10 Modern Coffee Maker with Grinder Machines – Find Morning Perfection

Most people cannot function without an early morning cup of coffee. You need that pick-me-up to get you going each day. A good cup of coffee out of the best coffee maker with grinder can start you off on a bright note. It can make you feel happy, at ease and ready to conquer the world. A not-so-good cup of coffee can do quite the opposite.Black & Decker CM5000B

Read this guide to know more about coffee perfection!

You might think that buying expensive coffee is the secret to getting a great cup of coffee. Though a good bean can make a difference, the true key to the perfect morning cup is the right coffee maker. The best coffee makers give you the freshest possible cup of coffee by grinding beans directly before brewing. They then brew to perfection, giving you an ideal coffee every time.

But wait – there’s even more!

You don’t have to rely on nameless reviews from strangers to pick out your coffee pot. We have studied a number of coffee makers with grinders and have narrowed them down to the 10 best. Each and every one of these small appliances have proven the technology to serve as an excellent addition to your kitchen arsenal. Read on to learn more.

Cuisinart DGB-625BC Grind-and-Brew 12-Cup Automatic Coffeemaker

Cuisinart DGB-625BC Grind-and-Brew

At first glance, the Cuisinart DGB-625BC Grind-and-Brew does stand out as a spectacular coffee maker. Just look at the hundreds of reviews! It has a great basic functionality that allows it to blend with any other coffee makers on the market.

Don’t let that fool you!

The Cuisinart Grind-and-Brew offers flexible brewing options for your home or office. Use the machine’s one to four cup settings to brew a quick cup of coffee for yourself. Make a pot of delicious coffee for the entire office using the 12-cup carafe.

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Cuisinart DGB-625BC Grind-and-Brew 12-Cup Automatic Coffeemaker, Brushed Metal

Enter your model number to make sure this fits.; 12-Cup automatic coffeemaker with built-in automatic bean grinder; Fully programmable with adjustable auto-shutoff from 0 to 4 hours, Brew Pause, 1- ...

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I had an older model of this and it lasted about 3 years. When it went, thought I would try the new model since it looks more modern and perhaps improved? Well........The GOODThere is SO MUCH to like about this coffee maker. I find it easy to use and easy to clean. I like setting it up the night before and waking up to great coffee. I also like that I have complete control over the strength of the coffee, the fact that it has a small charcoal filter for the water chamber, and that it's BPA free. Some people have complained the coffee maker is loud, but this one's not quite as loud as the previous model, and it doesn't bother me.The BADThis one only lasted about 4 months before having a problem that required replacement. The top hatch where the coffee beans go became warped (this was the diagnosis from Cuisinart over the phone as if they'd seen this problem before) although it didn't look warped. This caused the appliance to think it wasn't closed, or that it was missing a part, and it wouldn't function. Even though all parts were in and the lid was snapped shut, it would beep when I pushed the on button and then would not function. Incidentally, if this ever happens to yours, you can put something heavy on top of it like a cast iron pan, but of course that's pretty risky. This is what we did while we waited for the replacement. At first I tried heavy duty packing tape on the lid but it didn't hold because of condensation - it needed something heavy.So ok, at least we have a 3-year warranty, right? Well, they charge $10 to send you a new one and you have to send back the defective one at your cost. These are the rules of the limited warrantly. They waived the $10 outbound fee for me because I sqawked about it (remember, 4 months in!) So I thought how bad can returning it be (ground shipping) since there's no rush? I packed it up and brought it to UPS. Their quote was $30. I left and went to USPS and it was $25. So if I'd had to pay the 10 bucks too, we're talking $35 to replace an $80 item I bought only 4 mo. ago, which kind of burned me up.There appears to be an update on the lid of the new one. There is a square component added to the plastic arm that comes down from the lid and meets up with the close switch below it. So that's the good news for anyone purchasing now or in the future (I hope). I've tried to show this in the pictures. The straight, cylinder piece is the one that malfunctioned. The one with a rectangle at the top is the replacement. This doesn't seem like a very significant engineering difference, but here's hoping the updated one lasts.So it seems like this is probably a known issue with the device, however Cuisinart stands by their limited warranty which means you have to return your defective item on your dime. Talking with a supervisor didn't change the course at all. I've been crazy loyal to this brand (we have 3 or 4 Cuisinart appliances in our kitchen) but this experience will have me looking at this brand more cautiously going forward.
February 27, 2015
Before I tell you about this fantastic kitchen appliance, let me tell you what led me to purchase it.Back in December, our coffee grinder, our second one in two years, starting making noise like it was going to die. The thing only cost $20 at the local K-mart, but I got to thinking, "Is there a coffee maker you can load with a bag of beans, which is also loaded with water, and which you can press one button to make one cup of coffee at a time?Well, my search on the internet led me to all kinds of coffee makers which allowed for the one serving at a time, but which required you to buy the pre-measured bags/cups/ (whatever you called the pre-measured stuff)from the company which makes the machine. Meaning, you can only by that coffee maker's brand of coffee, which by the way, is not in bean form, but ground form.So, I started looking at these machines with built in grinders.What I found is there is not a machine - not at least yet - where you can fill the machine with a bag of beans and then have the machine measure the amount of beans needed to be ground for one cup of coffee.So, I moved on to what is out there. And here is the machine I selected, and boy, am I glad I chose this machine as it makes the best coffee my wife and I have ever had.Here's how this thing works:I just wanted two of the giant sized cups of coffee. So, the first thing I did was:1. Take the handy measuring spoon which comes with the machine and measure in 8 spoonsful of beans to the grinder in the machine.2. I then filled the water reservoir to a little over the 4 cups line on the side. Those cup gradations on the machine are for regular cups of 8 ounces, and my bigger coffee cup holds 18 ounces).3. I cleaned the gold plated wire basket which holds the coffee after it is ground by tossing the majority of the old grounds into the compost container on the kitchen counter, washed it under the spicket, and put it back into the machine. I prefer this gold plated screen to using paper coffee filters bought a store. Better taste, less waste, less $$$ spent per cup. (And don't worry, the gold plated screen comes with the machine.)4. Then I hit the 2-4 cups button on the face of the machine. This button gives a finer grind for smaller amounts of coffee, and my wife and I experimented for a week to find the perfect blend for us using the 2-4 cups and came up with 8 spoonsful of beans for over a little more than 4 cups of water.5. Lastly, we hit the "On" button.After doing all this, the machine first kicks into the grinding mode. This grinder, housed inside this brushed aluminum (for the most part) coffee maker makes less noise than the tinier coffee grinders we once used before making coffee in our old Mr. Coffee machine.When the grinding stops, the heater for the water begins to kick in.Now here's the beauty of this machine:That coffee pot is not your regular coffee pot, nor is the plate it sits on an overheated plate which will turn your coffee in your pot to sludge after ten minutes.Nope, the coffee decanter is the best kept secret of this machine. It is double lined, like those expensive thermos type decanters in hotel banquets, and you can leave this sucker with say 10 cups on the holding plate for 2 hours, come back, pour another cup, and the coffee comes out as delicious as the first cup and almost just as hot, so hot, that you won't need to nuke it in the microwave.Lastly, cleaning this machine's outside is a breeze. The metal face and sides, the plastic top, all clean with a damp rag to where it looks brand new after every use.So, we've been using this machine for 3 months now. We have no problems with it. And the coffee is so good I quit drinking coffee with sugar and cream.Getcha one, smile, and maybe you'll learn more than we did. We still don't use the timer function as we have such crazy hours. But for a single person or couple who works dayshifts (I don't, my wife does), you could pre-load this thing at night, wake up to fresh coffee brewing every morning.I love this machine and I'll never use another, unless, of course, Cuisinart comes up with machine of my dreams which will take a whole bag of beans, pre-measure them for the cups you dial in, and self-cleans...For now, I am happy to keep using this machine til I die.Hope this has been of some help for you thinking about purchasing a heavy duty coffee grinder/coffee maker...p.s. Maybe once a week or every two weeks, we take out the grinder's bottom half and wash it out. It is made of heavy duty plastic (this part) and washes nicely under a spicket or with your sink's shower hose. It is not a drawback. It's part of making a perfect cup of coffee...p.p.s. You can make ten cups of coffee which will be drunk over two or three hours, and like I said earlier, the last cup will be just as good as your first. The decanter can't be seen though to judge how much coffee is remaining, but you can always take the top off and look inside to discover whether you need to make more.
March 22, 2012
I had an earlier version of the 10-cup Cuisinart Grind and Brew that lasted more than 3 years. It made an awesome pot of coffee. I read online reviews of this and similar grind and brews from Cuisinart that made me nervous that I wouldn't get as good a product as I had last time. I looked closely at other brands and other versions of grind and brews and decided based on my own experience with the last one I bought, I'd give this model a shot. So far I have not had any problems that other people have mentioned. Yes, there are more parts to take apart, clean and put back together than a regular coffee maker. But the superior taste of the coffee you get from the grind and brew is absolutely worth the extra couple minutes of prep time it takes. Besides, I was used to it from the previous model I owned. So that is not an issue. I read other reviews about the hinge not closing or popping open during the brew cycle, or leaking. I have not had ANY of those issues. NOTE: One reviewer said to read ALL the instructions carefully and follow the directions and that's what I did. Most important thing to remember here is you have to be sure to keep the handle of the gold filter basket facing the front of the coffee maker. Last - I saw some reviewers complain of the noise as it grinds the coffee beans. This version of the grind and brew is noticeably more quiet than the last one I had, so no issue there either. All in all, I am VERY glad I purchased this product. I love it!
July 7, 2010


  • An automatic grinder that grinds beans immediately before brewing.
  • Grind-stop turns off the grinding process if you wish to use re-ground coffee.
  • Grinder facility is easily removed for deep cleaning.
  • 24-hour programmable features let you wake up to freshly brewed coffee.
  • Brew one, four or 12 cups of coffee at once.
  • A permanent filter that is dishwasher safe.
  • Charcoal water filter removes harmful chemicals for the freshest tasting coffee.


This Cuisinart coffee maker with grinder gives you the delicious taste of freshly ground coffee without breaking the bank. If you want a coffee maker with a built-in grinder but don’t want or need an extravagant machine, you can’t go wrong with this model.

One of the best features of the Cuisinart DGB-625BC Grind-and-Brew is the built-in water filter. The best-tasting coffee comes from water that has no impurities. Even if you already have a water filter, the additional one inside this Cuisinart will ensure that no chlorine, bad tastes or odors leak into your cup.

We also love that this model is so easy to clean. The removable filter can be washed by hand or in the top rack of your dishwasher. The grinder compartment is also simple to remove, making cleaning a breeze.

  • Low cost
  • Simplistic, elegant design
  • Easy to clean
  • Packed with special features

  • Some users have reported grinds in their coffee, though this may be resolved with the addition of a paper filter.

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Delonghi ECAM23260SB Magnifica Smart Espresso & Cappuccino Maker

De'Longhi ECAM23260SB Magnifica

Delonghi makes a second appearance on our list with the Magnifica Smart Espresso & Cappucino Maker. This machine is everything you need to become a top notch barista. The higher price point may cause you to balk, but don’t let that stop you. This Delonghi is made to last a lifetime. If you are the type to stop by a favorite coffee shop every day, it will pay for itself before you know it.

Want more specifics? Let’s dive in!

Thirteen adjustable settings, a double shot feature and a built-in water filtration system means you get the best, cleanest cup of coffee you have ever had. The company even has a dedicated call center to have all of your questions asked.

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De'Longhi ECAM23260SB Magnifica Smart Espresso & Cappuccino Maker, Black

The DeLonghi ECAM23260SB Super Automatic Espresso Maker creates your favorite cafe style beverage with the touch of a button. Choose from ristretto, espresso, low pressure coffee, cappuccino and ...

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I'm going to make reference to the older DeLonghi Magnifica ESAM3300 during this review. I've had that machine for quite a few years, and it has served me well. I was fortunate enough to get this new version via Amazon Vine, so I feel I can compare the two in case anyone is looking to upgrade.First off, this one has a few more bells and whistles, e.g. the self-contained milk frother, rather than just the milk spout. This means it's super easy (and cleaner) to make frothy milky coffee drinks, which will definitely be a bonus for many potential customers, but also means one has a little less control over the process.The new Magnifica takes up almost the same footprint, but is perhaps a little slimmer and sleeker while being a tad deeper. It's also a bit quieter. Set up was easy, and it primed quickly and efficiently and I was ready to make coffee instantly. There is a water filter if you need it, and a handy paper strip to test your water hardness. There is a full instruction manual and a simple color easy-start guide which makes this machine very straightforward to operate.So first off, the pros: Well, the espresso shots from this machine are as good if not better than from the old one and produce a nice amount of crema once I got the grind a little finer and the pour a little slower. I'm gonna say this straight out: while this machine makes a decent, serviceable espresso drink, it's still no way as good as hand-pulling a shot yourself using a manual machine, nor as good as you'd get in a proper espresso bar, being aware, of course, that both those require good skills and training. It might not even be as good as the Nespresso machines out there, but it makes up for it in cost over time and flexibility, and it still beats out many coffee shop offerings for both cost and often taste, especially as you can buy beans from anywhere and use them in the machine. Best of all of course, this machine is simple to operate and extremely convenient, and I still drink a couple of shots before work rather than forking out $4+ a day at any of the chain coffee shops.As mentioned, the self-contained milk frother is a bonus, but I wish it would allow the ability to just heat and add milk without the froth -- but still, froth is easily dissipated with a quick stir. The way the machine can clean the milk nozzle after use is nice, too. Where the coffee beans go is now sealed -- yay! The old Magnifica had a flip lid, this new one is relatively airtight (though I still keep most of my beans in a BeanVac anyway).Some minor negatives (and not deal-breakers by any means): when I first switch it on and the machine does its little rinse cycle, the hot water pools on the grate whereas on the old Magnifica it would always shoot down the holes. This means I always need to wipe the tray/grate before I put my cup under. I guess the holes are either a little too small, or the nozzles are just not as precisely aimed (and yes, I have put the nozzles at low as they can go). Second negative is cleaning the main brewer. The old Magnifica let you pull out the brewing unit for clean-up from the front, this new one is behind a door at the side behind the water tank, so that has to be removed first. This is a minor hindrance because you only need to clean that out once a month or so, but it's still a little different. On the positive side, I'm seeing less dust and better puck disposal than in the old Magnifica which had a strangely-shaped tray that wouldn't always catch the pucks. Also -- see update below for more on this.The machine also auto-shuts off rather quickly. I guess this is good for energy savings, but I wish it stayed awake a bit longer. If you're using the milk frother, I recommend doing the clean cycle straight away as the machine switches off after a few minutes. Then again, if you try and use the milk frother with the dial in the "clean" position, it will prompt you to clean it anyway. I guess I got used to the old Magnifica staying on for a few hours at a time.I still think this is a good machine and a nice upgrade on my previous one. That one, with its analog dials really helped me dial-in the perfect set up for precise taste/strength/amount, while this one has fewer settings. However, it does such a good job straight out the box that I'm OK with the additional automation and the extra ability to create very nice cappuccino or latte drinks simply.I'll update this review if I discover anything else as I've only had the opportunity to use it for a few days so far.---Updated July 30: OK, the water spilling from the nozzles onto the grate instead of down the little holes every time I switch this on is still happening. As no other reviews mention it, I don't know if it's just my machine, or something to do with my particular settings. Admittedly, it's a minor thing as all it takes is a paper towel to clean up (or by putting a cup under the spouts when switching on), I'm just surprised a $1,300 machine would do that and am interested to know if it happens to anyone else.In terms of beverage quality, I've dialed in what I consider my perfect grind level and strength, and this machine is consistently out-performing the previous model. Perhaps it has to do with water temperature or grind, perhaps it's just better tamping and sophisticated parts that do a better job, but it's definitely an improvement. Remember, this also has a lot to do with quality of coffee beans and type used. Perhaps the new hopper is keeping them airtight and fresher (I used to fill the old Magnifica with a minimal amount for freshness sake).Finally, re: cleaning. The infuser of this new Magnifica, despite being harder to get to, is actually way easier to clean. The old Magnifica needed grease and careful washing, this new one can be submerged and cleans up super-easily. Also, because it sits directly on top of the puck disposal tray, it's a breeze to keep the entire device clean, so now I do understand why it was placed where it was. The old Magnifica was full of nooks and crevices where ground coffee dust would gather and need cleaning, this new one is way more sensibly designed.
July 21, 2015
Late arriving Christmas gift, due to nothing related to the product. I'll save that story for my review of the seller. I've used it many times weekly for about a month, now. This cappuccino maker is amazing and worth the price. The milk frother has been designed by a genius as every drink is produced with a lovely, frothy, substantial layer of crema, an essential ingredient for a quality cappuccino. In addition, the espresso portion of the drink arrives into the cup smoking hot, and is not cooled significantly by the crema layer. You can not guzzle a drink produced by this machine, as it is too hot to drink faster than a sip at a time. The parts that need cleaning periodically come off easily, clean up quickly, and go back together seamlessly, time after time. If I had to come up with a complaint, it would be that I need to keep a cup under the drink nozzles at all times. When the machine turns on and gets itself ready to make a drink, it dispenses some water most likely, I suspect, to get hot water out to the nozzle. Then, after making a drink with crema, the machine insists on cleaning the milk outflow opening, again with water. You can not bypass this step, even if you are going to make another drink with milk, immediately. Then, if you don't use the machine for a length of time, something less than an hour, the machine shuts off with a process that includes dispensing some water, once again. I end up filling the water container more often than I thought I would, but it's a simple process to add water, so it's not a big deal. I've appreciated the ability to make a cup of coffee with ground beans, using the separate opening for this purpose. This way, I can keep one flavor of beans in the grinder section, and a bag of pre-ground coffee next to the machine for the single cup, usually later in the day, when I've had enough cappuccino's to get me wired. The ease of removing the included milk dispenser, for overnight refrigeration, is also super convenient. One less thing to clean up, when I'm going to make cappuccino again the following day. I do wash it out if it's going to be a couple days before I get back to having drinks made from this machine. If you are looking to make Starbuck's quality drinks in your own kitchen, look no further than this machine. It is amazing. Be sure to use low fat milk for the best crema. Whole milk is worst, skim milk is best. I use 2%, which works fine for my situation. I would not have guessed that I would like the machine as much as I do, but even after horrible service from the seller, I still ended up happy with this cappuccino maker.
February 9, 2017
I was lucky enough to find this item open box on amazon for about 800$ , and let me tell you, we (3 people that use it daily) love this machine! It makes a fantastic espresso and latte, we honestly don't know how we use non automatic all those years but I already know we never will again. its been super reliable, and I follow the maintenance on it , to the letter. It likes to clean itself a lot, which is good, but it will use a lot of water so be aware of that. its best to use this machine with Filtered water, like from a pitcher or a faucet filter. If you do so you don't need to use the optional filter they have listed. Also DO NOT skip the water hardness test that comes with it because its important to set the rescaling setting on this system. also your espresso will taste better with clean filtered water.
February 8, 2017

  • Stainless steel, an adjustable burr grinder is one of the best in the industry
  • Auto clean function helps you keep your machine spotless.
  • Sixty ounce water tank.
  • One touch brewing.
  • Built-in foamer for specialty drinks.
  • Water filtration system guarantees clean water.


You won’t find a more complete coffee maker with a grinder for your home on the market than Magnifica Smart Espresso & Cappucino Maker. You can have any type of coffee drink you want with the ease of a simple touch. Delonghi has perfected the easy clean coffee maker as well.

  • Ease of use; brew your favorite drink with a simple touch
  • Cleans quickly and easily
  • Internal water filtration

  • A bit expensive
  • Fairly large

Delonghi ECAM23260SB Magnifica

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Capresso 464.05 CoffeeTeam GS 10-Cup Digital Coffeemaker with Conical Burr Grinder

Capresso 464.05 CoffeeTeam GS 10-Cup Digital Coffeemaker The Capresso 464.05 CoffeeTeam GS is a popular choice for homes and offices. This coffee maker has a conical burr grinder for consistent grinding every time. You can use the burr grinder to make coarse, fine or medium grounds, perfect for every type of coffee you can imagine.

This coffee maker has a mid-level price for those who want to up their coffee making game but aren’t ready or able to make a larger investment. The lower price point of the Capresso CoffeeTeam makes it an excellent gift as well.

Let’s dig a little deeper.

Do you want to know why we have added this product to our list of best coffee makers with grinders? It is packed with features that we know you’ll love.

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Capresso 464.05 CoffeeTeam GS 10-Cup Digital Coffeemaker with Conical Burr Grinder

Enter your model number to make sure this fits.; Fully programmable 10-cup coffeemaker with built-in conical burr grinder; Digital control panel; 5 grind settings from coarse to fine; 5 brew amounts; ...

Available: In stock
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I'm writing from the perspective of someone who has owned more grind&brew coffeemakers than the typical coffee addict. This one is as good a grind&brew machine as anyone makes.First, the negatives:- It is definitely loud and long in grinding, as other owners mention. The burr grinding process is wonderfully consistent compared to blade grinding, but it seems to take forever and the noise is enough to wake up the ... sleeping.- It doesn't have a way to dump out the unusued coffee beans if you want to change blends to another bean (though you can still put pre-ground coffee in the basket while there are beans waiting to be ground.)- The carafe does tend to make a sort of "cracking" sound when it sits on the hotplate sometimes.I have owned some of the most popular, and some unusual, grind & brew machines in the past 30+ years, including a very different Capresso long, long ago. There are some models/brands that only have a single grind possibility (no settings), some that require constant cleaning of parts, some that fall apart within the year and don't have even that much warranty, and one that was going to cost an extra $65 to replace the faulty super-recessed lid switch, which died after 4 months, without which it was totally unusable. There's only one of those previous coffeemakers that I'd buy again by choice, and they stopped making it over 20 years ago.This Capresso is well made, nicely packaged, and has all the features I want:- Fineness of grind is controlled with 5 possible settings- Amount of beans ground (from the hopper that holds approx. 2-3 pots of beans) is settable in 2-cup increments from 2 to 10 cups.- "Aroma" (i.e. darkness & flavor) is controlled with 3 settings, which in combination with other controls seems designed to yield every possible preference for "perfect" coffee.- It has automatic shut-off. (One of the much-lower-priced grind&brew machines doesn't have this feature, which I think should be mandatory on coffeemakers considering how many fires are started by overheating appliances.)- It has drip-trip, which is critical as I often don't want to wait for the full pot to brew before I take a cup in the morning.- It's completely programmable. Not only can you set a start time, but you can associate specific settings with the programmed time that are not the same as the current settings.Other pluses that are less quantifiable:- It doesn't seem to cause me to spill water all over the counter in filling it, like the last one I had. I have no idea what design elements affect this, I just know that it happens with some coffeemakers & not others.- It takes some parts in common with the other-brand grind&brew that I last had, which started leaking when brewing. The charcoal filters and basket, at the least, seem in common with many other brands.It cost quite a bit compared to some of the more popular models but, frankly, I'm convinced it's worth the extra investment.--------ADDED 11 MONTHS LATER:I had problems with my coffeemaker (not dripping, though the grinder was fine) just under a year from purchase. I contacted Capresso -- pay attention to their website advisory that Monday morning is the worst time to contact them! Despite the fact that I thought it was just past the warranty expiration, when actually it was just before the end-date, they were very helpful in getting it repaired at no charge, and they paid all shipping both ways.Two weeks later, I now have a like-new or new (I'm not sure which) coffeemaker. I have to admit that I had no idea just how hooked I was on the quality of coffee I can make so easily with the Capresso. But in the interim, everything else has been tasting like dishwater by comparison.I'm not only thrilled to have my coffeemaker back, but I'm happy to report that Capresso stands behind their products so amicably and thoroughly.
November 6, 2009
This is my first review but I'm taking the time to express how impressed I am with this product and the company. I bought the coffee maker/burr grinder combo because of my annoyance with grinding beans that get all over the place. This coffee maker grinder/combo works wonderfully. Put the beans in, set the grind setting, and there you go. The consistency of the grind is awesome! I have it set to grind the finest with a mix of esspresso and columbian beans with no clogging problems at all for over a month now. I was wary because I had heard gripes about how loud the grinder is but I really found it to be quieter than my previous stand alone Cappresso grinder which cost $60 alone. I get up at 0400 and it doesn't wake up the rest of the house. The best part was the customer service. After a couple of days, I noticed that the clock appeared to be off. I measured it over several days and it ended up that the digital clock ran fast which messed up the programmed time I wanted coffee in the morning. I was worried that it would be a pain to return since I bought it on the internet and return or repair would be a hassel. When I called the 800 number for Capresso in the manual and told them my story they sent me out a replacement unit (without even requiring proof or info that I purchased the unit from a third party). The new unit arrived with return UPS label (I didn't need to pay for shipping for the new unit or return) and it works great!I recommend this purchase whole heartedly. If your looking at this machine because you want great fresh coffee with NO mess and NO worries, this is the machine and the company for you!
January 12, 2010
Previously, I had the earlier version of the Capresso grind and brew coffeemaker. This model had a swing out filter basket and worked very well. I basically wore out two of them and had them refurbished by the factory. The last time the machine broke down. I was told that they would not repair it. I ordered the Capresso 465 coffee team as a replacement, and it has been a continual disappointment. If the valve on the filter basket isn't completely cleaned, and sometimes when it is, it will clog and coffee and grounds will run all over the counter. Another issue I had was with the grinder that is very reluctant to take in greasier beans, and I would only end up with about a tablespoon of grounds in the filter basket. This can sort of be solved by agitating the beans in the hopper as they are ground (stirring with my finger). This however is a known problem, and addressed in the instructions. Now, the Capresso is not completely emptying the water tank and I end up with only about a half a pot of coffee. Sadly, when it works, it really makes a pretty decent pot of coffee. It just occurs all too infrequently. I really like the convenience of being able to grind beans as I'm making the coffee, but this coffeemaker just isn't hacking it and will have to be replaced.
December 10, 2016


    • Digital control panel is easy to read and simple to use.
    • User-friendly programmable brewing lets you plan your coffee in advance.
    • Adjustable strength lets you choose light or bold coffee.
    • Built-in water filter gives you the cleanest, tastiest coffee.
    • Conical brew grinder for the best in consistently ground beans.
    • Auto shut-off turns the coffee maker off after two hours.
    • Grind shut-off lets you choose to use pre-ground beans when needed.
    • Brew pause feature keeps coffee from dripping when you just can’t wait for that first cup.


This model is simple to use. It takes no time for new owners of this coffee maker to learn how to program and brew a fresh cup of coffee. The Capresso 464.05 CoffeeTeam GS also comes with a gold mesh filter for easy cleanup. If you don’t like permanent filters, you can still use paper filters on this machine with no problem.

We like the Capresso because it encompasses all of the features of a professional grade coffee maker with a grinder at an affordable cost.

  • Mid-range price
  • Conical burr grinder
  • Programmable
  • Drip stop

  • Difficult to clean
  • Grinder may become clogged

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KRUPS EA8250 Espresseria Super Automatic Espresso Machine Coffee Maker with Built-in Conical Burr Grinder

KRUPS EA8250 Espresseria Super Automatic Espresso

The high-end KRUPS EA8250 Espresseria combines the delicious taste of specialty coffees with your everyday brew. With this machine, there is no reason to buy a separate espresso maker. Your counter top can be your new barista!

Want to know the best part?

The KRUPS Espresseria is user-friendly, easy to clean and has a built-in milk frother. You may spend a little more on this machine, but you will save by no longer taking trips to your local specialty coffee shop. The only true downside is that you may have the most popular house on the block. All of your friends and neighbors will want to stop in for a cup of coffee every day!

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KRUPS EA8250 Espresseria Super Automatic Espresso Machine Coffee Maker with Built-in Conical...

From robust espresso to flavorful coffee and creamy cappuccino, even hot cocoa or tea, enjoy cafe-quality beverages at home with the Espresseria EA8250J4 fully automatic from KRUPS. The compact ...

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After two years of use I am ready to review this product. First, it makes wonderful coffee. We have made thousands of cups, and are officially ruined. Coffee elsewhere just doesn't cut it.Second, the machine is expensive, and repairs are difficult and expensive. We own several of these because we want one for our weekend place.I just threw one away because it is obvious the gears stripped out in the burr grinder and I doubt that repairs are cost effective. I have one machine out to a New York service center for repairs, and the protocol there goes like this: ship the machine to them (expensive) where there is a $70 fee to look at the machine (paper checks are only accepted method of payment), send check, wait for assessment of cost of repair ($235 including return shipping, paper check only accepted method of payment), send check, wait. The machine has been gone for over a month. So the cost of repair is about half of the retail price of the machine, and I don't really know what shape the burr grinder is in since that is not being assessed. Cross fingers.Apparently Krups has no dedicated, company-owned repair center. That is a problem.The solution? I thought buying a "scratch and dent" for a backup would help, which I just did from Amazon. That was a disaster. After transporting it to the weekend place I hooked it up and it would never get past the machine-filling stage, and flooded the counter. Okay, lug it back to town, and box it up for UPS and wait for a refund. So if you want to keep count that is machine number four for us.Now I admit these are trifles in the scheme of life, and it is hard to feel sorry for anyone who can afford all of these expensive machines. But the flip side is that if people pay out these sorts of dollars for machines the expectation is a long service life with minimum hassle.So when buying this machine keep all of this in mind. And factor in that you will save substantial dollars by avoiding Starbucks and similar stores while enjoying better coffee.Then make your best judgment.As for me, I wish a company, including Krups, would build a machine that is better for the long haul. The coffee rates a 5 star, the machine a 2, so I gave it a 3 overall.
July 4, 2015
In short, if your machine is working, you will be happy. If your machine dies, even under warranty, save yourself a lot of time and aggravation, just throw it out and buy a new one. But maybe not a Krups. Read on for details.The machine performed great for 17 months. Then one day the grinder motor died. I spent a week trying to get in touch with Krups for support. Every number you call (I tried at least 3) gets you to the same office in NJ where the same unpleasant woman answered the phone. It was bizarre. She was unhelpful and just plain rude. I asked for a callback from a manager. In the meantime, I took my under-warranty machine to a local repair shop and they said the motor was shot and the repair would be $400. During this time, someone else from Krups (presumably a manager) called and left a voicemail. I called back and got the same rude woman. Does Krups only have one tentacled employee answering phones?Frustrated, I then searched around internet forums and learned that apparently Krups is awful for service and support. I read many stories identical to my own, as well as many people (you can find these yourself if you poke around Google) reporting that they had shipped their machines to Krups into a black hole from which their machines never emerged - no phone calls, no machine back, nothing. So I give up. I'm going to do some research and buy a Delonghi or a Breville.
August 25, 2015
Got this about 3 and a half years ago and now I have to buy a new one (well, a new coffee machine anyway). The grinder (after struggling for the last year) has finally ground it's last bean. To me, despite the fact it made decent coffee and espresso, I can't really endorse this purchase. Of note, I followed every instruction and prompt for maintenance and cleaning to no avail. I'm sorry, 600+ dollars for less than 5 years (actually, you could say 2.5 years as this was when the grinder started showing problems) just doesn't cut it. As far as the customer service goes, they weren't very helpful and I got the "obligatory" call back only to tell me that the warranty was out. I love Amazon reviews and rarely do one except if the product is exceptional, or in this rare case, a mistake. I would recommend buying a better and most likely, more expensive product as this should be a long term investment.
September 26, 2015


    • Industry leading conical burr grinder has adjustable settings so you can choose between coarse, fine or medium grounds.
    • High-tech LCD screen provides you with the information you need.
    • Removable drip tray makes clean-up simple.
    • Built-in frother for the tastiest cappuccinos and lattes.
    • Steam nozzle helps you to make specialty drinks in your own kitchen.
    • Sized smaller than most espresso makers without sacrificing function.


When you are ready for a restaurant-caliber coffee maker, look at this KRUPS Espresseria. This machine allows you to make yourself a latte, espresso, cappuccino and more. The only limits are your imagination.

You can also make a simple cup of coffee with no trouble, but it won’t taste simple at all. You may not be able to drink coffee from another machine once you have had coffee from a KRUPS.

  • Thermal carafe
  • Built-in steam nozzle and frother
  • LCD display
  • Adjustable grind size
  • Compact size
  • Removable water tank

  • Limited warranty
  • Only makes single servings of coffee

KRUPS EA8250 Espresseria Super Automatic Espresso Machine

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Gourmia GCM4500 Coffee Maker with Built-in Coffee Grinder

Gourmia GCM4500 Coffee MakerGourmia GCM4500 Coffee Maker

The fully programmable Gourmia GCM4500 coffee maker is easy to use, affordable machine. The Gourmia makes quick cups of automatic drip coffee for when you are on the go. It also has a lovely stainless steel design that fits with every decor.

Sounds good? There’s more!

The Gourmia is a smaller sized coffee maker with grinder. This makes the machine perfect for small kitchens or homes with limited counter space. It is also very easy to use. Even the most technologically challenged coffee drinker can start brewing with the Gourmia right away.

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Gourmia GCM4500 Coffee Maker with Built In Coffee Grinder - Time Programmable...

Enter your model number to make sure this fits.; ALL-IN-ONE COFFEE: We combined a state of the art coffee makers and brewer to deliver the freshest, tastiest coffee. Grind your own beans or use ...

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We needed a new coffee maker and I was looking for one with a coffee grinder built in as we love fresh ground coffee. This Gourmia programmable 10 cup coffee maker with built in grinder couldn’t be more perfect for us! It makes a delicious pot of coffee and is fast brewing. The filter is right in the grinder so you don't have to waste money on filters! Clean up is very quick and easy, so simple to operate, looks stylish and great on my counter with the black and stainless steel  and works even better than expected! I am very pleased with this purchase and love our new coffee maker!
January 21, 2017
I bought this coffee pot because of the feature it has a whole bean grinder, so no need to have separate machines, no need to grind in one and brew in the other, but also you can still used regular coffee grounds. It was super easy to set up, it has program modes to set up for auto grind and perk for that person that likes their coffee as soon as there feet hit the floor (me)makes an absolute amazing and hot cup of coffee.
January 21, 2017
I have used this item every day for a week and am happy with the quality and workmanship of this item.I have several small kitchen appliances in my kitchen and honestly am pleased that they back their product and I am having a great time using each one.My newest item is a the coffee maker with a grinder.I am honestly pleased with how nice this is. Programmable, easy to use and quality made.Very pleased.Definitely what I expected.
January 24, 2017


    • Blade grinder for simple brews.
    • Programmable brewing lets you set your brew time in advance.
    • Digital display is easy to read.
    • ETL certification lets you know you are getting the very best.


This Gourmia GCM4500 is the best choice for the coffee lover who doesn’t have a lot of time for muss and fuss. It will make a fast pot of coffee using whole beans or your pre-ground coffee. After you taste the coffee brewed from this model, you won’t believe it came from such a simple machine.

  • Low price
  • Easy to use
  • Sleek design
  • Quick brew time

  • No extras
  • Blade grinder may not evenly grind all beans

Gourmia GCM4500 Coffee Maker

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Black & Decker CM5000B 12-Cup Mill and Brew Coffeemaker

Black & Decker CM5000B

Do you want a great coffee maker with grinder without spending any more than a standard coffee maker? Try the Black & Decker Mill and Brew Coffeemaker. This low-cost option makes having fresh, delicious coffee affordable. It is a great choice for a new home, apartment or even a dorm room.

But you know what else?

This coffee maker is so much more than a low-cost appliance. It has special functions and features found in its higher-end counterparts that make it the ideal choice for many consumers.

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Black & Decker CM5000B 12-Cup Mill and Brew Coffeemaker, Black

Enter your model number to make sure this fits.; Quick

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I read most of the reviews and they were very favorable for this coffeemaker so I decided to purchase. Mostly because of having the grinder in the coffee maker. I got to tell you for the first week I was not very impressed coffee was tasting bitter, wasn't as flavorful as what I thought it would be or what the other reviews offered. I did clean it prior to making coffee. I was going to return but decided to try tweaking my coffee beans and water etc. I will tell you that I am much happier with this product coffee does taste pretty good the grinder surprisingly isn't very loud. It does grind up the beans pretty good but you will have some smaller chunks here and there but for the most part it does make them fairly fine. Fits well under our cabinet. Pretty easy to program I am well pleased with it and glad I did not return it
December 23, 2015
This coffee maker worked well for a few months, but is now leaking a cup or more of water all over the counter each time I use it. I believe that the steam is condensing somewhere and leaking out before it gets to the coffee grinds. This creates a mess and leads me to not using the machine. I am very disappointed in Black & Decker over this issue, as it should have been easily discovered in product testing and repaired before they started selling these. Many, many people are complaining of the same issue.*******Edit with simple fix******Sick of this machine leaking water all over my counter, I set out to find out why. It seems that the steam that is sent to the top is able to escape rather than condense and drain through the coffee beans, as designed. I noticed quite a bit of steam rising from the top of the machine, which I thought was odd. It appears that the plastic pipe that sends the steam into the top of the grinding basket does not seal to the lid. That leads to steam condensing in the area above the carafe, and draining out into the hot plate and then counter. I found that a spacer behind the pipe forced it to seal better, reducing the steam and solved the leak. I used a few random items laying around until finding that the cap to a multivitamin bottle works well. Additionally, if any water does leak into the hot plate area, turning the carafe so that the open mouth catches the drips will guard against leakage.It's not perfect, and I still hate this machine, but this as least made it usable for now.
June 27, 2016
We ordered this a little tenatively, as we have had Cuisinart coffee makers, probably for the last 17 years or so (but note, we did go through at least 3 of them). We really like this machine, and here's why:1. Great coffee! We have only used the "strong" brew option and it brews a robust pot.2. MUCH quieter grinder. I just accepted that grinders had to be loud, in that they are grinding hard, little coffee beans but that's not the case with this machine. It's a very surprising difference.3. Fewer pieces to clean than Cuisinart. This has a deep basket (with the grinder blades inside), a "cup" to hold the basket (didn't realize that it comes out so it didn't even get washed for a week or so) and the pot.4. Much simpler programming, very easy to change time; nice backlit display.5. Display shows how long the warming plate has been on.Comments (none major issues, just little wishes):1. I wish it would beep when brew cycle is done and when heating plate turns off.2. I wish the lid could be removed from the pot.Some have complained about the lid being attached to the pot but for us that certainly wasn't a deal buster. It opens fairly wide so it can easily be washed. Also, some mentioned fear in washing the filter/blade component...The blades aren't sharp and would be unlikely to cut a finger so.Overall, this is a great coffee maker and we're glad we took the chance.
December 3, 2014


    • 12-cup, dishwasher safe carafe can make coffee for a crowd.
    • The removable permanent filter helps the environment with no more paper filters.
    • Programmable brewing can be set up to 24 hours in advance.
    • Drip stop for quick cups of coffee.
    • Grind off feature gives you flexibility with your coffee.
    • The limited warranty protects you for two years after purchase.


For your dollar, you can’t get much better than this Black & Decker coffee maker. Its built-in bean grinder gives you that extra fresh taste while allowing you to save money for more important things. You can even make the coffee maker part of your decor. This model is available in black, silver, white and red.

  • Large coffee pot
  • Two year warranty
  • Low price point
  • Brew strength selector
  • Nonstick hot plate

  • Grinder is not removable, which may make cleaning difficult
  • Some owners complain about occasional leaks
  • Blade grinder does not offer flexibility in grind size like a burr grinder

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 Breville BDC650BSS Grind Control

Breville BDC650BSS Grind ControlThe Breville Grind Control coffee maker is one of the most versatile on the market. You have the ability to use it as a single coffee maker or brew an entire carafe. With eight strength settings, you will always have a cup of coffee that perfectly suits your taste.

Astonishing, isn’t it? There is still more.

The Breville Grind Control uses a burr grinder, known by coffee connoisseurs as the best type of grinder in the business. The bean hopper removes easily for cleaning. You can use beans or pre-ground coffee with the machine’s grind off function. There are so many features in this small appliance, they may have to be seen to be believed.

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Breville BDC650BSS Grind Control, Silver

Contains stainless steel blurs, bean hopper has a locking system for easy removal, storage and transfer.

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I previously owned the older model of this coffee maker, the Breville YouBrew (BREBDC600XL). After having some issues with that model including weak coffee on any setting, as well as lukewarm coffee at best, I was lucky enough to get my hands on the YouBrew's big brother (or sister?). I can confidently say that Breville has carefully considered all the feedback they received from the previous model and made sure to correct/tweak it in this new and improved beast of a machine.The shape and size of the machine is just about identical to that of the old one - except for the little grinder adjustment knob on the top that adds about an inch to the top of the bean chamber where it is located.I will address the previous model's issues and then explain how they have been corrected.1. Cold brewing temperature:In the Grind Control, Breville (according to information from their engineering team) has redesigned their heating element for the water and also relocated it to a more suitable location where the sensor for the water temperature can accurately pick up the date ensuring that you do get the 200 degrees F brewing temperature required for a great tasting, HOT cup. It also seems the twist-on lid of the thermal carafe has been modified slightly to fit more snugly and create a better seal. I'm not sure if this has any effect, but it would make sense as even the slightest gap in the lid can result in much quicker temperature loss than most would suspect. This is definitely no longer an issue!2. Weak coffee:Breville has added in adjustable burrs within the grinder to this new model. Now, there is a knob on the top of the bean chamber to adjust the grind coarser or finer so that you are able to obtain the best grind size to ensure coffee is bold, flavourful, but never bitter. Additionally, the machine still boasts an adjustable "strength control" which ultimately just increases the ratio of coffee grounds to water for stronger coffee and vice versa for weaker coffee.What else is great about this brewer? Breville has totally redesigned the already simple LCD panel - which is actually useful and more than a boring old clock to make it greater than ever. The display clearly states, how much water is in the internal tank (and you don't have to brew all the water out of it like traditional coffee machines either), the strength settings, selected service size (cups for carafe mode, and ounces for single cup). It also allows access to the menu for setting the clock, brew completion signal (low,high, or off) and auto start function (optional).In the menu you can also access the calibration function; this allows the grinder to come on for 10 seconds. After, the amount of coffee ground is weighed, and inputted into the menu using the strength knob. The brewer then recalculates the grinder timer to obtain the correct grinds to water ratio. This is important since all types,origins, and roasts of coffee will always grind differently - it is a good idea to calibrate every time you switch coffee bean brands/types.The machine brews up to 12 cups of great tasting coffee (or 8 if brewing on the top 3 strongest settings) as it would overflow with grounds if trying to brew the full 12 cups on this setting. It will not allow the grinder to start if in a Monday morning haze it gets attempted. It displays a nice little "!" icon and a bold warning "OVERFLOW" allowing the necessary adjustments to be made. Otherwise, you simply select how many cups you would like, the strength by dealing the knob from setting 1-8 (Breville recommends 4 for a medium strength coffee) but you can go up or down based on preference.Next is the single cup mode. A simple press of the carafe/single cup knob switches right over to the single cup mode. Simply remove the thermal carafe and put in your favourite cup/travel mug (there is even a removable drip tray if you love a big cup like me. You twist the cups dial to select the size of your mug (or a bit less if adding cream/sugar) from 8oz up to 20oz in 2oz increments. Press start and the water preheats, and then the interesting part begins. Since brewing a single cup uses little water, it is hard for the water to take up all the flavour and extract from the grinds if it just drips through. So the coffee enters a steeping mode where it mixes in the brew basket and steeps like a french press or tea would. After a couple minutes, the basket opens up and the full bodied coffee drips out just as good as if 12 cups had been brewed into the carafe. Now you can relax and enjoy that piping hot cup of coffee.Inside the box:Breville Grind Control Coffee Maker, User's manual, Quick start guide, tips and techniques booklet, thermal carafe, and gold tone permanent filter (can also use 8-10 cup flat bottom paper filters).PROS:-Brews hot coffee at 200 degrees as required by specialty coffee associations (I measured it to be at 183 degrees after brewing in the carafe which I DID NOT preheat which is well within the ideal serving temperature of 175-190 degrees.-Thermal carafe keeps coffee hot for about 3 hours and quite warm for about 6 - no scorching from a heating element.-Can brew a single cup or up to 12 cups in the carafe.-Adjustable grind size for optimal flavour.-Adjustable strength settings if you like it weak or wildly strong.-Large capacity, 1/2 pound bean hopper.-Grinder is at least 50% more quiet than the previous YouBrew model.-Easy-to-use USEFUL LCD panel.-Nice, sleek, modern appearance.-Simple to clean, remove and wash the brew basket (and included gold tone filter if used). Also, wipe down the bean chute/stopper disc every week or so.-Beans are ground immediately prior to brewing resulting in the best possible flavour and aroma.CONS:-A bit slow to steep on the single cup mode as opposed to carafe (about 6 minutes for all the sizes) but well worth it. It's no slower than a regular drip machine would be to brew the same amount of coffee. I'm not even sure I'd call this a con.I highly recommend this machine to anyone who enjoys a great, full-bodied hot cup of coffee with minimal work required to get there.
July 23, 2015
We owned a Capresso 455 for years and really enjoyed the coffee that it made. It was used daily and eventually a mechanical part stopped working so we decided to replace it... With tears in our eyes, we researched the internet and came across what we hoped would be a step up. After watching a few videos, we unpacked the box and set up The Grind Control. As an engineer, I can appreciate all of the design work that clearly went in to this machine! This machine is quiet, precise, and brews some absolutely delicious coffee. Ease of cleaning aside, I appreciate that the grinder is accessible and every surface that makes contact with your beans can be cleaned. This is a huge step up from the Capresso that we loved.After a few pots of amazing coffee, we tossed out our Capresso and didn't give it a second thought.The issue that we are having deals with how the hopper feeds beans in to the burr grinder. It's a gravity feed, but in my opinion, the shape of the hopper isn't aggressive enough to ensure your grinder is always fed with beans. I say this because I've hit the "Go" button on the coffee maker, gone off to take a shower, and when I come back, there are still plenty of beans in the hopper but the coffee looks like dirty water (a very light brown tinge). It's hard to visualize, but only one area of the hopper is feeding in to the burr grinder.I've resorted to "pushing" the beans in the hopper to ensure a constant grind. Safe? No, but I'm careful and I don't want to waste my beans... If you stop the process, the coffee maker has no idea how much coffee has already been ground so you either a) toss out your fresh grounded coffee and start over, b) leave the grinds in the filter and allow the coffee maker to put more in (strongest coffee I've EVER had!!!), or c) fill the rest of the filter with coffee ground outside of the grinder and just use it as a drip maker.I've emailed Breville and am waiting to hear back from them. I've tried different adjustments on the grind control knob but it hasn't helped so far. This issue isn't listed in the "Troubleshooting" steps that Breville provides.All in all, I like the coffee maker. As mentioned before, the coffee, when the coffee maker operates properly, comes out perfect. The controls are pretty intuitive in my opinion and I like that all parts are accessible. Also, I like Breville's design to separate the steam from the beans in the hopper - it works. It doesn't have many mechanical parts to break, which is good. What I find unacceptable is that I have to monitor the maker during burr grind operations. I'm lazy. I don't want to sit there and push beans in the hopper. If that didn't bother me, I would have just bought a drip maker and separate grinder.If we find a solution to the issue, I will update my review. Based on taste alone, this could be a 5 star coffee maker.
August 2, 2015


    • LCD display shows water level, grind and brewing strength and brewing selection.
    • Brew a full pot, single cup or travel sized mug.
    • Personalize grinding settings or choose a pre-ground option.
    • Temperature control helps you improve bitter or sour tastes that can occur in rich coffee drinks.
    • Burr grinder with six settings provides ultimate flexibility.


We love theBreville Grind Control because it puts the entire grinding process in your hands. You can choose a fine or coarse grind, depending on your own preferences. You can also change the grind and brewing settings between cups.

  • Extreme flexibility
  • Easy to clean
  • Water reservoir can hold water until you are ready to brew another cup
  • Pre-brew temperature control
  • Stainless steel burrs
  • High-end design

  • Large in size; not suitable for kitchens with little counter space
  • Does not work well with reverse osmosis or highly filtered waters, which may be off-putting to some coffee drinkers

Breville BDC650BSS Grind Control

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Delonghi ECAM22110B Super Automatic Espresso, Latte and Cappuccino Machine

Delonghi ECAM22110B Super Automatic EspressoDo you want the power of a full-service coffee bar without having to leave your home? Delonghi has the answer to your coffee, espresso, latte and cappuccino prayers. The Delonghi Super Automatic machine makes single cups of specialty or standard coffees quickly, easily and deliciously.

Do you think I’m exaggerating?

This is a professional grade coffee maker. This machine gives you the same delicious tasting coffee you can find at any upscale restaurant or specialty coffee shop. You even have access to the Delonghi call center if you have any issues or problems.

  • Product

Delonghi ECAM22110B Super Automatic Espresso, Latte and Cappuccino Machine, Black

Be your own barista with the Magnifica XS by De'Longhi. This compact automatic espresso machine includes all of the features of our full-size machines, but in a smaller, more convenient size. You and ...

Available: In stock
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I've been using it for a few weeks, so no long-term feedback here, but so far I really like this. I had a super-automatic Saeco, so comparing to that one:1) The Delonghi seems much more intelligently designed overall.2) Controls are intuitively easy and large enough plus logically positioned3) Love that you can easily see the water level and it holds a lot of water -- I don't have a problem with the height but note that it is tall when you look at the position of your water source.4) Bean hopper seems to hold more and/or lets beans flow better than the Saeco5) The grinder and coffee maker mechanism stays cleaner and leaves less mess. This seems to just be a better designed component.6) The used-puck holder has more volume and keeps stray been grinds caught as well to keep the innards cleaner with less frequent emptying. Water tray is good, though I always keep a spare cup on it to catch the cleaning outpours.7) I really like the more finite control over the brew strength.Now I bought this because I needed another one and wanted a frothing wand on it, so I have nothing to compare that against. However, as a newbee frother I was able to get a good froth on the 3rd or 4th try after looking at some internet articles and videos. So based on that, it seems to me the frother is working quite well and produces a hot output. It also can deliver hot water though I haven't tried making an Americano or anything. I do use the hot water to help clean it out. Speaking of cleaning, both the external frothing wand and the internal nipple cover are easily removed for rinsing/cleaning. I don't know if all wands are like that, but it seems to be a good design.OK, with all that said, I bought this at a $500 sale and think it is high quality and value for that price. I don't know if it ever gets as high as the "original" price currently listed as $899, but I wouldn't doubt it rating higher than other $900 coffee makers.Also, for those concerned about the looks... It isn't all stainless steel, but it feels sturdy with a resilient exterior and the components that are steel feel similarly sturdy. the black surfaces could show water drops, but I tend to just wipe the front after each use anyway (to clean any splatter) and don't see a problem.
June 21, 2016
This is a reasonably priced machine for a superautomatic. It makes good espresso and has several nice features such as adjustable strength and an adjustable burr grinder. It also has a water filter insert and a setting for water hardness but it is unclear how that works. The bypass doser for use with ground coffee is also a nice feature. Many of these are not present on comparable machines of similar price. The drawbacks are:The metal plate on which the cups are placed is impossible to keep from scratching with normal use. It looks shabby and old after a week of use.The amount of water that can be used per shot is not adjustable. You can either make an espresso of the normal volume or "coffee" which puts too more water through and you end up with over-extracted bitter coffee. You need to make espresso and then add the amount of hot water you want.The design of the bean hopper is poor and the beans often do not go down and have to be manually messed with for it to work as others have mentioned. For a machine of this price, the design should have been tested and improved.Finally, calling the top of the machine a cup warmer is borderline fraudulent. By this measure, my car has a cup warmer on its hood. In fact, it will work much better since it actually gets hot.
July 24, 2016
I ordered this on the Amazon Deal of the Day for $499 (MSRP $899) and it just arrived last night so I have only used it twice. So far it seems like a good machine but there are a few issues/precautions:The bean hopper contains a dial that adjusts the grinder coarseness. DO NOT TOUCH IT. It is preset from the factory, and if you do need to adjust it, you can only adjust it while the grinder is operating. Apparently adjusting the grinder coarseness while the grinder is NOT operating can damage it. Of course, this is not obvious when you are unboxing it since it's only in the details of the instruction manual that you find this warning. This is something that should be more prominently displayed when you are unboxing the machine. Better yet, change the design so that instead of having a "push button to break machine", make the grinder only adjustable by a setscrew (requiring a screwdriver to rotate) or put it behind a panel that takes more deliberate action to get to.Second, this thing apparently really does not like beans with any oil. I picked up a bag of espresso blend from Costco (Kirkland brand but roasted by Starbucks) and they do not seem any more oily than the beans I see used in my local cafes, but after 2 brews of espresso I started having bean feed problems. The grinder would operate but beans would not reach it and the machine kept putting up a fault light. I found a workaround by stirring the beans around the grinder chute with the supplied tool while the machine is grinding in order to keep the beans moving; otherwise the machine will operate but will not put out any coffee.Lastly, for a machine of this price-point it ought to have a programmable clock to turn itself on at a set time each day. It does have an adjustable auto-off feature, which is nice, but in the morning when I'm in a rush to get my espresso and get out the door I have to turn on the machine and wait for it to go through its warm up cycle before I can start a brew. Once the machine is warmed up and ready, it only takes about a minute to grind and brew an espresso. Warm up and purge adds 2-3 minutes.Espresso came out delicious with a great crema, and other than the feed problem with mildly oily beans the machine is super easy to use and clean out afterwards (but clean out is not required until you've brewed many cups as the waste bin is quite large). I look forward to replacing my Keurig machine with great espresso and no disposable cups.Edit: decided to bump this up to 4 stars after using for another week with good results. Only had to encourage the feed a couple times recently, though for some reason my espresso still doesn't seem to be coming out quite strong enough even on the full strength setting.
June 14, 2016


    • Conical burr grinder makes grinding beans a snap.
    • Manual frother for delicious specialty drinks.
    • Single and double espresso spouts if you want to drink solo or with a friend.
    • Multiple espresso lengths and strength levels.
    • Rapid cappuccino machine allows you to make back-to-back drinks. No more waiting for the machine to warm up before your second cup.
    • Height adjustable spouts for multiple coffee cup sizes.


Delonghi Super Automatic machine gives you the best of coffee makers with grinders without taking up a lot of counter space. Its smaller size does not sacrifice features or flavors. We recommend this Delonghi machine if you don’t mind spending a little bit more for your daily coffee.

  • Brews quick espressos with minimal wait time between cups
  • Easy to clean
  • Burr grinder for consistent grinding
  • Smaller in size than most espresso machines

  • Pricey
  • Takes some time to learn how to make the perfect cup

Delonghi ECAM22110B Super Automatic Espresso, Latte and Cappuccino Machine

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Haier Brew Automatic Coffee Maker 4 Cup with Grinder Machine

Haier Brew Automatic Coffee MakersThe unique design of the Haier Brew Automatic Coffee Maker is only one of the surprising features of this machine. This lower cost coffee maker perfectly grinds beans before making a cup of coffee you will thoroughly enjoy. It is simple to operate, won’t take up much counter space and is an interesting addition to any kitchen.

Want to see how it works right now?

This Haier brews pre-ground or whole bean coffee for full flavor. Its sleek, simplistic design is perfect for those who don’t like to brew a large pot of coffee at one time.

  • Product

Haier Brew Automatic Coffee Makers 4 Cup with Grinder Machines

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Available: In stock
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I bought this coffee maker with the hope that it would save space on my counters and make a good cup of coffee,I got 1 out of 2. It sure is small.Attached are pics of the coffee made and the grind. I used just-opened French roast coffee we have bought for years from C****o, coffee that has made many, probably thousands of good cups of coffee [and "redeyes"] over the years. I put the full 40g of coffee in the grinder, used 75% of the water needed to make a full pot. The coffee was literally see-through [yuck], probably because of the fairly useless grinder. One full pot does, as described in other reviews, make a little over 1 "normal" cup of coffee.Plus, there is no way that this can make a cup of coffee, then be turned around for a quick second - or one for the spouse. The coffee makers innards would have to be dried off before a second pot could be made. A deal killer for us.Going back ASAP.
October 2, 2016
 This is a nice little brewer. It's perfect for my office so I can make just enough coffee for myself. I love the fact that it grinds the beans and makes the coffee in one step. It smells wonderful while it's brewing!I make the full pot, using 4 scoops (28gm) of beans and set it to the "2" setting. The instructions say use setting 1 for 1-2 cups, and setting 2 for 3-4 cups. The could possibly be labeled better, but once you know it, it doesn't matter.The "full pot" says 4 cups, but like all the other 4 cup coffee makers, it makes roughly two 8-10oz mugs.After the coffee is brewed, it keeps warm for 30 minutes then automatically shuts off.Cleaning is very simple by removing the coffee basket (once cooled) and rinsing with warm water. There is a small brush included to help clean the grinder since the blades are sharp. I let it air dry.The included scoop measures precisely 7gm per level scoop.The coffee tastes great. It's plenty strong (I read another review complaining that the coffee was weak). In the video, I show the carafe with coffee, and while pouring so it shows that it is dark - not weak/light like someone else mentioned.The coffee is consistently delicious. I use a medium roast Colombian coffee.
April 19, 2017
This is a Beautiful Unique Retro Coffee maker from Haier. Best Feature is the Bean Grinder!Everyone who knows me understands I'm a coffee lover. I must have it in the morning or beware of my attitude.Since I'm the only one in my family that drinks coffee, So I wanted a small compact coffee maker. Also had to have a Grinder. I researched Amazon in hopes I could find this all in one.I saw this one and knew I had to have it. Here is a list of features that convinced me into purchasing:* Compact Sized* Unique Design* Side Water Reservoir* Built in Filter* AND Grinder!* Measuring Cup* Cleaning BrushYou can also choose how many cups you prefer.On the dial setting:1 = 2 cups2 = 4 cupsVisually see it working.When it's brewing the coffee, it will illuminate a RED light.When it's Grinding the beans, it illuminate in BLUE.My first brew was a easy process. Within Minutes I'm enjoying my coffee.Coffee tastes so much richer then when I used my Keurig, which now is stored away.Easy Clean Up!Overall, A nice addition to my kitchen counter. Receiving many compliments from Family & Friends.Recommend as a Great Gift for College Student in their dorms.
January 6, 2017


    • Single to four cup brewing options.
    • Removable grinding chamber for easy cleaning.
    • The sleek design manages to be both retro and modern.
    • Enclosed design makes brewing coffee cleaner and less noisy.
    • Blade cleaning brush is included with the product.


This appliance is proof that big flavor can come in small packages. The Haier Brew Automatic Coffee Maker is our choice for smaller kitchens and dorm rooms. It is also a great choice for your office or vacation home.

  • Low cost
  • Attractive appliance
  • Easy to clean

  • Brews no more than four cups of coffee at once
  • No additional grinding options

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Cuisinart DGB-900BC Grind & Brew Thermal 12-Cup Automatic Coffeemaker

Cuisinart DGB-900BC Grind & BrewWhere do you turn when you want the best coffee maker with a grinder on the market, but your budget doesn’t allow for a restaurant-caliber appliance? Look to the Cuisinart DGB-900BC Grind & Brew. This small appliance makes the quality of coffee you desire at a mid-level price.

How can you beat that?

This coffee maker has a thermal carafe that will keep up to 12 cups of coffee piping hot. It is fully programmable, has a permanent filter and a charcoal water filtration system for the cleanest, tastiest coffee.

  • Product

Cuisinart DGB-900BC Grind & Brew Thermal 12-Cup Automatic Coffeemaker

Easily brew up to 12 cups of great-tasting coffee with this 24-hour fully programmable coffeemaker. The unit comes equipped with a built-in burr grinder, which automatically grinds beans right before ...

Available: In stock
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This product makes excellent coffee - flat out the best I've ever had from a non-perked coffee maker.That being said, it doesn't deserve 5 stars. I find several inconvenient things that others of the same type do not have.1. every time you remove the pot it drips onto the pad the pot rests on as well as a drop or two on the counter and from pouring the first cup. Poor design of the pot.2. as noted in another review, you may get grounds in the coffee from this type of coffee maker. This isn't a problem with most pots as you pour carefully for the last cup and the grounds remain in the pot. Not so with this unit. For the last two cups of coffee you need to turn the pot nearly upside down to get the coffee past the inner lip of the pot. Expect your last cup to be a swirling mess of overly strong coffee and grounds unless you let it sit until it's cold.3. it's a pain to clean up after you're done. The pot and it's lid are fairly easy as is the strainer and the "dripper" but the top piece spins around and coffee grounds are always found on top and grounds and coffee are hidden in this spinning wheel used for coffee strength and/or grind. These must be left out to dry and moved occasionally for the water to fully dry so your countertop or dish drainer is always cluttered.You could put everything back but I'd worry about odors and/or foul tastes forming in the moist areas.That being said, it makes great coffee so I'm not returning it but choosing to live with the inconvenience for now.
November 17, 2016
The product info for this coffee maker contains blatant lies. First off, the stainless steel carafe is NOT a thermal carafe because it is not vacuum jacketed. If it were, the coffee wouldn't get cold so rapidly. Secondly, there is a heater in the base of the machine under the carafe that turns off very shortly after the coffee brewing cycle finishes.. Why would that heater be there if it were truly a thermal carafe? There is a warning label on the bottom of the carafe that the surface may be hot. It certainly is when the brew cycle is just finished, and if you pull the carafe out at that moment and a drop falls on the base where the pot was sitting it is hot enough to sizzle, and hot enough to burn you if you touch it.I am surprised that Cuisinart has cheapened this product to that extent, and offended that they think they can fob off this sort of garbage on an unsuspecting customer at such a high price. Cuisinart may have just earned a spot on my permanent SH** list!
March 16, 2017
I previously had an older model (which I loved), however after more than 10 years of use it finally died. This newer version is even better. I love the 8 ounce bean storage bin. (it holds enough beans for a weeks worth of coffee if a pot is made every morning). The beans feed into the grinder smoother than the older version, and the insulated carafe keeps the coffee hot from 7:00 am until past 3:00 PM with out having to keep the burner on (saving electricity and concern for leaving an appliance operating if you leave the house. Yes, it's more expensive that many other coffee makers, but I can vouch for the fact that it will give you many years of service and a delicious consistent pot of coffee every morning.
March 5, 2017


    • Double-wall insulated thermal carafe.
    • Charcoal water filtration.
    • Auto shut-off gives you peace of mind.
    • Use with whole bean coffee or pre-ground.
    • Burr grinder and grind control for personalized coffee.


While this Cuisinart DGB-900BC Grind & Brew will not make specialty coffee drinks, you won’t need them with the perfect cup of coffee. Every day will feel like a special occasion when you wake up to the aroma of freshly ground and brewed coffee from your Cuisinart machine.

  • Thermal carafe keeps coffee fresh and warm for hours
  • Grind control allows you to choose how coarsely your beans are ground
  • Charcoal water filtration ensures the cleanest cup of coffee

  • May use more beans per cup than other brands
  • Carafe can become very hot

Cuisinart DGB-900BC Grind & Brew

How We Tested

We take rating coffee makers very seriously. We know that you need the best coffee maker with grinder, which is why we took the time to put together this review and buying guide. You, as a smart consumer, want to know how we tested these products and narrowed the hundreds of coffee makers with grinders down to a top 10.

I’ll walk you through the whole process.

First, we start with looking at the coffee makers that meet basic requirements. Are they reliable? Do they have the components necessary to get the job done? Are these coffee makers we would like to have in our own homes?

If the answers to all of these questions are yes, we move on.

Next, we look at all of the features of each machine. We only consider those that offer an excellent value for the asking price. While our list contains products that wildly differ in price, we know that each one is well worth the cost.

After we have narrowed down the coffee makers with grinders, we look over each one. We ask more important questions. Are they sturdy? Will they stand the test of time? Are the components well constructed?

Product Name Capacity Overall Rating Details
Cuisinart DGB-625BC Grind-and-Brew 12-Cup Automatic Coffeemaker 12 cups 8 Check price
Delonghi ECAM23260SB Magnifica Smart Espresso & Cappuccino Maker 1 cup 10 Check price
Capresso 464.05 CoffeeTeam GS 10-Cup Digital Coffeemaker with Conical Burr Grinder 10 cups 8.5 Check price
KRUPS EA8250 Espresseria Super Automatic Espresso Machine Coffee Maker with Built-in Conical Burr Grinder 1 cup 8.5 Check price
Gourmia GCM4500 Coffee Maker with Built-in Coffee Grinder 10 cups 8 Check price
Black & Decker CM5000B 12-Cup Mill and Brew Coffeemaker 12 cups 9 Check price
Breville BDC650BSS Grind Control 12 cups 8 Check price
Delonghi ECAM22110B Super Automatic Espresso, Latte and Cappuccino Machine 2 cups 9 Check price
Haier Brew Automatic Coffee Maker 4 Cup with Grinder Machine 4 cups 8.5 Check price
Cuisinart DGB-900BC Grind & Brew Thermal 12-Cup Automatic Coffeemaker 12 cups 8 Check price

We also look at consumer reviews. While our own processes are very thorough, they do not always stack up against a consumer who has owned the product for many years. Though there may be the occasional, outlying consumer who is dissatisfied with their purchase, we only choose machines that are wildly popular with those who have chosen to have these appliances in their homes or offices.

Another item we look at is customer care. We consider whether or not the manufacturer employs a helpline for those who may have issues with their coffee makers. We look at warranties and replacement policies. Though most of the coffee makers we consider are unlikely to fail within the first few years of use, it is important to know there is a place to turn in the event that something happens.

Of course, the coffee maker must also make an excellent cup of coffee.

How to Choose

We have done the hard work for you, but you still need to make some decisions on your own. This simple guide will explain to you how to choose the best coffee maker with grinder for your home or office. By following these steps, you are all but guaranteed to get a machine you will use for years and years.

Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed by all of the options on the market?

You are not alone. Many consumers find themselves completely frazzled when it comes to narrowing down their choices. With literally hundreds of coffee makers to choose from, it can take days or even weeks to make a great decision. Conversely, you may find yourself simply choosing the first appliance you see.

Don’t make a big mistake.

Follow our guide for purchasing your coffee maker with grinder and you will be happy with your purchase.

What Types of Coffee Will You Brew?

Are you seeking a coffee maker that makes standard cups of delicious coffee or do you need something a little more special? How often do you find yourself craving an espresso or latte? Do you take extra trips to your local coffee shop for an expensive specialty brew? Or do you prefer to forego the fancier drinks for a regular cup of joe?

If you rarely desire a cappuccino or espresso, you can save yourself a lot of money and counter space by buying a coffee maker with grinder that makes standard drip coffee. On the other hand, it is worth considering an espresso machine if you think you may even occasionally want something with a little extra.

Why? Keep reading.

You can purchase a cheap espresso machine that only makes specialty drinks.

However, this is a grave mistake. Most inexpensive espresso machines are poorly built, meaning they won’t stand the test of time. In addition, the coffees they make are rarely very tasty. Lastly, why occupy precious counter space with two coffee makers when you could have all of the same functions in one?

How Many People Will be Enjoying the Coffee?

This is a very important question that is sadly often overlooked. The number of people who will be drinking the coffee can greatly dictate the type of machine you buy. Your choice is easy if you are the only person who will be using the coffee maker.

You can pick a machine that makes as many or as few cups at a time as you wish. All of that changes if you are sharing the machine with someone else in your home or at your office.

It is important to get a machine with a larger carafe in areas with large numbers of coffee drinkers. Offices are best served with 12-cup carafes that have quick brew times. In addition, insulated thermal carafes are better for office use. These keep coffee warmer for longer periods of time. This is vital when the busy work day keeps employees away from the coffee pot.

Even at home, if you have only two or three coffee drinkers, sometimes a larger carafe is a necessity. Take a moment to weigh how much coffee the adults in your home consume. Likewise, consider how quickly they drink those cups. This may help you determine the best coffee maker with grinder for your home.

What is Your Budget?

Cost is almost always a factor when it comes to buying small appliances for the home. Many people wish to spend as little as possible on an excellent machine.

Don’t make this huge mistake.

Cheap coffee makers almost always end up costing far more than the more expensive ones over the course of time.

Why is that? Simple.

A low cost machine is often shoddily made with cheap parts. These parts easily break and crack, causing you to have to replace your coffee maker on a regular basis. You may be purchasing cheap coffee makers every couple of years, whereas a sturdier coffee maker with grinder can last decades when properly treated.

Still, you don’t want to take out a second mortgage just to have an excellent cup of coffee. Take a look at your budget and consider how much you can, and are willing, to spend on a new appliance. Once you set that budget, don’t look outside of it. You might be tempted to buy a machine that costs over $1,000, but you shouldn’t if your budget only allows for $50.

 Don’t forget!

When setting your budget, remember that the coffee maker is not the only purchase you will need. Some coffee makers, especially those at lower price points, require paper filters. You may also need to purchase an external water filtration system and milk frother if they are included with your new machine.

What Extra Features Do You Need?

A simple coffee maker with grinder may be all you are looking for. If so, you need not look much further. However, you should consider all of the features that might be important to you when making your purchase.

  • Auto Shut-off

Do you make a pot of coffee each morning before work? Do you always remember to turn off the coffee maker before you leave the house? If not, you probably need a coffee maker with an auto shut-off. This allows you to forget about the coffee maker completely without worrying about the safety of leaving an appliance on. Most machines with auto shut-off will turn themselves off after 45 minutes to two hours.

If you are in an office or home in which the coffee needs to stay hot all day, auto shut-off is still a great safety feature. Instead of keeping the coffee maker on for hours at a time, consider a machine with a thermal carafe.

  • Programmable Brewing

How much time do you have in the morning? If you are like most of us, the answer is “not much.” Programmable brewing is a great time-saver. Simply fill your coffee maker with beans and water in the evening and set your program to a specific time. In the morning, the only thing you will have to worry about is whether you have time to enjoy two cups or three.

Is waking up to an already brewed pot of coffee important to you? Set your programmable brewer to start a few minutes before your alarm clock. Do you like a cup of coffee as soon as you get home from work? You can program for any time of the day. Programmable brewing makes your life much easier. Once you have a coffee maker with programmable brewing, you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

  • Drip Stop

The drip stop feature is made for the impatient coffee drinker. If you just can’t wait for a pot of coffee to brew before you have your first sip, look for an appliance with drip stop. In some, the coffee maker detects the moment the carafe is lifted from the warming plate. In others, you need to press a drip stop switch to stop the brewing. Consider the differences when making your purchase.

Do you think you don’t need a drip stop? Think again.

Any time you pull a carafe from the warming plate without drip stop, the still brewing coffee will burn on the plate itself. At best, the coffee that drips from the spout will create a stinky, tarry residue. At worst, the fluid can damage your machine, causing you to need a replacement.

  • Warming Plate

Not all coffee makers come with warming plates. If this is something that is important to you, pay close attention to the specs before purchasing. Most coffee makers with standard glass pots will come with warming plates. Those with thermal carafes or that utilize single serve cups may not.

The lack of a warming plate may be a plus for some households. If you have pets or small children that have easy access to your counter, you might like the idea of having a coffee maker that stays cool most of the time. On the other hand, not being able to keep your coffee warm in an easy way can be a big letdown.

  • Brew-Size Options

Sometimes you want a full pot of coffee. Sometimes you only need a cup. Do you want the option of making a smaller serving of coffee instead of wasting an entire pot? If so, look for coffee makers that allow you to adjust the amount of coffee that is brewed.

Some coffee makers allow you to use your own cup or travel mug in place of the carafe. If this is something you desire, take the extra effort to ensure that you can brew multiple sizes.

One area in which brew size will not be a concern is if you are planning on purchasing an espresso machine. These machines rarely allow you to make more than one or two single cups at a time. There may be some instances in which the coffee maker you choose offers both the ability to make a full pot and a single espresso. These are larger machines, by necessity.

  • Grind-Off

You are seeking a coffee maker with grinder. Therefore, it may not occur to you to look for a coffee maker that has a feature allowing you to turn off the grind function. However, this is a very useful feature if you happen to have pre-ground coffee that you wish to use.

Are you asking yourself why you would want this feature? Read on!

Your assumption is that you will always have whole beans to grind for your fresh coffee. What happens if someone gives you a gift basket with pre-ground coffee? Maybe you have received a sample of specialty coffee that you would like to try. If your coffee maker does not have a grind-off function, you won’t be able to enjoy this treat.

Whole bean coffee can also be much more expensive than pre-ground. If you decide to save a few dollars by not purchasing whole bean, you should be able to brew it. The only way this is possible is with a grind-off function.

  • Permanent Filter

Some coffee drinkers love permanent filters. Others hate them. Before purchasing your coffee maker, decide whether a permanent filter is important to you.Permanent filters are popular because they negate the need for paper filters. They allow more of the flavor to pass through. They are better for the environment as well.

On the downside, permanent filters must be cleaned after every use. Some are dishwasher safe, but most must be washed by hand. Very finely ground coffee might seep through a permanent filter, making your coffee gritty and bitter. Using paper filters allows you to simply throw away your grinds without making a mess.

A bonus to having a permanent filter is that it can generally be removed and replaced with a paper filter should you decide you prefer this method. Likewise, you may decide to place a paper filter inside your permanent filter, which will safeguard against grounds leaking through to the coffee pot.

  • Displays

The type of display on your coffee maker can make a big difference when it comes ease of use. Some coffee makers have easily readable, digital displays. These are great if you are not a morning person. Even better might be a LED control panel, which is usually only available on very high-end machines.

Some coffee makers only have simple displays or none at all. This is not an issue to many coffee drinkers. Simply decide prior to purchasing how important the type of display is to you and others in your household that may use the appliance.

  • Removable Pieces

Cleanliness is very important when it comes to good tasting coffee. The best way to clean a coffee maker is to remove each piece and thoroughly scrub. Unfortunately, many coffee makers do not have removable parts. Consider how important this is to you when shopping.

Removable pieces may include the drip tray, water reservoir, bean grinder, water filter or brew basket. When perusing the specifications of your coffee maker, it is a good idea to determine how these removable parts can be cleaned. Is it important to you that each piece be dishwasher safe or are you comfortable washing parts by hand?

  • Other Features

A coffee maker with grinder can be a significant investment. Prior to making your purchase, think of any other features that may be of importance to you. A water filter is a nice bonus, but is it something you need? A built-in milk frother is wonderful if you are planning on making lattes or cappuccinos, but not so necessary for more typical cups of coffee.

Being able to choose your grind level is vital for some, but less interesting to others. Think of all of these factors before swiping your credit card.

A Word About Customer Reviews

Though we use customer reviews to help us determine which coffee makers are the best, we don’t base our judgment on these reviews alone. In fact, they are just a small component of what we utilize to make our decisions. The same should be true for you.

I know you are asking yourself why.

The fact is, not all customer reviews can be trusted. Though most reviews are from honest consumers who mean to help others make the best decisions, they can be born out of places that are less than helpful.

Let me explain.

Imagine a customer who buys a coffee maker with grinder that suddenly stops working on a day when they are already stressed. That customer may write a poor review, bringing forth every complaint they can imagine. This allows them to get all of their frustrations out in one place. It could well be that the machine isn’t living up to their standards, but it could also be that they are having a bad day.

Conversely, a customer may have just gotten married, had a new baby or is experiencing a particularly good day. On those days, he or she is more likely to write a glowing review of a product. This is true even if the product is only average quality.

Don’t stop reading yet!

Of course, there are occasional cases of individuals being paid to write about a certain product. They may be employed by the company to give an excellent review. They might be paid by a competitor to give a poor review. These do happen, but not as often as you might think. Likewise, the reviews that are not genuine are fairly easy to spot.

Should you avoid customer reviews altogether?

No! Do not avoid reading customer reviews. Look at the good ones and the bad ones to see what people like and don’t like about each machine. Just don’t be so turned off by one very bad review when there are dozens of excellent ones. Likewise, don’t let that one good review of a bad product convince you to spend money on a product that will not work out.

How to Make Coffee With Grinder at Home

The next question you may have is how to use your coffee maker with grinder once you get it home. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

  • Bean Quality Matters

Start with an excellent coffee bean. Beans, just like pre-ground coffee, come in a variety of flavors and intensities. Get the one that suits you best.

Not sure which bean to buy?

Head down to your favorite specialty shop. Ask them for samples so you can make the best bean buying decision. Once you know your own preferences, you should be able to buy the right bean anywhere, including your local supermarket.

One thing you should not do is buy the least expensive coffee bean you can find. If you have just invested money in a coffee maker with grinder, the last thing you should do is settle for low quality coffee.

  • Clean Water

A huge mistake many coffee drinkers make is using water directly out of the kitchen tap for their coffee. Unless you have a built-in water filtration system, your coffee will suffer. Likewise, hard water can damage your coffee maker. Make sure you use clean, filtered water to make coffee. Better still, use water that is very cold as well as clean.

Some coffee makers have built-in water filters. This is an excellent feature. It is also a necessary one if you live in a location with poor water quality. However, you should not allow the built-in water filter to substitute for an additional, external filter. Either have a filter installed, use a water filter pitcher or use a filter that attaches to your tap.

Another option is to use only bottled water. We do not recommend this. Buying bottled water is much more expensive than a high quality water filter. It is also worse for the environment to buy water that is stored in plastic bottles. Likewise, there is little oversight in the bottled water industry. Some of the bottled water you buy could have come directly from a tap.

  • Don’t Skip Instructions

Read all of the directions that accompany your coffee maker with grinder. These instructions will give you all of the information you need to know for coffee maker operation. They will also help you to understand basic maintenance and safety for your machine.

  • Understand Grind Size

Now that you are ready to start brewing, you are ready to understand the importance of the size of your grinds. Basically, a medium grind will work for most first-time coffee grinder owners. The medium grind will create a cup of coffee that is tasty without being overly bitter or overly bold.

In addition, a medium grind is less likely to find its way through your filter and into your cup. A medium grind is about the texture of sand.

Wait! There’s more!

The type of grind you choose greatly affects your coffee. If you are making a specialty cup, a medium grind might not be best. Espresso and cappuccino drinks need finely ground beans. Fine ground beans have a texture similar to flour. This should be achievable if you purchased an espresso machine with a burr grinder. You are unlikely to get the quality you desire if you are using a standard blade grinder.

Cold drinks, like iced or blended coffees, are better with a coarse grind. This gives your drink a lighter flavor. Coarsely ground beans have a consistency somewhat like whole peppercorns.

  • Pour the Beans in the Hopper or Grinder

This is where the type of coffee maker you own will determine how many beans you use. Some coffee makers have tightly sealed storage compartments where you can keep your beans throughout the week. Others will only accept the number of beans that are to be brewed at that moment. If your machine is the latter, make sure that perfectly measure the amount of beans you need.

How many beans do you need? That all depends.

If you like a medium roast coffee that is neither too weak nor too bold, you need two to three tablespoons of coffee per cup. Beans may not be measure-for-measure with their grounds, but you can start with two tablespoons per cup and work your way up if that amount is not bold enough for you.

Serious coffee drinkers measure their beans by weight rather than measuring spoons. A general rule of thumb is 21 ounces of coffee per every eight ounces of water.

A note about beans:

It is very important to keep beans in a tightly sealed container when they are not in use. A vacuum sealed canister is best. These canisters keep the air from spoiling your beans, giving you a fresh cup of coffee every time.

If you do not have a vacuum sealed canister, or if you simply prefer to use the bag your coffee beans came in, make sure you have the bag sealed as tightly as possible. Likewise, note the date on the bag. Though coffee beans will stay good for about six months once opened, they will not have the same taste after six months as they did after six days.

  • Grind Your Coffee and Brew

Now comes the easy part. With water in the coffee maker’s reservoir and a grinder full of beans, you are ready to enjoy a cup like no other. Most coffee makers with grinders will automatically grind when brewing. Read your manufacturer’s instructions to ensure you are loading the beans correctly and choosing the right settings.

A note about grinding coffee:

One of the biggest benefits of a coffee maker with grinder is the fact that coffee beans are freshly ground before each cup or pot. Freshly ground beans give you the best flavor. This is why you should not grind beans in advance. You may be tempted to use the grinder alone to save a small amount of time, but this will give you coffee that is subpar.

  • Making Specialty Drinks

Your espresso maker should come with a set of instructions for creating the specialty coffee drink of your dreams. Because no two espresso machines are exactly the same, it can be difficult to follow a one-size-fits-all approach to brewing. However, there are some standard basics.

For espresso, you will typically use the same amount of coffee as with a standard cup. However, you use less water and a finer grind, which makes the coffee more robust. Some machines heat quickly, but most espresso machines must warm up before the first cup of coffee.

This can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour. You will know the machine is ready when it feels warm to the touch. Again, your manufacturer instructions should guide you on warming up your machine.

An espresso machine that grinds your beans for may not require any further intervention. Some will require that you level the beans once they are ground so that you get an even roast. Once this is done, ensure that your cup is perfect below the spout.

To make a cappuccino, start with warm milk. Your machine’s built-in frother may do the work for you or you can use a hand frother to create the delicious foam. Prepare the espresso as above, but do so in a large, cappuccino cup rather than a smaller espresso cup. Add a small amount of milk. This should be steamed if your machine has a steamer. Next, add the foam slowly and enjoy.

A latte is similar to a cappuccino, but with more steamed milk and less foam. If you want only steamed milk and no foam at all, that drink is called a flat white or Americano. Create your own mocha at home by adding chocolate to your flat white. Add orange zest to your mocha for a Cafe Borgia. Place honey and cinnamon into a flat white for a Cafe Miel or include these ingredients with your mocha for a Melya.

In no time, you will be making specialty drinks that rival the most well-known coffee shops. You may even come up with some new drinks of your own.


A warranty is an important part of a coffee maker purchase. Many manufacturers offer standard parts warranties with the machine. These are often one-year limited warranties. Occasionally, a standout manufacturer will offer a two-year warranty.

You may have the option to add a protection plan to your coffee maker when you make your purchase. We highly recommend that you take out this extra piece of insurance. A coffee maker with grinder can be a very pricey item. For just a few dollars more, you have ease of mind knowing that you are protected in case the machine is damaged or somehow fails.

Can I be totally honest with you?

Most manufacturer warranties are put in place because they know their machines are unlikely to have problems while they are still covered. A coffee maker with a one-year warranty may be expected to last at least one year with no problems. This is why it is so common to hear your friends complain about their appliances failing a few days after their warranty has expired.

Don’t let that happen to you!

The extended warranty offers true protection. This is what kicks in after your manufacturer’s warranty has expired. However, be cautioned against expensive warranties that cover very little. Make sure the warranty you purchase protects against all types of damage, including accidents.

Also ensure that you will not be charged for shipping your small appliance back and forth to the manufacturer for repairs. The cost of shipping could be enough to pay for a new coffee maker altogether!


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Our Verdict & Recommendations

We have devoted a great deal of time to studying and inspecting numerous coffee makers with grinders. In the end, our favorite has everything a coffee lover could want and then some.

Is the suspense killing you?

Our favorite coffee maker with grinder is the Delonghi ECAM23260SB Magnifica Smart Espresso & Cappuccino Maker. The Magnifica is magnificent, just as its name suggests. Though it is also one of the pricier options on our list, we love that you can choose multiple brews with the touch of a button.

We were also sold by the Delonghi call center, a must for anyone who has questions about their new machine. One of our favorite features of the Magnifica is the built-in frother. It is made with patented technology that you will have to see (and taste) to believe.

What are you waiting for?

Now that you know which coffee makers with grinders are the best, get out there and start shopping. You won't regret buying a high-quality coffee maker when you taste how good coffee can be.



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