10 Enjoyable Cooling Pillows – Make The Right Choice in 2017!

Why do you need a cooling pillow?Laniloha Orthopedic Bamboo King Memory Foam Pillow

I bet this is the next question to linger in your mind. Admittedly, we are all unique and your problems are not mine. Some of us sweat a lot at night. Well, that aside for a short while.

What about the summer times when night sweats turn your night into a crazy nightmare? Are you going to toss on the bed as if you are in some sort of game? I guess not. You need a cooling pillow to replace the traditional pillows so you can experience a deep sound sleep.

Cooling pillows are specifically designed with breathable and hypoallergenic materials that give you a cooling sensation besides contouring to your body for optimal support and comfort. When it is boiling hot during summer, you can remedy all the problems caused by regular traditional pillows. Remember, we all need quality sleep in order to rejuvenate our body and mind. You also need adequate bed rest so you can wake up feeling good and refreshed.

At the end of the day we all need a comfortable pillow – that is what matters most anyway.

Well, you are not reading all these stuff for no good reason. There is something good in store, especially for you. Why don’t we go straight to the point and start with the best cooling pillows you can find out there.

Below are the top 10 best cooling pillows in the market today:

Snuggle-Pedic Ultra Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow 

Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

The Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow is another sought-after product. It a perfect replacement for your traditional down pillows. Are you disgusted with frequent fluffing and night tosses? Well, you can finally say goodbye to a night full of heat, trouble, and restlessness by using this extra-breathable luxurious pillow.

But this is the really kick-starter…

Of all the prominent features incorporated into the Snuggle-Pedic Memory Foam Pillow, there is one thing that drives us crazy. This high-end pillow features a unique proprietary mix of extremely low V.O.C Biogreen memory foam, special hypo-allergenic materials, and CertiPur-U.S. certified foam.

In short, this pillow is not only designed to deliver exclusive comfort for great sleep but also keeps its users healthy.

What if I tell you more good news?

  • Product
Since you can't make more then 1 review on a product, I have added a 2nd review of this pillow below my first. I didn't buy it for me but for my husband who has Sleep Apnea...First a little info about why I purchased this pillow for myself.I am a Disabled Veteran. I broke my neck and back while on active duty. I also have severe Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Since I broke my neck & back, I have ad 44 surgeries. 5 of those surgeries have been on my neck, and I am fused at C4/5, C5/6 and C6/7 and I have Titanium Plates and Titanium Screws in my neck so it takes a lot to get me comfortable. I also re-broke my neck 12 years after the first time . I am on a long list of medication, to include having a Pain Pump surgically implanted in my body that gives me Morphine 24 hours a day.I also haven't had a decent nights sleep in over 10 years, and I usually only get anywhere from 2 to 4 hours of sleep a night, and get cat naps throughout the day.. For the past 4 years, I've been sleeping on a couch because I cannot lay flat and I need very firm support for my neck . We've been trying to find a good mattress so I can actually sleep in my own bed, but I haven't found one that is comfortable enough and gives me enough support for my back. I also can't afford the hefty $7000 - $10,000 price tag on a Sleep Number or I Comfortbed, that would be perfect for me.I can't tell you how any pillows I've purchased over the past 25 years...but it is a ridiculous amount. Just in the past 6 months, I've bought 8 on Amazon, and at least 20 from Walmart and other stores here where I live. I have spent a LOT. The pillows I've gotten have been nice, but they go flat and get lumpy after a few weeks and don't hold up to what I need a pillow to do for me. I came back to Amazon because #1 - Icannot go shopping like most people, and # 2 - there are so many different pillows to choose from, I thought there had to be one for me.That's when I found the Snuggle Pillow made by Relief-Mart. I read all of the reviews, which aren't many, and made the decision to try it out. How many companies will let you try out a pillow for 90 days, and if you're not satisfied - you can send it back for a refund?? None that I know of. So yes, this pillow is pricey and I don't make a lot of money from my disability pay and $70 is a lot for me to shell out for a pillow, but if I don't like it I can get my money back.Before my pillow even got to me, the company sent me an email thanking me for my purchase. They told me a little bit about who they are, and how the pillow is made an how it will come to me, and told me if I ever had any questions not to hesitate to email or call. In my 8 years of buying on Amazon, I have never had a company email me, EVER!My pillow came within the time frame promised, in a box that I thought - wow they really do shrink it a lot!! They included a sheet with infoabout the pillow, and contact information as well. I took my pillow out of the box and it was rolled up like a sleeping bag and they sucked ALL the air out of it! I have to say, this pillow is substantially heavier then any other pillow I've owned but not so heavy that it's difficult to handle. It took a little while to puff up to it's normal size which was fine as I got it early in the day. I did not notice any kind of smell that was so horrible it bothered me. It is foam and shipped in plastic so I knew there would be a light odor, but it really wasn't anything to complain about. Besides, you can wash it if it does offend you. I just put a pillow case on it and used it that night.That night was the first night in over 10 years that not only did I get 6 1/2 hours of sleep without waking up, but I also didn't wake up. Due to the Morphine and Vicodin and other meds I'm on, I get hot and cold and usually wake up cold from sweating.Not only did I wake up NOT sweaty or cold, but my neck felt pretty darn good! I can't remember when I've had such a good nights sleep, honestly. I've had this pillow for 5 days now, and I have had the best sleep ever. My neck isn't stiff, and doesn't hurt when I wake upI got another email from the company 2 days after I got the pillow asking me if I liked the pillow. Honestly - that really blew me away. I love that this company uses all U.S. made materials in their products and that they do not outsource their employees. Not only that, but how many companies back their product, and a pillow at that for 20, yes TWENTY YEARS? If my pillow ever goes flat, I return it for a new one. That is incredible.Obviously I can't say anything about how it has been over a long period of time because I've only had this pillow for just a week...but I willabsolutely update my review after a month and every few months after that.I can't recommend this pillow enough. It's very well made with high quality materials and the exterior is extremely soft on my skin. The pillow is the best pillow I've ever owned and has given me the best sleep of my life since I broke my neck twice. The company obviously cares about it's customers because they've contacted me twice and I've only had it a week, so their customer service has far exceeded my expectations. A 90 day Trial with a full refund and a 20 year warranty?? AWESOME.I would do just about anything to get my health back, so to be able to get sleep, and a GOOD nights sleep at that, means a lot to me. To me, I would pay double what this pillow cost.I apologize for the lengthy review. I just wanted to anyone who reads my review to understand why I LOVE this pillow! Give it a try, you will not be disappointed!UPDATE Janary 29 2015:I purchased another Snuggle-Pedic Pillow for my husband. He has Sleep Apnea and uses a CPAP at night. He started sleeping on his back once he started using the CPAP, and he wakes up every day with a stiff neck and I think the people in the next county can hear his neck crack when he first moves his head/neck, not to mention he takes a lot of Motrin just to help loosen his neck a little every morning. I love my new S-P pillow, from day one, so I decided to get him one. He absolutely LOVES it. No more stiff neck, and the cracking has really been reduced. I haven't seen him take 1 Motrin since he got the pillow, so that's great.As far as I go - I still think this is the best pillow around. I am sleeping a minimum of 5-6 hours a night, which is far better then the 2-3 I was getting. It's made a huge difference in my health.UPDATE September 2015 ~ I've had this pillow for almost a full year now and I still LOVE it to death. Over the past 9 months, I've had the BEST sleep ever. Every single night I get at least 6 hours which has been a HUGE help to my health.I have washed it many times and it still looks brand new, and it still has the same fullness as when I first got it! There isn't one thing I could possibly say derogatory about this pillow. It is WELL worth every single dollar.Since getting our pillows, we were able to get a new bed that just makes everything about sleeping amazing. I no longer dread going to sleep!Thank you to everyone for all of your comments and help. I've had 5 more surgeries just this year so I didn't reply to a lot of you, but I did see the posts and appreciate all of your kind comments and help!
December 10, 2014
Like others here, I've been trying to find the "right" pillow for me. My wife and I have bought different ones over the years. She's satisfied with the other expensive memory foam pillows we bought years ago. I slept one night on them...I take that back, I slept a half of a night on it before resorting to my regular pillow. I never could find the right pillow though. Either they were too firm or too soft.What drew my attention to this one was the reviews and secondly...the 90 day satisfaction money back promise, the (2 times) free customization promise and the 20 year warranty if it ever needs replacing. I called the company to speak to them before ordering (like I tend to do) just to double check and get clarification on their promises and the gentleman was extremely polite, professional and patient with me. The promises are cut and dry. No "gotcha" clauses.I ordered mine KNOWING that there may be a slight temporary smell that I don't like (from the reviews), that the pillow is NOT a solid block of memory foam but it's shredded foam (as it clearly says in the description here) and using common sense I know that I would probably have to send it in for customization to my personal preference after trying it out for a week or so. These things are a given, FOR EVERYONE .....so why people are leaving ambiguous and unfair 1 and 2 star reviews is beyond me. Almost all of the low star reviewers have not taken advantage of the free customizations, After the company tells them to contact them there are no updates as to their satisfaction and those that do update and tell how the company made it right do not change their ratings to coincide with the customer service they've received. I hope the more logical and reasonable potential customers reading this will take this into account when looking at their low rated reviews (that are unfairly and poorly written in my opinion.) It's like the reviewers are going out of their way to be difficult. Since a pillow's comfort depends solely on the person using it doesn't it make sense to have it customized BEFORE whining and complaining about how it feels? I am such a person.I got the pillow...yes, there was a slight smell in my opinion but nothing worth getting bent out of shape about. I mean...I could have washed it but I didn't feel like waiting hours for it to dry and besides...I believe VERY few of us sleep on a pillow without a pillow case anyway! Yes, the pillow cover I have for dust mites and the actual pillow case did mask the smell A LOT. No headaches or anything for me from the smell. I couldn't even smell it after the cover and pillow case was on.I am a side and stomach sleeper. The first night was pretty good, so I decided to go a week and then decide. I decided the pillow needed more stuffing for my personal preference because the foam would shift too much and the pillow would get too hard with my arm laying underneath it when I laid on my side. I called up Relief-Mart and told them my problem and asked what they suggested and the guy was super nice, told me what to do, they emailed me a return label--- so the customization WAS FREE. (It also has it in the description here on Amazon in big bold letters.)I received my pillow back (turn around times will vary due to how close you live to California) and it appears to be near perfect for me. I am very....I mean MORE THAN...satisfied with the pillow's comfort, the customer service and the warranty and promises they've kept! The company did everything they said they would to make sure the outcome was to my satisfaction. I no longer have stiff necks, the morning headaches or anything associated with the wrong kind of pillow.Again....KNOWING that each pillow's comfort level is dependent upon the opinion of the specific person sleeping on it I bought this knowing that I may have to modify the amount of foam that's in it. To deduct stars for that is ridiculous, they tell you that you can customize it before you even buy it...so why penalize them for making a standard pillow that can be modified? Why penalize the company for offering a 90 day money back guarantee? Or a 20 year warranty? I couldn't do that in all fairness. Relief-Mart customized my pillow to my personal comfort level. I waited until I had it customized before writing a review. Hell....even if I sent it back twice and it still wasn't right I could have still gotten a full refund so what would I have to complain about? Why would I have given them a low review for doing everything they could to make me satisfied? I sincerely hope other first time potential customers keep these things in mind when reading the low rated reviews and ordering this pillow.To give this anything other than a minimum of 4 stars is unfair when considering the fact they take every single avenue a company like theirs can to make sure you are satisfied with your outcome and experience, regardless if you keep the pillow or not. I wish more companies went out of their way for customers like Relief-Mart does.Also...when looking at the low rating reviews/reviewers...please notice that most, if not all, have NOT taken advantage of the free customization of the pillow for some odd and mysterious reason. To me...that's like going to an expensive clothing store and buying an expensive suit or new wedding dress and NOT having it tailored (ie..."customized") and then complaining it didn't fit off the rack. Doesn't make any sense, does it? Especially since it's free!
November 13, 2015

Here are other robust features of the Snuggle-Pedic Shredded Memory Foam Queen Pillow:


  • Extra-breathable, soft, and luxurious – This Kool-Flow pillow is made to the commercial U.S. standards. The special material mix of 56.4% Polyester, 43% Viscose of bamboo, and 6% Lycra gives this pillow its unique and exclusive properties.
  • Never goes flat – Snuggle-Pedic is made of shredded memory foam that holds up for years. No need for fluffing.
  • Easy cleanup – This pillow is fully machine washable.
  • Exclusively made to USA Manufacturing standards – It meets the standards of CertiPur-U.S. certified foam. The over 20 years warranty and the 90-night free sleep trial are solid proves that this pillow is up to the mark.
  • Hypoallergenic and dust mite-resistant properties – Ultimate problem solver for those suffering from allergies. It also saves you the war of the most disgusting bed neighbors – dust mites. Truth be told, they can be a thorn in the flesh.
  • Eco-friendly – Snuggle-Pedic Pillow is free from heavy metals, mercury, PBDE flame retardants, ozone depleters, and formaldehyde. It is also low in Volatile Organic Compounds. More incredible is that this unit is also regulated by the Consumer Product Safety.
  • 90 days money refund guarantee and free customization – Not to forget, you have 20 years warranty.


Even though some individuals may find the Snuggle-Pedic to be too heavy of a pillow, it is worth it. The Snuggle-Pedic Pillow is made using very small pieces that are extremely soft yet fluffy. This makes them superiorly comfortable, lightweight, and more resilient.

To be honest with you, this pillow outperforms most regular shredded memory foam pillows available in the market today.

I can’t forget to mention this…

This pillow features unprecedented breathability that allows optimal air circulation for a cooler restful sleep. You will definitely love it!

  • Doesn’t require fluffing
  • Hypoallergenic properties
  • Machine washable
  • Extra-breathability for quality sleep
  • Friendly warranty terms and great customization

  • The chemical smell may bother you but it is temporal

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GelBasics Gel-Infused Memory Foam Pillow

GelBasics Gel Infused Memory Foam Pillow The GelBasics Gel-Infused Memory Foam is another incredible pillow to go after if you desire to bring 5-Star hotel sleeping experience into your own bedroom. It is designed to serve all types of sleepers. You will for sure appreciate how this pillow contours to your body. It is also amazing at neck and back alignment giving you soothing support all night long.

But here is why this pillow is sought after by many.

The GelBasics comes equipped with a soft cool touch gel that not only contours to the body for all point contact support but also makes a restful night an irresistible experience. You either throw the pillow away or give in to the 5-Star hotel sleeping experience.

Not convinced enough? Read on:

  • Product

GelBasics Gel Infused Memory Foam Pillow - Therapeutic Design with Airflow Channels...

Treat your neck to the best cooling pillows for your money. Our standard, queen and king size pillows are a essential to all sleepers. The soft cool touch gel used in our pillows provides the proper ...

Available: In stock
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I am a very light sleeper and sometimes I need a sleeping aid to help me stay asleep. Since receiving this pillow I do not need a sleeping aid. It helps me fall asleep and stay asleep with no tossing and turning.
August 2, 2016
I absolutely love this pillow! It's so comfortable. The cover is so soft and luxurious, it's a nice heavy pillow and is very soft, yet doesn't go flat and supports the neck and head very well. It's definitely the best pillow I've owned. My only "complaint" might be that the description says it's a cooling pillow and I don't find it at all cooling. I don't care about that, so for me I still give it 5 stars.
August 21, 2016
I was extremely surprised how wonderful this pillow felt. I have purchased pillow after pillow before trying them for a week of so and even after that length of time, still not being comfortable with a new pillow. I thought it would likely be the same with the Gel Basics Memory Foam Pillow, but I was happily wrong. This pillow felt great the first night! And after about a week I still love the pillow. I am a VERY happy purchaser and would buy this pillow again if needed and have already recommended it to friends. Bart
December 15, 2016

These are the key features that make this cooling pillow worth your money.


  • Designed to give you a cooling sleep experience – The GelBasics King Size features a proprietary mix of cooling gel technology and viscoelastic memory foam. You will experience the most soothing support ever. All night long!
  • Hypoallergenic and dust mite-resistant properties – Whether you are an allergy sufferer or not, this pillow is designed to ensure nothing compromises your sleep comfort.
  • Removable knit cover – With cleaning made easier, you will love the clean and fresh feel all night long. Caring for your pillow is as easy as having a restful sleep.
  • Exclusive comfort and support – GelBasics pillow deploy high-grade manufacturing technology that strikes a balance between density and comfort. I bet getting out of your bed gonna be hard!
  • Great value – Replace your old traditional pillows with this unit for a direct-from-factory price. Keep costs down and keep standards high.
  • Perfect cloud guarantee – Hassle-free 30 days no-question money refund if you don’t like the product.


On a final word, the GelBasics King Size Memory Foam Pillow is an ideal choice if you plan to say goodbye to all night long tossing. From head to neck, this pillow knows how to do its thing – contouring to your body and giving you optimal comfort and support. It is also incorporated with airflow channels so as to deliver superior breathability for greater cooling sensation.

Another robust feature worth mentioning is the hypoallergenic properties that give this pillow a leg-up among its competitors.

Overall, this is a wonderful pillow that will take care of those hot nights during summer.

  • Features soft cool touch gel for superior comfort and support
  • Hypoallergenic properties
  • Delivers soothing and neutral sleep experience
  • Soft but doesn’t go flat
  • Budget-friendly

  • The cooling effect is not at the level where most users would have wanted it to be

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Laniloha Orthopedic Bamboo King Memory Foam Pillow

Laniloha Orthopedic Bamboo King Memory Foam PillowAre you tired of night sweats or restlessness? Well, I guess it is by choice that you decide to go through all these miseries. You can put a stop to this entire drama by replacing your traditional pillow with the Orthopedic Laniloha Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow. I highly recommend the Laniloha pillow to those who love having luxurious households without necessarily breaking the banks.

This is what I find interesting…

This pillow features a comfort cooling Gel Technology, the reason it is renowned for delivering superior sleep comfort. It is also made of high-density memory foam designed to give you the best bed rest.

  • Product

Laniloha Orthopedic Bamboo King Memory Foam Pillow with Comfort Cooling Gel Technology

#productDescription .aplus-3p {width: 970px} .aplus-3p ul {overflow: hidden;} .aplus-3p ul li {list-style-position: inside;} #productDescription .aplus-3p table {border-collapse: collapse !important; ...

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I bought this pillow for my husband who was always complaining that the "Extra Firm" labeled pillows I bought him were STILL too soft. So I bought him THIS pillow after seeing so many reviews complaining "too hard". I gotta say, though, although this pillow is FIRM I actually enjoy it too. I feel like the gel is very cushiony and supportive, and I have stolen it as a back pillow on several occasions.Another great thing about this pillow is that it keeps rather cool.If you're looking for something to sink into, this is NOT the pillow for you. If, however, you (like my husband) are tired of "Extra Firm" pillows being not firm enough, this is DEFINITELY the pillow for you!
June 30, 2016
I've been sleeping with this pillow for many weeks now, and on the plus side, it really does help to alleviate neck pain. On the down side, it is nothing like a regular pillow, and takes some getting used to. First of all, it is extremely dense, heavy and un-fluffable. In a pillow fight, this would be my weapon of choice. It's quite massive, although the actual dimensions are smaller than an average pillow, so pillow cases don't stay on very well. For whatever I'm not crazy about with this pillow, the bottom line is that my neck doesn't hurt, so I'm willing to forgive the negligible cons. Oh, and one more thing, I wish it was 'cool' like they say it is, but it's really not. At least not that I have been able to notice.
March 6, 2017
 I've been sleeping on this pillow for about three weeks now. Aside from the horrible odor that has not lessened over time, I am horrified at what I found when I took this pillow out of the casing. Half of the pillow is discolored and covered by rust colored coating and the entire pillow is filled with black, rock-like, solid pieces of unidentifiable material.
April 10, 2017

Let’s waste no more time and go straight to the key features:


  • Superior bed specs – The Laniloha is truly and orthopedic pillow because of the solid core memory foam, inner pillow cover, breathable bamboo viscose cover, and cool gel inserts. This proprietary mix gives this pillow its distinct feel.
  • Ultimate night sweat and neck pain relief – Well, you can finally say goodbye to whatever is giving you a hell of a night with our orthopedic pillow. It gives you a refreshing and cooling sensation all night.
  • Firm yet Soft – Only top solid core memory foam is used in the construction of the Laniloha Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow. It is designed to perfectly contour your body from the head, neck and the upper back.
  • Exclusive Cooling Gel Technology – Cool gel pad is properly embedded into this pillow to enhance breathability and cool your body all night. No more tossing on the bed.
  • Quality Bamboo Covers – They are really soft as declared by users and 4 degrees cooler compared to cotton.
  • Luxurious and comfortable – With Laniloha pillows, luxury is never out of reach. When you lay on this pillow, you begin to experience a unique dignified feel.


With the Laniloha Memory Foam Pillow delivering a rich and special Bamboo sleep experience, I guess you are going to find it difficult to get out of bed. Apart from offering the ultimate sleep comfort, this pillow is designed to eliminate common sleeping problems such as back & shoulder pain, migraines, insomnia, and allergies. It is really orthopedic!

Want it firm and comfortable? Well, the Orthopedic Laniloha Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow is exactly what you are looking for. It is a great pillow luxuriously designed to give you the ultimate sleep comfort and support. Oh! I almost forgot to mention this pillow also relieves your shoulders, neck and back from excess pressure.

  • Fantastic Bamboo sleep experience
  • Exquisite cooling gel technology
  • Features an orthopedic design
  • Luxurious product for a friendly budget
  • 4 degrees cooler than regular cotton pillows

  • Some users complain of the pillow being too firm

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 Z ZONED GEL DOUGH Gel Infused Memory Foam Bed Pillow

Z ZONED GEL DOUGH Gel-Infused Memory Foam Bed PillowDo not let your old traditional unbreathable pillow compromise your sleep or predispose you to migraines, insomnia, and other body pains. Grab the Z ZONED GEL DOUGH Gel-infused pillow and say farewell to all the pains and night discomforts. The ZONED Gel DOUGH features a unique design that conforms to your body curves delivering a personalized sleep.

What is even better?

This pillow features a special blend of Three Memory Foam Technology. To begin with, the supple memory foam formula hidden beneath your weight is what ensures this pillow comfortably contours and hugs body curves for superior comfort. Secondly, it is infused with gel materials that distribute heat resulting to a cooling effect.

Another robust feature is the ZONED TECHNOLOGY design that is equipped with small holes around the perimeter and larger holes in the middle of the pillow. Well, I understand you may find this complicated. The ZONED DOUGH Pillow is designed in a way that improves air circulation for optimal breathability and provides firm and soft support to the neck region.

Want to learn more?

  • Product

Z ZONED GEL DOUGH Gel-Infused Memory Foam Bed Pillow - 5-year Warranty...

The ZONED GEL DOUGH BLENDS three technologies come together to make a comfortable, supportive pillow. It starts with DOUGH memory foam, a supple memory foam formula that compresses evenly beneath ...

Available: In stock
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Great pillow. It has holes in it for ventilation, but they are also bigger in the middle so you head sinks in a little further and it remains a little firmer in the edge to support your neck.I am a back and side sleeper and find this works better than my fluff pillow or my older solid memory foam pillow.As far as size it is thicker than a normal pillow which I personally like. I find one normal pillow is to thin and two are too much. Normally when sleeping on my back I lean one pillow half way on the other so I am propped up higher than with just one but nit as high as two. However this Z pillow is just the right height for back sleeping so I only need to use it and nothing else. And it doesn't leave my neck stiff like two normal pillows tend to do.For side sleeping is is a tiny bit shorter than I like but still seems to work best used without any other pillows.It stays cooler than my older solid memory foam pillow, I get quite warm at night so this is one reason I bought it.Con: the only con is because it retains it's shape it's not grest for leaning at an angle and stacking with other pillows to read or watch TV in bed.
May 19, 2014
I wanted to give this pillow a few weeks before I commented on it here. I have gone through countless pillows in an attempt to find one that works for me. I fall asleep on my back but often roll to my side during the night. High loft pillows are terribly uncomfortable and leave my neck hurting in the morning because of the angle of my neck while sleeping on my side. Most low loft pillows don't have enough bolster at the edge to support your neck when you lay on your back. A colleague of mine suggested this pillow describing the more dense edge and softer middle, made this way by varying the holes in the pillow, less holes along the edge, more in the middle. I decided to give it a try. So far, this pillow seems to check all the boxes. When it first arrived I felt I may have made a mistake with the "low loft" because it was quite flat. It does get slightly bigger, but I was still somewhat apprehensive. Sleeping on this is great. It supports everywhere I need the support and gently cradles my head in the middle. I feel, at this point, I have finally found the perfect pillow for me. It comes with a soft pillow case but I felt that would make it too hot and sweaty under my head at night, so I have never used it. My ONLY regret with this pillow is buying the standard size instead of the queen size.
April 9, 2016
Needed a replacement for Z Dough high loft plush which was fine for last 4 years. The Zoned Dough- Gel pillow is also high loft, but is much softer. Lying on your back, the middle of the pillow really cradles your head like a soft cup. I use the ends of the pillow for side sleeping and it a little more supportive. The pillow is shipped in a very nice zippered container bag substantial enough for long term use. A lIttle pricey, but a very, very nice pillow.
October 22, 2014

Here is why you will stay cooler when this pillow conforms to your body:


  • Open Cell Construction Technology – Wonder why the ZONED GEL DOUGH is a sought-after pillow? Well, it is able to maintain its shape and deliver fantastic sleep experiences longer than expected.
  • Amazing size – This is a high loft pillow that measures 35 by 16 by 7 inches.
  • ZONED GEL DOUGH Technology – It is a blend of three incredible technologies that gives this pillow its superior comfort and support. Quality sleep for a better life!
  • Super-soft Rayon Pillow Cover – Made from Bamboo velour, the cover of ZONED GEL is not only soft but also removable and washable. Cleaning is a breeze
  • GEL DOUGH FORMULA – Supple memory foam formula delivers exceptional support, comfort, and breathability.


Overall, this is a great pillow. I know we all crave for a cooling sensation during summer. We highly recommend the Z ZONED GEL DOUGH Memory Foam Pillow for a great sleep experience. It is engineered to conform to your body. That implies you can say goodbye to both discomfort and back & neck pain.

But here is what I love most:

This bed friend is designed in a manner that optimizes sleep comfort compared to other cotton pillows. It has larger holes in the middle so as to make you sink deeper and smaller holes in the perimeter to remain a little firmer around the edge. This helps to offer soft and firm support around the neck.

  • Supportive everywhere
  • Gently cradles the head especially in the middle
  • Does not go flat
  • Personalized comfort
  • Removable and machine washable cover
  • Breathability-enhancing design

  • Not being able to lose its shape may make it impractical in certain sleep uses

Z ZONED GEL DOUGH Gel Infused Memory Foam Bed Pillow

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Comfort Revolution Memory Foam and Hydraluxe Cooling Bed Pillow

Comfort Revolution Memory Foam & Hydraluxe Cooling Bed Pillow Why suffer consistent body pains and discomfort all night just because of your traditional pillow. You can say farewell to all this mess by getting the Comfort Revolution Memory Foam Queen Bed Pillow. It has completely revolutionized the way pillows tackle the heating issue. Get one and know what it feels like to wake up feeling totally cool and refreshed.

Believe it or not…

Unlike other regular pillows, the Comfort Revolution Hydraluxe Cooling Pillow features an advanced get technology that ensures it stays cool to the touch 24/7. You will definitely love the cooling sensation all night long. I guess that is exactly what we are all looking for in any pillow that claims to possess cooling abilities.

  • Product

Comfort Revolution Memory Foam & Hydraluxe Cooling Bed Pillow - Queen Bed...

Comfort Revolution Memory Foam layered with Hydraluxe gel will revolutionize sleep as you know it. This advanced gel technology stays cool to the touch as it gently cradles your unique head shape to ...

Available: In stock
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I had been using an icomfort pillow for awhile but it was starting to flatten out...I grabbed my husbands larger and more firm sealy pillow (like this one) and I fell in love. I had to have one! I could not find his exact model but this one seemed comparable and its been wonderful the past two nights. I'm no longer waking up like I was in the middle of the night and I feel more refreshed in the morning. The smell was not horrible...as to say it was not bad enough to keep me from sleeping on it the same day I got it. Definitely a keeper!
June 3, 2015
Didn't come in the pictured packaging and wasn't exactly the same pillow I had originally bought at Costco (which is why I ordered it), but it is still a good pillow. Not as firm as the one pictured but very similar.
April 4, 2017
I have been using this type of pillow for years love it
March 20, 2017

This is not a just a pillow like the rest, it is a queen bed pillow. Not convinced enough? Well, check its above-average features.


  • Advanced Cooling Gel Technology – By keeping your body cool to the touch, this pillow will surely revolutionize your sleep experience.
  • Refreshing Hydraluxe Technology – Enhances air circulation for optimal breathability. This is why you will sleep and never want to wake up.
  • Cool Cerulean Gel Bubbles – Enhances to the cooling effect of the pillow. The night gonna be long!
  • Ultimate Muscle Relaxation Aid – Nothing else can gently cradle to your head like the Comfort Revolution Memory Foam Queen Bed Pillow. That is exactly what it does best.
  • Breathable Mesh Cover – No matter how things get out of control during summer months, you will enjoy a clean and fresh sleep. The cover is soft, supple, and machine washable.


Whether you are a side, stomach or back sleeper, the Comfort Revolution Memory Foam Pillow is designed to help you. To be honest with you, night sweats can turn the entire night into a terrible experience, leave alone body pains. However, this pillow has completely changed the story. You can finally say goodbye to all the night tossing and sweats.

But here is the really kick-starter:

I love the simple fact that everything of this pillow, ranging from the mesh cover, the refreshing gel, and the cooling cerulean gel bubbles all maximize breathability. Well, I wouldn’t direct you to a pillow that is poor at cooling. When summer months are around the corner, you definitely need help. This help can only come from a reliable cooling pillow like the Comfort Revolution.

  • Advanced gel cooling technology
  • Great at muscle relaxation
  • Your sleep will get cooler and cooler
  • Eliminates all neck and back pains
  • Breathable and machine washable mesh cover for easy cleanup

  • Flattens out with time

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Perfect Cloud Double Airflow Memory Foam Pillow

Perfect Cloud Double Airflow Memory Foam PillowThe Perfect Cloud Double Airflow is another revolutionary product in the cooling pillow niche. It is designed to give you cloud-like comfort. If you are out in the market looking for a pillow that knows how to cradle to your head and neck, look no further. The Double Air Flow bring an end to all the night tossing and turning.

What is even better?

The Perfect Cloud Double Airflow Manufacturers must have had the user in mind. Knowing very well that regular pillows lacks proper support and are poorly sanitized, they came up with a perfect solution. Their pillow is equipped with advanced air infused memory foam core blended with ventilated mesh trim delivering class-leading cooling sensation. Its top-notch breathability delivers ideal sleep temperature. You will love it!

Ready for more information?

Well, the Perfect Cloud Double Airflow Memory Foam Pillow boasts of a number of robust features that will send you running to the bank. Here we go:

  • Product

Perfect Cloud Double Airflow Memory Foam Pillow - Bed Pillow featuring Ventilated...

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Available: In stock
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Finally! A pillow that actually works for me! On opening the package I was prepared to be disappointed again. I've tried so many pillows that don't work. This one looked like it was going to be too thin. When I tried it, I was pleasantly surprised. This pillow fits me just right. It's firm but not hard like a rock. It doesn't compress down to nothing after a few hours sleep. My head is supported in just the right position. I'm a side sleeper, but according to my wife I do sleep on my back. After three nights sleeping on this pillow I can report having been blissfully comfortable each night. I even slept in late Sunday morning! I never do that.BTW, I noticed that others have been provided with this pillow in return for a review. I have not.I can honestly recommend this pillow to anyone.
May 30, 2016
This pillow is awesome!! Neck was starting to get stiff as I had been sleeping in a different bed with pillows that didn't have enough support. Fortunately, I got this pillow and my neck is starting to feel much better, simply from getting proper support when I slept. Had been tossing and turning before, now I sleep much more soundly. Wife likes it because I would wake her up when I toss and turn, but now things are better, you know, happy wife, happy life, and all that jazz:)
August 8, 2016
I was a little nervous about buying this pillow after reading some of the previous reviews. I have never purchased a memory foam pillow and I didn't want to spend a chunk of money on something I really didn't like, or use. I am glad to say that this pillow was definitely worth the expense. It did have a stinky smell when I first took it out of the packaging, but the smell dissipated after about a week. It has been a great pillow. It is comfortable when I sleep on my side or on my stomach. It's fine when I am on my back, though I don't usually sleep that way. The one draawback was that I was only able to purchase one pillow! My husband keeps trying to take mine.
September 9, 2016


  • Double Airflow – The proprietary mix of ventilated mesh trim and the air infused memory foam core delivers optimal breathability for neutral temperature sleep.
  • Ultimate Pain Relief – Exclusive Air Comfort Get Memory Foam Technology is used here. This pillow is amazing at relieving neck and spine pain. You can finally say goodbye to soreness and stiffness commonly experienced with regular synthetic pillows.
  • Luxurious feel – You will experience the dignified feel you crave for when using this pillow. You will love the 5-star hotel experience.
  • Perfect pillow support – Perfect Cloud Double Airflow is designed to gently cradle your head and neck. It delivers the soft firm support everyone is craving.
  • Hypoallergenic properties -This is the ultimate pillow for those suffering from allergies. Everything is taken care of by the Perfect Cloud.
  • Reshaping capabilities – It can gently change its shape to match your body contour for optimal support and comfort. Incredible!


A pillow you will be pleasantly surprised with in many ways. Being able to change its shape, the double air flow, cloud-experience and being hypoallergenic are just but a few prominent features. I guess we couldn’t ask for more. This pillow can put an end to all the stiffness, allergy reactions, and the soreness associated with regular pillows. Everything is under your control with the Perfect Cloud!

To be honest with you, this is the kind of pillow that works for everybody. Featuring the advanced air infused memory foam core and the quality ventilated mesh trim, this pillow offers you the most restful night. You will enjoy the cooling sensation.

What even drives me crazy?

The Perfect Could Double Airflow Pillow is able to reshape itself in order to match the shape of your head and neck. This is a very important feature, especially for those who are tired with regular pillows that are stiff. Worth trying out!

  • Double airflow for exclusive breathability
  • Great neck and head support
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Great at pain relief
  • Washable cover; easy cleanup


  • None

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Sleep Innovations Cool Contour Memory Foam Pillow

Sleep Innovations Cool Contour Memory Foam PillowAre you tired of cheap unreliable pillows that don’t seem to make any difference? Well, you may want to check the Sleep Innovation Cool Contour Memory Foam Pillow that has reshaped the pillow niche with its therapeutic effects. Get this right, this pillow offers the comfort that knows you. Featuring the most inventive and adaptable foam bedding, the Innovation delivers exactly what the body needs.

Let me make this clear. This pillow was manufactured with the user in mind. For over 20 years, the Sleep Innovative Team took time to study the human body in relation to sleep. They finally came up with a refined product that will give you what everybody else is craving – sound and healthy sleep.

  • Product

Sleep Innovations Cool Contour Memory Foam Pillow, Queen

The Sleep Innovations Cool Contour pillow was designed for back and side sleepers. The ergonomic shape promotes proper spinal alignment and provides support throughout the night. This pillow has been ...

Available: In stock
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amazon amazon.com
I'm a notorious side sleeper and was looking for more support for my neck. I recently returned another "memory foam" pillow I ordered off Amazon, as it was junk. This is my second attempt at finding a decent pillow... And I think we may have a winner!Pros:-The pillow arrived quickly (always a plus).-It didn't have that awful chemical smell straight out of the package, like the other memory foam pillow I had.-The "cool contour" blue layer really seems to help keep you cool while sleeping. I used to wake up over heated even with the fan on and this has really made a difference.-The choice between the "high or low loft" as they put it is awesome! So it's still comfortable even while sleeping on your back (using the low loft, of course).-Perfect amount of support - great memory foam; firm but still gives way just the right amount so you don't have any pressure points.-Very reasonable price plus free shipping (w/ Prime, at least)Cons:-Straight out of the box, the blue "Cool Contour" layer is separating from the other section of foam... not sure if this will ever be an issue but it did catch my eye.And that's about it for cons at the moment (I've only slept on this pillow 3 nights, so I'll update if anything comes up!)At this point, I'd definitely recommend this pillow.UPDATE - 5/09/2012 - I am still totally stoked on this pillow! The quailty is there, the cooling effect of the blue layer has made all the difference, especially now that it's starting to warm up at night. Still highly recommend the pillow! :)UPDATE #2 - 7/30/2012 - Just because I like keeping people in the loop, I figured I will update again to say I still LOVE this pillow! I use it on it's own every night. I never have nick stiffness anymore. My neck doesn't get sweaty, I sleep better on my side. All in all I really truly recommend this pillow! :)UPDATE #3 - 06/07/2013 - As someone asked for an update since it's been a year, figured I'd update the post 🙂 - The pillow is still my favorite of all time and I still use it every single night! I'm pregnant now so I put a second pillow under this one for added support [heartburn sucks without a second pillow] but all in all I still highly recommend it! The firmness hasn't given, it's still holding its shape perfectly, hasn't started to fall apart, espcially that spot that wasn't attached very well straight out of the box [the blue contor part] so no issues there.
April 26, 2012
Seven years ago, I bought a Tempur Pedic brand neck pillow from Brookstone for $140. It so thoroughly solved my neck and back problems that I don't remember what I was trying to solve (seriously). But it must have been something serious, because $140 is a LOT of money for me to spend on a pillow. Recently, I started having excruciating neck/shoulder/upper back pain. I was carrying a heating pad around with me, paying for massages, cancelling events. Suddenly I realized that my Tempur Pedic pillow had flattened out in the middle where I put my head. Could this be the problem? I couldn't afford to buy another $140 pillow right now, so I went to Amazon.com for help. I ordered this pillow. It has solved all of my problems in two nights.For those who have not used a pillow like this before, here is a word of warning: IT TAKES THREE NIGHTS TO GET USED TO SLEEPING ON THIS PILLOW. This was true of the Tempur Pedic (they told me at Brookstone when I bought it) and it is true of this pillow. So don't return it after the first night. Let your body get used to being properly supported. Also, the pillow does smell like chemicals at first. All memory foam does. Just air it out. I put two pillow cases on it.There are two ends to the pillow: a smaller one and a bigger one. The first night I slept on the smaller one, the second on the bigger. The pillow is a bit higher than the tempur pedic was; however, I haven't had a new Tempur Pedic in seven years, so maybe it isn't higher. Maybe this is what the Tempur Pedic was like when I first got it.The point of memory foam is to let your head rest on it, and then your head sinks into the memory foam and is cradled as if on a cloud. So when you first put your head on the pillow, it will feel stiff and weird. Just wait. And enjoy.I am so glad to have found a less expensive version of the tempur medic.UPDATE: November 11, 2014: I am still using this pillow, and I still love it. I carry it with me in suitcases when I travel. I can't sleep without it. Success!
December 22, 2012
I have had several cheap memory foam pillow in the past, which I really liked. I bought a new mem mattress and tried the 60$ pillow s a nd ordered this off amazon.I do not roll around all night switching pillows, fussing, etc. I have no neck or back ache in the morning, and just love this pillow, the new bed is fantastic too.I have along life of many injuries to my back and neck, getting comfortable for me is a rare lifetime experience. two good nights sleep in a row is more rare. this pillow holds the head and neck gently and firmly, a best buy.update***** I bought this with a new memory foam mattress, after a week I had arm and shoulder numbness, after a month my arm was numb, thought it was the mattress, its this pillow! the mattress man gave me a new softer memory foam pillow and my arm pain is gone! if you have arm shoulder pain in the morning, or numbness it could be because this is too hard!!!!
November 25, 2013


  • Therapeutic in Nature – You don’t have to go for a neck or back massage, the Sleep Innovative Pillow gives your body the cooling sensation and soothing support as well.
  • Ultimate Pillow for side and back sleepers – Great sleep
  • Open Cell Memory Foam – The Contour Cool Pillow adapts to the contour of your neck and head for maximum comfort
  • Contour Design – Designed to bring an end to stiffness and neck & back pain
  • Maintains Shape – This is not a regular pillow that goes flat, it holds its shape.
  • 5 Year Warranty – Made to the USA standards


If you are a side and/or back sleeper, then the Sleep Innovation Cool Contour Memory Foam Pillow just made your life easier. It is not a one-size-fits-all-pillow, it offers a range of choices that perfectly meet your needs. What we love most is the fact that the Sleep Innovation takes away the neck & back pain. Users simply say this pillow offers a better cooler sleep.

But here is the really kick-starter:

This pillow is incorporated with high-grade therapeutic effects and great cooling comfort. You will forget you ever tossed or turned on your bed. Hands down! This is a great pillow for those desiring to wake up feeling good and refreshed.

  • Therapeutic pillow
  • Great cooling comfort
  • Perfect for side and back sleepers
  • Comes in a range of choices; pick your best fit
  • Budget-friendly


  • Not suitable for all sleepers especially those who love a versatile model

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 Z Dough Memory Foam plus Liquid Z-Gel Pillow

Z Dough Memory Foam + Liquid Z-Gel PillowWe all love a pain-free sleep so we can wake up feeling refreshed, relaxed and cool. The good news is, the Z Dough Memory Foam + Liquid Z-Gel Pillow features a unique cooling technology. You will sleep loving the cooling sensation all night long. Unlike other regular cooling pillows, the Z Dough features a superior foam that is super-soft and firm. You will love the feel of this high-end pillow.

The most prominent feature is the Z-gel Liquid that captures and dissipates your body heat giving you a relaxing feel. Not to forget, the Z Dough also comes equipped with a highly breathable and luxurious bamboo velour cover.

  • Product

Z Dough Memory Foam + Liquid Z-Gel Pillow with Removable Velour Cover...

Dougha memory FoamThe z DoughA foam is a unique memory foam that brings you comfort and support. The z formula produces a superior, softer foam that is still firm enough to support the natural curves ...

Available: In stock
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amazon amazon.com
arrived on time, packaging was good.easy to take care of. the cover it came with is great.I have been using for 5 months now and have no complaints.great pillow if you like a firm one.the gel side does see more firm than the other side.however, you can't really feel the cooling part of the gel with the cover on.used it without the cover for a few nights and that's when the gel provided some cooling.
June 8, 2014
I fell in love with memory foam pillows about a year ago. I purchased a cooling gel memory foam pillow from Sam's for my boyfriend and he absolutely loved it. I had a side sleeper pillow from a different brand. When we upgraded our bed to a king size, the standard pillows needed to be upgraded as well. I purchased this pillow for him and he wanted me to try it, as they don't make my (then) favorite pillow in king size. I tried his pillow one night... and he's not getting it back until I purchase a second one for myself. The cooling effect is just the right amount and really makes a difference in my sleep quality, as well as the memory foam. It's not super firm like some memory foam pillows, but it's the best night's sleep I've ever had. Such a great product!
April 3, 2014
I love this pillow! My previous cool pillow was over the hill. While it still did a good job cooling, the shape was causing neck pain. This pillow is not contoured, but the "dough" foam supports in all the right places. Plus it does an even better job cooling throughout the night. Like a previous reviewr stated, it still is not enough if your room is way too hot, but if the room is somewhat on the warm side this pillow really helps. Probably the best pillow I have ever owned!
August 29, 2014


  • Open Cell Technology – Increases air circulation for optimal breathability. This results to a cooler cooling pillow.
  • Liquid Z-Gel – Captures and distributes heat from your body bringing about the cooling sensation.
  • Hypoallergenic and Dust Mite Resistant – No disgusting intruders anymore. The Z Dough pillow also works great with allergy sufferers.
  • Bamboo Velour Cover – Expect superiority and great value with anything Bamboo
  • Luxurious and super soft – Great cooling feel for quality sleep


On a final word, I highly recommend the Z Dough Memory Foam + Liquid Z-Gel Pillow to those interested in a cool restful sleep. It is designed with a high-end Liquid Z-Gel Technology that dissipates all the heat away from your body. You will have a deep sound sleep and never want to get up!

Remember this…

We all love pillows that have the Bamboo velour cover because we know what to expect, needless to say. It is luxurious, super soft and highly breathable.

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Removable cover for easy laundering
  • Luxuriously soft
  • Superior foam
  • Features Liquid Z-Gel for superior cooling

  • The Bamboo velour cover reduces the gel-cooling effect

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 Sensorpedic Luxury Extraordinaire Gusseted Memory Foam Pillow

Sensorpedic Luxury Extraordinaire Gusseted Memory Foam Pillow

To be honest with you, the Sensorpedic Luxury Extraordinaire is a top-rated memory foam pillow. Whether you are a side, back or stomach sleeper, this is the pillow that delivers soothing comfort. It is highly invigorating, the reason you will always wake up feeling good and refreshed.

Who doesn’t want to kick-start the day in style, feeling energized and strong? If you can put up with body pains, soreness and night sweats, then Sensorpedic is not the right product for you. You better try regular synthetic pillows.

This is what we all love:

This temper-pedic pillow comes with a stain protection that makes spot cleaning a breeze. Hygiene is important as well.

  • Product

Sensorpedic Luxury Extraordinaire Gusseted Memory Foam Pillow with Ventilated Icool Technology, King...

SensorPEDIC Luxury Extraordinaire Memory Foam Gusseted Pillow with Ventilated iCOOL Technology King Size, White—Wake up more invigorated and refreshed with the Luxury Extraordinaire Memory Foam ...

Available: In stock
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amazon amazon.com
I hunted for months trying to find a replica of a pillow I received as a gift. This was it! The tag on my pillow said "SoftTex" and this item stated it was made by "Sensorpedic" but it was the exact item I was searching for. After opening the package, the pillow indeed had a tag that said "SoftTex". This was a gift to my parents who are always buying pillows with no success on finding the right one. This was it!
December 28, 2015
UpDate: I ordered another one of these pillows from a saler by the name of SaraLucas. My order was delivered to an address in a state I DO NOT LIVE IN. I have sent the saler (SaraLucas) numerous emails and the saler has not responed. They took my money and my purchase was delivered in a state I DO NOT LIVE IN... !!!! They have my money and i have NOTHING!!! Amazon has also sent the saler an email and NO response. I am very frustrated at this point. Order from another saler........... if I order another pillow it will definitely be with PRIME...Update: 2-23-17 . I have been sleeping with this pillow for a while now and have found that I have grown attached to it. My review is still the same, however my like for this pillow has increased. I ordered a 2ndI received this pillow today. I have to say I am a bit disappointed. (1) I asked " How thick is this pillow? " I got replies or answers saying that this pillow is 5 inches this. That is FALSE. When I pulled the pillow out of the box i could tell right away that it was NOT 5 inches thick. When I measured its thickness it was only 2 and 3 quarter inch thick. ( 2 3/4 inch) So this is not a thick pillow. This is more for a stomach sleeper and I am a side sleeper. (2) Some of the reviews stated that there was a chemical smell. Yes there is a chemical smell, however the smell is mild. When you lay your head on it you can smell it, but when held a few inches away from your face you do not smell it. So I think airing it out for 36 hours would dissipate the smell. I bought another pillow that had that same smell, after airing it out for about 36 hours the smell did go away. (3) Some people stated that the pillow was medium firm. I did use it for my nap and found that it is more on the soft to medium side. The pillow Is not that thick and with it being more on the softer side, your head seems to sink more or less almost flattening out the pillow..(4) I asked " Are There Ventilation holes to help with air flow through the pillow?" I was told "No" However Yes it does have ventilation holes to help with air flow through the pillow and keep the pillow on the cooler side. The ventilation wholes are a bit in the larger side so i believe that is another reason for it being so soft. Yes I did find the pillow to stay cool for a good amount of time, so that is nice. It does not say in the description, but I do believe it is get infused. (5) It does come with a protective pillow case. I found it to fit snug with the pillow as the description said. It is very soft and feels nice against the skin. So that is a plus. I measured the pillow and it did measure at 35 inches long ( King size) so that is true to description. The reason for the 3 stars is the thickness of the pillow and it being a bit to soft. I am not happy with that at all. I was under the impression that the pillow was 5 inches thick and the pillow was medium-firm. If you like a softer, thinner pillow this would be for you. Softness I would rate a 3 maybe 4 out of 1 to 10 scale. The pillow is nice, ventilation holes allow the pillow to stay on the cooler side, If you like soft, thinner pillows this would be nice. The length of the pillow is Great. The protective pillow case it came with is really soft and nice to the touch. I could see sleeping on this with just the protective pillow case it came with because it is so smooth. However, for me I am not sure if this pillow is a fit.I asked a few times is this pillow or pillow case hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant, however I received NO answer. Would be nice to hear an answer from the saler???
February 2, 2017
After years of fluffy down pillows piled on each other, I developed a pinched nerve in my neck. A high pile of pillows was not going to cut it anymore. Fortunately, my husband had one like this and parted with it for one night to let me try it. It worked for me, so I bought this one. I love it! I bought a king size not realizing that his is only a queen size, so it takes up half our king-sized bed, but I'm very happy and sleep very well. I didn't notice any issues with a smell. It's just great - and heavy!
June 25, 2016


  • iCOOL Technology – Delivers exclusive cooling hence enhancing breathability. Also, the technology does away with hot posts giving you a cooler better sleep
  • Odor-free Sensor Foam – This is superior memory foam that disperses heat so as to maintain its freshness. The memory foam also disperses the body weight evenly
  • Luxury Circular Knit Fabric Outer Cover – The 300-gram cover not only gives the pillow a nice shape but also enhances air circulation
  • Stain Protection – The Sensorpedic comes equipped with 100% polyester protective inner cover that makes spot-cleaning quick and easy
  • Pillow measurements 16 × 36 inches. It also has 2-inch gusseted sides
  • Eco-friendly – This pillow is free from Ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCPP, or TCEPS. It also lacks mercury, lead, and other heavy metals.


Needless to say, the Sensorpedic Luxury Extraordinaire pillow has everything it takes to give you a pain-free sleep. Invigorating and refreshing are the key properties associated with this amazing pillow. Let nothing compromise your sleep but the Sensorpedic pillow. It features a luxurious circular fabric that adds to your bedroom décor.

What is even worth appreciating?

This pillow comes with a protective inner cover. I am pretty sure cleaning a pillow can be a daunting task if kids or anyone else messes around the bed. However, the Sensorpedic Extraordinaire takes care of all this by including a stain protection. Spot-cleaning is now a reality.

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Features iCOOL Technology
  • Stain protection allows spot-cleaning
  • Odor-free pillow
  • Comes with 2-inch gusseted sides

  • Comes with a chemical smell but it is temporal

Sensorpedic Luxury Extraordinaire Gusseted Memory Foam Pillow

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CozyCloud Deluxe Hypo-allergenic Bamboo-Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

CozyCloud Deluxe Hypoallergenic Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam

For those out in the market for a cozy cloud comfort pillow, look no further. The CozyCloud Deluxe Bamboo Shredded King Size pillow is an amazing pillow capable of giving you an awesome sleep experience than ever before. It features a firm yet softer support.

More incredible is the fact that this pillow won’t flatten out over time. The high-quality shredded foam will cradle into your body delivering a superior comfort you will forever crave. In a nutshell, this high-end pillow features excellent body contouring abilities.

Ready to learn more?

A single look may be misleading because this pillow looks just like any other regular pillow. However, the secret lies inside. It is stuffed with very small pieces of a plush made in the U.S. plus the Air-Vent technology, the reason sleeping on one is so comfortable and cooling.

  • Product

CozyCloud Deluxe Hypoallergenic Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam King Size - Firmer Pillow

Cozy Comfort With Your Choice of Firmer or Softer Support!

Available: In stock
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amazon amazon.com
We ordered both the softer and firmer, one of each, king size. The pillows come shipped in a vacuum bag and they give you instructions on how to "fluff" them up; mine did not need it--after five minutes they were fully expanded on their own. I was worried that there might be a plasticy smell with the pillows packaged so air-tight; Nope, their is no smell at all. The first think I noticed about these is that these are biiigggg pillows. They are every bit of king size, no skimping. I personally like the softer one but both firmnesses are still way better than any other pillow I've used before. I bought some expensive pillows from Ikea earlier in the year but they still were not very comfortable. With these CozyCloud pillows, I have finally found a product that doesn't give me a stiff neck or cause me to toss and turn. Give these pillows a try, I think you will find them as great as I have.
October 2, 2016
I bought this pillow to replace the My Pillow I was using. So glad I did. The My Pillow was a lumpy mess and I never could get it adjusted for my head. This pillow came as described and I put it in the dryer for 20 minutes as directed and it fluffed right up. I am now sleeping so much better and my neck seems fully aligned. I am a side-sleeper and am going though some night sweats but I just need to flip this pillow when I get hot and go right back to sleep. I do have trouble with my cat taking over the pillow because it's so comfortable. Thanks for the good night's sleep I've been missing.
November 27, 2016
I read a lot of great reviews for this pillow but I still didn't believe it would really help my neck pain... this is the best pillow ever! I have to recommend this pillow to everyone experiencing neck pain - no matter how bad your neck is you have to try this pillow! I bought this Queen size softer pillow and after two nights I had absolutely no neck pain! I have been waiting awhile to write a review to see if it would continue to work. Every time I have a bad day - look down at my phone too much or whatever happened - I can't wait to sleep on my pillow so I can feel better. It works!I have to say, it's a weird pillow. I've never slept on anything like this. It comes completely flat and you put it in the dryer to fluff up. You can actually fluff it with your hands but the dryer is better and faster. It does not have any plastic smell from the shipping cover. I know other people have complained it is lumpy. It is - kind of. It's not really uncomfortably lumpy. It's just weird - but none of that matters because I have NO neck pain when I wake up! So I'll take the lumps! If the lumps bother you, put it in the dryer again. I have put it in the dryer twice in the first month. It works. That is all I care about.The first friend I recommended it to has major neck pain which gives her horrible migraines that can last for days - sometimes more than a week! Her neck pain is severe! I thought that if it just helped a bit, it would be well worth the price for her. She's tried everything so why not this? I was so thrilled to hear that this pillow even helped her horrific neck pain! This is the best pillow ever made! If you have neck pain do yourself a favor and get this pillow!The customer service from the company is outstanding! They are in touch with you right away and will exchange your pillow for free if you think you should have gotten a firmer one or a softer one. They will also send you a free pillow cover that is supposed to help keep the pillow cool. It is made out of memory foam and some people have complained memory foam can get warm. I live in Arizona but it's winter now so I haven't had that problem. I may have to update this review in the summer. Right now I am just thrilled to wake up without neck pain! You can too!
February 28, 2017


  • Down-Like Cloud Comfort – The CozyCloud is a heaven-sent superior pillow from all New Deluxe. It is a genuine product covered with a 10-year warranty and a free exchange policy. There is much to enjoy from CozyCloud Deluxe.
  • Hypoallergenic – Suitable pillow for allergy sufferers
  • Adaptive pillow – Whether you are a side, stomach, or back sleeper, the CozyCloud Deluxe knows how to adapt and conform to your body.
  • Recommended by Chiropractors – Suitable for proper neck and spinal alignment.
  • Machine washable and dryer safe – Laundering has been made easier than ever.
  • Eco-friendly Bedding – Uses U.S. Certified Low V.O.C foam that is free from flame retardants, formaldehyde or PBDE
  • Air-Vent™ Cover Fabric – Cool, luxurious and breathable. Contains 60% polyester and 40% Viscose of Bamboo.


Honestly speaking, the CozyCloud Deluxe Bamboo Shredded King Size pillow is the ultimate solution to all sorts of body aches and restless sleep. It is a chiropractic pillow boasting of Bamboo shredded foam known for their superior comfort.

I love the fact that this pillow adapts to your body, regardless of your favorite sleep position. It is ideal for anyone provided you desire a cozy cool comfort and hate to fluff pillows every now and then.

What is even unbelievable?

CozyCloud Deluxe has a free exchange policy. This simply means you can switch between a soft pillow and a firm one without paying extra bucks. It is also easy to clean.

  • Eco-friendly
  • Very cozy
  • Cool cover
  • Free exchange policy
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Chiropractic pillow
  • Comfortable sleep

  • Some users find this pillow to be too firm

How We Tested

To arrive at the winner, we had to do some practical tests. We sleep-tested all our top cooling pillows in order to find out which model outperformed the rest. We had the best industry experts and testers who used the pillows for three consecutive nights.

Product Name Item Weight Overall Rating Details
Snuggle-Pedic Ultra Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow 3.5 lb 10 Check price
GelBasics Gel-Infused Memory Foam Pillow 4.6 lb 9 Check price
Laniloha Orthopedic Bamboo King Memory Foam Pillow 7.5 lb 8 Check price
Z ZONED GEL DOUGH Gel Infused Memory Foam Bed Pillow 2.2 lb 8.5 Check price
Comfort Revolution Memory Foam and Hydraluxe Cooling Bed Pillow 8 lb 7 Check price
Perfect Cloud Double Airflow Memory Foam Pillow 3.4 lb 9.5 Check price
Sleep Innovations Cool Contour Memory Foam Pillow 2 lb 9 Check price
Z Dough Memory Foam plus Liquid Z-Gel Pillow 4.8 lb 8 Check price
Sensorpedic Luxury Extraordinaire Gusseted Memory Foam Pillow 4.6 lb 8.5 Check price
CozyCloud Deluxe Hypo-allergenic Bamboo-Shredded Memory Foam Pillow 4.5 lb 9.5 Check price

We had 9 testers in total; 3 side sleepers, 3 back sleepers, and 3 stomach sleepers. Before coming up with the final conclusion, these were our key considerations:

  • Ability to suit all sleeping position
  • Comfort level
  • Level of support
  • Ability of each pillow to cradle to the body
  • Cooling abilities
  • Construction

Our experts questioned the sleepers in the case of any problem, discomfort and other factors. At the end of the whole exercises, they analyzed the results from all the sleepers and finally settled on one winner.

 All Types of Cooling Pillows

Well, I hope you are prepared for more information about cooling pillows?

Pillows are classified according to the cooling technique used or shape/style. Let’s take a look at some of the types according to:

Cooling Mechanism

  • Cooling Gel Pillows

These are the type of pillows that have a gel layer well-padded on one side of the pillow. The gel absorbs heat from the body and disperses the same across the entire gel layer. They are a bit heavier compared to other models.

  • Cooling Pillow Memory Foam

Memory foam pillows are made of the same material as mattresses. These pillows are the most popular and are known for their ability to conform to the body or contour to the shape of the body.

  • Combination Pillows

These pillows combine both the features of gel pillows and memory foam pillows. They have an improved air circulation.

  • Water Pillows

They have a layer of water enclosed in a therma-shield that is incorporated into the pillow below the polyester or foam. This keeps them cooler compared to those without water.

  • Buckwheat Pillows

They are made of processed husks and nothing else. They are great if you happen to be an allergy sufferer. They have no chemicals and features a long-lasting contour.

Shape or Style

  • Shredded Pillows

They are made of small shreds (foam pieces) hence referred to as shredded pillows. Generally, they are good for all types of sleepers. They exhibit better breathability.

  • Wedge Pillows

They are mostly used by pregnant women. They come in giant triangular shapes and have a slope. If you happen to be suffering from sinus, acid reflux or other respiratory issues, you should try out these pillows.

  • Traditional Pillows

These are simply the old school traditionally shaped memory foam pillows.


  • Cooling Neck Pillows

These are classic “doughnut” shape pillow which is perfect for traveling. It helps to prevent neck pain if you are planning to make a road trip.

Cooling Pillows for Hot Flashes

These are unique and rarely heard of but the truth of the matter is, they exist.

Well, hot flash cooling pillows are designed to help mothers who are at their menopause or women who experience hot flashes. In both cases, night sweats can be severe. Admittedly, hot flashes can turn your night into a nightmare. The only handy bedding that can help keep the temperatures low is a cooling pillow for hot flashes.

Cooling Pillow Pad

Sometimes your medical condition may force you to acquire a cooling pillow pad.

There are slightly smaller than pillows and are inserted under sheets or the pillow. Cooling pads feature a unique engineering formulation so as to deliver a soothing and cooling experience. They are sold in packs.

You can even store them in the fridge to lower their temperature. They can be of immense help when one is suffering from hot feet, headaches, hot flashes, sunburn, etc.

Cooling Pillow Cases

When the summer heat proves to be too tough, you may want to try this out.

Cooling pillow cases are engineered differently than the regular cases. They are able to lower the pillow temperature by up tp three degrees. Made of poly-nylon fiber and equipped with moisture wicking technology, these cases keeps cools.

Additionally, they also do not absorb heat from light sources. Most hot sleepers and those experiencing hot flashes do use these cases.

How to Choose Cooling Pillows

Before buying any cooling pillow, don’t forget to read this:

Having quality sleep may not seem to be much of a big deal but in the long-run, the way we sleep has a significant impact on the healthy and quality of our lives.

Therefore, it is important that you purchase an efficient cooling pillow. It may not be the best to have ever existed but it should be able to tackle night sweats and reduce night tosses and turns. Here are the factors you should consider before buying a pillow:

  • Cooling Abilities

When you buy a cooling pillow the last thing you want to experience is waking up on a sweaty pillow. Don’t buy a pillow that won’t solve the problem. Choose a pillow with greater cooling abilities. Remember you pay more to get more.

  • Adaptability

Some pillows are able to adapt to your body shape while others do not. Depending on your personal preference and medical condition, you may want settle on one of the two. The major downside of pillows that maintain their shape is how practical they can get. Some tend to be stiff. The positive side of pillows that can adapt to your body shape is, they tend to be more comfortable and relieve users from soreness and neck pain.

  • Cleaning

Some pillows are easy to clean while others are quite the opposite. I highly recommend pillows with removable and machine washable covers. The make your entire laundering life a lot easier. Additionally. Some models have stain protection that makes it possible to spot-clean the pillow.

  • Durability and fluffiness

Truth be told, some pillows tend to go flat after a short duration while others tend to take much longer. Even though pillows tend to lose their springiness, always for models that are able to retain their fluffiness for long. On the other hand, some pillows will require frequent fluffing than others. Choose carefully.

  • Size

Given that pillows come in different sizes, you better choose what is perfect and fit for you. Consider the size of your bed and your weight too.

Hypoallergenic or not, if you happen to be an allergy sufferer, stick to hypoallergenic pillows.


Different pillows have different warranty terms. It is upon the buyer to go through the warranty terms, compare the same with the price and see whether it is worth it. What is of great importance is to buy a product from a genuine dealer. Always read the warranty terms of both the manufacturer and the dealer so as to be on the safer side just in case you happen to claim for compensation.

Do not also do anything that may have the potent to tamper with the warranty terms. In most cases, you will be given a replacement of the good, have the good repaired or be refunded the money in case of any defects on the product.

9.5 Total Score
Final Verdict and Recommendations

First of all, get this right. There is nothing called the best cooling pillow. Most of the above-mentioned pillows are great and are designed differently. In fact, I highly advise that you consider your sleeping position before picking your pillow. However, we had to have one pillow that, for some reasons, emerged as the best. After out test and analysis, we settled on the Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow as the crown scooper.

This pillow is orthopedic, luxurious and delivers superior comfort compared to other pillows. It also boasts of other prominent features. I highly recommend the Snuggle-Pedic to those in the market looking for a heaven-sent cooling pillow.


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