10 Iconic Cooler Bags & Boxes – Special Review

We have all seen them, in different colors, sizes, and designs, probably around our homes or somewhere in town. Cooler boxes or ice chests as some call them are useful when we want to keep food or drinks frosty cold.

Well, the plain truth is that we all, at a given point, need them. If you think you don’t need them you better ask those who love spending the weekend in the outdoor world. These rugged heavy-duty coolers are your best friends when you are properly geared up for that fishing, hunting, tailgating, sports, picnic, pool party or any other party. Coolers are equipped with superior insulation that keeps your drinks or food cold and fresh.K2 Coolers Summit 20 Cooler

Want to rock your two to five days trip?

If the answer is yes, then you definitely need a cooler to preserve your beverages and food. Don’t risk the boredom of a trip all gone wrong. Well, with that said, there is something else you need to prioritize – making the best value for your bucks.

One thing is for sure: getting the best cooler for your camping season is not as easy as you may think. To make it worse, there are so many of them out there, with their prices exponentially rising! Reading this post? Count yourself lucky for we have done the hard work for you. By the end of this post, your will have enough information to make the right decision. We have spent several days putting together the list of the 10 best coolers. Here we go.

Ready to check them out?

Here are the best coolers you can find out there. Look no further.

Coolest Cooler in Classic Orange

Coolest Cooler in Classic Orange

Ready for the breakdown? It gonna be interesting…

Fun is fun when it is outside with the Coolest Cooler. Honestly speaking, this rugged cooler is awesomely engineered. If we were to hold a competition, I bet this would emerge as the winner.

It is an amazing multi-functional device that will leave you with the longest memories ever when given a space in your tailgater, birthday, fishing expedition, hunting, camp trip, or any other outdoor party.

  • Product

Coolest Cooler in Classic Orange

Enter your model number to make sure this fits.; Built-in ice-crushing blender with 20V rechargeable battery for cocktails and smoothies.; Splash-proof, and loud Bluetooth speaker for hours of ...

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The battery does not recharge . I recently ordered 2 additional batteries and when the box came , there was only 1 battery. I called numerous times only to get a recording . I left my info and received an email back that they would look into it. This did not help because I'm on vacation this week and wanted to use the blender . Also the new battery does not recharge . Terrible customer service !
January 1, 2017
The bottom line is the Coolest drain plug leaks. They knew it before they shipped it and they shipped it anyway. When I contacted the Coolest folks to confirm my shipping address so my drain plug tightening kit could be sent right away I never heard back. I am/was a disgruntled Kickstarter backer who waited patiently for 3 years for my cooler to be shipped. I got over that disappointment. What is tough to deal with however is that a $300 cooler that took 3 years to get starts leaking 15 minutes after you put ice in it.
July 5, 2016
working fine until after 3 uses the batter will not charge, nor will the the charger power up I would get a new battery and charger if Iknew where to find one
June 27, 2016

Why don’t you just see for yourself?


Take a look at the prominent features of this awesomely engineered cooler. It can’t miss out on my next Christmas shopping list.

  • Comes equipped with an ice-crushing blender. It is time to rock your party with blended frozen cocktails or smoothies. The 20V rechargeable battery is very powerful, you won’t have an excuse.
  • Awesomely engineered. It only takes a single glance to appreciate the unique design of the Coolest Cooler. Nothing will hinder you from having a great day away home.
  • 21st-century innovative cooler. Avoid regular coolers than can be nasty and boring. The Coolest knows how to do its thing – Taking fun outside.
  • Built-in USB charger. Your phone and/or tablet are never going out because the Coolest has the coolest features. Charge your devices with the waterproof USB port. Keep the tunes streaming in while the Bluetooth speaker blasts your outside world.
  • Powerful Bluetooth Speaker. The workmanship used here is just top-notch. Dual drivers plus a resonator plate pumps much bass with clarity. The party is never getting boring.

This may be hard to believe…

The Coolest, being one of the best models built to offer fun, also comes with the following:

  • LED light to help you fetch drinks when it gets dark
  • Bottle opener with magnetic cap catcher
  • Built-in plates
  • Removable cutting board
  • Ceramic knife


Coolest is everything you need to maximize fun when having a good time with friends or family. It is your best friend when you want a refreshing day. The built-in blender will do an amazing job with a single charge. You will definitely have enough of smoothies and cocktails. The superior insulation makes up to 5 days of ice retention. Think of drinking cold drinks, charging your phone and listening to cool music, all from one single rugged cooler.

Isn’t that amazing? We honestly can’t ask for more.

It includes double-wide rubberized wheels that easily roll across any surface and aluminum telescoping non-slip handles. Want to have the best moments when adventuring the outdoor environment? Then you better have the Coolest Cooler by your side. Wherever there is this cooler, fun must be there!

  • Features a clever unique design
  • Multipurpose cooler
  • Holds a lot of gadgets
  • Can carry over 600lbs
  • Has locking tie-downs to make your travel a breeze

  • Heavier than others
  • Expensive

Coolest Cooler in Classic Orange

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Pelican Products 20 Quart Pro-Gear Elite Cooler

Pelican Products ProGear Elite Cooler

The Pelican Products 20 Quart ProGear is another impressive cooler that fulfills its claim. This rugged unit is one of the best models with extreme ice retention capabilities. Being a heavy-duty wheeled cooler, the Elite ProGear Elite Cooler not only preserves your food and drinks but is also bear-resistant. Well, I guess hunters are the only ones who will be happy to hear this.

But this is the kick-starter:

This cooler is not called “Elite” for no good reason. It is equipped with high-grade 2-inch thick polyurethane insulation. Well, it takes a single opening to appreciate the incredible workmanship.

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  • Specification

Pelican Products ProGear Elite Cooler, 20 quart

Enter your model number to make sure this fits.; Extreme ice retention; 2 sets of handles, Under Lid and flush mounted molded; Press

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Last summer, my friend introduced me to his Yeti cooler, which he keeps in the back of his pickup truck. He fills it with ice once a week and the case of beer he has in it is ALWAYS ice cold. It was a revelation that coolers could actually retain ice for several days - up until that point, my standard with mainstream coolers had been hours, not days. And then lo and behold, on my birthday earlier this year my wife gave me a Pelican 45qt wheeled cooler. That thing is a beast and is as good or better than the Yeti AND has wheels (it's heavy even when empty!).As much as I love the 45 quart version, it is too big for short outings and it does not fit in the trunk of my Volvo S60. I wanted to add something smaller to my cooler collection so I ordered the Pelican 20. It is awesome!It is still on the large/heavy side for a small cooler - but it's 1/3rd the weight of the 45qt version. I loaded the cooler with about 15 cans/bottles of beverages and 3-5 lbs of ice and put it in my trunk for a weekend beach excursion. After 24 hours it still had 75% of the ice. After two days there was about 25% of the ice. I was opening the cooler several times each day. Drinks were cold for three days in 90+ degree conditions. The seal on the cooler is air tight. As a matter of fact, the lid is very hard to open for the few minutes after you open/close it as the air inside contracts and forms a vacuum effect.Let me briefly comment about ice retention. The Pelican 20 won’t retain ice for "up to 10 days" like their larger coolers. This is a result of the amount of ice you can load in the cooler. It's the same principle that explains why a 10lb bag of ice will last longer in the sun than a 2lb bag. The reviews for the Pelican 150qt indicate that they can hold ice for 20+ days because it fits 100lbs pounds of ice! Under certain conditions the Pelican 20 can hold ice for a few days - which is about as good as any high end 20 quart cooler will do. The key is to pre-chill the cooler because the insulation is so thick that if you put ice in a warm cooler, the highly efficient insulation stays warm and will quickly melt the ice. I will do an ice retention test and update this review asap.I recently modified my Pelican 20 cooler. I love Cooler Shock ice packs. They get colder than ice and will last days in the cooler. The large size fits perfectly flat on the bottom of the 20qt cooler. But since heat rises, you ideally need one on top of the items in the cooler and I found it a bit annoying having to lift the lid AND the ice pack every time I wanted something in the cooler. So I installed four small stainless steel screw eye rings, spaced about 10 inches apart, under the recessed lid (with a dab of gorilla glue at the base of each ring for added strength). I then attached mini bungee cords to the eye rings. I can now slide a Cooler Shock pack under/behind the bungee cords and it is secure in the recessed area of the lid. I can also put a cutting board, Frisbee, paper napkins, or any other relatively flat item behind the bungee cords!**UPDATE** ICE RETENTION TEST 8/12/16 (see picture)I pre-chilled the cooler for six hours by putting three large frozen Cooler Shock packs in the cooler.After the pre-chill, I removed the ice packs and added a small 2qt homemade block of ice and 19lbs of cubed ice. I place one cold beverage can of top of the ice. Infrared thermometer readings showed the outside shell of the cooler at 80 degrees, the ice surface was at 31 degrees, and the surface of the can was at 45 degrees. The cooler will stay in my garage – the (ambient) temp at the start of the test was 85 degrees.After one full day (25.5 hours), I opened the cooler and there was about 10-15% ice loss but it was still mostly ice. External shell temp of the cooler was 78 degrees, ice surface steady at 31 degrees, and the top of the can was at 44 degrees. Garage temp was 84 degrees.After two full days (49 hours), there looked to be about 25% ice loss but still a solid mass of ice, easily supporting the weight of the can. The external temp of the cooler shell was 78 degrees, the ice surface was 31 degrees, and the top of the beverage can was at 43 degrees. Garage temp was 87 degrees.After three full days (75 hours) about 60-70 percent of the ice had melted but the ice mass still supported the can. I actually moved the cooler across the garage to get better lighting for the picture and while I could feel a lot of sloshing around inside, the movement did not sink the can. The external shell temp of the cooler was 75 degrees, ice surface was at 32 degrees, and the top of the can was at 42 degrees. Garage temp was 89 degrees. As an aside it was 95% humidity and there was absolutely no condensation anywhere on the cooler. I believe the beverage can was getting colder as a result of it now having more contact with ice/water as opposed to sitting high on top of the ice.After four full days (98 hours) about 90% of the ice had melted. The can was fully submerged in the water. There was still a mass of ice floating on top of the water. The external temp of the cooler shell was 77 degrees, the ice surface was 32 degrees, and the beverage can was at 33 degrees. Garage temp was 84 degrees. To state the obvious… your beverages get much colder sitting in ice water than sitting on top of ice!After five full days (119 hours) the ice was all gone. The external temp of the cooler shell was 77 degrees, the water surface was 38 degrees, and the beverage can was at 38 degrees. Garage temp was 86 degrees.So this unscientific test demonstrates that under these conditions, the Pelican 20 will hold ice for 4-5 days. But practically speaking, no one will ever load 20lbs of ice with one can of beer. I estimate that if you pre-chill the cooler, put in 12 cold cans/bottles of beverage and 10lbs of ice, you could easily retain ice for 2-3 days and drink beer that is as cold or colder than from your refrigerator after 4 days letting them sit in the cold water. I also think you’d achieve the same results using three large Cooler Shock ice packs. Maybe that will be my next test….
July 27, 2016
I have a lot of Pelican products from small cases to large industrial grade cases. I bought this cooler due to the posted specs: 10 day ice retention, ect.The specs advertised are misleading or flat out wrong.10 day ice retention is only for the coolers larger than 20qt. This is not indicated anywhere except in the literature included in the box the cooler comes in. This is in fact false advertising since there's no distinction of features on the website when reviewing the 20Qt cooler.SERIOUS QUALITY CONTROL issues.for a $200 cooler, I expect some refinement in the fit and finish of the product. There is a lot of "flash" which is a byproduct of the molding process. The overall quality leaves sharp edges all over the place. Wall thickness is not uniform (inherent to the roto-molding process)I'm realizing that any of the products Pelican offers outside of their flagship case lineup have QC issues. (the small flat cases for phones and tablets leak and have missing parts).Final Verdict: If you want to spend $200 on a cooler, get an igloo or coleman and take your wife out to dinner with the money you save.The thing that really is unacceptable is there is a portion of the product where the insulation is actually exposed where it should have been sealed with whatever material Pelican is using to mold with.The portion of the cooler where the handle makes contact with the "bump stop" when in the carrying position has no material and insulation is exposed. This will absorb water, chemicals, bacteria, ect.You wouldn't notice this defect unless you looked at the underside of where the handle bump stop makes contact with the cooler. I only noticed it when cleaning the cooler after an initial ice retention test.
July 15, 2016
This is one mighty fine cooler, extremely well built and very strong. I cannot compare it to other "super" coolers but this one works great. I got it to keep stuff cold in my locked car while surfing during the summer. It gets real hot here in VA Beach, VA and a closed car can get like an oven, a regular cooler just did not work. This Pelican Cooler sure does, very little loss of ice during a typical 3 to 4 hour surf secession. I do pre-cool it with several frozen drink bottles the night before and use block ice I make from old tupperware that closely matches the inside dimensions. The cooler simple works great, the latches are easy to use and secure, and it's not too heavy. I do not miss a drain, in any case Pelican does not recommend draining them as cold water acts as a insulator to the remaining ice. When I used to use large coolers for fishing, I only drained them enough to keep things from floating around the cooler as I found the leaving in the cold water helped. An excellent cooler, pricy but you do get what you pay for; ice retention.
May 23, 2015

Are you ready for more information regarding this cooler?

If you are not convinced of the authenticity of this cooler, go through its robust features:


  • Extreme ice retention. The thick molded polyurethane insulation keeps the temperatures as low as possible.
  • Press and pull latches. Easy-to-use latches tightly lock the unit for optimal security. They also prevent accidental openings.
  • Quality stainless steel hardware. This unit is built to last
  • Ergonomic single non-crush handle. Makes carrying easy even when the cooler is full
  • Molded-in tie downs
  • The capacity of 20 quarts. This cooler can hold up to 15 cans.
  • 4 integrated cup holders. Secures bottles and mugs in the right place.
  • Molded-in locks secures the content of the cooler


Whether you are set ready for a weekend beach excursion or just want to hold a camp trip a mile away, the Pelican Products 20 Quart ProGear has everything it takes to rock your party. Equipped with an airtight seal, this unit will lock in the cold and keep away any contaminant.

But this is what drives me crazy:

Unlike its competitors, the Pelican ProGear Elite Cooler features a lifetime guarantee which is a solid proof that this cooler is built to last. Being a small model compared to other larger Pelican coolers, this unit is perfect for short trips. It is also easy to pick up and empty.  Overall, it is designed to make your transport a breeze and give you refreshing moments out there.

  • Durable and reliable cooler
  • Highly insulated
  • Easy to carry because of the many handles
  • Long ice life considering its size
  • Easy to use

  • Quite heavy and bulky

Pelican Products 20 Quart Pro-Gear Elite Cooler

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K2 Coolers Summit 20 Cooler

K2 Coolers Summit 20 Cooler

The K2 Coolers Summit 20 Cooler s a professional unit that is engineered to make your outdoor experience great. Get this right. This cooler outperforms many other high-end models and yet it is reasonably priced.

But this is the real kick-starter.

What we all love about the K2 more than any other cooler is its padded straps. If you happen to be among those obsessed with the outdoor adventures it is your best friend then. When it is time to get home, make use of the shoulder straps. They ease your carrying. I guess this makes your journey easier compared to models with handles.

  • Product
  • Specification

K2 Coolers Summit 20 Cooler

Enter your model number to make sure this fits.; One piece roto-molded polyethylene construction for extreme durability; Extra thick insulation for maximum ice retention; Premium features such as ...

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Item model number


Bought this for my husband as a gift and he is loving it so far! Keeps his ice and drinks cold for hours on end. This chest was recommended to me and I am so glad I went with it. The cost is way more reasonable than other high end coolers too.
July 8, 2016
I have several high end coolers, including (1) Icey-Tec (Now out of business), and 3 Yeti's (65, 70, and 105 qt). The K2 is every bit the quality of the Yeti's, and worlds ahead of the Icey-Tec. In the 20qt size range, the K2 is the only one I could find that has a shoulder strap rather than a handle. This makes it very convenient to walk to and from the boat to the house. Prior to buying the K2, I was initially drawn toward the Yeti Hopper. While the Hopper is a nice cooler, the zippers are very stiff (have to be to maintain water tight closure), which makes getting in and out of the cooler somewhat difficult, especially on a moving boat.In terms of size, it is about perfect for 1 person for a day on the lake. My standard packing is 18 canned beers (enough to share a few), along with (4) 2.5lb Arctic-Ice "Chillin Brew" panels, and about 5 or 6 lbs of regular ice. With this setup, I see virtually zero ice melt for 1 1/2 - 2 days, even when getting in and out of the cooler frequently.If you pack it for purely ice retention purposes, using the proper 2:1 ice to contents ration, it will go much longer.
June 27, 2016
I am a Yeti owner (Tundra 45) but tried this to save $100. It worked. Side by side is just as good as a Yeti
July 22, 2016

That is not the end of it, this unit boasts of other incredible features.


  • Superior construction. The K2 Summit 20 Cooler is a roto-molded ice chest that boasts of reliable durability.
  • Extra-thick insulation. This is why this unit offers superior ice retention. Another robust feature that aids to high-end insulation is the unique gasket that is installed on this cooler.
  • Padded shoulder straps. Unlike other coolers that feature non-slip ergonomic handles, the K2 Summit 20 Cooler has a well-padded shoulder strap for easy transportation, especially when one is exhausted.
  • Good performance. K2 has superior insulation that perfectly blends with polyethylene construction to maximize ice retention. It can last for more than 2 days.


To be honest with you, sometimes you do not need to break the banks in order to have the best product. K2 Coolers Summit 20 Cooler is an ideal choice that knows how to do its work – keeping ice and drinks cold.

Get this right! You do not have to necessarily run for models like Yeti when K2 is engineered to deliver fun in the outdoor parties. I personally love the unique design that fits any setting without taking much space. The 7-year warranty is a solid proof that this cooler has much to offer. Other prominent features of the K2 include POSITRAC lid latches, sure-grip rubber feet, ENDURA integrated hinge system, and the ICE vault lid gasket.

Can’t go for a week without going to the lake? Well, I guess this is the right choice for you. Outside partying or camping will always be great with K2 Summit 20 Cooler.

  • Superior roto-molded polyethylene construction. It is built-to-last and extremely reliable.
  • Premium quality yet budget-friendly
  • One-piece roto-molded design
  • Has a remarkable ice retention capability
  • Small and portable

  • Slightly bulkier compared to other models
  • It is not the best insulation you can get

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Coleman 120 Quart Coastal Xtreme Series Marine Cooler

Coleman 120 Quart Coastal Xtreme

We can’t deny the fact that the Coleman 120 Quart Xtreme Cooler has way far outperformed its competitors. Talk of the fantastic insulation, a high capacity that is capable of holding tons of cold beer (or 190 cans), comfort grip & non-slip handles and much more.

Honestly speaking, this unit boasts of several above-average features more than anything else in the market. Whether you are prepping for a camping or fishing expedition, this cooler makes the fun last longer and longer.

And not just that.

As if that is not enough, the Coleman 120 Quart Coastal Xtreme Cooler offers protection from damaging UV rays. It is equipped with quality UV-guard materials to keep everything outside and under the covers protected.

  • Product
  • Specification

Coleman 120 Quart Coastal Xtreme Series Marine Cooler

When you need a tough cooler with extraordinary ice retention, choose a Coleman 120 Quart Xtreme 5 Marine Cooler. Extra ThermOZONE Insulation retains ice for five days in temperatures up to 90⁰ F ...

Available: In stock
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Product Dimensions

37.1 x 19.2 x 18.9 inches ; 25 pounds

Shipping Weight

21.7 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)

Domestic Shipping

Currently, item can be shipped only within the U.S. and to APO/FPO addresses. For APO/FPO shipments, please check with the manufacturer regarding warranty and support issues.

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Item model number


This is huge. I bought this for a camping/boating trip and I was able to fit a lot of stuff in it (2x30 packs, 2.5 gal jug, multiple dinners, 40 lbs of ice). With the highs being in the 90's I found I used about 10 pounds of ice per day, maybe a little less. After 1 week of use it has reviewed no damage and I would recommend this cooler.
June 18, 2016
I put over 100 bottles in this thing just for storage. I forgot to put ice in with the beer. Then, days later, I just put 2 medium-sized bags in to "experiment". I'll be darned if hours later, the beers weren't cold! Then, they stayed cold on that minimal amount of ice for 3 days. Now I put in 2 HUGE bags of ice! I expect these coldies to stay cold for at least a week.I don't move this cooler while it's full. I've read reviews about handles breaking on huge coolers that are full while being moved. I would advise people to just leave this bad boy alone if it's full.Anyway, this thing keeps stuff cold for a very long time. What a great buy!
March 20, 2017
So I have been shopping for a new larger cooler casually over the last month. The one I had looked big but hardly held anything and the ice melted right away. I was looking at an igloo brand I seen while out of town but wanted to research it first. It was the exact same price as this one. The reviews were alright but everyone complained the plastic hinges broke and the steel ones offered by igloo didn't fit properly. After reading reviews on here + noticing the steel hinges I decided to go with this Coleman cooler instead. I think it was a way better decision. This thing is huge! It can easy hold a 60# preschooler and a 33# toddler with room to spare. Now when finally getting my kids to leave the cooler alone, I can fit 2 cases of bacon in the box and 3 cases of soda and some ice no issues at all. Main reason I purchased this cooler was becuase I do most of my grocery shopping out of town an hour away so not really your typical cooler usage but it's large enough to hold what I need it too. Now we did take this for a test run camping for 48 hours it was filled 1/3 the way with ice which is less than recommended but that's only if your planning on staying the 5 days this product says it will keep ice. But for our 2 day weekend we still had a little ice left and everything was kept cool. This cooler seems well insulated and we did not have any leaks from the drainage valve. Added bonuses are the ruler and cupholders on top of the lid. So far so good seems like an awesome cooler for the price.
August 10, 2016

Not yet convinced? See why this cooler tops the list:

Coleman Coastal Extreme has other robust features that will make you get off the sofa and run to the bank.



  • Extra ThermOZONE Insulation. If there is nothing else you can appreciate in this unit, I bet the optimal ice retention is what will pull you in. This cooler can keep your food and beverages cold for an entire week. Additionally, it can maintain its temperature at 32.22 degrees (90⁰ F) even in much hotter days. Well, I guess you won’t have an excuse for not having fun.
  • UV color additive. In order to protect the cooler and prevent weakening and yellowing of the case, this cooler is treated with UV color additive.
  • Amazing capacity. There is more than enough room for all your drinks and food. You can set out for your fishing expedition knowing you won’t run out of soda or beer no matter how hot it gets. This cooler can accommodate up to 190 cans.
  • Comfort-grip & non-slip handles. The Coleman Coastal Xtreme also boasts of top-notch two-way handles that make your carrying easier. You will appreciate the workmanship.
  • Antimicrobial additive. Well, the truth is, some coolers sucks because of the strange odors that set in within a few days into use. Get this right! That does not happen with Coleman Coastal 120 Quart Cooler. It has an antimicrobial additive that keeps away odor-causing bacteria.
  • Rustproof and leak-resistant channel drain. No more tilting, this feature will keep everything neat and also extend the lifespan of your cooler.
  • High-end construction. The cooler boasts of stainless steel hardware.
  • Xtreme technology. Coleman Xtreme has both an insulated lid and features superior wall insulation, the reason it is capable of keeping ice up to 6 days.


I am not gonna sit here and mention all the robust features of this cooler, that would take days. This is a tough cooler that will never disappoint you, whether you decide to go for a whole week fishing expedition or one-day picnic. Needless to say, where this cooler goes, people must be loving the fun out there. When you are tired after a long day of fun, you have a place to sit and rest.

Coleman 120 Quart Xtreme Cooler has an A-Seat lid that is capable of supporting 250 lbs. I guess you are not going out for a 5-day boating experience with folks weighing more than 250lbs? Well, if that happens to you, I rest my case!

As if that is not enough…

This unit is also free from HFCs, HCFCs, and CFCs. Whether you are bringing lunch for your camp trip or headed to your favorite fishing spot, the Coleman 120 Quart Xtreme keeps everything at the right temperature. Do not forget the no-crush handles that make your carrying a breeze.

In addition, the cup holders of this unit are uniquely molded into the lid so as to keep your beer or soda close. In a nutshell, this cooler is worth taking home.

  • Incredible long ice life
  • Relatively tough
  • Quality construction; higher quality materials
  • High capacity for your drinks and food
  • Ecofriendly
  • Comfort no-crush two handles enhances mobility

  • Quite heavy
  • Quite expensive

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Igloo 60-Quart Ice Cube Roller Cooler

Igloo Ice Cube Roller CoolerFeaturing superior functionality and a unique cube design, the Igloo 60 Quart Ice Cuber Cooler has reshaped the cooler industry. Apart from having a revolutionary attractive yet simple design, it boasts of molded-in side handles that makes the lifting in/out of a vehicle hassle-free. This is a great feature which lacks in other pricier models.

  • Product
  • Specification

Igloo Ice Cube Roller Cooler (60-Quart, Ocean Blue)

The egernomic cube design makes lifting easier and when on the ground the telescopic handle lets you wheel the cooler to your event. The push botton release telescopic handle has a locking feature. ...

Available: In stock
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Product Dimensions

18.5 x 20.3 x 20.5 inches

Shipping Weight

12.8 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)

Domestic Shipping

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Item model number


We own several igloo coolers, and they are high quality coolers, but I was getting really sick of schlepping them back and forth to the beach, picnics, parties, etc, full of heavy food, drinks, and ice. I finally broke down and ordered this one, and it makes a WORLD of difference. It pulls like a suitcase, and the wheels are rugged enough to go over rough ground without a problem.Just be sure that no one sits on it because the top is hollow, and it WILL crack. It does say on top not to sit on it, but some friends who have this cooler apparently ignored that warning, and now they have a big crack in their lid. So it is definitely NOT sturdy enough to sit or stand on.
October 23, 2016
I purchased this cooler for our summer car camping trips. I picked this one for its compact and space saving shape and the fact that it has the ability to be wheeled when full. We have used this for several trips now and it has held up outstanding. The cooler has plenty of room, there are only 2 of us camping even with the two frozen one-gallon water bottles we use to keep it cold. It’s size works very well for use, it will fit on one seat instead of taking up the whole backseat. The wheels have proved to be very useful and the handle is sturdy. I know there have been some questions about sitting on it and I have to admit that I had stood on it. Probably shouldn’t have but things happen. It caused no damage to the cooler. The other thing I really like about it is the cup holders on top. On occasion we use it as a mini camping table and the holders come in handy, not only for drinks but small items or phones as well. As far as its ability to keep the contents cold, we have had no issues. We have not had the opportunity to use it in hot weather yet but have used it for 3 day trips. The frozen water bottles and one small bag of ice were more than enough for the long weekend. Overall, this cooler is a great buy, very sturdy and works well. I would buy it again should anything happen to mine.
June 8, 2016
Arrived quickly and very well packaged. The cooler seems to be well made. I wish they would fit the top with some sort of foam filler instead of being hollow which will not hold the cold very well. If the top was insulated I would give it 5 stars.
June 8, 2016

But this is what we all find interesting:

The Igloo 60-Quart Cooler has push-button release telescoping handles making transport of this cooler easier and more convenient. Perfectly luggage-style, I love it!


  • Lockable telescoping ergonomic handles. Transport has been made easier than ever with the Igloo Ice Cuber Cooler.
  • Recessed drain plug. It is also leak resistant and makes it easy to drain melted ice.
  • 4-convenient drink holders. They will keep your drinks secure wherever you go.
  • Durable and easy-rolling wheels. Being easy-rolling, these wheels will make your transport a breeze regardless of the ground surface.
  • Ergonomic cube design. Extremely appealing and stylish for a fishing expedition.


On a final word, the Igloo 60 Quart Ice Cuber Cooler unit is another awesome cooler. Whether you are rolling from that tailgate or headed to a camp trip, this unit will hold up to 90 cans and keep everything at the desired temperature. Equipped with deep foam Ultratherm insulation and polyethylene, this cooler maximizes ice retention.

But here is the kick-starter:

Of all the features that the Igloo cooler prides in, there is one thing that stands out from the rest – Luggage-style design. To be honest, this cooler has everything you would want in a cooler that makes transport easier. Talk of the ergonomic lockable handles, the molded-in handles, and the unique cube-like design.

They all make the Igloo Ice Cuber Cooler the ultimate companion when prepping for those camp trips, tailgating, fishing expeditions, and more.

  • Makes transport easy with the adjustable handle and the molded-in handles
  • Got plenty of space inside
  • Great-looking cube design
  • Space-saving cooler
  • Ideal for tailgating, camping, parties and more

  • The wheels are only easy-rolling on hard surface
  • Not sturdy enough to sit on.

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RTIC Cooler

RTIC Cooler The RTIC 20 is a personal cooler that is ideal for a weekend trip, just golfing of with a few friends or just for you alone. Featuring a seamless Roto-molded construction, this cooler is for sure durable. It is a suitable choice for campsites, canoe ATV, golf carts, fishing or hunting.

Ready for more information?

Apart from keeping your drinks and food cold, this multipurpose cooler can also serve as a non-slip stool, bench, and cutting board. With a capacity of up to 24 cans, this unit is your best friend when you decide to go it alone. It is a one-hand carry cooler which can be taken anywhere.

  • Product
  • Specification

RTIC Cooler (RTIC 20 Tan)

The RTIC 20 is a great personal cooler. It is very practical for everyday use and can be taken to work, camping, hunting, or fishing. This cooler keeps your food

Available: In stock
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Shipping Weight

19.8 pounds

Item model number


This is a great cooler. I bought mine during the sale so it is was well worth the money.That being said there are some issues. There were multiple cosmetic defects right out of the box that were not caused by shipping.The cooler held ice for about 4.5 days without precooling. Would I trust it for keeping food and beer for 5 days, yes. Would I put game meat in it for 3 days, no. Comes up very short of the 10 days advertised even when kept in an insulated garage at 70 degrees and no exposure to sun light.Also the carry handle has poor fitment and does not "lock" in place.That being said it is worth every penny if you are looking for a cooler to keep in the truck and keep drinks cold for a few days. Versus buying a pelican or yeti that will do the same for twice the price.I will likely buy the RTIC 65 when I have the extra money and I would recommend RTIC to anyone looking for a premium style cooler but not wanting to spend the money.Update: After living with the cooler and traveling for a few weeks I have some new feed back. This thing would be so much better if the lid opened a few more degrees so you didn't have to hold it open.Before taking it on my last trip I precooled it for two days and used home made ice blocks from a gallon freezer bag and three quart sized freezer bags. It kept everything cold and the ice was still 70% intact after 4 days. Now this is ideal conditions of about 70* and no sunlight hitting it. I still don't think it would keep ice for 10 days and would not want to keep meat in it for 10 days.I do love the thing though and could not be happier. I wish I could give the thing 5 stars but I just can't with the above mentioned issues. I will be buying the 65 though. I am sold on the quality of the product even if it doesn't live up to the advertising.UPDATE: Customer service sucks. When you have a legitimate question you get ignored. When you address that question on their Facebook page they ban you.Really sucks because I would like to buy another cool. With the customer service though I will take my money elsewhere.
January 7, 2017
Great cooler if you get a good one. You have to test it to see.THESE COOLERS ARE ESSENTIALLY FOR TWO TYPES OF PEOPLE:1) You go hunting or somewhere you cannot refill on ice, and thus need to make it last to keep your food/drinks/meat edible and fresh.2)You live in a place where it gets extremely hot and you might not need 7-10 days of ice, but you do need 1-2 days of ice. Such as, the desert. If you go grocery shopping and you buy things from multiple stores and you are thus out and about a couple of hours. This is a great cooler to leave in your trunk with some ice packs and your meat/diary, or other perishables.If you do not fall into these two categories, then you probably do not NEED this cooler, or others like it. Buy it knowing that you could probably get through life with a regular and much cheaper cooler. I am not saying not to buy it, just don't complain that it costs so much. You are paying for its deep ice keeping abilities, not everyone needs that.COOLER TESTWhen you get your cooler do the following:1) take into a pitch black room with a very bright flashlight. With all the lights off, place the flash light inside of the cooler and close the lid. Change the position of the flash light every couple seconds. You are looking for any brights spots that shine through the cooler. If you can see any light spots from any angle, it means the insulation is not okay. Exchange it.2) test the lid and make sure it closes correctly and stays open on its own. If it closes on its own, it will be so annoying in everyday use. You want the lid to stay open while you load or remove items from your cooler.3) inspect the drain plug and make sure that the threading is intact and properly formed on the plug and the drain itself.4) put some water and ice in your cooler, make sure the drain is screwed in and close the lid. Shake it around and put in on all of its sides. Water should only leak a tiny bit from the back (where the gasket seem meets). If the drain plug leaks, or any other place, exchange it. I would let it sit with water for a couple of hours, so you can see if the drain plug leaks at all.5)inspect for cosmetic damage with a light, if their are imperfections like large scuffs or gouges that you are not okay with. Do something. Some of the stuff RTIC ships looks like it was made in the dark by a person that had smoked one too many Colorado-happy-sticks.6) Check your metal handle (for the 20 qt). Make sure it works properly and looks like it is properly in place.7) if all of these inspections pass, you are a winner. Pop off the pins for the t latches and place rubber washers on both sides of the latches, this will create friction so the t latches stay up and do not flop around, making it easier to operate the cooler with one hand.8) From the comment section (Thanks gndg)-- Check the pad-lock holes, make sure they line up so you can get your lock on the cooler.This is a fantastic cooler that really works, if you get a good one. Quality control is very low and some messed up coolers make it to customers. I am under the impression that when these coolers get made in china, they get boxed, and no one in the USA opens them, until the customer gets it that is.The silver lining here is that within the 30 day warranty, RTIC is very open and helpful about making exchanges with no cost to the customer. I think their business model might work better if they just invested a little more on quality control instead of having to ship 20+ lb boxes back and forth because their is something wrong with the item.Like I said, good cooler with great performance, if you get one that works correctly and cosmetically looks good.Good luck!
February 13, 2017
This cooler is great. It is very heavy but it keeps ice! It was able to keep 20 lbs of ice and 12 beers continuously being thrown in and taken out over the course of a weekend. Warms beers went in, cold beer came out, ice stayed frozen. It was great. Occasionally the lid would suction itself down and be difficult to open but that is just a testament to how well it seals. You won't get that with a regular cooler. Best part is that is costs less than half the cost of a Yeti but you get all the same benefits.
January 6, 2017


  • Long ice life. RTIC beats its competitors like Yeti when it comes to ice retention. It can keep ice up to 10 days. Sounds unbelievable yet factual!
  • Seamless Roto-molded construction. High-end workmanship makes the unit virtually indestructible
  • Perfect size (20 Quarts) makes it suitable for short trips, weekends, campsites and kayak.
  • Integrated locking system. Keeps everything intact and safe
  • Heavy duty rubber T-latches. These enhance trouble-free and smooth closure


On a final note, the RTIC 20 is a great performer. Compared to several premium coolers, it keeps drinks cold for longer and is a great option for personal use. Despite being the smallest amongst the RTIC models, the RTIC 20 turns out to be the best weekend gear because of its awesome cooling retention.

  • Amazingly long ice life
  • It is durable and reliable
  • Similar to yeti which means parts are exchangeable
  • Great design and excellent finish
  • Easy to tote around

  • Cannot keep food and drinks for 10 days as advertised.

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ENGEL USA 19-Quart Cooler/Dry Box

ENGEL USA Cooler/Dry BoxThe ENGEL Cooler/Dry is another great unit that will provide excellent thermal preservation for your drinks or food. I guess we are all different and sometimes like things our own way. If you are looking for a unit that can keep things cold, dry or hot, then look no further. The ENGEL insulated cooler box is the most preferred choice.

But this is what drives me crazy:

Of all the coolers, expensive, budget-friendly or sophisticated, it is the ENGEL cooler/dry box that is completely airtight. Even if this box is tipped over in your car, nothing will leak out. To be honest with you, it is a dream come true for many of us that love adventuring the outdoor world.

  • Product
  • Specification

ENGEL USA Cooler/Dry Box, 19 Quart

Engel 19 Quart Dry Box/Cooler UC19

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Item model number


We loved it at first, but after one month , one of the hinges is broken! They're just plastic. I'm very disappointed, because I think it was very expensive for a lunch box. I hope I can get a replacement hinge. UPDATE: The company will not replace the hinges, even though we've used it just about one month. They'll let us buy new hinges, but say that it's wear and tear not covered by the warranty. I think they must have been bad hinges in the first place. My husband did not misuse or abuse the lunch box. So, a $60 lunch box lasted all of one month before it broke, and the company won't stand behind its product. I'll order the hinges, but they've lost a formerly happy customer. It seems to be a poor business decision to refuse to fix something so small that lasted no time at all.
April 3, 2017
I ordered this cooler for my boyfriend and he loves it. It is large enough to keep all his liquids and food for lunch. It also has a tray inside that he can use for keep his personal items like cellphone, keys, etc. This box is also waterproof and airtight. I like it a lot too so I am thinking about ordering the 13Q pink one for my self
October 24, 2016
Cause I make strap handles for it. Customized
July 23, 2016

But there is still more to add to this story.

We aren’t done here, the ENGEL cooler/dry box has other features you should check out.


  • Airtight EVA gasket O-ring seal. Makes the unit completely water and airtight. It can be submerged to a 3ft depth. Quite incredible!
  • Molded polystyrene insulation. ENGEL is equipped with high-grade molded polystyrene foam, the reason it can keep things the way you want.
  • Rotatable top handle and shoulder strap. The recessed handle and the comfortable straps make carrying this box a breeze.
  • Stainless steel latches. Secures everything into place and prevents accidental openings
  • Quality hardware. The unit boasts of exclusive polystyrene insulation, stain and odor resistant material, and non-absorbent surface.
  • Lightweight, rugged and polypropylene box. It is a great option when you want to carry all your favorite drinks and food but can’t stop thinking about lifting the heavy cooler/dry box.


Admittedly, ENGEL Cooler is equipped with above average features. I bet those who love to go for fishing or swimming expeditions need something like this. They will store sensitive electronics such as cameras, smartphones, and medical supplies and dive in water stress-free.

I personally heart the self-stopping hinges and the elevated feet. I guess it is because am one of those crazy guys who are health-conscious. This feature prevents heat or dirt exchange with the ground.

Sincerely speaking, the ENGEL cooler/dry box is an incredible companion regardless of the nature of your expedition. If you don’t like it, simply try it out and you will surely love it!

Not to forget!

It keeps ice longer compared to other premium coolers. Additionally, it has one of the best construction.

  • Quality hardware
  • Can be submerged in water and cause no mess
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • This cooler/dry box has floating capability
  • An excellent one-day cooler

  • The storage space is slightly limited

ENGEL USA 19-Quart Cooler/Dry Box

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Wagan 12V Cooler/Warmer 24L Capacity

Wagan (EL6224) 12V Cooler/Warmer When you set out for a family road trip and don’t want to run out of food, drinks, or snacks, the best companion you can carry along is the Wagan 12V Cooler/Warmer. It is an excellent model, with extra sophistication, that features a classy look. Actually, this unit functions both as a cooler and a warmer.

Ready to learn more?

The greatest and most important difference that the Wagan 12V 24L Cooler/Warmer makes is handling all the needs of a family. If you spend a lot of time in your personal car, especially on a long drive, this unit will keep the family’s entire lunch and dinner at the desired temperatures.

  • Product
  • Specification

Wagan (EL6224) 12V Cooler/Warmer - 24L Capacity

Wagan 24 Liter 12v cooler/warmer is an essential item for anyone who gets hungry or thirsty when driving in their vehicle. It is perfect for family road trips or anyone who drives frequently. This ...

Available: In stock
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Item Weight

11.8 pounds

Product Dimensions

17.7 x 17.5 x 13.1 inches



Item model number



1 year Limited


125.1 Pounds

I purchased this as a gift for a relative and tested it when it arrived. As you can see in the picture my room was 75 degrees. I turned the cooler on and walked away. When I checked on it after 30 minutes it was down to 40 degrees. The manufacturer's claim is accurate.
July 18, 2016
Just recently purchased this cooler on Nov.26,2014. So far cooler works great. Keeps all beverages and food cool. It doesn't keep super cold but it kept a stick of butter hard over night after I had it disconnected for at least 4 hrs. I like to use 1 to 2 cool packs in it to help with cooling. I drive truck and its big enough to hold my lunch and extra snacks and drinks. The handle can be a little more heavy duty. I have to walk a good 300 yards to get to my truck and carry about 7 pounds of food and drinks daily. Cooler weighs about 12lbs. And the handle feels like it might give over time. I haven't used the warmer function yet, but will post a review when I do. The electrical cord is plenty long. Just wish there was a bigger storage space for it. but it works. Another positive is the cooling fans sit on top of lid, so if something spills inside it will not affect or damage cooling system. Hope this helps.
December 2, 2014
I just returned from a 3 week trip across the U.S.For this purpose, I purchased this cooler (have not used it as a warmer) for around 90 dollars. I plugged the cooler to the cigarette lighter port behind the driver/passenger armrest/storage unit. In this manner, I can place it behind the passenger seat. This accomplished 2 main things: One, I can reach/open the cooler to get goodies. This is sometimes challenging because the cooler is rather deep. But not bad at all for tall items, such as soda bottles. Second, the instructions suggest you turn off the unit when the car is turned off to prevent electrical surge upon turning the car on again.This is a generously spacious cooler. Because of this, I had to place my car's passenger seat forward and its backrest almost straight up. This allowed for the cooler to fit, for me to open the lid and to swivel the very well built carrying handle out of the way.I don't have any major complaints with the function, design, weight and space with this cooler. In fact, I experienced the illusion that when carrying this cooler, it felt lighter than the items being carried in it (?????). Opening the lid feels a little tricky, but I guess I got used to it. My only re-design wish would be the on/off toggle switch be changed to a push switch.Remember this type of coolers do not have Freon and function as a heat exchanger. For this reason the specs read like: cools to 40 degrees under the surrounding temperature. If its working in an air-conditioned car, the contents will be rather cold. If you're driving with the windows open in 95 degree weather, it will be much less so.Finally, the unit comes with a spare fuse which I hope it is available in a local hardware store.
June 26, 2015

Not convinced enough? What about this:

Well, let’s not waste time and go straight to the prominent features of this cooler/warmer.


  • Family-sized cooler/warmer. When engineers designed the Wagan Tech 24L unit, they must have had family interest at hand. This unit is designed in a way that best suits an entire family on a road trip. It will keep all your food warm or cold, it all narrows down to how you want it.
  • High-grade versatility. This cooler/warmer has two temperature settings. You can cool up to 32 degrees or warm up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. You simply toggle the hot/cold/off switch and let this amazing machine do its thing.
  • 24 Liter capacity. There is plenty of room for the family’s snacks, drinks, food and any other essential. The cooler/warmer can fit up to four 2L bottles or 27 cans.
  • Operates on either DC Car adapter or AC adapter. When traveling in your car, you can plug this unit into the DC adapter using the long power cord. Alternatively, use the AC adapter at home or office.
  • Multipurpose unit. Apart from being a reliable cooler/warmer, the Wagan 24L EL6224 can be used to store medicine or act as a fridge to keep breastmilk cool.
  • CFC-free cooling.


To be honest with you, the Wagan is a family-friendly unit. A family trip or picnic away from home is considered incomplete without this versatile unit. Featuring a diminutive size, this cooler/warmer will store all the road trip necessities. When wrapping up everything at the end of the trip, you can unplug the unit so the inside temperature gradually equalizes the external one.

Other robust features of the Wagan include the heavy-duty handle that makes carrying a breeze and the LED light indicator. Its height is also suitable for storing sodas and wine bottles in an upright position.

On a final word, this cooler/warmer is the way to go when you don’t want your family to get hungry or thirsty when away for a long road trip or any other vacation.

But here is the kick-starter:

If you love using the back seat, this cooler/warmer has you sorted. It will serve you during summer and winter. It has an extra-long power cord to allow you use the unit at the back of the car.

  • Extra tall design allows storage of soda and wine bottles
  • CFC-free; earth friendly
  • Double-functionality; both a warmer and a cooler
  • Multipurpose unit
  • Removable lid makes cleaning quick and easy
  • Highly versatile
  • Plenty of room for storage
  • High-grade construction

  • Consumes a lot of power; extra cost
  • The AC adapter is sold separately

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Stanley Adventure Cooler

Stanley Adventure Cooler

The Stanley Adventure Cooler is another legendary performer in the cooler industry. Apart from being durable, it is engineered to meet the tough demands of cooler enthusiasts. It can store 21 cans and keep them cold for up to 36 hours.

But here is the interesting thing:

The Stanley Adventure 16 Quart Cooler has a leak-resistant gasket that locks in the cold keeping your drinks cold for long.

  • Product
  • Specification

Stanley Adventure Cooler

Stanley adventure 16 quart navy cooler brings the legendary performance and durability into portable solutions that meet today's toughest demands. Leak resistant gasket lock in the cold. Sturdy ...

Available: In stock
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Product Dimensions

17 x 11 x 10 inches ; 3.2 pounds

Shipping Weight

4.5 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)

Domestic Shipping

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International Shipping

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Item model number


I bought the 16 qt and the 7 qt to compare and to replace a Stanley Classic lunch box that broke. The pictures show the 16 qt one compared to the 7 qt.These handles have almost no upright retention. If you have a full thermos on top and a light cooler, the cooler can/will flip on you. Not the end of the world, but, come on... (This is a Stanley problem across three current lunchbox/coolers that I've owned).The 16 qt cooler is huge. It can easily hold 3 soda cans, 2 regular sized ice packs, and two full sets of Stanley nesting food containers. It's big enough to be kind of awkward to carry. BUT, if you work 10 hours outside and aren't near a place to grab extra food or drink, then this is the one for you.Update:I kept the 7 qt and sent back the 16 qt. It's been a few months now and the handle issue hasn't changed. I've been using velcro to strap the thermos handle to the cooler handle to prevent the cooler from flipping while I'm carrying it. Good cooler otherwise.Also, the Yeti Rambler 36 oz (best insulated water bottle I've ever owned) fits perfectly on the 7 qt. I can also fit 2 of the smaller white ice packs and 5 bottles of Soylent in the 7 qt.If I use 2 white ice packs, everything stays pretty cold. When I use 3 of them, everything is really cold. It's a big difference. Usually this cooler sits outside in the heat, but out of direct sunlight.The inside is easy to clean. Wash and air dry. The seal on the cover seems to be pretty good. The snap locks on the front work very well. I've never had the lid flip open on me unexpectedly.
April 20, 2016
Like other reviewers I had problems with the handle not firmly pressing against the sides of the cooler. Anytime a bottle was mounted to the top as shown in the pics the lunch box would flip. I was tempted to send it back until I decided to fix the problem. It's actually very easy to do yourself. There are two small screws that are on the bottom side the handle on each end. I removed the screws and then the handle. Once the handle is out I cut approximately 1/2" off of the handle and then drilled a new hole for the screw. After that minor surgery reinstall the handle. Should fit firmly now and lock into place how it was intended. It can now hold a heavy bottle on top without flipping. Now it's a great cooler.
October 11, 2015
I looked for a while on Amazon and locally for a well insulated cooler for a long road trip to hold the foods that I know are safe for me. (Odd food sensitivities - no, not gluten.) I probably could have bought a high-end cooler, but didn't want to spend the money and am allergic to the rubber handle or closure parts on most. I had given up my search but found this 16QT Stanley at the last minute. Very well built cooler that I never worried would lose it's cool even when it sometimes sat in a hot car at my destination. It fit in front of the passenger seat and got carried into the hotel each night. The frozen water bottles others suggested here were only slightly thawed at the end of each long day. I'd leave one in the cooler overnight to pre-cool and use that one for drinking water the next day after it sat out in the car for a while. The friend I visited is buying one.
September 29, 2016


There are more reasons as to why this cooler is worth taking home. Let’s go through its features:

  • Double wall foam insulation. The high-density polypropylene helps keep its content cold for longer than standard coolers
  • High-grade construction. The unit has double wall form plus rock solid hinges and latches. All these features adds to the durability of the Stanley Adventure Cooler
  • Capable of storing 21 cans. Regardless of the nature of your adventure, this cooler will keep 21 cans sold. It is spacious enough for all your food and drinks.
  • Adjustable tie-downs. You can secure your bottle/mug in place
  • Foamed lid and body. This not only optimizes ice retention capability but also makes the unit sturdier.


Whether it is the long road trip, camp trip, endless nights in the garage, or whatever adventure, the Stanley Adventure Cooler is a tough tool that will have you sorted with the coldest drinks, snacks and other foods.

When it is blazing hot during summer, you know what to do. Keep all the 21 cans of your favorite beverage and let this cooler do its thing. For up to 36 hours, the drinks will remain at the optimal refreshing temperatures.

Overall, the Stanley Adventure Cooler gives all your trip necessities a firm hold and longer cold retention.  Prominent features of this cooler include leak-resistant gasket locks, strong locking latches, and the adjustable tie down.

  • Exclusively high-end construction
  • Protects the content from heat with double walls
  • Nice ice life considering its compact design
  • Easy to transport
  • Locks securely

  • Quite expensive
  • Users have complained of the lid getting stubborn

Stanley Adventure Cooler

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RTIC Soft Pack

RTIC 30 Soft PackCapable of 10 days of ice retention, the RTIC Soft Pack is another beast of a cooler filled with adventurous spirits. The fact that it is mid-sized makes it a perfect for travel. There are many models from RTIC but the Soft Side 30 perhaps made the best shot in the market.

  • Product
  • Specification

RTIC 30 Soft Pack (Keeps Ice up to 5 Days!)

Our midsize cooler makes a perfect multipurpose cooler. It is 100% leakproof, puncture-resistant, and has an antimicrobial liner that resists mildew. It is tough as nails and keeps ice for up to 5 ...

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Shipping Weight

4.2 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)

Ordered Directly from RTICSize: SoftPak 30Pictured Is the Soft Shell 30 and the Hard 20.. As you can see the 30 is smaller on the outside BUT LARGER on the inside making it GREAT for travel.. BUT it usually doesn't keep ice as long as the hard.. This is why I OWN BOTH!Short Review: This is ONE AMAZING COOLER!! I own several RTIC products and the Soft Side 30 is one of them!! This cooler is much lighter than other RTIC hard coolers (Which I also have and are ALSO AMAZING) so this cooler is much easier to carry on day trips or even vacation! I plan have taken it on several trips so far and plan to take it on vacation even this weekend!! I find the cooler works as advertised and keeps items cold for a VERY VERY LONG TIMEPros1.) Keeps ice for several days - I find these don't keep ice as long as the hard coolers BUT that is to be expected.. It does however keep ice cold for several days, and longer if you limit openings of the cooler2.) Leak Proof - I can confirm this DOES NOT leak.. Even full of ice and water it will not leak!! Now if you leave it upside down for hours this might be a different story but so far I haven't had any issues with leaking the cooler leaking!3.) Performs just as GREAT as my Yeti while being much easier to open and put items in4.) I love the flip lid, much easier to open than Yeti5.) Easy to carry6.) Plenty of attachment points to keep things attached to the cooler7.) VERY VERY DURABLE and rugged!!8.) EXCELLENT VALUE9.) Wonderful Customer Service10.) Does not sweatCons1.) Has strong scent when first purchasedTips1.) For day trips and weekend trips I don't even use ice, I just use Arctic Ice sold here on Amazon!! The 5LB brick fits the bottom and top of this cooler perfectly2.) Use baking soda to get rid of the chemical smell inside.. I let mine air out over night and then put a box of baking soda inside it and closed the lid.. Smell hasn't returned!Overall: If you are looking for a softsided cooler that is a much better value than a YETI but one that performs the same and has excellent performance overall, this cooler should end your search.. I have several RTIC coolers and they have all performed wonderfully and have all exceeded my expectations.. I highly recommend this cooler
October 13, 2016
Perfect size for the road trips and small trips we were taking. I'd say if you don't open it at all it holds ice for 3 to 4 days and keeps food cold. Suggestion is to have ice on the bottom and on the top of the food inside. I found the food up top getting a bit more warmer then I'd like, and the ice on top helped keep the food up there cool. Most of the time Ice lasted 2 days max with light open and closing.
March 23, 2017
Purchase this recently for a family trip. I like the shape and semi-firm structure of the cooler compared to other soft side coolers. The manufacturing and quality control seem to be good on the one we received. I did water test it before using and found out that the zipper must be pulled all the way to the close point to hold in the water. It did have a very strong plastic smell that has slowly gotten better. I left it open for a day and then wiped it down with a baking soda solution, but it still had the smell 2 days later.We used both the artic ice brew series and ice from an ice machine. I'd say that this cooler is better than any of the cheap soft side coolers that I've ever owned. However, the promo that says 5 days is WAY too optimistic. Using the arctic ice, our beverages were still cool enough to drink (but appreciably less cool) about 30 hours after placing them in the cooler. The beverages up against the artic ice were definitely better. The cooler was in the car while driving and then hotel and opened about 6-8 times over that time.Using ice from the ice machine, we got a little bit better lasting coolness. Almost 48 hours after putting in the ice, the drinks were still very cool, but all of the ice was melted. It was opened about a dozen times. During that time, it was in the car while driving and then in our house. I'd say that leaving this in the sun or in a hot car would probably shorten the cool time by another 12-ish hours.All in all, this is a nice cooler, but I'm not sure if I could justify the cost if I were to do it again.
March 2, 2017

But this is even better…

The RTIC Soft Pack is puncture-resistant and 100% leak-proof. Well, that is not all, this adventurous cooler has other robust features that push it up the ranks:


  • As hard and tough as nails. The Soft Pack 30 Cooler is puncture-resistant. The bears won’t have an opportunity.
  • Antimicrobial liner. Keeps any harmful bacteria away and also prevents the development of mildew.
  • 2-inches closed-cell foam insulation. This unit boasts of high-end cooling technology. It can keep ice up to 5 days. With enough frosty cold drinks, your party gonna rock than ever before!
  • Heavy duty vinyl shell. The Soft Pack 30 has proven to be tougher and stronger than most soft-sided coolers. It is also tear-resistant.
  • UV Protection. Ensure the entire cooler doesn’t lose its color. This helps maintain the new original look for longer.
  • Plenty of room. This unit can hold up to 30 cans. This is amazing given that it doesn’t have a bulky design.
  • Non-sweating exterior. You can use the exterior to store dry items.
  • Leak proof. When it is time to set out for that tailgating, camp trip or boating expedition, fill this unit with as much ice and water as you want. It is totally leak-proof. No mess!


The RTIC Soft Pack is a perfect companion that will ensure you never run out of frosty cold drinks. Whether you are rolling out for that boating expedition or just want to hold some tailgating party, this cooler will never disappoint you. With 2-inch closed-cell foam insulation, this unit can preserve your drinks, food, and snacks for up to 5 days.

It would also be a great option for hunters as it boasts of solid rock construction. Apart from being 100% leak-proof, it is tear-resistant and wrapped in heavy duty vinyl shell. What else could we ask from the RTIC producers? For years, they have been hitting the market with incredible coolers such as the Soft Sided 30 Cooler.

But here is what we love the most…

This unit strikes a balance between capacity and ice life. It can hold up to 30 can plus ice and preserve its content for up to 5 days. Admittedly, that sounds amazing, thanks to RTIC.

  • Rugged and extremely durable
  • Plenty of room for your drinks and ice
  • Plenty of attachments for small items
  • Keeps ice for several days
  • Leak-proof

  • Users have complained of a very strong scent after purchase

How to Choose the Best Cooler

To be honest with you, not every cooler out there is worth taking home. There are so many online scams, dishonest reviews and biased websites that advertise coolers. To make it worse, so many products claim to achieve the impossible yet they are some disappointing pieces of plastic.

Product Name Capacity Overall Rating Details
Coolest Cooler in Classic Orange 55 Quarts 8.5 Check price
Pelican Products Pro-Gear Elite Cooler 20 Quarts 10 Check price
K2 Coolers Summit 20 Cooler 20 Quarts 8.5 Check price
Coleman Coastal Xtreme Series Marine Cooler 120 Quarts 9.5 Check price
Igloo Ice Cube Roller Cooler 60 Quarts 9 Check price
RTIC Cooler 20 Quarts 8.5 Check price
ENGEL USA Cooler/Dry Box 19 Quarts 8 Check price
Wagan 12V Cooler/Warmer Capacity 20 Quarts 8 Check price
Stanley Adventure Cooler 16 Quarts 7.5 Check price
RTIC Soft Pack 30 Quarts 8.5 Check price

Get this right, it is not the most expensive unit that always turns out to be the best. In fact, some units are fairly priced yet are amazing performers. To help you get out of the trap, we have done the hard work for you. Here are the factors you should consider before spending a single penny. Who knows, maybe some of you are just about to waste money you haven’t worked for.

  • Size

There are several sizes of coolers, ranging from pack coolers, 20 Quart, 50 Quart or even larger sizes. The size you chose definitely depends on the type of adventure you partake and how long it is going to last. If you are the type of folk that just goes for a one-day boating expedition, you need a smaller lightweight cooler.

On the other hand, if you are the type that loves going for a road trip with the entire family, you better opt for the larger models, especially the electric type.

  • Durability

Some coolers are solid sturdy to the extent of being able to support 250 b folks while others will break down after the slightest abuse. If you rarely go for adventurous events apart from a few picnics, do not buy a solid sturdy unit. Remember you pay for what you get.

On the other hand, if you for long trips lasting for more than 5 days, go the expensive models that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Needless to say, you don’t’ a situation where your drinks and food goes bad when you are hundreds of miles away from home.

Additionally, if you plan to spend the entire week at the camping site, also remember to opt for coolers with the following features:

  • Strong handles
  • Properly fitting lids
  • Tough and durable wheels

  • Price

Just like any other product, you have to buy a product that suits your needs without exploiting you financially. Even though you pay for what you get, some coolers are unreasonably overpriced. It is advisable to go for a cooler with a good standing record.

However, if you intend to put your cooler into frequent use you should opt for pricier models. Tough, tear-resistant and high-grade coolers are generally expensive.

  • Temperature

Some coolers are more effective than others in regard to maintaining reasonable temperatures. This is an important feature, especially when you are away for a whole week trip. Nothing disappoints like arriving at your destination only to realize all ice has melted. Some models are equipped with superior insulation than others.

Choose carefully!

  • Ease of using and cleaning

Some units are equipped with features that add convenience more than others. A cooler should be practical to make your travel easy. It should have easy-to-roll wheels, adjustable handles, molded-in handles for easy lifting, carrying padded straps, and more.

More sophisticated models feature a control panel where you can customize the cooler to your personal preference.

Most importantly, a cooler should have a rust-resistant channel drain. This helps a lot when draining the melted ice and in cleaning the unit.

  • Other considerations

There are other factors you may also need to consider before buying a cooler. Depending on the way you intend to use your cooler, some may turn out to be very crucial.

  • Easy to lock latches
  • Self-stopping hinges
  • Raised wheels
  • Ease of opening/accessing the lid
  • Design/number of handles
  • Cup holders
  • Section dividers
  • Airtight seals

All Types of Coolers

I guess it is important you also get to know this…

We all grew up seeing the basic coolers at family outings and the few picnics we had the opportunity to go. However, with development in technology, other varieties of coolers have emerged. Today, we have the soft-side coolers and the heavy-duty coolers.

Nevertheless, coolers are very important in effectively preserving food and beverages when we go out for hikes or overnight trips. Coolers are categorized into various types based on the material used in construction.

Let’s take a look at a few ones:

  • Plastic Coolers

These are the most common type of coolers we all come across. They are made from tough molded plastic. Generally, they come in different sizes and have plenty of room for storing large amounts of food. They are equipped with tough insulated lids and have sturdy plastic handles. Plastic coolers are supposed to be filled with both ice cubes and food.

  • Metal Coolers

If you happen to know a few fishermen and hunters, you probably should have come across this kind of coolers. Needless to say, these are the most durable. I also can’t forget to mention that they are expensive compared to the rest of the models. Be prepared to spend more when you decide to buy one.

However, they are the best options when you want something durable and one that can withstand harsh weather conditions and all forms of human abuse.

Additionally, metal coolers are heavy and overall inappropriate when going for a short trip.

  • Fabric Coolers

Also referred to as collapsible coolers, fabric coolers were designed to enhance user convenience when carrying small packages. Being collapsible and lightweight makes them the perfect option for carrying a few beverages and other small items. They are made from canvas-type synthetic materials and also reinforced with an insulating foam layer.

Even though they are not able to keep items cold for long, they are practical for a one-day trip.

  • Styrofoam Coolers

These are box-like and are lightweight compared to plastic coolers. They are an excellent option when one is storing lightweight items. They are cheap and rarely used in camping and other outdoor adventures.

  • Electric Coolers

Electric coolers are like portable fridges. They use electricity and are, therefore, used in a personal vehicle or at home. You can either use AC adapter or DC car adapter.  Even though they are expensive, they are more effective in preserving large amounts of drinks and food. Remember, you do not have to fill then with ice. This implies they have more storage space.

Want to know more?

Some coolers are designed to suit certain adventures. For instance, coolers suitable for camping trips are designed to make transport easy and convenient.

Additionally, you need to get some basic knowledge about some few items or accessories you may need when setting out for that camping trip, picnic, tailgating, fishing expedition or any other outdoor party.

Cooler for Camping

There is no better way of making your camping trip pleasurable other than carrying along a cooler that ensures your food remains fresh and great-tasting. However, not all coolers are designed the same. If you are hiking overland, you definitely need a cooler that is hard-walled. There is more than just picking a tough tear-resistant cooler.

Get this right!

It is the journey that dictates the right type of camping cooler. For instance, if you set out for a 5-days trip, you need a camping cooler with plenty of room, long ice life, and quality construction because of the risks out there in the wild.

Cooler With Wheels

Wheeled or not wheeled?

When you finally arrive at the camping ground, your journey doesn’t end there. You will need to move your cooler, the reason you may be better off with a cooler with wheels, especially if it is larger than 30 Quarts.

However, some models only feature cheap-feeling plastic wheels that can’t withstand rough ground. In fact, most campers are forced to modify the coolers or opt for the rock-solid models which happen to be expensive.

Cooler Backpack

Backpack coolers can make your life easier when prepping for one-day hikes, beach outings, picnics. They are convenient when carrying packed lunch and a few drinks. Not to forget, some backpacks are designed for specific cooler models. For a one day outing, you can choose to carry your cooler in a backpack, especially smaller sizes less than 33 quarts.

When choosing a cooler backpack, kindly take care of the following factors:

  • Design – Buy a cooler backpack that will carry the things you need. The shape of the things you intend to carry definitely defines the design you finally choose.
  • Size – Choose the size that will accommodate everything you need for the camp trip, picnic or whatever party.
  • The material used – Bags made from stronger materials are more likely to withstand heavy items and abuse.
  • How does the bag open – it is easy to load and offload a bag that opens wide at the top.

Evaporative Cooler

When you go to a camping site and it is summer time, it can terribly get warm. In such a situation, you need more than just a cooler to keep your beverages, food, and snacks frosty cold and fresh.

The handy device that comes to your help when it gets warm around is an evaporative cooler. It can reduce the surrounding temperature by 20 to 30 degrees. It simply cools the surrounding through evaporation of water. Surprisingly, there are many ways you can come up with a DIY cooler. Some use the ordinary homer’s all-purpose bucket while others modify the common camping coolers.

The only problem is, an evaporative cooler cannot be relied on when camping in a high-humidity area. Overall, evaporative coolers are the best way you can beat the summer heat without spending much.

Cooler Ice Packs

Admittedly, it is really disappointing when you reach for your snack only to realize it is more messed up than a wet tissue paper. Well, that is what happens sometimes when you use ice cubes or crushed ice instead of ice cubes.

Thanks to modern innovation for coming up with convenient sizes of ice packs. Compared to ice cubes, it is easier to eliminate melted ice when using ice packs. They also decrease the interior temperature of your cooler thereby keeping your drinks and food frosty cold.

However, kindly note that ice packs are a more suitable option when your cooler holds more food and less cans. If your cooler carries more cans than food, crushed ice will work great.

Not to forget: Avoid using petroleum-based packs for they are known to leach toxins into your food. Take care, we never know who the next cancer victim is!


Needless to say, each cooler has its own warranty policy. Generally, what is of uttermost importance is to buy a product from a genuine dealer so that you remain covered within the warranty period.

For instance, Amazon provides a one-year warranty against for workmanship and defects in material counting from the date you make the original retail purchase. In any case the cooler you bought proves to be defective within the warranty period, the company can:

  • Replace the cooler with a new one or refurbished one
  • Repair the product
  • Refund you the purchase price of the product bought

Therefore, as a buyer, you are highly advised to be careful not to tamper or do anything that may disqualify you from compensation.

Additionally, go through both the manufacturer and the genuine dealer warranty terms before buying any product. Warranty policies are prone to unexpected changes and sometimes, if you are not careful, you may fall into a trap. For instance, manufacturer’s warranty doesn’t apply in all cases. Generally, it applies depending on the following:

  • Use of the purchased product
  • Who you purchased the product from
  • Where the product was purchased
9 Total Score
Final Verdict and Recommendation

Let me be honest with you!

Undoubtedly, each cooler is unique in its own way. Each single cooler has something special and unique to offer. Nevertheless, choosing the best cooler really narrows down to your personal preference.

However, where this is a race, there is always a winner. After long hours of testing, evaluation, and analysis, we settled on the Pelican Products ProGear Elite 20 Quart Cooler as the winner. This unit offers superior functionality, tie-downs, and high-quality stainless steel hardware. Even though YETI inches close, the ProGear Elite Cooler still stands out from the rest.

But here is the kick-starter:

The reason as to why this cooler came out as the best is due to its record-breaking extreme ice retention and durability. Press and pull latches, non-slip handles and the draining spout are some of the robust features that give this performing cooler a leg-up in the competition. I personally love it and I firmly believe is a cooler worth taking home.


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