. my chronic lower back pain. IT'S GONE! Yes, I still have pain when I lift something I shouldn't or over exert myself. But the nagging pain of life is just gone.One thing that still baffles me is how my entire body feels supported no matter how I'm sleeping. I feel comfortable on my back, side and stomach. I can feel myself relaxing into the bed and I think that's why it has resolved my aches and pains. If for no other reason, this is why I love our bed!7) I think Casper is growing pretty fast so be prepared to wait. When we ordered our mattress it was supposed to be shipped quickly, but we got back ordered for a few weeks. It was frustrating but their customer support was super friendly and fast to respond, even to my angry emails. In the end they worked with us and we got the mattress a little more quickly than expected. I suspect their growth is messing with supply chain issues. I hope they've got that worked out, but don't be surprised if you have to wait - be patient with them and they'll be very accommodating with you.8) This one may be too soon to tell, but so far our mattress looks as square and crisp as the day we bought it. I've seen some memory foam mattresses that look "frumpy" after a while. Casper is different in that it always has that nice square look. It looks like a brand new coil mattress every morning.9) I fully expected our Casper to have a funky chemical smell for a few days. Nope. Spelled great right out of the vacuum sealed bag (which, by the way, is pretty awesome in itself).Anyway, I cannot speak more highly of our purchase and I try to convince everyone I know to buy one. Worth every penny, and has revolutionized our lives - seriously.Hope this helps.NateP.S. I should note, I was asked by Casper to write this review after I filled out a review in their system (they check up on us every 3 months or so, to make sure we're still happy with our purchase). I'm not being paid for my opinions, nor have I received anything in exchange, but it's important you know they invited me to comment here.
March 7, 2016


  • Has open-cell hypoallergenic latex to keep you cool throughout the night
  • 4-layer foam construction offers greater support, aeration, and bounce.
  • 100 Night free-trial offer, you can sample the product and return it for free within the first 100 days after shipment.


For those who have been waiting! Casper’s is the ideal mattress for any sleeping position. It doesn’t matter whether you sleep on the side or back, the product will contour to your body and relieve unnecessary pressure while retaining a vibrant bounce and cool temperature level.

Still, what makes you freeze in your tracks is the 4-layer foam construction that offers extra support and comfort for the best sleeping experience ever.

  •  Human tested and certified for use. The manufacturers explored hundreds of configurations, narrowing down their selection to 24 beta models for adequate user testing. They later invited random people from various walks of life to test their most favorable prototypes. Following this thorough process, Casper emerged as the best latex mattress due to its superior properties.
  • Affordably priced. The company’s direct-to-consumer sales model reduces costs for the customer, who benefit by getting this premium mattress at nearly a third of its retail price.
  • 10-year warranty. It comes with a comprehensive 10yr limited warranty.
  • The product ships in a nice compact box.
  • Has the perfect sink and bounce ratio for a good night sleep.
  • Was named by Time Magazine as one of the Best Inventions of 2015. Now you get why it’s special!
  • Alleviates lower back pain when used for a considerable amount of time.
  • Easy to unpack, swells effortlessly after unwrapping and is very comfortable. You’ll notice a change in the quality of your sleep after just a few days. There would be no more tossing and turning at night.
  • Though great on its own, Casper offers an even better sleep experience when used together with performance sheets available in the market.
  • Can support large people while still maintaining its consistent shape.

  • There’s a return option for those not satisfied with the product after purchasing it, you don’t have to stick with the mattress forever if it doesn’t meet your needs.
  • Some users say it’s too firm for them to sleep comfortably. This can result to sore sides and backs especially for those who sleep sideways.
  • There are complaints that Casper won’t honor trial period cover or warranty if the product is purchased online through Amazon. However, even if you’re lucky enough and they accept, shipping it back is still a huge problem. The mattress expands after unpacking and fitting it back to its original box is next to impossible.
  • It emits a bad odor when unwrapping.
  • Sometimes they can send you a wrongly sized mattress, even after ordering for a properly sized one. The company may also take considerable time to respond when seeking for a replacement.

Casper Sleep Mattress

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Roma Natural Latex Mattress 

Roma Natural Latex Mattress

Roma is a natural latex mattress that allows you to enjoy a luxurious sleep without feeling the pinch financially. It’s one of the few mattresses in this category that has a fire barrier, consisting of rayon material made from bamboo.

Have I captured your attention?

  • Product
  • Specification

Roma Natural Latex Mattress - 6" Natural Dunlop Latex - 9" Finished...

Non-toxic Materials: 6" of 100% Natural Dunlop latex quilted to 1.5" of CertiPUR foam on both sides.; Innovative 2-in-1 Comfort Technology: Two levels of comfort in a single mattress.; Naturally ...

Available: In stock
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Made in USA

I bought the Queen-size Roma all latex mattress back in 2014 (less than two years ago). True to others' experience, both my and my wife's backache pretty much disappear immediately. It was magic. However, recently, we had issue with the mattress. It started to sag. We both weigh about 165lb and 150lb each. So I contacted Sleep EZ USA through Amazon. The rep asked me a few questions and explained how a very small % of mattresses could have issue with the latex-forming process, although this is something he has not seen before. Nonetheless, after seeing the pictures I sent him, he made a very reasonable arrangement and get the whole issue resolved at no costs to me. The whole process took less than 15 minutes while I was waiting in the car pool line - Impressive! On top of that, the replacement (new) mattress was shipped to me within a week. My wife and I are sleeping soundly again.I was initially worried that they would bail on me since their prices were very reasonable. After this experience, I am impressed by how they stand behind their product and care about their reputation. They will definitely get another business from this satisfied customer. Bravo!
February 29, 2016
I got this mattress last week, and so my review is what my initial experience is.THE DIFFERENCE:Start, the difference between this and a Tempur-Pedic(Memory Foam) mattress? The latex bed has much more bounce feeling to it, there is no spring, but any indent you create is instantly filled after as you roll over, so when you roll over you don't fall back a little into the hole that was created from the first part of your night(it doesn't memorize your shape). Memory foam does create this hole, and there really is a slight stuck feeling when you lay in the same spot for a few hours then try and roll over.THE FEEL:I like the firm, there is a slight topper on both sides, but most notable on the firm side because on the medium side it seems to blend in with the bed. When you lay in it there is a very even feel to it, your mid section doesn't sink lower like it does with a spring mattress. My back was very happy in this bed, I normally do best laying flat on the floor, but this was great for me. The firm I would say is actually closer to a firmer medium, nowhere near rock status, a perfect fit. If you want to sink into foam, then this bed probably isn't for you, even the medium side isn't like that.THE SMELL:I noticed no smell, I don't cough more, nor does my eyes water, no detectable sign of off-gassing. I did confirm from corporate that the outer layer has some soy(which has off-gassing), but I couldn't smell anything. Soy is not studied enough to make any real conclusions about it, and would be a negligible amount even then.Note: What is not listed on the site is that this bed contains wool, which means nothing to me, but might for someone allergic.NOW FOR THE ARGUMENT:For those who don't know, there is this whole theory that memory foam causes cancer and other disease. It is made essentially from oil, and many report it has a distinct smell which is actually off-gassing. Other oil based products have been proven to cause cancer to the point where the state has had to regulate how certain things are made, carpets, baby bottles, etc........ There is at least one review claiming that the bed has tons of soy in it(which means they mixed it with oil based product), but according to corporate it is only the outer cover and negligible at best, the soy was added for it's plush feeling and the whole mattress all the way through the core is 0 Dunlop latex.I will try to follow up in 6 months, take care all.
May 30, 2014
I spent a fair amount of time reading a rating website which has unbiased mattress reviews. I decided on latex due to no off-gassing and the fact that it's supposed to last longer than the alternatives, plus I had a huge problem with my last innerspring mattress which cost $1000 and only lasted about a year. This mattress got good reviews so I decided to take a chance on it.I had no problems with it at first. I didn't get the paperwork and when I contacted the company they said they'd email the invoice, but they don't have further paperwork. I explained that I was trying to look into a return after the 90 days. It turns out that their return policy is very fair, within 90 days if you don't like the mattress you can donate it to an established charity and send them the receipt and they'll return all but $100 'processing fee' (I'm assuming this is how much the mattress cost them to make). I'm going through this process right now so I'll update when I find out if it works out properly. This way you don't have to ship a huge mattress back to AZ, and I see the $100 as a rental fee for having a mattress for 3 months.I was disappointed with the mattress itself. When I first got it I was instantly in love, it was the first night in a year that I woke up without pain. That first month was glorious! But then it got the dreaded indentations and soft spots. The second month was less comfortable, and flipping it over didn't seem to help. By the third month I was disappointed and done with it, I was in as much pain as I was with my lousy innerspring mattress. After my boyfriend goes to work I crawl into the middle of the bed and sleep on the hill where it hasn't broken down yet and that helps a little with the pain.I realize now that most of the reviews for this mattress were made when it was new to them, many people mention only having the mattress for a month. Reviews on a product that's supposed to last 10 years don't show a very good picture if it's only been used for a month, that's an extremely small sample window, so take some of them with a grain of salt.Even though I didn't like the mattress, I'm still giving it a good review based on the customer service. They couldn't send me a direct email since amazon censors that out of their messages, so they gave me a number to call and I was able to deal with helpful people immediately with no fuss and no phone trees.Edit: After I finished the return I got a full refund minus the fee. When they needed more info they contacted me, they didn't just wait for me to follow up and see what was wrong. They also didn't care that I was a few days late, this isn't a giant corporation that follows the letter of the law as a way to deny claims and save money. A+ customer service.
May 16, 2015

There’s also a lavish stretch knit cover which is spun from original organic cotton.


  • Has an inventive 2-in-1 Comfort Technology that allows users to enjoy dual levels of comfort in just one mattress. This makes it suitable for both side and stomach sleepers.
  • Made from non-toxic materials. The product consists of 6” of premium Organic Dunlop latex, with Latex Green fabric knitted to 1.5 inches of CertiPUR foam on both sides.
  • Safe and hygienic. Latex is naturally hypo-allergenic, as well as mildew, mold and dust mite resistant.
  • High quality product. It makes an extremely durable and environmentally-friendly bedding material.


Let me just say!

It’s a guarantee that you’ll be pleased with this particular latex mattress, it’s not just comfy and durable but also comes wrapped in a secure package that prevents any second-hand damage. Roma is also considerably affordable compared to other latex mattresses.

  • It has no harmful compounds like polyurethane, artificial fillers or any other surprise elements. There’s no harmful polyurethane, no synthetic fillers, and absolutely no surprise compounds.
  • Extremely durable, antibacterial and sustainable.
  • No sagging even after using it for long periods, there’s no need to toss the mattress over or rotate it just to sleep comfortably.
  • The latex mattress foundation offers pin-point pressure relief and superior support to avoid backache problems.
  • Locally made in America from the manufacturer’s Phoenix-based factory, they also inspect each product before delivery to ensure that it meets the highest possible standards of quality.
  • Impressive customer service. If you want a hassle-free shopping experience, just let the helpdesk professionals help you out and make the process a breeze. Do you yearn for more? They also provide free shipping and returns, as well as full cash back guarantee. Not to forget the 20yr warranty.
  • They accept replacements, with the new product being shipped to you in less than a week.
  • Roma is extremely comfortable. It has an impressive bouncy feel with no springs attached to its underlying structure. Moreover, any indents you create while lying on top is quickly filled afterward when rolling over.
  • The latex mattress pad is Medium in firmness and nowhere near rock status like other similar products. When you sleep on it, there’s a feeling of evenness and your midsection doesn’t sink downwards as is seen in spring mattresses. You’ll wake up in the morning feeling very rejuvenated.
  • Here’s the best part! It does not produce any foul smell. There’s no detectable odor coming from the mattress, this means no watery eyes, coughing or off-gassing.
  • Works great with adjustable bedframes.

  • Some people complain that the mattress sags and becomes softer after a month or so of use.
  • Though sold as a 9-inch mattress, this measurement is not from seam to seam. If you want a full 9” mattress then preferably go for a 12-inch model to get the 9-inch thickness from one seam to the next.
  • The Medium level firmness can be too stiff for some individuals, you may have to buy a topper and this can be quite expensive.
  • The outer layer has some amount of soy, though in negligible amounts. Those who are allergic to this compound may exhibit side effects. It’s also not mentioned on the site that Roma contains traces of wool.
  • Retains body heat. During winter it feels perfect, but when the weather changes and becomes hot sleeping would really be a problem. You’ll wake up in the middle of the night due to high temperatures.
  • Oftentimes it ships with no documentation from the manufacturers. There is no invoice, no certifications, no unpacking instructions and no written guarantee. If not for the shipping label, no one can really tell where the product is from.

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LUCID 16 Inch Plush Memory Foam and Latex Mattress 

LUCID 16 Inch Plush

LUCID is an ultra-soft mattress that combines layers of Memory Foam and Latex. It’s available in various thickness levels of 10, 12, 14 and 16 inches with a feel of either Medium, Medium-Plush or Plush. Since it’s made from natural latex material, the product offers a nice resilient feel and support to the sleeper.

Think about this for a moment!

Compared to the ‘compression’ of memory foam, this fabric provides a little bit more ‘pushback’.

  • Product
  • Specification

LUCID 16 Inch Plush Memory Foam and Latex Mattress - Four-Layer -...

The FeelThis plush, 16 inch thick mattress comes with four layers that work together to bring you optimal comfort in your sleep.Memory Foam with LatexThe first layer is a 1 inch bamboo charcoal ...

Available: In stock
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Item Weight

147 pounds

Product Dimensions

80 x 76 x 16 inches


Imported (China)

Item model number


My husband and I just got married, so I decided my gift to us would be to upgrade from my 10-year-old queen pillowtop to a king-sized memory foam. Like many people here, I stumbled upon the Lucid by Googling “best foam mattress.” I hadn’t been planning on making such a big purchase online without being able to test it, but the reviews for this one were overwhelming.First, I took my husband to a regular mattress store because I wanted him to be aware of what he was getting into. He doesn’t like change, and I wanted to warm him to the idea before I committed. We tested every foam mattresses in the store and I preferred the super soft plush ones, but the salesman told my husband, who has back problems, he needed a firmer mattress or he would destroy his back. After we left I told him that based on what the internet said the Lucid would be comparable to the firmer mid-level plush.So I decided to trust the strangers of the internet. Maybe I needed a little faith in humanity right now. Plus, I got it for such an amazing deal I had enough left over to get all the towels nobody bought from our registry.The mattress arrived with lightning speed. Honestly I’m tempted to suspect they saw my IP address had looked at this page so many times they shipped it to a nearby warehouse in anticipation of my purchase. The UPS guy did not want to bring it up the steps to our front door. Luckily my husband was home to help him. How my husband managed to get it up to the second floor of our townhome all by himself is going to remain one of the many unsolved mysteries of our marriage.The accompanying Zinus frame took an extra two days to arrive. My husband was wary about putting a foam mattress on an openly slotted frame, so I said some of the reviewers over there mentioned cutting up the cardboard box it came in and using that as a bridge between the two. So we did that, and then unwrapped the mattress. Immediately it started to puff up and my husband pressed his hand on it. He looked at me with scornful dread. “This is going to be too soft for me, hon,” he echoed the mattress salesman’s warning. “Don’t worry,” I said, trying not to show my panic. “The internet said it’s the perfect combination between plush and firm. Some people say it’s too firm. Nobody ever says it’s too plush!”We slept on it that first night because others had said they’d done so too. Besides, we’d already dropped the old queen pillowtop to the curb and it was commandeered within minutes by a local homeless guy whom we had no intention of trying to wrestle it back from. And I didn’t sleep a wink. I tossed and turned, worried that my husband wasn’t sleeping and would demand I send it back. The internet said returns weren’t a hassle, but this thing was a damn beast. I couldn’t see how it could possibly go back.That, and it was actually firmer at first than I’d hoped. I’m a side sleeper, and that first night reminded me of the night we’d spent in an Airbnb in Temecula where I legit thought the owner had gotten a trampoline instead of a mattress to cut costs. But I was determined not to worry. It would adjust, the internet had assured me. It wasn’t done puffing up yet.I came home from work the next day, exhausted, and I attempted the bed once again. It still crunched and cricked my side. So I flipped onto my back. Only then did I have my “aha” moment. It was softer when I lay prone with my weight evenly distributed. It cradled me and finally I discovered that perfect combination of soft and firm. It has since puffed up more, and side sleeping is comfortable again too.The mattress does get a bit warmer than I expected. It could be just adjusting from pillowtop to foam takes time. Or it could be that it’s been in the 90’s here (in November) because, you know, global warming. But the huge advantage is: when my husband tosses and turns he launches his full weight into the air and back down again like he’s wrestling a python in his sleep, or recreating that scene from “Big” where Tom Hanks bounces onto his bunk bed. So I happily trade being a little toasty to no longer have to even be aware of that nighttime nonsense. Also, in our old bed he would pull ALL the covers off me and tent them around himself because clearly his subconscious puts my comfort at a distant second to his own – but he hasn’t been doing that in this bed, at least so far. Perhaps his subconscious is finally warm enough to satiate his self-protective instincts.Long story short, I really like this mattress a lot. Soft meets firm and has an affordable baby. The beast can stay. And now we can never move.Thanks internet for restoring my faith in the goodness and honesty of strangers.
November 15, 2016
I wanted to like this bed, My old bed was 15 years old.. I ho hummed about purchasing a bed online. Finally, I decided on the Lucid 16 inch plush memory foam and latex bed, I bought a new bed frame, sheets etc, I spent a lot of money.The bed is so hard. I was sent a replacement bed, but that to was like sleeping on the floor. my body was so sore.Amazon customer service was helpful , really top notch. I would not recommend or purchase this again. There is nothing about this bed that I would consider PLUSH. Really disappointed.
June 13, 2016
So I've had this for a little over a month now and I'm very happy with it!My boyfriend and I sleep on this. I'm 5'1 - 250lbs, he's 6'3 240 lbs. It works for both of us. We both usually sleep on our sides, but occasionally our backs and it works for both. It feels relatively cool compared to some of the other memory foam mattresses I've slept on--but it is still slightly hotter than my old spring mattress. I got some Tencel sheets to go with it (Tencel/bamboo sheets help stay cool) and we sleep with the ceiling fan on so it's works out to be perfectly comfortable.You will need another person to help you get this thing set up-- even if you're really strong (this thing is heavy!), it's just big and awkward to move alone, and there are little nubs on the bottom of the mattress that make it hard to just scoot around. It unrolls upside down, so my suggestion would be to flip it over, move it where you want it, and -then- unwrap it. It expanded very quickly for us, within minutes it seemed. The smell took a few days to really go away, but we slept on it anyways because our old bed was falling apart, and it didn't seem to hurt anything (aside from our noses).Edge support is great, I put my socks on at the foot of the bed and I haven't rolled out of it or anything. We put ours directly on the floor. With 16 inches it's high enough, and we can save money up for a platform base eventually. I don't think slats would do so great, this thing is super heavy.I looked up similar latex/foam combinations at the store and it's like 3k-4k...no thanks!This is a regular review, I didn't get a discount or any kind of perk for reviewing.
July 24, 2016


  • Has both Memory Foam and Latex materials

The first layer consists of a 1-inch bamboo organic memory foam knit into a softer outer cover, this bamboo charcoal is particularly good for those with sensitive skin and has advanced thermal regulation properties.

Additionally, the top layer can easily be removed by taking out the mattress cover. Directly below it is a 3” section of much softer and less dense memory foam. This is ventilated for proper breathability and comfort. Beneath that is another 2-inch layer of organic latex.

  • It gets even better!

The multilevel layers offer greater support to your body for a decent night sleep. Sleepers are guaranteed of optimal orthopedic backing, and pressure relief to alleviate back neck and shoulder pain. Similarly, the open-cell memory foam creates a longer lasting, durable foam that won’t leave any body impressions on the surface.

  • Soft, ventilated cover

LUCID’s top cover is made from a cozy TENCEL blend material, consisting of 90% polyester and 10% TENCEL lyocell fabric. The result is an ultra-soft cover with a breathable air layer on top of the mattress.

  • Safe for both the owner and environment

The foam found in this mattress is CertiPUR-US certified, meaning it’s been independently tested and approved for the safety of materials, physical performance and environmental sustenance.

  • Conveniently shipped for simple set up

As standard procedure, the latex mattress king comes vacuum packed. After it arrives from the company, simply take your package to the appropriate room then remove from the box and protective wrapper. Place it on top of your bed so that it can begin to expand automatically to its full size.


To cut the long story short! LUCID is a nice looking, ultra-comfortable mattress that’s suitable for use in all types of environments, whether hot or cold. It’s worth every bang for your buck.

  • Ships directly from the manufacturers. Since Lucid mattresses are distributed by the company itself, without any 3rd parties in between. They are low priced and of great quality.
  • Backed by a comprehensive warranty. The product has been constructed with quality care and top notch components, thus earning the industry-leading warranty cover that accompanies it.
  • Delivered in a compressed box for easy unpacking. During shipment, the mattresses are tightly packed, rolled and shipped in manageable boxes for stress-free delivery and setup.
  • Alleviates fatigue, muscle ache, and stiffness. After sleeping on it, you’ll rise in the morning feeling healthy and athletic. Ready to tackle the day.
  • Friendly, responsive customer service. This is important! Helpdesk team is very polite and ready to answer any questions you may have regarding the mattress, including return policy issues.
  • Super comfortable. LUCID is very soft when pressing, kneeling or sitting on the bed’s edge. In addition, when sleeping your weight is adequately distributed throughout the surface for a comfortable feel.

  • There are people who think the bed feels too hard for their liking
  • The mattress is heavy and you’ll probably need help from another person to carry it
  • There have been complaints of foul smell, even after 2 days the odor may still not go away.
  • It takes time to poof up to its full size.

LUCID 16 Inch Plush Memory Foam and Latex Mattress

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Ultimate Dreams Queen Eurotop Latex Mattress

Ultimate Dreams Queen Eurotop

Ultimate Dreams mattress is highly recommendable for those who need a therapeutic bed that offers orthopedic support, pressure relief and exceptional comfort. It has 3-inches of Talalay Latex foam that instantly conforms to your body’s contours to prevent tossing and turning during the night.

The name definitely says it all!

This product is only made to order and can be customized to suit the buyer’s needs, the mattress is available in 3 density levels of firm, moderate and soft latex material. Can I give you a tip? Its hypoallergenic nature also makes Ultimate Dreams ideal for allergy sufferers.

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Ultimate Dreams Queen Eurotop Latex Mattress

Queen 12" Ultra Plush EuroTop Latex Mattress with Bamboo Zipper Cover. All our latex mattresses are custom tailored to your desired firmness. After purchase every customer will be contacted by ...

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My wife and i did a lot of research on mattresses prior to purchase and after looking on sites like "Sleep Like the Dead" and "Mattress Underground" etc, we decided we wanted a Latex Mattress. (As FYI, we we first started our search we thought we wanted Tempurpedic or Sleep Number but after talking to friends and doing more research both of those seemed like bad decisions). So, when we decided on latex, we were steering towards the Pure Bliss Natural bed, but a king size is around $3k and this just seemed like a lot. We kept seeing the writeups about Brooklyn Bedding's DreamFoam Latex mattress on SLTD and MU websites, but were concerned about ordering a mattress online. In the end, we took a gamble and ordered this bed for $1k, hoping to save the money vs the PBN. We decided on this "eurotop" version vs the standard version of this mattress b/c the eurotop version allows you to change out the latex upper (just unzip/replace with new upper from BB) if you find that it is too hard or soft so that gives you a bit of extra confidence in the purchase.On the mattress review websites you see over and again about the great service from Brooklyn Bedding and we found the same experience. Very quickly post purchase we were contacted by BB to confirm order and ask us to choose our firmness. We used the option to have a phone conversation with BB and talked with Chuck for guidance. In the end, we decided on getting a firmness of 5. We have had the bed for a month or so now and it is just great - very comfortable and offers both my wife and I a great night's sleep. We are very happy we made this purchaseOther Notes:a) We ended up not needing to make a change in the latex upper because Chuck did a great job of helping us get it right the first time. Even still, I would get the Eurotop again because I like the flexibility and can make a change later if need beb) Our original intention was to get a latex mattress and then add a latex topper b/c that seems to be a popular thing to do and the big box mattress stores recommended that. We told this to Chuck at BB and even asked him to sell us a topper with our initial purchase, however he told us to try the mattress without the topper first and see how we like it, then if need be call back and get the topper. It turns out we did not need the topper. What impresses me about this is that Chuck did not just sell us something we didn't need even though it meant less money for him. That is rare in today's world, huh? Pretty coolc) Despite being a king size bed, amazingly the mattress comes in a long, tube of carboard box. the mattress is totally shrunk down in airtight wrap. You unwrap it and it pretty much expands back into its shape in about 10 minutes - quite a site. we did let it air out on the patio b/c we read about the potential fumes from latex/foam but in the end we had no issues and didn't notice any latex odors even on the first nightd) re ordering online - it was a concern at first but BB proved to be a quality company and we are glad we took the risk.Give it a try. It's a gamble worth taking.
October 16, 2012
I've had lower back surgery and lower back pain is a constant worry. We had a gel mattress and I would wake up in pain all the time. It hurt to turn over, but I couldn't stay on one side through the whole night. And then I got pregnant - even more uncomfortable! Plus I would get way too hot sleeping on the gel mattress AND it would just sink in...was not happy. A lot of people talked about how wonderful latex mattresses were, but they were really expensive (especially considering our mattress was only a year old).Then I noticed an ad on Amazon, and checked it out. I read all these amazing reviews and saw how big of a price difference there was (I saw some mattresses in stores that were over twice the price of what was listed online!), I decided to take the plunge and order the mattress online. I played phone tag with Chuck for a couple days, but then decided on the mattress for us. Slightly firmer than normal, but not super-hard.It arrived EARLY and was only slightly difficult for my husband to lug up the stairs (being pregnant, I'm more of a supervisor right now) by himself. It was fun to watch it expand, and the odor was not too bad at all (again, being pregnant, I have a sensitive sniffer right now, and it didn't bother me). It didn't take long for the bed to fill out.I'd say almost immediately I noticed a difference. I can turn over without being in pain, although I find myself doing less tossing and turning, and when I get up in the mornings, my lower back doesn't feel like it's been through a meat grinder. The latex doesn't get hot, so I'm sleeping much better on that front too. My husband has had no complaints about the bed either - we are both satisfied customers!***Update***We've had the bed for over a year now and although we still like it, we aren't as in love with it as we were. We've noticed sagging on both sides and I'm disappointed in how fast that happened. After all the rave reviews, both online and from friends, I expected a much stronger durability from the mattress and I'm disappointed in the performance. However, my back pain has not returned, so that's still a big plus for me. I'm just unhappy that our mattress is kind of a "W" shape now.
April 22, 2013


  • Has quilted bamboo cover containing 100% biodegradable bamboo fibers, including 1.5” of ultra-soft reflex foam.
  • There’s also an additional 8-inches of super dense convoluted base foam that offers increased conformability and air flow.
  • Has a Eurotop zipper cover to easily interchange Latex layers
  • Original product manufactured in America, though it’s sold throughout the world including Australia.
  • Custom-made. After making a purchase, the company shall contact you to customize the firmness range of your mattress. It will then be tailored to meet your preferred needs.


The superiority of Ultimate Dreams mattress can be attested by the many review sites that continue to praise it regularly.

Here is the final thought.

Apart from being super comfortable, many people like it because the product can be ordered on multiple levels of softness ranging from 1 to 10. Manufacturers will send you an email beforehand for recommendations so that the mattress can be custom-made to your liking.

  • It naturally conforms to the body contours for the ultimate sleeping experience.
  • One of the benefits of latex mattress is that it offers enhanced resilience and comfortable feel with enhanced breathability
  • You can change the softness of your mattress by adjusting Latex density accordingly.
  • Great customer support. Most online review sites have positive things to say about the outstanding service offered by Ultimate Dreams. Here’s the best part! Immediately after buying the mattress, helpdesk will contact you to confirm the purchase and offer any other necessary assistance you may need.
  • Easy to carry and setup. The product comes in a long tube cardboard box with the mattress shrunk inside in an airtight wrap. After unpacking, it will expand to its original shape in just about 10 minutes.
  • Produces no latex/foam odors
  • You can re-order the mattress online if the one you received initially is not satisfactory.
  • Suitable for pregnant women to lie on. Did you know? They can turn over comfortably without feeling any pain, plus there’s less tossing and turning during the night. The latex also doesn’t get hot so it’s possible to sleep facing down without any problems whatsoever.
  • It offers the same value as other more expensive latex mattresses at nearly half the cost.

  • It’s impossible to wash or dry clean the Zipper Cover.
  • They charge a small fee to exchange the latex density.
  •  Sagging may occur after a few weeks of use, what happens is that a ‘soft valley’ emerges in the middle surrounded by a firmer spot around the edges. This makes the mattress feel like sleeping on top of a hammock.
  • Though visually the valley is not perceptible, it forms once you jump onto the bed.
  • Some users claim the base foam layer is not dense enough.

Sleep on Latex

Unlike other mattress materials, latex foam is healthy, eco-friendly and very comfortable.

The top layer usually consists of 1-inch quilted wool which adds a high degree of suppleness to the mattress, and also helps with heat insulation. It’s followed by a middle layer with 2” of organic Dunlop latex, this level offers support and coziness to the sleeper. This section further aids in transitioning sleepers into the solid and more supportive bottom layer.

But wait – there’s more!

The bottom layer is much larger than the above two as it provides foundation and support to the whole bed. This part is made from 6 inches of organic Dunlop latex, thus offering the deep compression support needed for a good night sleep.

Latex Mattress Topper Queen

Typically, latex mattress toppers for queen mattresses are made using natural latex only. Never synthetic latex, cheap fillers or fire retardants. By all means avoid manufacturers who insist on using artificial latex for their toppers, simply because they are of lower standard.

Natural toppers contain minute air chambers that allow for free airflow through the material. Due to this, they are always heated neutral and will never absorb body heat during use. Many people nowadays buy latex toppers to help in cooling down their queen mattresses. Different from memory foam, the firmness of latex material will not be affected by temperature fluctuations in the environment.

Product Name Thickness Overall Rating Details
Tuft & Needle Mattress 10 In 10 Check price
Dreamfoam Bedding Queen Dreams Latex Mattress 10 In 8.5 Check price
Eco Terra Luxury Latex Mattress 11 In 8 Check price
LUCID 10 Inch Latex Foam Mattress 10 In 8.5 Check price
Brooklyn Bedding Latex Mattress 19 In 7.5 Check price
GhostBed King Latex & Gel Memory Foam Luxury Mattress 11 In 8 Check price
Casper Sleep Mattress 10 In 9.5 Check price
Roma Natural Latex Mattress 20 In 8 Check price
LUCID Plush Memory Foam and Latex Mattress 16 In 9 Check price
Ultimate Dreams Queen Eurotop Latex Mattress 12 In 9.5 Check price

How can you beat that?

Nevertheless, before buying any topper it’s recommendable to verify the purity and safety first. There are manufacturers who market their toppers as 100% natural, even though they may contain traces of synthetic latex.

Foam Mattress

Memory foam or foam mattress consists mainly of polyurethane, mixed with other chemicals to increase viscosity and density. The material is also commonly known as ‘viscoelastic’ polyurethane foam, or little-resilience polyurethane foam popularly referred to as LRPu.

Modern high-density memory foam is designed to soften as a reaction to body heat, thus allowing it to contour/shape to a warm body in just a few minutes. These newer foams also tend to recover much faster to their original shape than the older counterparts.

Generally, foam mattress is denser than many other types of mattresses, hence making it more supportive and heavier.

Yes, you read that right!

The products are also sold for prices much higher than conventional mattresses. Firmness levels of these items are measured using the indentation force deflection or IFD rating.

Latex Bed

The main property of Latex bed is that it reacts instantly to body movements, thus ensuring a comfortable and unobstructed sleep during the night. This product is typically made using the energy-efficient Dunlop procedure, whereby it’s springy and responsive but not ‘bouncy’ like Talalay foam.

Studies show that Latex mattress is more durable than other types of materials used in this industry. There are people who have used this product for more than 20yrs without any problems. While latex foam may lose its thickness and solidity over time, this will in no way affect the mattress’ performance.

Latex VS Memory Foam

Both memory foam and latex foam are two high-density materials used in contemporary mattresses and their toppers. They have unique attributes that allow their fabrics to expand and conform to the user’s body.

However, the deal breaker is that both are also naturally antimicrobial, dust mite and mildew resistant. Plus some properties further help in relieve of pressure points. Ultimately, the largest difference between latex and memory foam is on their spring-back action.

Can I share a secret?

Memory foam uses body heat to impose its own conforming properties but is also slower to depress and discharge. Alternatively, latex foam is similar to conventional box spring mattresses in a sense that they rapidly conform to the user’s body, and the quick spring-back function also gives a bouncier feel.

Organic Latex Mattress

An organic latex mattress is made from 100% Talalay Natural Latex that is pure, safe and environmentally friendly. The product may also contain aspects of organic cotton or pure wool for added comfort. Generally, they are fairly priced and customers also have the option of customizing firmness level to their own liking.

In the US, latex mattress manufacturers are increasingly signing up to the low-carbon footprint program, whereby materials used for production must meet certain low emission standards. These foams are also available in multilayer core options that accommodate the firmness requirements of each individual user.

Is it now clear?

The craftsmanship of Organic latex mattress is one of a kind, and when merged with other fine organic materials it makes a really nice piece of bedding.

Natural VS Synthetic/Blend

The Natural vs Synthetic latex debate is one that’s been carrying on for long, fueled as much by emotion as by the facts. Chemically, both of these fabrics are very similar in molecular structure, though natural latex also has other ingredients in small portions that contribute to its overall feel.

But why stop there?

On the other hand, synthetic/blend has some properties that are unique to itself such as abrasion resistance, minimal softening and ability to prevent aging caused by heat buildup. It’s also less costly which is why some manufacturers prefer it over organic latex.

Nevertheless, natural latex still has many other interesting qualities such as superior elasticity and enhanced breathability.

Durability / Longevity

Since natural latex is molded from its original organic form, without any fillers added inside, it makes the longest lasting material for mattress construction. In fact, some people testify to have used their latex mattresses for more than forty years.

This product maintains durability because it has natural defenses present in rubber trees, these include mold/mildew resistance, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial properties and resistance to pests like bed bugs and dust mites.

When harvested and manufactured using the Dunlop or Talalay processes, they become resilient, easily conforming and durable. This further adds to the mattress’ longevity. Due to its durability, latex mattress will save you lots of money in the long run as there would be fewer replacements needed throughout the years. While softening may eventually occur after a long period, you can take advantage of the manufacturer’s warranty to get a new one at no cost.

Latex Mattress Warranty

Most natural mattress manufacturers offer warranty covers of up to 20yrs, indicating their high confidence in the longevity of natural latex. This policy covers both workmanship and materials, though the owner must first comply with the terms of a warranty before any replacement is given.

If upon inspection it’s discovered that your latex mattress is unsanitary, or has been put under abnormal usage, then the company can nullify your warranty in such circumstances. Moreover, if an identical product is not found at the time of replacement or repair, the manufacturers reserve all rights to substitute materials.

Picture this!

At no charge to customers, they’ll determine the very nature of the defect and if it’s their fault then a replacement or repair would be done. Nevertheless, authorization from the company to return items must first be given before return of the mattress.

Body Impressions

The fact is that all mattresses develop body formations after a long period of use. However, the speed by which they return back to normal shape can be controlled and even reduced by getting Heavy Duty Mattresses. These are built from sturdier coil springs and layering that offer increased comfort, support, and firmness.

Here’s the deal!

Body impressions are more common in low-grade polyurethane mattresses, including other synthetic materials that are usually puffed up to improve customer appeal but offer short term comfort.

Can I be honest with you? These type of mattresses may seem larger, fatter and thicker though that’s just an illusion created by manufacturers to make the customer think it’s of greater value. What they don’t say is that stuffing the mattress with cheap materials only leads to body impressions, as well as increased sagging.

Latex Mattress Foundations

A foundation is the base support mechanism on which a mattress sits on. Latex mattresses require a solid, level foundation in order to function well. If you currently own an old foundation system for your mattress, change it as soon as possible to avoid any damages.

Basically, there are two types of base foundations used to offer support to mattresses. These include box springs and standard foundations. The latter are more solid in structure and commonly used in latex mattresses, they typically consist of a solid wooden top or wood slatted layering with a cover.

As for box springs, they are a combination of steel and wood springs that function like shock absorbers for traditional innerspring mattresses. Let me tell you a secret! When choosing a foundation, ensure that the whole structure has a consistent feel and uniformity.

Latex Allergies

Allergic reactions to latex can occur to some people, though they are rarely fatal. If you react to latex mattresses, then limit your exposure to the material or avoid future exposure. In most situations, latex allergy occurs after several other previous exposures to the material. These symptoms may include itching, runny nose, hives, wheezing and in more serious cases difficulty breathing.

Symptoms usually develop a few minutes after exposure, the most intense latex allergy can cause anaphylaxis, which is where the patient develops severe breathing difficulty and shock. If you haven’t noticed, allergic skin conditions can also develop following direct contact with the material. This shall be seen in symptoms like itching, redness, and perforation of the skin when touched with a latex item.

How Pure Natural Latex Is Made

Here’s what you should know!

Only natural latex can be guaranteed to be pure. However, during vulcanization process, some tiny amounts of synthetic chemicals can be introduced into the product so as to turn raw sap into the foam. But these compounds are usually in tiny amounts that they don’t really affect the latex’s properties.

Natural latex is produced using sap from the rubber tree, scientifically known as Hevea brasilienesis. It’s a cloudy, white liquid that’s collected by slicing a thin strip from the tree bark and allowing fresh latex to pour into a collecting container over several hours.

Following this process, the material is then whipped with air to create a foam which is then heated to create high-grade latex.

9.5 Total Score
Our Verdict & Recommendations

Aren’t you eager to know the score?

The ultimate winner of this comparison list is Tuft & Needle Mattress. Apart from being No.1 rated on Amazon, it has some of the most modern features in latex mattress technology such as Motion Transfer, at less than half the cost of its main competitors.

There’s no doubt that it’s the best latex mattress on the market today.


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