Top 10 High Pressure Shower Head Reviews – Your Perfect Mornings in 2019

KOHLER K-10284-CPYou step into the shower expecting a warm, relaxing, and steamy experience. Instead, you are disappointed yet again by the lack of pressure coming from the shower head. Even worse, the shower may be stuck at an awkward angle or height that leaves you twisting and bending to completely rinse off.

Stop putting up with disappointment!

Shower heads are easy to replace and many can be installed without the help of a professional. It won’t take much effort to find the perfect high pressure shower head for yourself or your family. There are certainly many styles, finishes, and types of shower heads available to choose from.

To make things a little less confusing, we have put together an in-depth guide for shoppers and made a recommendation on the best high pressure shower head of our own.


Product Name Image Flow Overall Rating Details
Thunderhead – TH2.5 – High Pressure Rain Shower Head 2.5 GPM 10 Check price
Neptune Dual Shower Heads-Chrome 2.5 GPM 8 Check price
Waterpik ASD 833 AquaScape Showerhead 2.0 GPM 8.5 Check price
The Original Fire Hydrant Spa Plaza Massager Shower Head 2.5 GPM 9.5 Check price
Moen Engage Magnetix 26100srn Handheld Shower Head Package 2.5 GPM 8 Check price
Speakman S-2252-E2 Icon Anystream High Pressure Adjustable Low Flow Shower Head 2.0 GPM 9.5 Check price
Vida Alegría H5+ 2.5GPM Handheld Shower Head 2.5 GPM 9 Check price
SR SUN RISE SRSH-F5043 Bathroom Luxury Shower Combo Wall Mounted Shower Head 1.2 GPM 8 Check price
KOHLER K-10284-CP Forte Multifunction Showerhead 2.5 GPM 8 Check price
Speakman S-2251 Icon Anystream High Pressure Adjustable Shower Head 2.5 GPM 9 Check price

Thunderhead – TH2.5 – High Pressure Rain Shower Head

Thunderhead - TH2.5 - High Pressure Rain Shower Head

The most luxurious showers have a tall shower head which rains water down on you like a steamy tropical storm. Rather than searching out this experience in pricey hotels or considering a complete bathroom remodel, you can get the same results with the Thunderhead – TH2.5 – High Pressure Shower Head.

The large, white head creates a wonderful, soft rainfall of water and is adjustable for people of different heights. You can get a feeling of a five-star spa and resort in your own bathroom with this affordable shower head.

  • Multi-Positioning Showerhead
  • High Water Pressure
  • Creates a ‘Rain’ Type Shower
  • Imported From Canada


The range of the adjustable neck will help you to forget about the crooked neck during your showers as it allows you to position the shower head in the center of the shower stall, making it feel bigger. And do not forget about the water pressure. It is magnificent!

Thunderhead – TH2.5 – High Pressure Shower Head is a great solution for these useless and annoying low-pressure water saving shower heads that are everywhere. Very durable!

  • The Thunderhead provides a wide spread of water dispersal at over seven inches in diameter. You’ll also love the way it disperses water in a rain shower from the multiple tiny nipples in the shower head.
  • This particular white plastic shower head can bend in multiple positions, up, down, or sideways. You can easily adjust it for tall people and short people as needed.
  • If your shower pipe is installed too high or low for optimal use, the adjustable Thunderhead allows you to move your shower up or down to a more comfortable height.
  • This shower head installs easily and in minutes. You won’t need to hire a handyman to come in and change out your shower heads.
  • If you don’t like the rain shower effect, you can fold the Thunderhead over on itself to use in a standard diagonal shower position.
  • It comes with a flow restrictor installed to help reduce the amount of water your family uses while taking showers.
  • It is inexpensive compared to other similar multi-positioning shower heads.

  • Some people find that the water pressure is too low on the Thunderhead. However, you can remove the flow restrictor in the shower head to increase the pressure.
  • When you change positions frequently it can wear out the shower head, so that it’s unable to remain upright when the water comes on. The Thunderhead does feature a small tightening screw on the side that you can adjust to better hold it in place.
  • You can’t adjust the water pressure or stop or start the flow like with some other brands.
  • If you have hard water, the narrow nozzles may clog up more easily. An overnight soak in vinegar every few months helps to clean them out and preserve the life of your shower head.

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Neptune Dual Shower Heads-Chrome

Neptune Dual Shower Heads

There are generally two kinds of people on earth – those who just wash up for the heck of it, and those who worship their precious time in the frog’s kingdom. If you take your showers very seriously and want nothing but the best, then your search is already over before it even began.

From a luxurious and top-notch head to some of the most advanced features you will find on a high-pressure shower head, there are plenty of reasons why the Neptune Dual Shower Head takes the top spot on almost every site out there. The Neptune stands head and shoulders (pun intended) above other shower heads in that it is engineered to be 100 percent devoted to the dual nature of it.

So, what does it take to be the perfect high pressure shower head?

Let’s check out some of the top features of this item.

  • Comes with a 3 Position Spray Pattern from soft-spraying to full out stream
  • Solid Brass Showerhead manifold to hold head in place
  • Independently swiveling showerheads
  • Certified as frustration free


If quality, durability, and variety are your top priority, then the Neptune Dual Shower Head will suit your lifestyle perfectly. The fact that the product is crafted fully from shiny metal means that you are buying a durable head that will last through years of multiple, daily usage.

Similarly, the dual showerheads make showering fun and a breeze, especially for couples. Just adjust each independently swiveling head so that everyone gets their own custom settings. The settings range from a soft spray to soothe your body or a full-on blast that really turns up the pressure.

What’s more?

Note that you won’t be required to do any plumbing when setting up the chrome Dual Shower Heads from Neptune. Just remove your old shower head and seal in the new fitment with a layer of Teflon. Next, screw on the dual shower head attachment and you’re all set.
  • Durable, solid brass manifold will not crack like other plastic models
  • Showerhead fits all standard shower arms
  • Chrome finish doesn’t wear out for years
  • Easy to install

  • No removable hand shower for precise rinse
  • Smaller diameter means less coverage than other dual models


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Waterpik ASD 833 AquaScape Showerhead

Waterpik ASD 833 AquaScape 8-Mode Showerhead with Adjustable Arm

Let’s take a quick poll here; how many of you are tired of having to either stoop low or stand on your toes just to get the shower stream spot on?

If you’re like most people, then your shower head is probably angling low over the days. My first apartment had a showerhead that was angled downwards I had to literally hug the wall to get a little water action. If you’re sick and tired of having to work for your shower, it’s time to let your shower work for you with the Waterpik ASD 833 AquaScape Showerhead with a nifty adjustable arm.

So not only do you get a wider head with an even wider spray, but you can adjust the Aquascape showerhead to focus on particular body parts.

Still not convinced?

Then let’s check out some of the ASD 833’s top features.

  • Multiple settings including pulsating rain
  • Optiflow water pressure
  • Two massaging sprays
  • Full body drenching shower experience
  • Adjustable arm for precise showering


If you’ve got a tight budget to follow and don’t want to be troubled by the complexities that come with dual shower heads, then you’ll love the 8-Mode Showerhead from Waterpik. However, the manufacturer was thoughtful enough to include an entire host of features that make this one very complete shower head.

For starters, most rainfall showers only offer users a single mode to contend with. This is where the Waterpik ASD 833 AquaScape Showerhead beats the competition by offering 8 different modes of spray settings. With this bad boy in your bathroom, you can experience anything from the soothing sensation of warm, drenching rain to the invigoratingly powerful pulsating massage.

Showering has never been this fun before; just step right in and enjoy the Optiflow water pressure.

  • Adjustable arm for precise and accurate showers
  • Full range of settings
  • Broader surface for a greater reach
  • Fits in low to medium budgets
  • Attractive, sleek metallic design

  • Using low-quality tape on the fitting might result in leaks
  • Might not be sufficient depending on outlet pressure

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The Original Fire Hydrant Spa Plaza Massager Shower Head

Original Fire Hydrant Spa Plaza

Let’s be honest here; there are lots of homes and apartments that receive very low water pressure every now and then.

This gets worse if you live in a crowded town or city with a huge water problem. With the lower pressure in most regions, it’s easy to see why people prefer baths to showers. Fortunately, one manufacturer has heard our pleas and created a solution in the name of the Original Fire Hydrant Spa Plaza Massager Shower Head. This unit is actually engineered to give you higher flow and a stronger, more powerful and invigorating shower than ever before.

 But is this just another great shower head for low water pressure or is there more to it than meets the eye?

Let’s find out by digging into the top features:

  • High-velocity pressure increase system
  • Massaging shower functions
  • Fully adjustable spray with several patterns
  • Solid brass ball joint that connects to arm


Precise, solid, robust, easy to install and budget-friendly the Original Fire Hydrant Spa Plaza Massager Shower Head is the ultimate solution for all you city folks. For those who are new to the brand, this model is their newest and improved fire hydrant massager designed specifically for two purposes. One is to give users a decent shower head that will not wear down quick, and the other is to provide us with a way to improve the enhance low water pressure.

It doesn’t matter if you are a big town dweller or use a well system to get water in your bathroom, this bad boy will give you a much-needed boost of pressure. But if you also live in areas that receive very high pressure, there’s also nothing to worry about. If your pressure gets too high, all you have to do is use the pray settings to control the flow of water to levels that are more desirable.

With several patterns, intensities, and settings, what more could anyone ask for?

Just make sure that your water pressure is at least strong enough to make it to the unit before installing it. After all, there is no way that any shower head can turn a few drops of water into a steady stream of showers.

  • Ability to turn low pressure into high pressure
  • Solid, reliable shower head
  • Fully adjustable spray
  • Comes with several spray settings
  • Budget friendly prices



  • Design does not allow it to conserve water
  • Can flood a small bathroom or drain quickly

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Moen Engage Magnetix 26100srn Handheld Shower Head Package

Moen 26100srn Engage Magnetix

If you’ve been paying any attention to the shower head market, you’ll notice that things are getting more and more advanced by the day. Today, it’s the little details that mean the most to customers worldwide. Take this case for example hands up if you constantly reach out for your shower head with your eyes closed from the soap.

Sure, you might get the head the first try, but try returning the showerhead and it’s all downhill from there. The Moen Engage Magnetix 26100srn Handheld Shower Head Package comes with a magnetic docking system that allows for easy and secure access.

This is just one of the many strong points. Other key features include:

  • Voted “This Old House” Top 100 Best Home Product
  • Comes with the Magnetix magnet docking system
  • Incredibly powerful 2.5 GPM flow head with compound spray function
  • Fully compatible with standard showers
  • Spot resist brushed Nickel finish that resists water spots and fingerprints


First off, let me point out that the Moen Engage Magnetix 26100srn Handheld Shower Head is the newest addition to the brand. Still, it’s been flying off the shelves like hot donuts. The 21600SRN is quite the special little shiny magnetic shower head with a ton of potential. The model’s main strength resides in the fact that this is a very cleverly designed unit with an aesthetical feel towards it.

The Moen Handheld Shower Head Package goes above and beyond the basic design into an impressive, functional piece of technology. These handhelds are the first Moen products to include Magnetix docking systema . Now, releasing and securing your head in place has never been easier – yes, even with your eyes closed.

  • Intense pressure of around 2.5 GPM
  • Magnetic docking system for quick and easy dock and release
  • Easy to install to water outlet
  • Flexible metal hose offers longer reach and durable exterior

  • Smaller shower head face means a less wide range of spray

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Speakman S-2252-E2 Icon Anystream High Pressure Adjustable Low Flow Shower Head

Speakman S-2252-E2 Icon

Speakman is at it again, designing another High Pressure Shower head that is a real winner.

Despite being rated as one of the Low Flow models, the Speakman Icon Anystream S-2252-E2 High Pressure Shower Head delivers an impressive 2.0 GPM flow rate. But that’s just the beginning; the S-2252-E2 offers exceptional energy and water savings. So if you’re all about saving mother earth as well as a few coins on the electricity, then you’ll love what this shower head stands for.

Still not convinced?

The let’s check out some of the unit’s top features.

  • Boasts of durable, solid brass construction
  • Features the brand’s patented Anystream 360 degree tech
  • Has a limited lifetime warranty
  • Equipped with 6 adjustable jets and 48 individual sprays
  • 2.0 GPM flow rate with Epa WaterSense


Stylish, classy, affordable and energy saving, the S-2252-E2 Anystream High Pressure Shower head from Speakman speaks volumes. From the moment you experience the Icon shower, you’ll never trust another brand to have your back. With a whopping 64 incredibly powerful sprays and a fully customizable stream, this bad boy can be set to your desired preference.

Sounds really incredible, right?

By just rotating the handle in either direction, you can infinitely transition through various sprays until you get the ideal match. The cycle goes from intense, full coverage sprays to heavier and broad soak current. Similarly, the S-2252-E2 features the impressive patented Speakman Anystream spray technology that comes with specialized 20 percent water saving technology.

This way, get to save on water and energy as you take a shower. Finally, the adjustable arms allow for easier fixture spray adjustment and draining.

  • 360-degree swivel rotation for all round reach
  • Very easy to install
  • Constructed with durable, solid brass for more longevity
  • Has a steady GPM flow rate of 2.0
  • Anystream system helps in 20 percent water reduction

  • Customers have claimed that smaller orifices in the flow restrictor can be clogged with minerals, warranting the occasional removal

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Vida Alegría H5+ 2.5GPM Handheld Shower Head

Vida Alegría H5+ 2.5GPM Handheld Shower Head

As shower heads go, more and more people are opting to go for handhelds as opposed to permanent fixtures. Not only does a handheld shower give you all the flexibility you need to get to reach all those hard to get places, but it’s also a very practical item to have in the bathroom.

If you’re looking for something simple to install and convenient to use for the whole family, then look no further than the Vida Alegría H5+ 2.5GPM Handheld Shower Head. The reason why it is ideal for the entire family is due to the long hose and detachable nature of it. It allows you to assist your children in showering or clean your pets right up.

Some of the key features to look out for include:

  • Easily removable flow restrictor for low-pressure households
  • Flexible, 7-foot stainless steel hose
  • Easy to follow instructions for installation
  • Brushed Nickel with superior quality construction
  • Stainless steel construction


Whether you live in a large house, a medium RV or a small boat, the Vida Alegría H5+ 2.5GPM Handheld Shower Head really helps with the day to day showering needs. Not only will this bad boy give you a great rain shower for that full body soak, but it also offers the right amount of pressure required to work and massage away a hard day at the mines.

What’s more?

The solid stainless steel construction means that the shower head will not rust and that you can focus on different body parts with more precision. In addition to a stretch hose, the H5 Handheld Shower Head also  utilizes many water usage modes that include relaxing rain, power massage, a mix of both or even drizzle.

  • Durable construction that will not break or rust
  • Comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty
  • Long, flexible hose for accurate showering
  • Water saving features that are ideal for RVs and boats

  • Some customers have expressed their dissatisfaction with the low water pressure
  • It would be nice if the hose could stretch out a bit further

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SR SUN RISE SRSH-F5043 Bathroom Luxury Shower Combo Wall Mounted Shower Head

SR SUN RISE SRSH-F5043 Bathroom Luxury Rain Mixer

Standing tall as the best rain shower head on our list, the SR SUN RISE SRSH-F5043 Bathroom Luxury Shower Combo Wall Mounted Shower Head is for those who take their time in the shower religiously.

As the name suggests, this beauty is a combination of a compact, solid brass arm for a comfortable shower and a 10 inch, neatly designed steel shower head for full coverage. The arm component is especially neat since it increases the convenience of your shower and makes the head ideal for everyone including kids, the elderly and even the physically challenged.

What features make up the perfect high pressure shower head?

  • Comes with a 10 inch 304 stainless steel rain showerhead
  • Concealed installation bracket holder
  • Solid brass shower arm
  • Ten year worthy chore plated finish
  • Air energy tech for consistently powerful shower


There’s no doubt about it; the SR SUN RISE SRSH-F5043 Bathroom Luxury Shower Combo Wall Mounted Shower Head is crafted to provide the best performance. Being a combo set, the showerhead lets you enjoy the luxury of using a very wide showerhead with an arm component for even more convenience.

Similarly, the use of extremely durable metals like steel and solid brass means that your unit will not give out or break down anytime soon. As if that wasn’t enough, the SRSH-F5043 Bathroom Luxury Shower Head features a 10 layer chrome finish that not only gives the unit a sleek and attractive look but also ensures your equipment is durable and extremely corrosion resistant.

  • Designed to be robust and durable thanks to brass and steel construction
  • The fantastic chrome finish complements bathroom décor
  • Long, durable stainless steel hose for flexible convenience
  • Consistent flow even under low pressure

  • There’s no way to open shower head or arm in case of clogging
  • Some customers have claimed that it takes too long to receive replacements in case of damage

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KOHLER K-10284-CP Forte Multifunction Showerhead


By now, it’s totally safe to say that each and every one of you knows who Kohler is and why the brand is a familiar household name found in millions of homes. Today, the brand has given us their latest release in the form of the KOHLER K-10284-CP Forte Multifunction Showerhead.

Thanks to its incredible diversity and breadth, the K-10284-CP allows users to create a truly custom and satisfactory bath with a coordinating design. This particular shower head is made with usability and style preference in mind. You can easily recognize it from the sleek lines, smooth finish and well-rounded edges that fit the style and design of most bathrooms.

Let’s have a quick glance at what the K -10284-CP has to offer in terms of features:

  • Comes with three uniquely different spray settings that include wide spray, massage spray, and a gentle aerated spray
  • Ergonomic spray head that pivots around for a targeted hydromassage
  • MasterClean spray face that resists any hard water buildup
  • Comes with an impressive 2.5 GPM flow rate
  • Limited lifetime warranty


If you haven’t seen the KOHLER K-10284-CP Forte Multifunction Showerhead yet, it’s clear that it is designed to bring style and simplicity into your bathroom.

You wouldn’t expect such an affordable and straightforward device to incorporates many features as it does. Starting us off are the three distinct sprays that include an all-encompassing wide spray as well as an invigorating massage to help ease aches and pains after a hard day at work.

The 2.5 GPM flow rate is also quite impressive, but it does not actually conserve water while showering. However, the chrome finish adds a very classy feel to the bathroom and helps in resisting tarnishing and corrosion.

  • Comes with a wide array of spray settings
  • Ergonomic spray head pivots to offer targeted massage
  • Impressive flow rate of 2.5 GPM
  • Resists hard water buildup
  • Easy to install, clean and maintain

  • Item does not include flange and shower arm

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Speakman S-2251 Icon Anystream High Pressure Adjustable Shower Head

Speakman S-2251 Icon Anystream High Pressure Adjustable Shower Head

Speakman has gone and done it yet again. As if one brilliant shower head was not enough, they had to go and create another incredible unit. Since two brothers started the Speakman company back in 1869, their brand has gained the trust of millions of people worldwide due to their superior quality, excellent craftsmanship, and top-notch performance.

The Speakman S-2251 Icon Anystream High-Pressure Adjustable Shower Head differs from their first release in leaps and bounds.

Sure, it might still have all the 64 powerful sprays and the much popular infinite adjustability, but what else can we look forward to?

Here are some of the main features that customers can expect.

  • Equipped with 8 different adjustable jets with 64 sprays
  • 2.5 GPM flow control that fits US standard plumbing connectors
  • Offers consistent, powerful sprays even in low pressure
  • Made with sturdy and robust solid brass construction
  • Features Anystream patented 360-degree tech with plunger system


There’s no other way to say it – the Speakman S-2251 Icon Anystream High-Pressure Adjustable Shower Head reflects a century and a half of ingenuity, innovation, heritage and flawless craftsmanship that has endured the test of time. Featuring a clean and really timeless silhouette, this bad boy will make a very great centerpiece for the master bathroom.

Additionally, the affordable nature of it makes it the best shower head for the kid’s bathroom or in slightly larger boats and RVs.

But make no mistake about it!

The S-2251’s real beauty lies in the crafting. It is constructed entirely using brass for a clean and durable unit that will not crack under pressure nor will it corrode. The patented Anystream technology makes the rotation of the handle remarkably seamless so as to transition between a broad range of diverse spray patterns.

As if that wasn’t enough, you also get to choose intensities like rain settings for a soothing escape, or flood setting for a drenching barrage of thick, wet sprays of water on your skin. No matter what your style is, the S-2251 from Speakman is worth every red cent.

  • Patented 360-degree swivel rotation for all round reach
  • Super easy to install and maintain
  • Constructed with durable, solid brass for more longevity
  • Has a steady GPM flow rate of 2.5
  • Offers consistent spray even under low pressure

  • Customers have claimed that smaller orifices in the flow restrictor can be clogged with minerals, warranting the occasional removal
  • Does not include a shower arm and flange
  • Unit does not incorporate massage and pulse settings

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All Types Of High-Pressure Shower Heads

Picking out a shower head is a lot like choosing great bedding or the best pots and pans to use in the kitchen. You’ll find that there are a lot of options and a number of styles in high pressure shower heads. Of course, you can just go with the Thunderhead, but if you’d like to do some research here are a few of the main types available.

  • Rain Shower heads

The rain shower head comes with a large head and provides a wide water dispersal pattern. It can create the feeling of a light and soothing springtime rain. If you prefer more pressure, then this type of shower head may be less than satisfying.

  • Aerating Shower heads

These provide a more refreshing sensation by mixing air in with water before it exits the shower head. The combination of these two elements creates increased pressure and a greater sense of water flow. Aeration also creates a fine mist that many people enjoy. The only drawback is that the water can cool by up to 15 degrees after being mixed with air.

  • Handheld Shower heads

These are attached to a flexible rubber, plastic, or metal pipe that allows you to hold the shower head in your hand. Handheld shower heads may also have switches that you can depress to stop the flow of water as an economical feature. This type of head is more common in Europe.

  • Multi-Setting Shower heads

Some shower heads come with the option to adjust the pressure and water flow depending on your personal preference. This can be a great option for households where one person likes a rain shower sensation while another prefers a high-pressure massaging water flow.

  • Multi-Position Shower heads

These shower heads are the alternative to a handheld allowing you to position the head at a variety of angles or heights. They are great for leaving your hands free to wash up without worrying about juggling a handheld shower head. The only drawback is that constantly changing positions may wear out the arm joints and short the lifespan of the shower head compared to other types.

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High-Pressure Shower Head Handheld

If you are really concerned about saving water or just keeping your utilities low, you may be interested in a handheld shower head. These models allow you to direct the flow of water to specific areas of the body when washing. Plus, the water pressure will feel stronger as you are able to hold the shower head very close to your skin.

Models that come with a shut-off feature allow you to get wet, shut off the water while you lather up, and then use it to rinse off again. You will be surprised at how little water you actually need to take an effective shower once you start to use this model.

Still, prefer a traditional shower head set up?

When you are fighting with a significant other over what type of shower head to get, you can find a solution that satisfies both. Many handheld shower heads come with attachments that allow you to hang them on the wall. You’ll be able to keep the shower head at an angle on the wall for a traditional shower, while your partner can pick it up and use it as a handheld.

Some models will even offer two shower heads, one which is fixed to the wall and a second handheld shower head that you can pick up. Usually, the fixed shower head will have a very high pressure, aerated water flow.

These flexible models may require a little more effort to install, but in the long run, they are worth it to keep everyone in the household happy.

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High-Pressure Shower Head With Hose

Naturally, you’ll want to pay attention to the type of hose that comes attached to a handheld shower head. Since these types of shower heads are intended to be flexible and used quite often, they may be prone to breakage or leaks along the length of the hose.

You will likely need to select a model or brand that has good reviews and comes with a money-back guarantee or warranty. High-quality materials should also be used in its construction.

Going the stainless route…

The sleek look of stainless steel is a perfect fit within any modern bathroom. If you prefer clean lines, the shine of bright metal and contemporary designs, a stainless-steel shower head with a hose may be the best choice.

Of course, stainless steel is also durable, easy to form, and resists corrosion. A high grade of stainless steel can even resist certain acidic and alkaline materials that may be present within tap water. The strength of steel allows you to pull on it, drop it, or bang it against the wall without worry. It will outlast children, pets, and even careless adults in a rush to get ready for work.

There are a few other options:

When you look around you’ll also see shower heads in various colors and styles. Underneath all metal hoses are stainless steel, but the finish may be different. You can choose from:

  • Bronze

  • Chrome

  • Brushed Stainless Steel

  • Nickel

If you are looking to save money, or just want something that is easy to attach to the existing shower pipe, you might be interested in a plastic shower hose and head. These are very lightweight and inexpensive, yet offer the same great features as any other handheld.

Top 10 High Pressure Shower Head Reviews - Your Perfect Mornings in 2019

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High-Pressure Shower Head Bronze

Create a more vintage feeling within your bathroom by selecting a shower head in bronze. This finish is the perfect look for a bachelor’s bathroom, a more understated design, or even hotels and bed and breakfasts.

It’s not a real bronze!

You should be aware that a bronze shower head won’t be made entirely of this metal. Manufacturers usually apply a durable bronze colored finish to the surface of a stainless-steel shower head to create this look. The finish is made up of multiple layers of metallic paints that won’t wear away and continue to be attractive for years.

Types of bronze finishes:

By far, the most common shade you’ll find in this finish is oil rubbed bronze. It is a dark, rich look that appears almost reflective on the surface. It’s a simple way to create the impression that your shower has been there for years. Many oil rubbed bronze finishes also have touches of the natural bright orange shade of bronze that shows through underneath.

But there’s more!

If you are interested in bronze, you’ll find that manufacturers do offer a few other versions of this finish. Those who prefer the bright, yellow, orange look of the unblemished metal can look for polished bronze. This will have a high sheen similar to stainless steel. For a matte appearance, look to a satin bronze or even a distressed bronze finish.

These other finish types are more difficult to find as they aren’t as popular. However, the persistent person can find them or similar shades if they search long enough.

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High-Pressure Shower Head With Filter

Got hard water?

If so, you may be dealing with the unpleasant and unattractive results of mineral-rich water striking your tiles and bathtub every day.

For those who don’t know, hard water contains an excess amount of minerals in it, such as calcium, lime, chalk, and magnesium. Over time, hard water can deposit these minerals on the surfaces it strikes leaving behind a hard, discolored, and difficult to remove the film. Anyone with this problem knows the frustration of spending hours scrubbing the bathtub only to get nowhere with their efforts.

Hard water can also affect those with sensitive skin and leave your hair feeling dull and sticky as if you can never get it completely clean.

What can you do?

The answer for those who have to take a shower every day in the hard water is to pick up a high-pressure shower head with a filter. These filters help remove some of the minerals from the water before it exits the head. So, you’ll get the benefits of a water softening system without a lot of expense or effort involved.

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How Do Filters Work?

Shower heads that come with filters make use of a replaceable cartridge that contains a variety of materials known to block or attract and hold onto certain minerals and chemicals. Many of these filters use materials that contain microscopic holes that are just large enough for water molecules to pass through but not other larger things.

Other filters, such as those containing activated carbon, work by catching certain chemicals and holding onto them. Activated carbon has millions of tiny pores that can bond with and hold onto chlorine, sediment, and volatile compounds.

Before you purchase a shower head with a filter, make sure to find out what kind of chemicals and minerals it is designed to filter out. You should also check to see if the filter needs to be replaced, and how often.

Top 10 High Pressure Shower Head Reviews - Your Perfect Mornings in 2019

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Laminar-Flow Vs Aerated Which Is Best for You?

Sometimes, you just can’t decide what type of water flow would be the best for your needs. There are a variety of options, but some of the most popular include laminar-flow or aerated faucets. Each offers its own benefits and unique characteristics.

  • Aerated Shower Heads

By far, aeration is the most common type of water flow. You’ll see in shower heads and sink faucets. This is because air mixed with the water helps increase its pressure. It creates a more satisfying, stronger flow without having to use a lot of water. Aeration allows many manufacturers to meet water saving guidelines set forth by regulatory committees.Top 10 High Pressure Shower Head Reviews - Your Perfect Mornings in 2019

Features of an aerated shower head include:

  • Low Water Usage
  • Strong Pressure
  • Broad Dispersal Of Water
  • Fine, Misty Droplets
  • Laminar-Flow Shower Heads

You may also come across the laminar-flow type shower head from pricier brands. This flow type shower head and the faucet is often seen in medical and healthcare settings. It creates a solid, crystal clear stream of water that doesn’t shed droplets everywhere. It also helps reduce the potential for contamination by air in the healthcare environment that could contain viruses or bacteria.

Features of laminar-flow shower heads include:

  • Solid Stream Of Water
  • Minimal Water Dispersal
  • Strong Pressure
  • Antimicrobial

If you are just looking for a nice water saving shower head that provides plenty of pressure then an aerating head is the best option. However, those who enjoy a more solid stream of water or who have health problems might want to pick up a laminar-flow shower head instead.

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How Do I Find the Best High Pressure Shower Head?

Top 10 High Pressure Shower Head Reviews - Your Perfect Mornings in 2019Finding the best shower head is the conundrum for shoppers. People don’t really have the time to do a lot of research or to stand in the store comparing every single brand. Yet, you don’t want to put down a big chunk of money on a shower head that might disappoint.

What to do?

Checking for reviews of shower heads online can help you find a lot of information about products all in one place. We have certainly made our suggestion for the best option at an affordable price in the Thunderhead.

Take stock of your needs!

Don’t forget to make a list of what you really want. Some people need a shower head that is taller or bends down if they are shorter. Others want something that saves a lot of water to help slash their utility bills. Still, others are looking for a shower head that fits in with the decor of their bathroom, from sleek and contemporary to vintage style.

It may help you to think about everything you dislike in your current shower. This way you can identify what to improve on in your new shower head.

Feel free to compare prices, features, and types of shower heads in your search. You’ll soon see that there are certain features that you can’t live without. The right shower head for you will stand apart and make your decision an easy one.

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Above all, keep an eye out for those product warranties. It’s difficult for online shoppers to find products that are perfect for their needs based on the information that is included in some descriptions. Plus, you just don’t know how well-made a product is until it arrives and you install it.

Ask about it!

You can order a shower head at any time day or night. So, give yourself a chance to do the research about that warranty. If the information isn’t available in any of the videos, pictures, or even product descriptions you see, then reach out to the company. Ask them if they offer a warranty or money-back guarantee. Not only will you receive your answer, it will be in writing so you can always refer back to it later on.

How long do warranties last?

Since shower heads are fixtures that aren’t moved around often and are usually made of durable materials, manufacturers that offer warranties will make them last for several years, or even offer lifetime warranties. Some will even go as far as offering a money-back guarantee on their lifetime warranty. So, if you can prove you purchased the shower head, you’ll be able to get the money back on that purchase year down the road.


9.5 Total Score

Thunderhead - TH2.5 - High Pressure Rain Shower Head

While there are many shower heads on the market, we chose the Thunderhead - TH2.5 - High Pressure Shower Head  as the best high pressure shower head. This fixture offered multiple features to appeal to a large group of people at an affordable price. It allows you to adjust its position, height, take a rain shower or a traditional shower and is even easy to install.

A runner-up model to consider would be a handheld shower head, which allows you to direct water flow to specific areas of the body and may compensate for low water pressure. You can also find these models in inexpensive plastic versions to save your budget.


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